Wednesday, January 23, 2008

1 litre of tears

I've just finished Grey's Anatomy Season 4 episode 1 till 10. It was awesome. McDreamy is still McDreamy and McSteamy is still McSteamy ( but looks like someone's dad ). Haha! There are a lot of changes this time. Including the yucky Izzie and George pair. GOSH!!!! Somehow I hate them so much. Poor Dr. Torres. I pity her. Her life is so sad. She even lost her title as Chief!!! But Dr Bailey took her place, which I think she can do much better than Dr Torres because she's the Nazi!!! Haha..... Anyway, Episode 11 is with Daniel. Can't wait.

I've watched Desperate Housewives Season 4 till episode 10 too. The funny things is I haven't even finish Season 3. Haha. But it's okay. I miss those girls very much. They are so funny. I just love they way the gossip. Haha. With new neighbours, there will be tonnes of gossip!!

Darren recommended me to watch 1 litre of tears. It's a Japanese movie.. or should I say series? It has 10 episodes if I'm not mistaken. When Darren told me it's a Japanese series, I'm not too keen about watching it because it might be boring since I have to read the subtitles only. But Darren said the storyline is very good. It can make you cry non stop. When I've finished my Desperate Housewives up to episode 10, it was around 8pm. Since it was still early, I was thinking " what the heck... just watch a few episodes la". OMG!! I was glued to the laptop from then onwards. The story is about the life of a 15 years old girl, name Aya, who have a disease which I forgot the name. Anyway, the disease can make a person's neuron degenerate. She often fell down and hurt herself. She can't walk properly ( her youngest sister which was around 5 to 6 years old that time said that she walk like a penguin ). When her crush invited her out for a date during the firework festival, she fell down FLAT on the floor. She was bleeding and bleeding. It was so sad. And the jerk crush thinks that she is so weird that he didn't showed up on their next date. That girl was waiting for him under the rain. Luckily there was this guy called Asou that helped her a lot. He might seemed very hard on her but deep down, he slowly fell in love with Aya even though of her condition. The whole story towards the end was very very very very sad. At the end of each episode, there were meaningful phrases. Ohhh I forgot to mention that this story was based on a real life story of a girl called Aya. She really have this disease. The reason of why her life story can be made into a movie is because she started to write a diary everyday when she found out that she has the disease so that her doctor ( Dr Mizuno or Sensei ) could monitor her progress. When she died on 1988, all her diaries were compiled into a book which sold millions of copies and inspired a lot of people world wide. I really cried 1 litre of tears or maybe more than that for the whole story. I strongly recommend it to everybody. This girl was amazing. Her courage and her spirit really made some of us look stupid and useless. But I must warn you, the story was a very very very very very sad story. I cried a lot. A lot...... a lot. The story really inspire me and I hope it will inspire you too. I think I will watch it for the 2nd time and cry for the millionth time. Haha.


Monday, January 7, 2008


(ps: this entry has been in my draft section for quite some time. Hehe. )

My sis will be back end of this month. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! That news just wiped off the terrible day that I had on the first day of university!!! I can't believe that in this world there is such a MALE person who is more than 20 years old of age, doesn't admit that he cut queue despite 4 people can be witness, tell me that we should show our love (i've been standing at the queue since 5.30am in the morning and he nicely stand in front of me at 8.25am). My friend told him to be a gentleman and he said " I'm not a boy lor... I'm a girl. So I don't have to be a gentleman". What a jerk. The part that made me furious is he told the officer that I FRAMED HIM!!! OMG.... I can't hold my anger any longer that I walked up to him and the officer and said "Sir, if you don't believe me, you can ask the people behind and in front of me. I did not frame him" Then he keep on telling me "Don't be like that la... don't be like that la" At the end, the officer took all of his documents and ask him to go back first. The officer said that he will call him tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Being a thick faced human being, he refuse to leave. After a few persuasion from the officer that he will contact him, he finally left. I think he went back to his original line and got the car sticker. This is what I heard from my friend.

I'm taking 5 subjects this semester, 3 with laboratory sessions and one final year project. The timetable was quite okay. The part that I'm not used too is half of the lecture is 2 hours. Even though there will be a 5 to 10 minutes break in between but still... it's quite tiring and boring. Hehe. 2 of my subjects were taught by a lecturer from Sudan. He's quite funny sometimes. Hehe. He teaches us Pathology and Hematology. Another new lecturer is Dr Alvin who teaches us...... I forgot. Haha. Hey, this is just the first week of uni. Still getting familiar with the timetable and subjects. Hehe. My final year project title is ...... I forgot that too. But I know it involves pathoges, air sterilizer and..... I think that's all. Haha.

Anyway, back to my sis. She will be back for 2 months. Yippie. There will be 4 people and 1 dog in the house again! I'm so excited. We can go shopping again!!! And again!!! And again!!!

Got to go. Time for breakfast!!