Monday, November 29, 2010

Noodle Station

Dear blog, sorry for the lack of update as I have been very busy with work for the past weeks. I am currently handling MAS accounts and thanks to the previous system problem, the claims are piling up at the cabinet. Today is my first submission to MAS and hopefully everything will be okay :) Thank you :)

There are a lot of restaurants and fast food all around Subang area. Since I spend most of my weekend at Calvin’s place, I am already quite familiar with that place :) But still, there are a lot of places that I have yet to try. Calvin suggested dinner at Subang on Thursday night after picking me up from work and since I have to overnight at his place. So Noodle Station it is.

Calvin surveyed about this place from the Internet. Yes, he found this place instead of me. Usually, I am the one doing all the food and travel research. I research, plan and execute them nicely. So all he do is just bring himself :) Hehe. Lately, he has been doing his own research as well, and it’s my turn to just show up. So far, he has yet to let me down :p

 IMAG0336Our drinks for the night. Ice chocolate for him and ice peach tea for me. I think that his ice chocolate tasted a little funny but he said it was normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Oh well, as long as it’s not running down my stomach :p



IMAG0340 Noodle Station has a few outlet around KL. Business was quite slow that night because we were the only customer at ground floor. We did not went up to the first floor, so we can’t really tell if is there any customers upstairs. But then, when we reached the restaurant, it was already nearly 9pm. So, I bet the dinner crowd have already left the place :)



IMAG0342 Both of us ordered noodle since their noodles are home made. Calvin ordered dried soya sauce noodle with chicken drumstick while I ordered Pastrami. The waitress recommended these 2 noodles to us. Besides noodle, they serve western and rice dishes as well. Calvin’s noodle was just okay, like the normal “kon lou” noodle. I think mine is fusion noodle of Chinese and Western. It’s a little bit dry, hence it hardened after a period of exposure to the air conditioner. But the taste was really special. It’s something like concentrated butter milk sauce all over the noodle with bacon and mushroom. I like the taste but could be better if it did not get hard so fast :)

After dinner, we headed back to Calvin’s place and called it a night. More to come on the weekend :)


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hokkien and Hainanese Noodle :)

Just got back from dinner with Calvin. Initial plan of Hokkien Mee near the Dewan Pustaka was cancelled because it is closed for the day. Since both of us don’t feel like having rice for dinner, I suggested this place near menara PGRM that serve Hokkien noodle as well. In addition, they serve Hainanese noodle as well.



The humble and tiny board with the restaurant’s name. It is directly next to the Petronas petrol station in front of PRGM tower at Taman Maluri. Oh, it’s beside a coffin shop too. Easy to find :)



Both of us shared this bowl of drinks. It’s actually a combination of luo hon guo, pear, the white thing, the red thing and other things. Haha. The sight of the bowl totally reduced my appetite towards the drink up to 0. But when I look around, other bowls at various table look just fine. Why is it ours look so terribly terrible? Ishhhhhh I only took 2 sips of the drink. Somehow, this bowl reminds me of the tiny scar on my hand :( geliii……..



IMAG0335 We ordered 2 types of noodle. Hokkien mee and Hainanese mee. The Hokkien mee is by far, the best that I had so far. Not too watery/gravy nor too dry. The taste is just right with generous amount of small prawns and pork. Calvin like it too. I guess he has no other choice because my favourite, Hainan noodle, is actually sour. Check out the amount of lime given. I squeeze all of them into the noodle and mix mix mix. The Hainan noodle is something like lum mee but with white gravy. It has raw onion and cucumber with fried scrambled egg. I love it because it’s sour and really appetizing. Calvin who is not a big fan of sour food finished the Hokkien noodle. This is not my first time to this place. I have been here previously with my family and everyone of us enjoyed the Hainan noodle.

Recently, I have weird cravings at weird places. Remember my note to self that I will try all the food at Old Town Coffee and will restrained myself from ordering Ipoh Chicken Noodle? Me and Calvin went for dinner at Old Town Coffee the other day and I was really tempted to order the noodle but in the end….



…ordered Roti Canai instead. Haha. The size of the roti canai is smaller than the mamak one but it was really crispy and quite okay. The curry may be too oily for me but the curry went pretty well with the roti canai. This is my first time trying their roti canai. Hehe.

I am very excited about tomorrow and also Saturday night. Looking forward to have fun with my crazy colleagues this Saturday night.

Goodnight ppl :)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nak Won Korean Restaurant, Ampang

My current favorite place for Korean BBQ will be Nak Won at Ampang, just opposite Ampang Point. I was introduced to this place by my sister who has been there several times with her friends. When I was there with my sister, I don’t have to crack my head to decide what to order. She will do all the ordering and I will do all the eating. Haha. I have been there previously with my galz for small gathering as well. Apparently Rachel knows this place too. I guess her family enjoy eating there too because I bumped into her parents when I was there yesterday :) I went there for dinner with AA ex-colleagues. I must say though, the food was not that nice anymore. We ordered beef, pork, pancake and some fried glass noodle. Seriously, I missed the big wok Korean food even more. Haha.



