Sunday, August 29, 2010

Revisitation for the yummy food sake :)

My current favourite place for pizza would be Kissaten, Domino’s and Papa John’s. Hence’ it’s no surprise that Calvin suggested Papa John’s for dinner one day. This time, we wanted to try the pizzas that we wanted to try, hence we ordered the smallest size for 2 pizzas. 



Tadaaaaaa… our cute looking pizzas. Haha. They are absolutely yummy and I’m glad we ordered the smallest size because it’s actually quite filling :)



Halfway through the dinner, the waiter suddenly brought us 2 sauces. The tomato paste and melted butter. We have no idea what they were for but then I don’t really mind extra tomato paste on my pizza :)


Besides pizza, Japanese food is one of my favourite food as well. I mean it’s healthy and yummy. It’s Calvin favourite as well. But my latest visit there, I ordered something that I won’t usually order.



This is Calvin’s sushi set. We’re quite full that day and ordered something light cause we don’t want to skip dinner. The prawn sushi may looked a little bit small, but it is actually two really skinny prawns put together on the same sushi. Hehe.



This is my dinner for the night. I cannot take raw food but I really wanted sushi. Hence, I ordered the one that I can eat. With cucumber that is. Hehe. But I still prefer Sushi Zanmai. I think the one is Gardens is the better one at 1U.


That’s all for now. It’s Sunday!!! And also time for my brunch. Hehe.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Calvin’s favourite Pineapple Fried Rice

By the time I blog about this place, me and Calvin has already visited this place twice. That is because Calvin is going crazy for their pineapple fried rice. I can’t blame him because I find it very nice as well. The name of the place is Very Thai, near to the cashiers of Cold Storage supermarket.



It may look normal and simple but believe us, it’s really damn good. Not too spicy or too sour. We have been there twice and it tasted really good on both visits. Quality management well done, I must say. It’s really fragrant. I have never seen Calvin like something (besides me) so much that he was asking for it the following week.



On my first visit, I ordered tom yum bee hun. It’s really good as well. Suitable for Calvin as it was not overly spicy or sour. Appreciate the generous amount of seafood they gave me. Me like :)



On my second visit, I ordered Thai version of char kuey teow. I had something similar in Phuket but the one in Very Thai is just as good. It’s not too watery or too dry. Why everything about this restaurant have to be so perfect?? Arghh….



Calvin’s dessert, which I don’t like initially. But he loves to order this at Thai Restaurant. Which made me fell in love with it as well. But I won’t really order one for myself because sometimes I find it too sweet. But the red rubies were too cute to say no to. Me like as well.



The tag line of the restaurant on the paper napkin. I really love this place very much. I think the chef is from Thailand. Seriously, next time if you are in Times Square, do check this place out and try Calvin’s favourite Pineapple Fried Rice.


Will try to update about Universal Studio Singapore really soon.



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The New Street Cafe – Visit Number 2

Kimchiharu from Jaya One has actually made me love Korean Food even more, especially their nissin noddle, which I called them as Meh Ji Mee. Hehe. Somehow, I managed to influence Calvin because he suggested New Street Cafe for brunch over the weekend. Hehe.



IMAG0248 Calvin and his coffee thingy which was really interesting to play with. They served you the coffee and the ice separately. We have to wait for the coffee to drip from the steel upper compartment into the glass underneath it. At the bottom of the glass is a layer of sugar syrup. Once the process has finished, Calvin poured the hot coffee into the other glass that contains ice and wahhhlaaa…. milk tea. Haha. He said it tasted really good. Well, coffee is so not me.



I ordered a lunch back. Hey, it’s for brunch. What other better way to start the middle of the day with a lunch box. Haha. It’s actually a steel box. When you removed the cover,



Stir fried squid with sausages and egg, plus a cherry tomato on the right corner. Hehe. I love the Korean style stir fried squid. They usually used the wiggly arms/legs of the squid. Something new for me as I figured out that I should stop the Meh Ji Mee craze.



I called this Korean satay. Haha. It’s actually chicken meat with some yellow sauce on top of it. It’s not mustard. Something sweet and sour. Really nice but it’s already cold when reach our table. Could be better if it was still hot.



Calvin’s Meh Ji Mee which I loved. Something about the bronze pot that made the noodle more tasty. Haha. Anyway, I’m glad that Calvin enjoyed the noodle although he can’t really take super spicy food. One thing is for sure, his tolerance to spicy food has increased. Good news for me. Hehe.

