Monday, July 28, 2008

Smelly fruit!

Lauren: But you are that GREAT!!! I'm jealous of what you can do and I can't. Haha. Must promote you a bit. Then "someone" will know how good and great you are and will "take action". Hahahaha. If I'm a guy, I will go after you too!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! *hint hint*

Mk: Hehe. Thanks MK. I think we are still very close to each other because we are still in KL. Unlike you boys, some went to other states for studies. I hope that us girls can still be this close till we are old. Haha. It would be fun by then.

This is baby's new fur-do. Haha. It looks similar to his puppy cut. So adorable. Isn't she cute like her master??? HAHAHAHA!

Baby is sick!!! I send her to the vet yesterday and there were blood in her urine. OMG!!! So scary. When we arrived, a Perkingese was lying on the "operation table" while the vet was cutting something out of the dog. I have no idea what it is. After the vet is finished, he placed the dog on the bence and proceed with my dog. Being a super 8 poh, I asked Dr Ben what happen to the dog. He said the dog had bladder infection!!! Blood were coming out from the urinary organ so he has to operate the dog to stop the bleeding but he said the dog is fine. Hehe. Baby's turn!!! Baby's diagnosis were mites that cause the constant itchyness and urinary tract infection!! I thought baby will be operated but then Dr Ben said take medication will do. Hehe. As for the skin, he gave baby an injection. Then Dr Ben will be laughing at both me and Kitt-y because everytime he gives baby an injection, me and Kitt-y look more afraid than Baby is. We had a hard time on deciding who will be holding baby still during the injection process. Haha. Maybe both of us cannot stand hearing baby crying in pain ( which does not happen all the time!! ). Another miracle thing that happened to baby is she lost her collar. Her collar was black in colour and it was very cute. I have no idea where she hide the collar because I searched every corner for it. Mum suspected that baby swallow the collar but Dr Ben said it was impossible. Hahaha.

It's that season again. Actually I used to love eating it but then I don't like it anymore. I cannot explain the reason because I don't even know what is the reason. All I know is I don't like eating durian anymore. My whole family still love eating this fruit. These 3 durians were given by Kitt's dad. I heard mum saying it's very nice. When it's durian season, the road between the 2 roundabout near my house will be very congested because people will stop at the road side to get this fruit. Some will even eat at the stall so that they can change the durian if it is not nice. Hehe. There were about 3 stalls and each stall will be filled by people during peak hours. The whole stretch of the road will be filled by this durian smell. Hehe. I wonder if the residents at that area who hate durian can survive throughout the season. Some people cannot stand the smell of the fruit. As for me, although I don't eat it anymore but I can still stand it's smell but not too strong okay. It might cause breathing difficulties okay.

Lately, I notices that there were dead lizards lying on the road of MRR2 when I'm travelling to uni. Only the tail will still be visible while the upper part will be like.... roti canai!! Haha. I wonder where do all these lizards come from. And why do they have to cross the road? Seriously, it's so sad when there's a dead animal in the middle of the road. I saw dead cats, dogs, lizards, snakes and monkeys before. It was really disgusting. Sometimes the intestine will be very visible that it makes me want to vomit. The same question again, why do they have to cross the road? Especially highways? The most sad case that I have ever seen so far will be dead kittens. They are still very tiny and cute. There were even two kittens who died not far from each other ( around 10 metres ). It's really sad. I get worried all the time if I saw animals espcially dogs trying to cross a busy road.

But then, I get worried all the time. When I saw beggars or old people walking, I will remember my grandparents at hometown and imagining how pity it is for both of them to be alone there. The other day, I saw one old lady washing dishes, I felt sorry and sad and angry for her. Sorry cause she's nearly the age of my grandmother (70+) but still have to work. Sad because her children didn't take care of her. Angry because her children never give her a good life. But then on the other hand, I can understand that even though you are old, doing nothing and staying home all the time can be boring too. So it'sa big dilemma for me. What about those that do not have any children or relatives? Where can they go? During festive season they will felt very lonely and quiet. It is really a sad case. (I will cry soon... as usual). When I saw all of these everyday, I promised myself that this will never happen to my parents. No matter what, I will take care of them. They will have a good retirement life. I hope that I am capable of providing them with all the best things as they have provided me all along.

I am craving for Thai food. Had Tom Yum noodle this morning and I'm hungry for me. I asked Kitt for lunch at Sg Buloh tomorrow. I missed that place so much. The last time we were there was 2 years ago. Will post up photos if I really am going there tomorrow. Ken-y wanted to go Hulu Langat for lunch. Let's see who will win tomorrow. Haha.

