Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dong Dong Chiang food update

Hi people. It’s the last day of CNY and I’m resting at home. Serious. Don’t feel like going out after a hectic week. Hehe :) Good girl, I know :)


Boston is quite new around Pandan Indah area. Went there for lunch with Calvin after random drive around the area.


You can actually buy this menu from the restaurant. Maybe there are some menu collector there, hence restaurant has been selling their menu. But there is nothing special about this menu (well, at least to me) so I don’t find it worth buying :p



His happy-one-line-eye-no-teeth-smile. Love his shirt very much. So pretty handsome boy. HAHAHAHA.



Me busy with food. There is nothing much that can distract me from food. Hence the current body weight. Added hair colour and extreme diet on the to-do-list.



His Soya cincau and my orange juice. I’m so dead serious when it comes to diet okay *convincing look*



My beef keuy teow. The good thing about the noodle is the egg is still a bit raw, which made it really smooth. But the chef might have sliced the beef the wrong way or not enough corn flour cause it’s very hard and coarse/rough.




Calvin’s food. I can’t believe CNY cookies can be considered as breakfast. He’s weird but in a cute way. Aww…. Oh yeah, I’m officially Calvin’s assistant in preparing the half boiled egg. Really efficient okay. It’s not as easy task and requires skill. SERIOUS!! Hehe :)


Overall, I think Boston is just okay. Might go there for drinks with the girls in the future and try other food as well. My first visit there was quite okay.


Visited New Formosa with office colleagues and Calvin for our annual CNY dinner.


Yee Sang --- normal



Shark fin --- too watery and tasteless.



Starters --- quite dissapointed with the eel. Fried chicken was just normal. Squid was quite good.



Green vege with pomelo and some nuts --- nothing special.



Prawns on yam --- prawn was slightly saltier but the yam paste on the bottom of the plate was quite good.



Bamboo rice --- So-so



Fish --- salty



Pei Pa Duck --- absolutely salty. The one at Sek Yuen is still the best :)




Dessert Yam --- could be better if the yam were cut into smaller size.


Overall, the food is really salty there. Maybe their CNY menu is no good. I’m really interested in their steamboat. But may seem a little bit pricey. But it’s food we’re talking about here. Will try it one day. The moral of the story is, do not research about any restaurant too much before visiting it. If you go with high expectation, most of the time the food will not turn out to be as good as what you think. Just research about the location will do. The rest, leave it to fate. HAHAHA.


Yesterday was Wai Leng’s birthday. We have a small gathering at Puchong for German food. I went with my phone left only 1 bar of battery. Which means I did not get to take photographs of the food. BOHOOOO!!! But then the food is not really good. Just normal. I prefer the one at Jaya One and at Uptown. Yum yum :p

After food, us girls waste no time on chatting and planning. We’re planning for a short trip just for the girls and bfs. Since it’s already late and we’re not familiar with Puchong area, we went to the coffee shop next door for drinks. Girls one table and bfs on another table.


It’s really a nice sight where all the bfs can mix around. Calvin, your place is there as well. We have already added you in to whatever plans we have. I’m made the decision on your behalf. Haha.



The receipt is not to brag about my new dress from Cats Whiskers but it’s about the amazing-ness of environment friendly power. I have this habit of carrying a foldable reusable bag with me around. So when I buy something, I will put it in the bag. This is the first shop that gave me discount for bringing my own bag. Good job Cats Whiskers. Will shop there more often since it’s near to Calvin’s office. Weeeeeee…..


That’s all people. Sis is here to give me angpow. Weeee…..



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not so Gong Xi but hope can Fa Cai year

Hi people. Happy Chinese New Year. Lack of updates due to away for CNY and back and go back again to Ipoh. Tiring week.

Let’s start with celebration part.



Pink sofa covers and curtains at grandma house. Love the shade of pink very much. Love the living room very much. Hehe. Would be better if there’s an Astro at the grandparents house. Hehe.


There’s even a big and fat pig lying on the sofa for few hours, staring at the TV. Haha. Can’t be bothered to smile and look at the camera when tai kor is taking this photograph. I’m just lazy, lazy and lazy. My left arm looks like dislocated from the shoulder. Haha.


Reunion and Chor 2 dinner at a restaurant nearby the grandparents house. A few good reasons on why the restaurant was chosen EVERY YEAR include near, air-conditioned and the food tasted quite good.


The messy lou sang :)




Among the dishes of the night. Love the prawn very much because it’s very fresh. Yummy yummy :)

CNY will be incomplete without these…











CNY cookies!! My favourites would be peanut biscuit and pineapple tarts. I am still craving for the pineapple tarts that my mum’s friend’s sis-in-law made few years ago. I can’t find any replacement as good as it, not even close. I MISS YOU MY DEAR PINEAPPLE TARTS!!! PLEASE COME BACK TO ME!!! Haihhh… Dear Aunty, if you are reading this, please pity me and make one small container for me. Please please please please please please please please please.