I still love this place very much. They have one outlet in Sunway Pyramid. But I still prefer the one at Subang because they have this tv that has Korean MV on all the time. I really love looking at Korean and Japanese male singer because they are really fair and handsome. Me like :) Same like my charming Pooh bear :p


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sek Hou at Times Square



Sek Hou is a chinese restaurant near the GSC cinema in Times Square. Me and Calvin often passed by this restaurant on the way to the car park after dinner but we never actually dine at this restaurant before. It looks kind of small from the outside.

One day, when we ran out of idea on what to eat for dinner, I suggested this place and decided to check out the menu first before deciding whether should we dine in. The menu looks kind of interesting as most of the dishes are quite new to both of us. So dine in it is :)



You can see these steel menu stand on each table. Really creative. Maybe I should make one with my name to put my stuff. Hehe.



Our drinks. It is a good thing that the both of us like the same drink. There was once when I asked him to get a drink so that the both of us could share but I can’t decide on what to drink. So I asked him to make decision. As soon as he left, I suddenly wanted to drink soya bean. Haha. Surprisingly, he came back with soya bean!! Wooohoooo. But I ordered my forbidden drink of all time, watermelon juice, that night. Well, it’s still a few weeks away from “the day”. Hehe.


IMAG0243Whenever you see unagi in my blog, 99% is ordered by him. I love unagi very much as well. Since he never fails to order unagi, I can focus on some other food that I like as well. According to him, his cheese baked unagi rice was really good. Well, as usual, anything cheese bake is not my type. Hehe.   




My pork rice. Cooked in 2 different way but presented together. It looked totally different from the menu but then tasted quite nice as well. It may look like some rojak pork dish but it is actually not as bad as it look. Haha.

I think this place serves mongolion style food, hence my food was a little bit spicy. But I love spicy food, so it’s okay for me. Hehe.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Jullian is one of my oldest friend. We have known each other since Standard 1. We practically went to the same primary, secondary, college, university and have been working together for nearly 1 year in the same office. Haha. On the last few days in AAN, he suggested to have lunch together before I leave. I agreed and Jullian took me and Siew Ling to this place not far from the office. Before leaving the office, I saw him checked this place out from Google. It was really nice of him to bring us to a new place. I guessed he read my blog and knew that I love to try out new places for food. Oh btw, hi Jullian, in case you are reading this. Hehe.


Kokopelli is actually a bungalow converted into restaurant/cafe. It is opened from lunch till dinner. They have this special picnic promo which is really cute. I saw it while waiting for Jullian to pay for the bill. Oh, the lunch was a treat from Jullian as well. Thank you very much!!



We found  this on the table behind us. It’s their own product but for us, it’s kind of expensive for biscuits. So I just took a photograph of it. Hehe.



Siew Ling’s seafood spaghetti. Check out the amount of seafood that they gave her. Really crazy. But Siew Ling said the spaghetti is actually not bad.



I ordered carbonara. The thing that kind of disappointed me regarding the spaghetti will be the type of umm… noodle that they used. It’s actually flat like those pan mee noodle. I prefer the one that is round and long, which I have no idea what it is called. Hehe. But taste wise, it’s really good.



But this has to be the best one among all 3. Jullian roasted chicken with ratatouille. It don’t actually look nice but when Jullian gave me some to taste, I was actually very surprised and jealous because it was really good :( another lesson learnt for not judging food from it’s appearance. Hehe.

When I reached home that night, I researched about this place a little bit more. I think it’s a good place for girls gathering as well. But it might be a little bit too pricy. But then once in a while, I think should be okay. Hehe.


Monday, August 9, 2010

The random food outing :)

Below are some random places that me and Calvin went to few weeks ago for food. Some are really good, I must say.

My favourite will be Snowflake in Subang Jaya. This place is always full of people. But I have this sudden crave for ice food and die die also must eat something there. So we queued up and initial plan was to take away but then when we were near the counter, there’s an empty table just next to it. So we decided to dine in instead. Since we were first timer, we ordered the top seller / most famous one.


We did not pour the fresh milk that they gave us because we figured out it will taste super weird. So we ate the whole thing as it is. The orange and white squarish thing is something like mochi but with yam and another flavour which I cannot identify. Beneath the brown colour jellies are shaved ice in some kind of brown syrup. The good thing about this place is you can actually inform the cashier when you place your order the level of sweetness that you prefer. Perfect for people like me who don’t really fancy food that is very sweet. Anyway, I love this so much that I craved for this last night when I can’t sleep. Haha.