It's week 10 now. The semester will ends soon and final exam will be here. Really have to try my best and do well in this exam. But then, more assignments and mid terms are coming soon. Have to finish everything and study study study.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Arrival of Tun Lew

Okay... this post is supposed to be written like 2 weeks ago but i'm busy with my final year project report. After that, i'm busy relaxing. Haha. Sorry girls, I said that i will upload all the photos to my blog but I ... am lazy to do so.. Haha. Anyway, I've uploaded all these pictures here a few days ago. Just lazy to type. Hehe.
Mei Yee came back om 9th of July. Me and other girls wanted to give her a surprise on the day that she arrive. We went through a lot of process to find out the exact date and time she arrive. Hehe. Cut the long story short, we managed to meet her on the airport and she followed my car back to her home. I cried when I saw her.. I guessed I really miss her very much or is it my tears gland problem again. I can cry very easily nowadays. My tears made TW shed a few tears too. Hehe. The first most interesting thing that Mei Yee asked my friend was "Eh, you still that poor?" Me and shin were speechless and just ...-_-""" at the side. Haha. This if the first time I hear someone say this to another person after not meeting the other person for such a long time. 9 freaking months okay. I miss this girl very very much.
After sending her back home, we went to 1U for dinner. Dinner was joined by PuiC, Rachel and kf, vince and wai leng. Hehe. We went to Soho for dinner that night. The food was... well pictures first... hehe.
My Soh Pohz geng... with respective bfs. Haha.
The menu of the restaurant. Look so artistic right? Hehe.
The decoration that can be found inside the restaurant. Those black and white pictures are actually celebrities but I have no idea who they are....
While waiting for our food..... notice something funny about the 2nd photo? It was actually mei yee's finger pointing at shin's boobs. Haha. Some things never change right?
Our food!!!!

Well... if you ask me, I might or might not go to the restaurant again. Because seriously, the food that we ordered that night were not very good, so I won't go again. I might go again if I want to try other dishes. Hehe. I think if you are looking for a place where you can order dishes and eat rice for family outing, this MIGHT be a good place. If you are going out with friends and each of you order different individual dishes, this might not be a good place because there were not much choices.
See, even keng fei agree with me. Hahaha. The not-satisfy-look.
After dinner, we went back to Mei Yee's house for mahjong session. Only me, shin, wl and vince attended the mahjong session. Others went home. I overnight at mei yee's place that night so that I can spend more time with them. Hehe.

The 4 mahjong gambler. Haha.

Aihh... that night I have to study for the next day's Pharmacology test, so I didn't join the mahjong game. Hehe. Good girl right? Hahaha.

Anyway, that's the brief update for the important day.... updates for the following week....

-Kitt's convocation!!! It was held at IOI Marriot, Putrajaya. I got IPC test on that day. Cindy had a photoshoot on that day too, so she helped me put on make up so that I won't look too pale when taking photo. Thank you darling!!! Muah!!! After test, I went to Kitt's house and went to the hotel with his mum and Ken-y. When we arrived, all of them are on the stage taking a group photo. It was the biggest group photo I have ever seen. Hehe. Too big that I cannot spot where Kitt-y is. Hehe. I haven't get the photos that we took that day. I only have 3 photos that I took with Lauren which she tagged me. Thank you girl. If you are wondering who Lauren is, she is the sweetest girl I have ever known. The most kind girl ever. She even helped me check when Mei Yee is coming back from Uk (both of them are cousins... it's a small world, I know). She helped Kitt a lot too!! Boys out there, she is the perfect wife!!! Go get her!! Hahaha.....

- Overnight at Mei Yee's place again with TW and PuiC. We played cards the whole night and the loser has to finish a glass of drinking water!! We started playing from 11pm till 5am the next day. I think I drank the least number of water that night. The most will be TW I think ... 5 glass in a row.... No one broke her record that night. Haha.

-Meat balls and flea market session the next day. This time, me and Tw are not so greedy anymore. Each of us ordered 10 pieces only. Hehe. Flea market session after that. Didn't get anything though. Hehehehe.

-LAN interview. This interview is really scary!!! Luckily Soon Hao and Sau Har were there together with me. Haha. Sau Har has the most interesting questions.. Differentiate apoptosis and necrosis. Another question has something to do with chromosome. I forgot the full question. Hehe. But at the good side, we are given free McD for lunch!!! Hehe. Yummy!

-Watched the Dark Knight. The Joker is really really scary especially the part where he explained how he get the scars on his face. Freaky. The Joker was played the late Heather Ledge (correct spelling??!?!?), who passed away after finishing the movie. So sad. Mum is right. Celebrities become more famous dead than alive. Hehe. I think everyone that watch that movie will pay more attention to him than Batman. Hehe. May he rest in peace.

-Went to a place in Hulu Langat for Thai food. The journey to the restaurant was seriously scary and scary and scary. It was so dark that we (me and Kitt-y and his family) dare not look at the side at all because we are afraid that "something" might be there. We are also afraid that we might be robbed or something. BUT the food was amazing. It was really good and incredibly cheap. 12 plates of dishes were on RM 140!!! Lamb and fishes included!!! I went there for dinner 2 times in the same week. It was really good. Craving for more. Hehe.

-Photo session with Kitt-y and family at a studio. After taking all the photos, we choosed those that we want to be put in the photo album. Hehe. It was fun.. really fun. Looking forward to get the photo album and see the touched-up outcome. Hehe.

