Monday, June 29, 2009

New Adventure of Japanese Food

Last weekend and today were all about food. Visited the char siew place again. It was still as nice as last time though. The standard of the chewy, sticky and sweet char siew never drop. Amazing :P


Over the weekend, watched Dance Subaru and Transformers. I would say Dance Subaru is only average. There were moments where I would say "Huh??? That's all??". Hehe. Transformers is just awesome. Really really good. There may be a second round and third round for me though :) Hehe. I watched Initial D twice last time. There were other movies which I watch it in the cinema for more than once but I just forgot their name. Anyway, Megan Fox is really really really pretty and hot. There were a few scenes where you can see her close up and .... it's really breath taking. I am no lesbian but I do enjoy looking at pretty things (or in this case, human being) okay. This episode is more about machines fighting and I came out with a few conclusions.
1. The bad machines are all black/grey in colour while the hero like Optimus and Bumblebee are colourful. I think it's easier to differentiate between the good machine and the bad machine while they are fighting. None of them even bleed a little.
2. No matter how many times the land was bombed, the number of army maintained at the end of the battle, which means nobody died.
3. (This is from Vince) How on earth can a small car like Bumblebee transforms into a machine that is 2 storey tall?? Hmmm.... Cute :p


After reading much negative comment about SushiGroove and Yo!Sushi, this is the first time I gave SushiGroove a chance to prove that what I read and heard about the restaurant was wrong. You see, everything I read (forum, blog) and what I heard from friends, both of this restaurant are not really good. But, Alfred was the first one that said SushiGroove is actually not bad. Since I always visit Sushi Zanmai quite often and I have no idea what else to order there, I've decided to visit SushiGroove before the movie last weekend with him. Below are the food that 2 person ordered -_-"

Frankly speaking, I don't belive that both of us could finish all the food in one meal. Well ... he finished most of it. I could hardly stuff my stomach with anymore food that day. Hehe. Overall, the food there were quite nice. Not too bad, I would rate it average though. The service there is kind of weird, for me. Hehe. So it would be fair if I give Yo!Sushi a chance. Hehe. That will be my next destination for Japanese food.

Ohh, I managed to get myself a dress for the family potrait this coming Thursday. Managed to get another dress and 2 belts too :) I shouldn't be spending so much. I have to save for my upcoming trip. Obtained a lot of tips from Janice who went there with her family around April. Really useful tips, especially for shopping. Hehe. I'm so excited about the upcoming trip :)
Got to sleep now.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Important question!!!

This week is just... tiring. Applied half day leave for next Thursday to take family potrait. Has not found a suitable dress yet. I have a lot to do in these few days even though I'm not the main important character in those photos.

1. Have to colour my hair. Was supposed to do it this Saturday after work but then relative from ... I forgot where are they coming from. Anyway, they will overnight at my place. So have to clean my room a bit and also settle Baby elsewhere. So hair colouring plan will have to postpone.

2. Have to get a dress. I mean a proper and decent and suitable dress for the photoshoot. Will go Bangsar this coming weekend with TW. She wanted to get something for her graduation as well. So there, found a shopping partner. Hehe. She will be my eating partner too. TW ... me heart you :)

3. Want to watch Transformers. Suppose to watch it Saturday night but then one by one told me that they had watched the movie. Movie tickets were sold out even before the day of screening. I don't want to end up watching alone or DVD okay. Anybody who wants to watch that movie, do let me know if you car have one empty space. Haha. But then my working shift is .... haihh .... don't know how to describe it ler.

4. Need to ask the most important question to the most important person at the moment. There were times when I was about to open my mouth but then suddenly chicken out. That's me. I have to prepare script in time like this. Have to think of what question that would be direct back to me and what are the good answer. I do hope the outcome is good where everybody will live happily ever after. The person might be reading my blog, so I can't tell what the questions are. Maybe I'll tell what it is after I get the answer that I want. All I want is just a simple "Yes", actually. It doesn't have to be a great "Yes" or amazing "Yes". Just a simple "Yes" will do. Pleaseee....

