Monday, February 28, 2011

Robot Sushi

Robot Sushi is located at Sunway Pyramid entrance that is facing Sunway Lagoon’s main entrance. We passed by that place a few times previously. Sadly to say, there was nobody at the reception counter and no waiter/waitress at the door to greet us. So we walked away a few times. Furthermore, we could not see any customers in the restaurant, so we concluded that this place might not be good. One day, we decided to give this place one last chance. Still, there was nobody at the entrance when we arrived. When we were about to turn and leave, a waiter came out to greet us. So we asked for a table for two.




The restaurant has 2 bars. Sushi bar and drinks bar. This may be a good place to watch football as they have televisions all around the restaurant.



The menu. Kind of heavy as they have metal element. There’s actually not much robotic food in the menu. They still serve sashimi, sushi and temaki instead of screw, nuts and aluminum. Hehe.





Our food for the day. Calvin’s unagi rice, my udon with tempura and salmon sushi. The food was not bad but calvin’s unagi was quite cold when served. Quite good and no stale taste from the fish. My udon and tempura on the other hand was served piping hot. Yummy!! A light meal since I was not hungry that day.

Overall, the food was quite good. If you need a quiet place to have dinner and drinks with your friends, this is the place to be. You can sit back and talk the whole night away without yelling to your friends to be heard because currently, their business is kind of slow.


Monday, February 21, 2011

My CookBook and My Surprise :)

Calvin introduced this artistic place to me for lunch the other day (as in before Chinese New Year. Hehe). Everything from decoration, menu and food presentation are very artistic. Name of the place…


My CookBook. Location: Giza Mall. They have an interesting menu with newly created dishes. Interesting is the only word that I can use to describe the place.







The interior of the restaurant is decorated nicely. Main theme would be white. I felt like sitting in an artist home and having an artistic meal. Haha. Love the chair colour, dark pink. On the last photo, there is actually a door to the kitchen put together with the cabinet, which is directly next to it. Very smart and nicely camouflaged.


Our drinks. Honey dew juice and ice lemon tea. There’s something interesting about my drink that is worth showing….


The ice actually is made of tea. Smart right? By doing that, you won’t have diluted ice lemon tea when the ice melt.




Our meal of the day. Calvin’s nasi pandan with curry chicken and my grilled chicken rice. Notice that the rice is actually in tube shape? Even my chicken is also in round shape. Nice presentation. Me like. The second photo is actually a minced chicken meat in tauhu. It is not a soup, according to the waiter. But I consume it like I was drinking soup. Haha.

This is actually a really cool place to hang out. For those would like to try something new, head on down to this place if you are nearby and try out their menu. You will find something interesting in every dish.

Oh yeah, Calvin proposed to me yesterday!!! And of course, I said yes. How could I say no when

1. he’s the one I want to be with

2. all my girls and their partners planned this wicked and cunning surprise for me. Plus, they made special appearance on that day itself too!!

3. the moment a video of me and Calvin appeared on Redbox tv and he appeared with a bouquet of flower (my favourite blue rose), told me a lot of touching things, knelt down and took out the most beautiful ring ever. Of course I cried like a baby. I went totally speechless at that moment.

4. Calvin’s nervous and shaking speech shows me how much he wanted me to say yes.

I am indeed the happiest girl now. I told my parents, well actually I showed the ring to my mum. Haha. She told my dad. So I guess everyone knows it by now. Oh well, I have a lot to plan and a lot, a lot of things to do. But I will make sure that I have time to blog everything down so that when I am old, I will read back all the posts with the wrinkled Calvin by my side and laugh at each other. Hehe.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CNY 2011

I want to blog about my 2011 CNY before the last day, which is tomorrow. As usual, we will be at Ipoh every Chinese New Year. This year, I managed to persuade my dad, who managed to persuade my mum to let me bring my dog home. I am super happy when daddy called me on my phone and said that I can bring Baby home. Weeee. I bought the muzzle to cover her mouth, so that she can’t bark. My grandfather was the first person to ask me take it off. Followed by the rest of the family. Baby was being pampered in Ipoh by my uncles and aunties, who constantly feed her because they knew that she will perform tricks for them. Hehe.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we?



The amount of bags that I brought back to Ipoh. I brought my laptop along because of CSI!! Calvin gave me a few episodes of CSI and other movies, which were more than enough to keep me company during the whole CNY, especially at night. I need 2 bags so that the other one can be use to keep my angpows. I received quite a lot of angpows this year. One thing for sure, people are getting more generous as the amount of RM 5 and RM 10 angpows are higher than RM 1 or RM 2. Of course, the biggest angpow will be from my mummy dearest. Hehe.













For dinner on the day before CNY and the 2nd day of CNY, my whole family went to this restaurant nearby my grandparent’s place for dinner. We have been eating at the same place fore quite a number of years because preparing dinner, especially CNY dinner, for a big group is a difficult task. My grandmother, my mum and my aunty will be in the kitchen the whole day preparing for one day. Since it has been such a troublesome and tiring task, daddy suggested just have our dinner outside. Anyway, on that 2 dinner, I realised that the simplest food is the yummiest food. I rather have simple food as it feels more like home cook, rather than expensive dishes. The prawns and steamed chicken are my favourite dishes for dinner.




One of the proof that we appreciate good food. Once the waiter/waitress placed the food in the centre of the table, the food was gone in like 2 minutes. Haha. Oh, I realised that I love sea cucumber and mushroom even more over the CNY. Hehe.




This is one of my favourite dish of all time. Cucumber cooked with chicken gizzard and vinegar. This year, my aunty added other chicken organs as well but I only focus on the cucumber and chicken gizzard. Absolutely yummy. Ipoh is also the only place that have the best ginger “paste” to go with the steamed chicken. I have no idea how they mix it so well, but I absolutely love them.