Valentine’s Day Present from Mr Calvin Ng Jee Lun ….


imaginary kiss. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I still have a few “leng chai” photos of him that will be posted up soon. Really macho okay. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Had CNY reunion dinner with ex-primary school friends at Tai Thong Restaurant just behind Leisure Mall. Food wise, it’s really not good at all. But the worst part of the restaurant will be the service of their waitress. I’m not kidding. When we wanted to take group photos and Calvin asked an aunty waitress if she could help us snap a few photographs, she said “I’m very busy” and walked off!! WTF!!! Seriously, if you can see in the photograph, the restaurant is not full. If she don’t know how to handle the camera, maybe she can tell us politely that she don’t know or ask other colleague to help us. And the dishes came out really slow. REALLY REALLY SLOW. When we asked one of the waitress to help us check, she came out with a lot of rubbish excuse about this and that. I mean common la, if customers tell you that way, maybe you can say “Oh, mm hou yee see ah. I go help you all check first”. Then maybe like 5 seconds later come back and tell about the whatever excuses that she wanted to tell us. She even told us that “Oh, if you want fast, I one shot ask them serve all the remaining dishes to you, want or not?”. WTF WTF WTF!!! What kind of attitude is this. But all of us said “Okay, okay. Bring everything out” cause it’s getting late and we’re quite hungry. Seriously, I will never eat at this restaurant EVERY AGAIN, unless it’s a wedding or birthday invitation. Seriously!! The food is not good and the service is very bad. Worst among all the restaurants that I have been to.

The celebration part is finished. Nothing much to talk about since I did not take much photographs. The CNY heat is really hot this year. Everywhere is hot oven. All I want to do is turn on the air cond and hide in that room.

Only managed to celebrate the first few days of CNY because my porpor passed away on 18th Feb. She’s 77 years old this year. Me and my dad rushed back to Ipoh for the funeral on the afternoon. Porpor looked very peaceful in the coffin. She was smiling. Even though I’m not too close with porpor but she’s still my porpor. It’s really sad to see the workers loading her coffin into the van. When my mum cried, it really broke my heart. She’s really sad. The one that was affected the most will most probably be kungkung because he cannot do anything during the funeral. He cannot even follow the car to the burning site. But I’m sure that everyone is reliefed that porpor passed away peacefully. She did not suffer much before her death. Cause of death was due to Septic Shock secondary to UTI with renal impairment. She was scheduled for a surgery but she passed away before the operation.

Rest in peace porpor. We will miss you but we’re happy and relief that you’re in a better place now. Hope that you can walk freely over there.

Since I “tai hau” during the funeral, so I cannot go to people’s house for the remaining of the CNY to pai nin because…. not really certain of the reasons but dad said certain people will pantang. Will have to wear black and dull colours for 100 days. Does not affect me much as my wardrobe is full of black and dark clothing including working attire :p The one who will be affected the most will be mum because she loves red colour. Haha. But I can still meet my friends outside, just cannot go into their house. Good news for my sis will be that she cannot give out angpows for the remaining days of CNY. Haha.

That’s all for this year CNY. A lot of things happen in this short period of time. But one thing is for sure; treasure the people around you more. Tell them things that you always wanted to say but did not say. If you hurt someone, it’s better to apologize to that person before he/she is no longer there. If you love someone, say it out loud. If you love your anjing, sayang her more and treasure the time spent with her (special dedication to David). Appreciation is the keyword. Look for quality instead of quantity. Love really makes the world go round.

More updates about yummy food next post.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Addition of Ms Ho’s Bag Happy Family

Hi ppl :) It’s the weekend and I’m being a good girl at home blogging and watching CSI Miami.


Nah….. truth is Calvin is at a camera workshop now at Central Market. Leng and others are busy with work. Sis is colouring her hair now. Mum is watching TVB series online and dad is not home yet from his morning & outstation golf. Okay, mum and dad part is not important cause even if they are free, they won’t go shopping with me. Add that to exaggerate a bit and show the world how lonely I am at home. Oh yeah, Baby is sleeping on the sofa behind me while I have to sit on the floor. Yeah… princess Baby.


Yesterday is my first time of CNY grocery shopping. Mum don’t have such tradition cause we don’t have visitor during CNY. Maybe a few but not much. Maybe it’s because we’re at Ipoh during CNY and most of our relatives are there. Calvin’s family will be celebrating CNY at KL this year and there will be guests for the first few days of CNY. So I accompanied Calvin and aunty for CNY grocery shopping at Parkson yesterday. She bought a lot of new decorations for the house and both me and aunty were busy ransacking the whole rack of decoration while Calvin just stood there and look at us. I think he still don’t understand the difference between the apple one and the flower one. Haha.


Yesterday is also a meaningful day for me. As you can read from the title, there is another new family member to my bag family :)

coach1 And it’s from Coach. I’m not really a big fan of the boring Coach but their Poppy collection is really cute and pretty.