Okay. Those are the top 4 most important things to do in my list now. Hope that I could do all in a nice way and achieve the best result ever EVER EVER!! Especially No. 4 :)

Wish me luck ppl :)


Monday, June 22, 2009

Team Building Revealed :)

Has been really sick after team building. Viral fever and gastritis and vomitting. Haihh, I survived the team building but failed the work-after-team-building days. Hehe. Getting much better now. Declared myself Ms Bread 2009 because has been eating a lot of bread lately. During sick days, has been eating nothing but bread the whole day. The sight of food made me nausea. The incredible thing was I didn't lose any weight. Haihhh... Anyway, some updates for the past few weeks :)

Everybody, meet the world biggest ass hamster, Miss Piggu. Miss Piggu is Leng and Vince's pet. As you can see, the hamster has a really big ass. But isn't she cute and adorable and tiny?? The way she sleeps reminds me of Baby, which made me miss her so much. Hehe. She's sleeping just beside me at this moment. I wonder what will happen if I suddenly kick her off the bed. Haha. Of course I won't do that. She's my precious :)

Lately, there has been a lot of tea session with Pui See and TW. We would talk (gossip, to be precise) for hours about everything. Talk talk talk talk and laugh. The other day when we overnight at Leng's place, we went to The Curve for brunch and gossip session again.

My drink and TW's drink. I forgot the name of the drinks but they tasted kind of nice. Especially mine :)

My brunch for the day. I ended up eating all the fishes and mushroom while Pui See had the noodle. It was quite nice, I should say. Better than other cafe's Tom Yum.

This would be my all time favourite biscuit from Penang. Have been craving for it lately. Thanks to Stephen for getting me 2 boxes when I'm craving for it the most. Haha. It's still really really good. For those who frequently visit Penang or are from Penang that always visit KL, do let me know. Need your kind help to get me these yummy yummy biscuits :)

This is Baby's new look after grooming. Somehow, I think she looks better this way. More clean and tidy and fresh looking. The scarf was given by the pet shop people. I thought it was something with nice smell but the staff told me it was a gift to Baby. Haha. Lucky baby :)

Since the second session of team building has ended yesterday, I think it's safe for me to reveal some of the pics that I took during the first session.

View from my apartment. Facing the highway to... ermm ... no idea where it is though. Hehe. Somehow the mountain has this really calming effect if you stare at it for a really long time. Haha.

The living room with pink sofa. So nice and cute :) Each apartment comes with a small kitchen and dining area. Way better than my what I have expected earlier. Way way better ;)

The room that I shared with Janice. When we're alone in the room, we can talk and talk and talk for just about anything. The first night, both of us talked until 2am in the morning. Both of us have the exactly same habit of staying in a hotel. Hehe.

During team buidling, each group has to come out with a Webpage design. These are what we did in like, 30 minutes I think.

This is the view from the pool at night :)

It was really nice sitting by the pool. They have these lazy chairs where you can sit there and enjoy the quiet night. Too bad there's not much stars that night. I did not even swim in the pool because there was no enough time. Really regret for not swimming that night. It's hard to find a swimming pool nowadays. For me at least. Furthermore, there's no people using the pool at night. I can swim and swim without stopping. Haihhh...
That's all for now. Need to sleep. Tomorrow is another working day ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Team Building

Hey people. I'm back from Team Building. It wasn't as tough as I thought. Wai Kin said it's more like for kids, especially for obstable course. This is my first time participating in a team building. Can't give out the details yet because there is the second batch that will go for team building this coming Friday. Don't want to spoil the fun for them, but I doubt any of them will read my blog. Haha. A lot of people don't even know my blog existance :) Anyway, I enjoyed water rafting the most even though it's really tiring. Halfway through the journey down the river, I gave up and just lie there on the tube. Haha :)

Oh, the reason I'm blogging in the afternoon is because I'm sick :( Yesterday around 10 something, I started to experience nausea and sharp gastric pain. During lunch, I felt like vomitting. I can't even drive. Was sent to the clinic first. Vomitted once in the office and again at the clinic. Once I reached home, I'm very exhausted. I just changed out of my working attire and into my pyjamas and slept the whole afternoon. I woke up once and vomitted again. By that time, I'm really hungry. Ate dinner at night and went to bed early. Woke up around 5 something to vomit again. Decided to take another day mc and slept till 10 something. Had bread for breakfast and sleep again. Gosh, I have no idea why I can sleep so much but it is really tiring. It's hard for me to stay awake. I don't think it's the medication though. But I'm glad that the vomit has stopped. Fever is gone. Gastric attacks come and go. But I'm feeling much better now compared to yesterday. My face is pale as a paper!!