On one of the nights, I went karaoke with my aunty’s side relative. No, this is not Red Box or Neway. It is actually in a private club (Shooting club, if I'm not mistaken) where they have karaoke rooms. Our room was huge. 3 LCD tvs mounted on the wall, where the middle one is the biggest. On the side, is a touch screen…. yes, touch screen song selector thingy. Although sounds high tech but I prefer remote control type because like what my uncle and aunty did in the photo, the person have to actually go all the way to the front to select a song. But their songs are quite up to date, I must say. Hehe.





Tai kor showed Brandon koko what snowbeer is. Busybody me got to tag along, together with sis and my aunty. I don’t like beer so the coconut was actually for me. Haha. When we talk about beer or drinks, the first thing that usually comes to our mind will be pub. But we did not enjoy this at a pub. Instead..




We enjoyed it at tepi jalan of Kafe Yoon Wah. Haha. This is Ipoh style!! This café is very famous for their snowbeer. They have special refrigerators that keep all the bottled beer and mugs.




Halfway talking, 4 waiters suddenly carried the tent to the other side of the road. It was really a funny sight, well at least for our table. I quickly snapped this photograph. But the conversation during the drinks about my uncle have to be the winner for the laugh of the way. My aunty laughed so hard that she practically went out of words. My face muscle ache from all the laughing. Nice one.. Hehe.




Oh the first day of Chinese New Year, as in 12am, me and my aunty together with my taiko went to the temple for prayers. She went there without fail every year. I tagged along since it was already way past my bed time. The stage brings back good memories of my childhood. This is also the place where the chinese opera played last time. Being so young, of course I couldn’t understand the whole drama well even though it was in Cantonese. The main idea of actually going to the drama with my grandmother is actually to buy the snacks from the vendors just outside the gate. We (me, sis, taiko and 2ko) would walk in and out of this place to get more money from grandma to buy the food that we like. Back then, there was one uncle who sells lotus seeds, still in the flower casing thingy. It is hard to find them nowadays. Ahhhh, those were the days. Hehe.




CNY is also a great time for gambling. I played mahjong over the CNY and won some money. Was very proud of myself. I even won some money at Sai Weng’s place. I am extremely satisfied with this year winning. Weeee…..




Baby and my Bak Suet Suet. Photo taken when Baby was sleeping on my lap on the way back to KL. She must be really exhausted because she has dozed off before we reach the highway. I on the other hand, could not sleep at all. I can’t move my leg into a better position to sleep. So I stayed awake the whole journey back and sayang Baby while she was sleeping. I’m sure she’s very happy at Ipoh. Main reason being she does not have to be locked up at the cage 24/7 at the vet. Furthermore, there will be other dogs as well, which make the environment crampy and smelly. Thank you so much mummy for letting me bring Baby back to Ipoh. My heart ache everytime I send her for boarding at the vet. She will be very sad and moody as well, because she knows that she won’t be seeing me for a few days. I guess Baby is so used of having my family around her that it doesn’t matter if we did not play with her the whole day. The most important thing is that we are always around her, regardless what we are doing. All she wants is just to lie nearby us when we are attending to our normal chores and watch us, wait patiently for us (especially me) to give all my attention to her. I love you Baby Ho!! You will always be a part of the Ho family no matter what!!! Hehe.

Happy Chinese New Year people. I wish that everyone will have a prosperous and healthy year ahead. Treasure the people around you more. Don’t forget to do the same to your loyal canine family member as well. Hehe.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pepper Lunch

Happy Chinese New Year!! I have a long holiday. Went back to Ipoh for CNY celebration and went over to Calvin’s place after that. The whole week was filled with meeting relatives, food, Baby, friends and more food. Today is my first day of work after the long holiday. Getting up this morning was a challenge but when I reached office, there were a few stacks of claims waiting for me. Oh well… more work better than none right?

I took some photographs with my new camera during CNY. Yes, I have my own camera now. Calvin’s mum gave it to me as a present. Although not as good as Ricoh, but good enough for me to capture my food moments. Hehe. I will blog about CNY later because I am very excited to blog about this place that I always wanted to try but always am too clean to dine in the place. Pepper Lunch!! Yes, the main reason that I postponed my visit to this place was because I don’t want to smell like some teppanyaki meat walking around the shopping complex. Hehe. We went there for brunch the other day, hoping that we won’t smell bad after the meal as we will be watching a movie after that.




We went to the one in Sunway Pyramid. I always passed by this place whenever I’m in Sunway Pyramid but never dine in before. This time, I went right straight in. For me, it can be consider semi self service restaurant. We can view the menu and choose our food from the counter, and of course pay for it. After that…



we were given a huge number to put on our table so that the waiter could bring us our food according to our order number. That’s our number for the day, lucky 11!! Hehe.



On our table, there are a few types of sauce that we can choose from. I prefer the honey sauce over the other one.




They have a few types of food in their menu. From rice to noodle and salad. Since it was our brunch, we ordered rice to make sure that we won’t faint before dinner at night. Haha.




Calvin’s teriyaki chicken and my beef patty with egg. The food was served on a hot plate. Although the meat was served cook, we still get to cook it for a few minutes more before the consuming them. The teriyaki sauce was quite good but Calvin prefer my beef patty more. I would have love my beef patty more if the amount of black pepper is reduced. All I can taste was black pepper and nothing else.

We walked out of the restaurant with a warm stomach and definitely will be back again to try other food. There is one that is quite interesting and might be my choice for the next visit. Something like meat with rice but you have to mix it evenly to cook the meat. Looks and sounds yummy. Can’t wait!!! Hehe.