I really cannot live without fast food. Even though I am fully aware that it’s actually very unhealthy and with the cases that I have been doing everyday (amount of cardiovascular disease and diabetes patients grew rapidly where the youngest age of the patients kept on reducing) are a big sign for me to say no for the temptations, I do visit the famous fast food chain once in a while. Unhealthy for a meal but will make up for it on the rest of the week :) A small promise to myself and also to make sure that my food partner (Calvin) is a healthy Pooh :p

Anyway, during my off day last month, I went to Times Square for lunch session with him. I suggested KFC since I heard so much about the new item that was being promoted on the radio everyday. So we ordered one Toasted Pocketful plus dinner plate so that we can share them.




The Toasted Pocketful is so-so for us but I love the sauce. Somehow I think it’s really a big hassle to eat the thing from it’s packaging. I have to remove part of the packaging after every 3 bites. I can’t remove too much or the content will be spilling all over the place. Hehe. I ate half of it and one pieces of chicken breast.

Another new item from fast food that I tried will be the GCB. McD has always been my favourite place since I was young. But my menu will only be McChicken, McNuggets and Ayam Goreng McD. Once in a while I will have their porridge. I don’t really like the other burgers because most of them have cheese. Me no likey cheese.


Anyway, the GCB is really good. For me, the G will means Great-licious. Haha. The best thing about this burger is no cheese :) Me likey very muchie. Hope that this will be permanent in their menu *fingers crossed*



Ikea’s curry puff for breakfast never fail to make my day. This is why I put a pink love in the photograph as well. Maybe it’s because they have more potatoes than meat. Seriously, I have no idea why I love potatoes so much. I am eating so much potatoes that I may look like one sometime in the future!!! Oh no!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the food that I always go crazy about for the last few weeks in AAN.


Tapper’s Caesar's Salad. I have been going back again and again for this. Seriously, I really love this place very much. Their breakfast sets are really good. Especially the American breakfast that comes with mushroom. I usually asked them to take out the sunny side up for me and gave me extra mushroom instead. Oh, they have these scones for tea time as well. Really good. I missed this place so much :(


There was this time when I need to go Gucci boutique in Pavillion to solve my bag mystery problem. I’m glad that it’s all sorted out now. Hehe. Anyway, me and Calvin headed to the food court because I wanted the fried prawn noodle. I loved the one that I had in Singapore very much even though it’s a long wait in queue.



But the one in Pavillion is not as good as the one from Singapore. They used totally different noodle as well. The amount of of chilli that they gave me was very little as well. Calvin don’t really like the noodle cause he found it sour. But I love sour food, so me likey. Hehe. He ordered some yee mee in small wok thingy, which I don’t really like cause the noodle was quite hard. Eeeee…. Hehe. Can’t wait for my upcoming Singapore trip!! Wooohooo!!

Enough of eating out. I explored the amazing world of instant food from home during my off days. My current favourite will be the chicken porridge.



I was greeted by 2 aluminium packaging of seasoning, a foldable plastic spoon and oats-lookalike. I put half of the seasoning into the cut and one full packet of processed vegetables. Poured hot water into the cup. I prefer my porridge to be a little bit dry, so I poured hot water until it reached half of the cup. When I realised that the water level decreased a little bit after that, I poured a little bit more.



The end product after 3 minutes. Stirred the whole thing and was greeted by this thick porridge. Poured tiny amount of soya sauce and stirred. I really love the porridge very much. Really convenient and meatless. Might try other brand in the future. Hehe.

That’s my random food adventure for the past month. More foodie update coming really soon :)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tamarind Hill for Anniversary :)

28th of July 2010 was an emotional day for me. It’s my last day in AAN and also me and Calvin’s 1st year anniversary. Sad, near to tears, surprised and happy. All mixed into an unforgettable day for me.

For AAN colleagues, I miss all of you very much. Saying goodbye is hard. Even harder to people whom I been together with for the past 2 years. Hardest to people whom I treat as part of my family and have been watching me grow. I have learnt a lot from this company. From work related to aspects of life. I am happy to be part of this big family and will never forget all of you. I love you all!!!

After saying good bye and taking photographs with all the important people from this big family, Calvin picked me up from the office. I have no idea where we were heading. He only told me that it’s in KL area. So we headed to Jalan Sultan Ismail and he turned into this parking area before KFC building. I was surprised that there’s actually a restaurant at this place.

We got off the car and have to climbed up the stairs to reach the restaurant.