That's all people. I'm feeling sleepy again. Goodnight :)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Plaster Ambassador

I had the most tiring day ever. Slept for less than 10 hours since Saturday night. Hehe. Went over to WL's new place on Saturday night for her house warming party. It turned out to be really warm as halfway through the party, the lights in her house started to blink and then the whole house went dark. Since there were so many engineers around that night, they stood around the main switch and started to push the button-thinggy. At the end, I ended up standing outside the house because I can't stand the heat in the house. Haha. Anyway, Tenaga ppl came over and fixed everything. Thank you Mr Tenaga men. You two came really quick and fixed everything really fast. Us girls ended up chatting for a few hours. Gossip gossip gossip gossip till we're hungry and went out for supper together. Hehe. When we reached WL's house, everybody were really tired, except me. It was way past my bed time. I brought along horror movies, so I watched Shutter alone in the dark. I think it's more towards a sad story than horror. After the movie, watched 1 episode of 1 Litre of Tears before going to bed. Haha. I know, I'm crazy. Woke up at 11 something, had breakfast of carefully and nicely cut roti canai. After that, we headed to The Curve for shopping. I need to get some stuff for the upcoming Team Building. Haihhh....

Anyway, if you didn't see me on Saturday, you will be wondering what does the title means :) I am appointed the new ambassador for plaster!! I was washing a bowl on Thursday night after dinner. While transfering the wet bowl to the drying rack, it slipped. In normal circumstances, a normal person will not do what I did. When the bowl fell on the counter top, it bounced up a little, broken into 3 big pieces. A normal person will either grab the bowl before it slipped or kept their precious hand some safe distance from the broken bowl. Me, being an abnormal dumb pig, choosed to be different from the rest. I ended up as below...

A sharp edge of the broken bowl stabbed it's way through my left palm. It looks more like a Nike logo now. Haha.

Cuts on my left little finger and right thumb.

I got these 3 cuts from washing a soup bowl. Am I great or what?!?!!? Anyway, I lose a lot of blood on my left palm (okay, actually not very much but for me it's a lot cause the blood dripped down straight to the floor.... 5 to 6 drips okay!!! ). Dad quickly cover my wounds with plasters.

I have to change plaster everyday. The wounds are all dried up now and they are closing up. It's not that painful anymore. I have a lot of plasters with me now. I even have Disney Princess plasters okay ( cause I'm so vain and they are in pink.... aww..... ). I have a mini first aid kit with me now. Mostly filled by plasters though. Haha.

Haihh... sometimes I do wonder why am I so clumsy and stupid. Just now when I walked up the stairs, I nearly fell backwards okay. Ohh, did I mention that the stairs were actually from my house, the one that I have been walking up and down and up and down for the past... hmm ....18 years??? Haihhh....

I found this on me when I was changing for work one morning...

A big patch of blue black bruise right on my thigh. I have no idea how I got it. It's always a mystery for me. If you don't know, both of my legs were filled with my clumsy trophies. There was this big rectangular blue black bruise between my ankle and knee. Just right in the middle. Got it when I fell from the stairs right under my office before CNY. The bruise did not go away. It still hurts a little when I press on it. Suk Yee asked me how is it possible to get a bruise at that location of the leg. I don't know what the answer is, honestly. Then there were 2 left over scars right on top of both knees from the fall as well. There is this fungus infection something on the back of my leg. Although I put cream on it, there is still a visible patch on my leg. Haihhhh.... I can only be ambassador for either plaster, blue black bruises and scars. I can never be ambassador for beautiful leg or something like that :(

That's all about the job of being an ambassador. It's really tough, don't you think??

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Noticed this on my thigh when changing for work this morning....

Haihhhh.... It will be there for .... I have no idea how long this thing will stay by my side. Haha. Or should I say stay on my thigh. There is another one beneath my knee, which has been with me for like more than 3 month. I got it when I fell down from the stairs below my office. Haha. Both of my legs are filled with my clumsy trophy.

I realised Baby is as clumsy as me too. Both of us have this thingy with stairs :) Like master, like doggy :)

The bags that I ordered from this website have finally arrived!! Thank you Lek Lin :)

I ordered 4 bags in total. One has yet to arrive. I don't remember ordering the big brown bag on the left but sis it is mine... so ... hehe :)

I would like to welcome these nice and cheap (really really cheap) bags to my family. Old bags, I am please to introduce you all to new family members :)

We are all one big happy family. So please be nice to each other okay. I love all of you equally the same okay.
Since 2 of the bags have soft bottom, I went to Lik Soon to get hard cardboard. Have to cut them out according to the bag's size so that the bags will have hard bottom. The bags will look better if I put a lot of stuff into it. I did some shopping at Lik Soon. For those who don't know, Lik Soon is the most famous bookshop in my housing area. It has a wide range of stationaries and books.