Actually there is no bag. Due to CNY, Calvin spent a lot on clothing (he has more shirts than me okay), he can only settle with these key chains

coach6 coach5 

Really cute right? Well, I’m really happy with Coach key chains. Love everything with lots of heart. Haha.

Okay…. actually there is a bag. Here it is, my new bag….


The real thing is expensive okay. Only manage to get this bag which they always keep the expensive bag in them. And also got the huge paper bag.


Okay okay okay. I know it’s not funny. I’m just trying to keep my excitement and happy level as low as possible. Hehe.


Tadaa….. my new bag that comes with those pretty key chains. My perfect Valentine’s day present. I know that I should have go with the traditional big C all over the bag and pink/beige/white/black lining on the side and handle. It can go a long long way with me and won’t run out of season. But when it comes to bag, I love those really nice and pretty one. Even though it may not be “hit” when they change season but I absolutely love this bag. I don’t really care about what season it is. Same reason why I choose my pink Gorilla a.k.a Gucci :) I absolutely can’t say no to this bag. It’s a big tote as well. Perfect for all my stuff and my nintendo DS, which I carry around all the time.

Mum, if you are reading this, Calvin bought this for me. I did not pay anything for it. It’s my Valentine’s Day present from him. I did not use my bonus yet. You still get a share of my bonus, as promised. Am saving the rest of my bonus. Okay? Hehe. *pats own head for being a good girl*



Calvin looks really good with the new bag. He smiled till eyes turn into a thin line and only showing all teeth. Haha. The thing is, he thinks the bag is really pretty as well. He gave me a lot of opinion on things that I choosed okay. Instead of the usual “Okay lor”, he will say “Look like aunty”, “colour very ugly”, “pretty leh” etc. That’s why I love shopping with him. Hehe.

Blah…. the purpose of this post is not to show off but just share my happiness with you all about my new bag. If you think I am showing off and angry about it, go read someone else’s blog. If you know me well, there is absolutely nothing in this world (object wise) that can make me happy and go crazy other than pretty bags. It’s not about the brand. My vintage bag from Sunway Pyramid is brand-less but I still love it very much. When the button in the middle of the bag was spoilt, I’m really sad and frustrated about it. I searched high and low for a replacement, which at this moment I failed so far. I love all my bag very much. I treasure each and every of them very much regardless of how much  they cost and if they are really branded stuff or not. Like I said, it’s not about the brand or the season. It’s about the prettiness and cuteness of the bag. The reason I’m being so emo is because certain people who don’t know me that well but judge me according to the bags I carry. I’m being labelled as materialistic and high maintenance all the time. But after sometime, I got really fed up and stop responding to such comments. My principle is only 1. No fake stuff. I can go for brand-less or unknown brand but imitation is a big no-no for me. That’s all. Simple as that. Okay, stop complaining and emo-ing about all the stupid comments. Billy and Calvin are right. I can’t please everybody. I just do my part right and it’s all that matters. I can’t control what people think and say.


Late food update. Hehe. Visited Room 18 at Mid Valley last week. Was anticipating for the siew yok but then it’s sold out. Luckily I’m not hungry that day. Had late lunch from work. So ordered simple dishes as Calvin’s dinner.


Their food are really good. There is none of what we ordered that is not good or so-so. It’s really good. Will be back to try the rest, especially siew yok :p


Absolutely love the soup as it’s really clear. Not too sweet, not too salty etc. Just right, well at least for me. Calvin found it a bit tasteless. Haha.

Visited Papa Rich as well. I have only been to Papa Rich once for drinks and did not ate anything. Decided to have our dinner the other day. Initially Calvin can’t remember the name of the place. All he remembered was Lim. I cranked my head and came out with Uncle Lim, Ah Pek Lim, Lim’s restaurant. Then he said maybe not Lim!!! Terrible man la!!! Then he said “Neh, the one that starts to have more outlet all over the place and famous for bread”. Then I said “Papa Rich is it?”. Then he said, “yes yes yes”. Haihh… How do one relate Lim with Papa or Rich? No idea. Haha.





Our food. My dry curry noodle tasted a bit weird. Like burnt curry or something. Haha. But Calvin said there’s nothing wrong with the curry taste. Well, we have slightly tiny bit of difference when it comes to food tasting. Haha.


008One of my favourite craving for all time. Subway sandwich. Love them because I get to choose what toppings I want. No cheese of course!! Guess what, my parents suggested to have dinner here last weekend. It totally shocked my sis and Brandon koko. BUT!! They always choose good food when I’m not around for dinner. So unfair okay. Hehe. But it’s okay. Am glad that my parents can accept Subway, especially dad a.k.a China Man of the house. Serious!! A meal of western food (steak) can’t satisfy his hunger for long. He will be searching for food all around the house by 9 something at night. He must have rice or noodle for dinner. Haha. Welcome to the Subway gang, my dear Mr and Mrs Ho :)

That’s all for this week complaints updates. CNY is just around the corner. Everybody is rushing for the final preparation for CNY. Have fun!!