Korean restaurant is the only place I know that loved to fill the whole table with plates and plates of food. Chan made a good point that being a dish washer in Korean restaurant is a tough job because he/she will have to wash a lot of plates everyday. Haha. But I did not ate much side dishes that day except brinjals :) I was looking for the ikan bilis but spotted it only at the end of dinner when we were about to leave. Haha.

  IMAG0321  IMAG0327 Our grilled pork and beef :) I preferred the meat without marinated because it’s less salty and I can actually taste the meat instead of the sauce :) Ohhh, let’s not forget about grilled onions :)




Besides grill items, they ordered pancake and glass noodle as well. I only tried the pancake because I don’t really like glass noodle but Calvin said the noodles were really good. In fact, he had a few servings of the noodle. Haha. The pancake was okay but I can’t locate the seafood as we ordered the seafood pancake instead of kim chi pancake.

That’s all about dinner. Suk Yee and Jess said there is a better around PJ area called Dai Cheong Kam, as in the famous korean drama. I never tried that before, would really like to try it some day with them. I enjoyed myself very much last night. It was great catching up with them after so long and share news about our work. After dinner, we went for mahjong session at Sai Weng’s house till late :) It was fun, fun, fun and fun. Sai Weng’s parents even invited us to play again next time. Haha.

That’s all for my weekend. Filled with delicious food and fun activities :) Oh, did I mention I went cycling as well? It’s a long story but I enjoyed myself very much that day :) Hot, sunny, tiring but fun :) At least I won’t feel miserable going to work tomorrow after all the fun that I had over the weekend :)


Thursday, November 18, 2010


Things have been quite rough for me recently at work and Calvin is the only place that I can rant non stop of how bad they were. After so many days of complaining, I felt bad for Calvin who always have to listen to me bla bla bla bla bla bla bla non stop all the way from Times Square to my home. Haha. Poor thing. Sometimes he don’t really understand what I really do but he will never interrupt me and will listen to every single word I say. I wanted to thank Calvin for being the best bf that any girl could ask for, so I suggested for a treat by me at this place that I have been to. Both of us appreciate eating at beautiful restaurant with breath-taking interior and exterior design. The place is at Damansara, near Help College. We were dissapointed that day to learn that the place was closed for a private function. It started to rain, so we went next door for a meal instead.



From the look of the logo, we thought it was a Thai restaurant. We were proven wrong when we opened the menu. They serve Indian food. Since we were already seated nicely and it was raining outside, we decided to give this place a try. It can’t be that bad, right?




IMAG0314I ordered the Chicken set while Calvin ordered the mutton. Each came with different side dishes like potatoes, mint sauce, chilli paste and eggplant. As expected, both of our food were spicy. Served together with piping hot rice, it made our meal extra spicy. But they were quite good, especially the potatoes :) Me likey :)

After laughing at Calvin who will not stop sweating, we left the place with warm stomachs and walking hand in hand under my tiny umbrella when it’s raining. What more can I ask for a romantic date? Hehe.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Team Building 2010

After the Deepavali weekend, I was sent straight for team building on Monday, together with the other 32 new hires of ING. The team building was held at Nilai Resort that has a small team building facility, golf field and swimming pools :)

Upon arrival, we went for our breakfast before starting the games. I think the morning session games were easier than the afternoon session. Even though I have to crawl on dirt :( After the first session, we went for lunch and check in to our hotel room. I share a room with Jan Ling.


 IMAG0242 The room was very spacious and clean. Better than my previous team building accommodation. Hehe. The bathroom was very big and has the kind of shower that I love. I guess the hotel is around 3 to 4 stars. Lucky us :)

After that, we headed out again for our second session which involves walk across high ropes, repelling from a really high place and flying fox. I finished all of them without crying or any urgency to cry at all. I was really surprised that I went through each task. A little shaky I have to admit. Haha. But overall, all I felt at that moment walking so high above the ground was I was extremely tired and just want to finish the whole thing as soon as possible. Luckily I was tall enough to hold the ropes high up so that I can balance myself up there. Oh well, at least no crying and did not bring any embarrassment to the Ho family. Haha.


IMAG0262 Dinner menu for the night. I did not eat much because I was extremely sleep. I nearly fell asleep halfway through the dinner. After dinner, we have to sing, dance and act to gain more points for our team. I wasn’t really in the mood because my whole body was aching and exhausted. All I want to do is just go back to the room and sleep. But when I reach the room, me and Jan Ling talked for nearly 1 hour before forcing ourselves to sleep. Haha.