Bought a pink folder so that I can put all those important work related papers into it. Searched high and low for a pink one and finally found this which is still in good condition. Happy happy. The exercise book is for me to write down the hospital contacts. It will be like my ultimate Malaysia's hospital directory. When it's my turn to reply e-mail, this book will be my best working companion. Will fill it with hospital contacts (telephone number, fax number, which department to look for), insurance company contacts (which department to look for and who to look for) and other important notes :) too bad I can't get the book in colour though. I choosed red instead. Hehe.
Got to stop now. Have to start making the bases for my beloved bags.
Ohh, thank you Jullian for the suggestion. Bangsar boutiques did crossed my mind but I need my girls to go with me to give me opinions. Hehe. I can feel another fun outing with them again :) But seriously, I don't know that you know so much about girls stuff :) especially dresses :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

July Dress

I'm super tired. I nealry fell asleep during work today due to the low temperature in the office. It was cloudy outside too. Just the perfect time for a quick nap. Kelvin who was sitting opposite me noticed my heavy eyelids too! I offered him a chance to do something fun. Slap me twice to wake me up!! Haha. The man power was quite abundant in the office today but then I have no idea why am I so tired. Mentally exhausted, I guess. Hehe :)

I am on a very important quest. Mission. Target. I have no achieve it before end of the this month.








need to get a pretty yet simple but adorable and affordable dress to family potrait.

Haha. I know it sounds silly. Taking family potrait is one of my weakness. I will laugh. I mean really laugh. Everyone should be smiling but I will burst into laughter. I hope that the cameraman will have a lot of patience with me. None of my family member could remember the previous family potrait experience. Haha. But everyone turned out looking really good, except me. It's very obvious that I'm trying really hard to stop myself from laughing. My urge to laughter can spread to other people as well. Sis already warned Brandon kor kor that taking family potrait with me might be longer than normal. Hehe.

Anyway, I have to get a dress for myself. Preferably knee length. Can't be too expensive cause I'm saving up for my trip later this year. But it has to be pretty at the same time okay :) At the same time, I have lose some weight so that I won't look like a bloating human being in the photos. These photos might be turned into slideshows during my sis's wedding dinner. A lot of people will be there. Sis even suggested to put photos of me when I'm young in the slide show as well with a bright arrow pointing at the photo to indicate that's me. Some of my colleagues will be attending the dinner as well. That would be .... horrible! Maybe I should hide all those photos. Hehe :) I look too cute, some of you will be jealous and wonders how I can maintain my cuteness after 23 years :)

Wish me luck in the search of the ultimate simple July dress :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh, my pinky :)

It is Chai's birthday today. Happy birthday Mr Chai. He shares the same birthday with don't know which Sultan who became the xxth Agung on 200x. Hope both of them have a wonderful birthday celebration this year.

The atmosphere in the office today was really scary. REALLY SCARY. Like not much people working. I'm the only junior at discharge section and 3 more seniors who were at the assessor section. I do bills and answered calls till around 11 something, then finally gave up cause I can't seem to finish the bill on my table. Hehe. There will be more scary Mondays like today every week. But am glad that I'm free for follow up for 2 weeks. 2 weeks of heaven!! Yay. Ohh, 2 new staff came in today for TPA. I forgot their names though because no one-by-one introduction this time. Well, will get to know them very soon :)

Have watching a lot of ghost stories recently. Thanks to David for his collection of Japanese, Korean and Thai ghost story. I am one crazy woman who watches the ghost story with the light off and putting on the earphone at the same time. Haha. David always said I'm "chi sin". I think I am :p I do admit that there were certain part where I will hide myself under the blanket though but bear in mind, the earphones were still stucked in my ear okay. Haha. Too bad the one that I really wanted to watch, Ju On 2, is only available in Chinese subtitle. Mehhhhh....

My Kelisa was sent to the workshop on Saturday by my sis for plastic surgery and colouring, I guess. In a few days time, my Kelisa will be a pretty lady again :) YAY!!!

The reason I'm blogging about random stuff is .... I'm waiting for the Beautiful Cooking Season 2 to stream. Chai showed me this awesome, no no no, should be amazing website where I can stream the series myself. But still need his username and password as well. Hehe. Since I've returned the harddisk, I might be getting a new one for myself but not so soon. I saw one in pink at KLCC yesterday. It's really pweeetttyyyy. And it matches my pinkie lappie as well. Still have to get myself a pink mouse and pink earphone to make my pink online experience a pinky one :) (I have no idea what I'm talking about here).

I do wish that I have pink walls in my room, a pink phone, pink bedsheet and pillow case, pink cupboard and pink wardrobe. Haha. Then it would match my pinkie lappie. Maybe those stuff should be in different shades of pink. It would be really really pweettyyyy. But I have no idea why I'm crazy of blue roses though. Really really crazy for them.

Oh well, got to stop now. Another photo-less entry. Sorry :)