The stairs was decorated nicely and I loved the mini cups of oil and fire along the way. Really pretty. I don’t really know what type of food that we will be having from the bottom. Halfway up the stairs, there were banners of the restaurant on the right and it was Thai food! Yippie!! But I have never visited a Thai restaurant this classy and beautiful.


Calvin lead me into the restaurant. I can’t help looking left and right of the restaurant when the waiter lead us to our table. The restaurant was nicely decorated with traditional Thai clothes. They have outdoor seats as well.








I really love the interior design of the restaurant. Really classy. I would never have guessed that this is a Thai restaurant. Most of the classy restaurants usually serve Western food. But this has to be the most beautiful Thai restaurant that I have been to so far.

Anyway, while ooh-ing and ahh-ing on the way in, I did not notice our table. Why I called it our table? First of all, I have no idea what Calvin made reservation for the table. Second of all,


there was a bouquet of blue rose at the side of the table. I did not notice the flowers until we were 2 or 3 steps away from the table. First of all, I was only looking left and right on the way in. Secondly, the waiter was walking right in front of me, so he kind of blocked the table from my view. Thirdly, I did not put on my glasses so I can’t really see that far. Haha. I was really surprised when I saw the flowers. They were really pretty!! Awww….. so sweet of him.

Once we settled down and ordered our food, he told me about what he done to have all these set up. First, he ordered the flowers and they were ready around 2pm that day. He was a bit worried of being late (he is the most punctual person I know, which is one of the reason I love him) to pick me up from the office as he has no idea where the restaurant is. After picking the flowers from the florist, he went to the restaurant with the help of Minmin. When he reached the place, he reserved a table for us. He wanted to reserve the outdoor table as it is more beautiful outside but then he is worried that it may be hot for me outside and also the mosquitoes. So he reserved a table indoor. He gave them the flowers and asked them put it on the side of the table. After that, he rushed to my office. Since by the time he left the restaurant it was near after office hour, it started to jam. Being a really responsible person, he sms-ed me that he will be late (another reason of loving this guy) so that I won’t have to wait so long at 7-11. How thoughtful right?!?! Hehe.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself very much that night. It was really romantic and I’m touched by all his effort to make the dinner very special for me. He know that I’m upset of leaving the company and all stressed up for the past few months with work and also the decision to change company. So he prepared all the things that I love to make me happy and also celebrate the wonderful year that we have been through. His surprise worked really well. It left me speechless and can’t help aww-ing. Hehe.


They gave us welcome drink and appetizer. Since it’s raw salmon, I gave Calvin my portion as well.  He said it tasted quite good and special. Hehe.



This is the best tom yum soup ever. Cooked with fresh big prawns and other seafood, the soup is really sweet, sour and little bit of spicy. Really yummy. Love it!!



Our dinner for the night. Fried duck meat with special sauce, cod fish and vegetable. All of them were really good. I love the cod fish the most. The chef is able to maintain the freshness and sweetness of the fish. The duck meat was really special. Something new to us . Oh, I love the way they cook the vegetable as well because it came with mushroom. Yummy!!!

Overall, I really love their food very much. Definitely will be back to try other dishes. It is currently my top favourite place for Thai food.

Other than that, their toilet sink is really special as well. Love the way they come out with the idea to replace the normal tap.


It is actually a rectangular area filled with water and when you turn the knob, the water will overflow into the wooden “pipe” and into the sink. Nicely designed. By the way, photo was taken by Calvin in the toilet, which is also one of the reason why I love him. He knows I love to blog of places I have been to and also about the good, normal and bad food that I have tasted. He will be the one taking all the beautiful photographs for me while I’m busying looking around. He will walk around the restaurant and take photographs without me asking him to. He will help me photoshop some of the photographs so that it will be nicer to post in facebook and also in my blog. Really nice and thoughtful of him. Whenever I take photographs of food and places, he will never think that I’m being a kampung girl or it might embarrass him. N.E.V.E.R. He will be very patient with me taking few shots of the food, even though he’s really hungry. Not everyone can do that and be so patient with my hobby. But my pooh pooh can!! He will do it for me without me asking. Aww…..

That is how I spent my 28th of July 2010. An ordinary day to most of you but it is the most special day that I will not forget. Thank you so much for everything dear. I really appreciate every effort that you have made, all those planning and execution of the plans. Thank you for cheering me up when I am down and assuring me everything will be alright. But deep down I know that everything will be alright cause you are always by my side. Everything will be much better when you are in the picture.


RIMG0142b You know I love you :) and nothing will change that.