On the next morning, we have only 1 outdoor activity which is to get across the 12 feet wall. Each and everyone of us have to over the wall. So we have to push, climb and pull other each other up. We managed to finish the whole task in a short amount of time, even faster than we predicted. After that, we went back to our hotel and packed our belongings, check out from the room and went back to the hall for indoor activity. After that, we went back to KL office and headed straight home.

I did not manage to take much photographs from this trip because we left our cell phones in our room. I mean, we can’t bring it our to the field or put it in our pocket during our activities right? Furthermore, we were too busy completing the task and encouraging each other during the whole game. The team building was really inspiring to me as an employee and also to become a better person. I will never forget what I have learnt there and even brought home some souvenirs with me.




There is one at the middle of my thigh and another one on my right knee. Seriously, I can’t remember how I got them but judging from the size, I guess one is during repelling where I knock myself on the wall. Yeah, I know, dumb right. Haha. Another one should be from the 12 feet wall where I have to put my right leg up on the wall in order to push myself up. It’s getting darker now but it’s okay. Pooh helped me to massage it every night and I will recover very soon :)


Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Birthday

My birthday for this year can be described by a few words; happy, surprised, peaceful and tiring. Happy because ING has this portal that other staffs can view who is/are the birthday boy or girl of the day. So my colleagues who viewed the portal knew that it’s my birthday and I got a lot of wishes from them. Even a big hug from one of the medical team people. Thank you all very much for making me feel like part of the family :)

I even received presents from those who are close to me.

IMAG0283 They gave me this portable fan that is super duper cute. There’s a button just below the neck area. When you push it, the head will open and there’s a fan behind it. But this thing itself is very cute. I can’t stop laughing every time I turn it on. Calvin even can imitate how this thing works. Hehe.

IMAG0281 A birthday card filled with pigs, hand made especially for me :) I have not received a birthday card for quite some time. A hand made birthday card, in specific. Awww…….. Thank you very much.

For dinner that night, Calvin brought me to a special place that I have never been to. No matter how much I interrogate him, he will not give a single clue except I have never been to this place before. He fooled me quite well by using a GPS to navigate himself to this place.

My birthday dinner was at Smoke House, Bangsar.

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                               Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              Calvin has made a table reservation for us upstairs. In face, the reservation was made by him in person, as in he actually went to the place earlier to make a table reservation so that we can be seated at a corner and have our dinner in private :) Hence, the empty place when we arrived. Hehe. At least we were left alone for 20 minutes before other customers arrived.


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              This was waiting for me at the table :) How nice :) Weee….. blue rose again :) I am the luckiest girl on earth :)


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              It matches my blue working dress for that day as well :) Blue if nearly my new pink. Haha.

 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              Our drinks for the night. Honey dew juice for him and pink guave for me. We wanted something simple yet refreshing for our meal. Calvin said that his honey dew was really good; really fresh and no sugar added.




Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              We ordered 2 appetizers to be shared. Our waiter for the night, Colin, he’s the best waiter that I have met so far. Very polite and understanding towards customer needs. He is not the type that will only recommend expensive food to the customers. He will listen to what the customer needs and preferences before giving his own opinion. He suggested that we share the Caesar's Salad and mushroom soup so that we could taste a little bit of both. I ordered the plain salad because there is enough meat already at our main dishes. The mushroom soup was the few special one that we have tasted so far. It’s brown in colour and we can actually taste the button mushroom from the soup. Both of us love it very much.



Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              Colin recommended Wellington beef to Calvin and cod fish for me. Calvin’s Wellington beef was absolutely yummy. It is actually beef wrapped by thin slice of potato. Went really well with the sauce :) Me like. My cod fish was not bad either. It may look small but it is actually quite thick. I nearly can’t finish the whole portion. I love the simplicity of cooking style as we can still taste the original taste of the dishes :)


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              My birthday cake for the night!! Just what I wanted from RT Cake house. We were surprised that the cake was actually pineapple cake with lots of strawberries on top. We even gave Colin a slice of the cake as appreciation of him doing a good job serving us that night. But I still prefer the chocolate cake from RT Cake House. Absolutely heaven :)



RIMG0040 Colin was kind enough to help us take photographs around the restaurant. It was really kind of him. We quickly took a few photographs so that he could resume his job. The owner of the restaurant was very friendly as well. Before he left, he went all the way to the entrance to wish me Happy Birthday in person and thanking us for our visit. I noticed that they have special Thai menu as well. Will definitely be back to try their Thai food. The meal that night was very yummy and the price very reasonable. Plus with excellent service from the waiter, what more can we ask for? Hehe.