I think that's all. I will try to update as frequent as possible, dear blog. I'm so sorry for abandoning you for such a long time. Sorry


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Food food food!!!

OMG!! I love mom so much. She's really sweet. She asked her friend that went to Australia for work to bring home this....
My favourite potato chips!!!! I can't find them here. I used to ate them when I went to Melbourne to visit my sister. It's really good. BBQ and sour cream will be my favourite flavour :) Thank you mummy. You're the best. (She wanted to give me a surprise I guess because she called my sister to ask her the brand of the chips instead of me :) AWwww... sayang mummy )

This week was filled with... outings (at least from the middle till the end of the week)... hehe. Let's start

Wednesday night was premier of Hancock with Kitt-y, Kinn-y and friend, Keat, Chai, Sis and Andrew. Before that we had dinner at MFM. As usual, baked fish with garden herb and salad. Ahhh.... good food with great company. The movie was quite funny, at least for me. I love Will Smith. He's a really good actor. The show was okay. It was like the Superman type where Will Smith can fly and save the world and bla bla bla bla. Haha. Anyway, since this was premier, we had to leave our handphones and cameras before we go into the cinema. First experience ( kampung betul ).

Thursday afternoon is the day of trying new restaurant and also new food. Me and Kitt-y visited Bubba Gump Restaurant at The Curve. I read about this restaurant from Seventeen magazine. (22 edi still read 17.. but the clothes from 17 magazine are cheaper than Cleo okay although it's getting more expensive now) This restaurant has something to do with the movie Forrest Gump. I never watch this movie before. The movie was constantly showing in that restaurant though. It has something to do with Tom Hanks, war, shrimps and running. So, this restaurant can be considered famous for shrimps.

This is a steel stand that can be found on each table. When you need a waiter for service, you will have to flip the steel plate to Stop Forrest Stop. A waiter will notice this sign and will come to your table. The default sign will be Run Forrest Run. This way, you don't have to raise/wave your hand when you need service from a waiter. In my opinion, maybe this restaurant don't have enough waiter cause even though we flip the thing to Stop Forrest Stop, we still need to attract attention of the waiter for the bill. Hahahahaha.

I think this is one of the clothes used in the movie. You can still see mud stain at the front of the shoe. Haha.

They use number plates from US for decorations. So cute... hehe

This the logo for the restaurant (I guess). It was found on the table :)

Mr Kitt-y

This is a menu for desserts and drinks. Hehe. Cute right?

The menu!! Their specialities are shrimps but they serve poultry as well.

Our food and drinks. The salad's shrimp was very good. It was grilled if I'm not mistaken. The 4 different shrimps were mostly fried but with different batter. There was one that was boiled and chilled. Not my favourite actually. But the portions are really big. The drink was a bit too sour for me. Luckily they put in a lot of ice so that when the ice melt, the drink will not be that sour. Haha. They have a special cup that you can buy home. It's the shape of the steel shaker that you can find from a bar but it's in plastic. I forgot how much it is but it's very nice :)

On Friday, me and my family attended a charity dinner organised by Bukit Jalil Morning Golfers. Dad is one of the member. The dinner is to collect money for the Sichuan victims. This has to be the latest fund collection for the earthquake victims. Haha. But they managed to raise RM200k that night. Generous people eh :P

Saturday night, I paid Vincent a visit at Mid Valley because I need his help for my report. I don't know how to use the SPSS programme. In the end, I have to wait for my senior which did the same project to come back from her vacation to ask her how she generate her results. We went for dinner. Vincent was really nice. I asked him what he wants to eat for dinner and he answered "I want to eat something that you have never eat before". Awww... so sweet. Our first choice was this Taiwan restaurant but there was a long queue. So we changed to Paddington House of Pancakes. Both of us wanted to try this restaurant for a long time but we can't find suitable people to go with. Don't get me wrong. Kitt-y wanted to try this restaurant with me before but usually we end up choosing another restaurant :) I wanted to try this restaurant first because if it's not good, I won't recommend to Kitt-y. Hahaha.

Our food for that night. We ordered one with meat and another with pancakes so that we can share the food. The steak was really good. It was really juicy. Vincent told me a story about his raving for passion fruit. We choosed this steak because the sauce was made of passion fruit. Haha. It's funny to see Vincent's happy face :) The second dish consists of fruits, pancakes and ice cream. This was really good too. Ice cream paired with pancakes.... good combo. I realised this shop serves a lot of pancakes, peaches and bananas. Hehe. We ordered drinks.... and Vincent ordered something with passion fruit in it. Haha. This meal is really addictive. By looking at these 2 photographs, I'm hungry and craving for another meal at PHOP again.... Kitt-yyyyyy I want I want I want

Today is Sunday. Me and my family will be attending a wedding dinner at Damansara later. Haha.

I realised that I had great food for the past few days with great people. Especially my family and my Kitt-y. I'm blessed!!! Thank you all very much.

A big surprise coming up this coming week. I'm very very very happy!!! Weeee......

Okay... enough blogging and more studying... Pharmacology, here I come... again :)