I would like to thank my Pooh for arranging the special dinner for me that night. Thank you so much for everything and all the effort and time that you put in. You always surprised me every time with your creative ideas :) Thank you :) Lap euu :)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Town’s New Menu :)

I always hear the Old Town’s radio advertisement about their new menu but never have a chance to try it out myself. My current working place does not have any Old Town nearby. I was really anxious to find out about their new menu. Hence, I suggested to have lunch at Old Town last weekend, and Calvin seldom say no to my idea (maybe because he don’t have to crack his head on what to eat). We went to the one nearby to my place.

 IMAG0227 They have new place for the menu and sauces to stand now. Love this thing as it will make the table look more organized. Would be better if the thing could fit another menu at the back because it currently can only fit 1. This reminds me of the Empire Congee restaurant in Hong Kong :)


IMAG0230Our drinks for the hot afternoon. Milk tea and ice lemon tea. I prefer their lemon tea over honey lemon because their honey lemon is ALWAYS super sweet. Me no likey :(




I ordered the bbq chicken noodle while Calvin ordered the rice. I was tempted to order Ipoh Chicken Noodle because I order that nearly every time I go Old Town. I kept on reminding myself that I want to try their new dishes. Hehe. The noodle was okay, but the wan ton noodle at Hong Kong is still the best!! Calvin said that the BBQ chicken was actually not bad. I bet the main reason was just that his fried egg was cooked the way he like; cooked egg white with raw egg yolk!!!

I noticed that they have added a few other new item on their menu as well. Definitely will be back to try the others *fingers crossed and praying that will not end up ordering Ipoh Chicken Noodle*


Monday, November 8, 2010

RT Cake House :)

We (me and Calvin) always pass by RT Cake House at Subang and there will always be a lot of people in the shop. I am really curious if the cakes or breads are really good or people just love to queue up to buy things that a lot of people are buying. So, we stopped by the shop to pick up something to eat on our way home. We wanted a small slice of cake to be shared since it was only few hours away to dinner time.


IMAG0202Instead of one slice of cake, we came out with 2 buns and 2 slice of cakes! Calvin bought a sausage bun and he claimed that it was really yummy. He absolutely love them. He said that it’s way better than the ones that he previously had. I choose the layered bun because it was small in size and looks quite interesting. Even though it does not contain any fillings, but it was damn yummy. I have the honor to choose the cake while Calvin was queuing up to pay for the food. It was really difficult to choose which cake to buy as all of them look very yummy. Since I don’t eat cheese cake, I bought the chocolate cake and Opera cake. Calvin preferred the chocolate cake while I love the Opera cake. They are not to sweet and best of all, they don’t have cream on the side. I don’t like cake with cream at the side because it will cause stomach discomfort. Haha. Anyway, both of us were really satisfied with the buns and cakes that we had that day. I requested for a small birthday cake from RT Cake House from Calvin. Haha. Hey, at least he don’t have to crack his head on where to get a cake for me. Plus, if the cake turns out to be not good, I can’t blame him. I made his life easier, okay!!! Haha. Anyway, I will definitely go back to this place for their breads and buns :) and cake as well since their cakes are smaller compare to others, which is just the perfect size for us girls to have after a heavy birthday dinner. Hehe.

Will blog about my birthday as soon as I get the photographs from Calvin.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Morning and Afternoon Tea :)

Me and Calvin have not been to Mid Valley for the past, erm…. 3 months? We usually visit Sunway Pyramid since it’s near his house. But I wanted to do some shopping, not for clothes but for stuff like shampoo, conditioner and etc, I suggested Mid Valley. We went there two days in a row, not intentionally though. I bought a air perfume for my room and it didn’t work. We have to go back the next day to change a new one. On the first day, we watched The Child’s Eye; a horror movie.

Before the movie, we went for a tea break at The Sweet Chat Cafe since we have time to spare and not really in the mood for window shopping.



IMAG0185 Calvin ordered this chocolate drink with a lot of chocolate syrup at the bottom. It was really good, except fattening. Haha. We shared English scones and I have to say, the ones at Tappers, Jaya One, are the best!! But was Calvin’s first scone, so it wasn’t that bad for him. I, on the other hand, had a taste of the best scones in town by far. Haha. I don’t really like sweet drinks, so I ordered mushroom soup. It turned out to be bitter but still not bad. At least it has big chunks of mushrooms :) Hehe.

On the next day, we went for another movie. You Again. The movie was quite funny and we both laughed really hard at the scene where the guy suddenly sing a silly song with his own drum effect. Haha. Before movie, we went for drinks and dessert at Little Taiwan.


IMAG0194 I had Red Tea with really yummy bubbles. Hehe. Calvin wanted some ice dessert and ordered shaved ice with strawberries. Hehe. He’s the only guy I know that love strawberries as much as I do :) We had a pretty bad experience with Little Taiwan previously. We have learnt our lesson and decided not to order any food this time. Hehe. Overall, I enjoyed my weekend even though I have to work half day :( but then it’s okay. Focus on the good part and let go of the bad one and it will be much, much better. Trust me :)