Monday, April 27, 2009

Mummm mummm all the way :)

Hey people. I'm back :) Back to eating non-stop I mean. Haha. Visited a few places over the weekend to eat eat eat and eat my favourite food. First stop, Hulu Langat Thai food. I have not been to this place for a few months and the number of table from 10 increased to around 30!! I heard that there's another outlet in Setapak, near JPJ. Will find out more about the other outlet soon. It was really packed that night. Well, more people = quality of food most likely to decrease. Only certain food (in my own opinion onaly :p ) managed to maintain the standard.

BBQ lamb. Seriously, this is the dish that I used to love the most but then that night, it kind of let me down. It was absolutely tasteless. Not nicely marinated I guess :(

Tom yum till tasted the same. Happy happy :)

Ahhhh, my second favourite dish will be this fish. Still really good though. *clap clap clap*

Oh, a friend introduced me to this place in ... I forgot what's the name of the place. Haha. I just know the way there. Anyway, there is this restaurant that serves BBQ pork but I still prefer the one in Tung Shin road though :)
For dinner, I went to this place behind some dark alley (woooo) for Teochew style steam fish head and some type of noodle. Yummy yummy. As usual, the soup is really really good. As usual, fish cheek for the little girl in the family :) hehe.
Today's dinner was porky again :) But it's Swiss porky. Really nice.
Do visit their website. Their outlet in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng has buffet and the price isn't too expensive either. Pork pork pork and pork. Isn't the pig in the middle cute?!!? Awww....

My favourite pasta all time, Creamy Carbonara. I really wanted to order the seafood one but since the other partner isn't a fan of seafood, will settle the one with bacon only then. Hehe. It is still as good though but would be perfect if there is more creamy sauce on it.

..... I have no idea what is the name of this dish. It's basically a bacon on top of a sausage. The bacon was really good. I personally don't really like the sausage though. It tasted like.... steamed sausage. I miss the Bratwurst that I had in Melbourne very very very much. I can't find anything close to it in KL :( but this restaurant has the hotdog, just don't have the suitable bread to match it. But the bacon is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The bacon that we get from supermarket is like thinly sliced right? This piece of meat is actually the thinly sliced meat but then it's way way way way thicker. There's a little bit of fat at the side. I didn't eat any of the fat though. Haha.
Ohhh, last but not least....

I found this on my chair this morning, hidden underneath my jacket. I thought it belongs to someone else. So I placed it on the table and suddenly I realised that it was actually for me. Haha. I am slow, I know. But then can't blame me though. It's early in the morning okay. Anyway, when I lifted the cover of the box, I was greeted by...

BISCUITS!!!! Not just biscuits okay. But this small pinky and adorable box is filled with all my favourite biscuits. Oh my god!! I'm like the happiest girl in the world when I saw the content. He remembered every single thing I said. Haha. Tq tq tq. I will appreciate this box for a while more before actually starting to consume it's content. Hehe. Tq tq tq. But I have to hide this box well. Or else, the night shift staff will happily enjoy my happy food :( I received a lot of warning from other colleagues to hide this box in a safe place. Note taken! Dear locker, please come as soon as possible to keep my pinky box safe. Hehe.
That's all for the weekend food updates. More to come!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saw + Drilling = Wai wai Screaming

OMG. I really want to scream out really really loud. It's so noisy at home now. The house next door is under renovation. It was sold to a new Malay family and they decided to renovate the house a bit. But... the workers are very hardworking. They started work 8am in the morning. Oh, did I mention that it's a Saturday morning?? Ohhh.. wait, did I mention that the Saturday morning is actually my off day??!!?!?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...... I cannot even watch tv. I seldom watch tv nowadays. On the day I've decided to date my house tv, I can only stare at the tv while my ears can only listen to drilling sounds. Frustration!! Hate it hate it. I mean, common. Give me a break. First of all, I woke up at 7.30am this morning to open the door so that my baby girl can go down and eat breakfast. After a phone call, decided to go back to sleep. At exactly 8am, the wonderful music began. I was like..... OMG! You gotta be kidding. On a Saturday morning? Mehh.... Haih. Anyway, I dragged myself out of bed .... stare at the blue wall. Feel like kicking and karate chop something to release my anger. Seriously, I'm still quite tired. Last night reached home at 11pm. I did not stay to wait for Kin blow candles and cut cake :( me and my curfew :( but it's okay. Happy Birthday Kin :) *hugz* My heart will always belong to you. Hehe.

Ohhh... there's the drilling sound again. Everytime they drill the wall or something, my house's alarm sensor will be triggered and it will beep. Imagine noisy and annoying drilling sound + house alarm sensor beeping = enough to make me scream....

I'm so so so tired now :( please stop it let me nap for 30 minutes please please please??? Hehe.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Last Sunday was spent gotong-royong in the office. I've shifted to a new place and my table is really really long. Hehe. I can spread my stuff to the next table as well because nobody sitting there currently. Haha. And my place is really strategic to watch TV. So while waiting for the computer to load or waiting for someone to pick up the call, I can stare at the tv for a while. It's not really cold though. Me likey :p But the cons will be far away from other people. If Yanti did not come tomorrow, I will be alone in the island :(

Anyway, we had dinner in the office after gotong-royong. Jet ordered catering service and the food are...

VEGETARIAN!!! I though they were real meat as in chicken, beef and pork. But then they said it's vegetarian. Hehe.

This will be oatmeal prawn. It is really good and it really do taste like real prawn. I think this is the best dish among other dishes.

This will be ... goose I think. Either goose or duck. But both of them look the same to me though. Can really tell the difference.

This will be chicken.. I think. Haha. Not really nice.

They said these are ribs. Either beef or pork ribs I guess. They didn't specify. Haha.

That's all for the update on food. I might be going to Hulu Langat for Thai food this coming Sat. I really missed the food there very much. On my last visit, they were extending the place. I wonder how it looks like now. I miss the tom yum.... yummy :)

Baby after her grooming session. She's all pretty girl now. I still have doubt if she's pregnant. What are the signs and symptoms of a pregnant dog eh? Anybody knows? Do enlighten me with more infos :)

These few nights were spent watching movies accompanied by my fav cookies. Currently watching Twilight. It is really romantic. Really really drop dead romantic. Maybe it's because the main actor is very very very like super ultra cute. Those eyes... OMG OMG OMG!
Well, got to stop now. Time for movie marathon again :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Korean Food

Had Korean food for dinner just now at SS2 since it's the nearest to my office.

But it wasn't as nice as the one that I had in Ampang though. The beef was a big dissapointment. The food were tasteless. Only few side dishes were good. So far, this restaurant and the one in Kelana Jaya are not really good compared to the one in Ampang. I still prefer the one in Ampang, the one me and my sis always dine in last time. Even the one we had for TW's birthday was quite good too. Just a bit too spicy. Hehe.
I cried in the office today!!! Oh mi gosh. Got scolding from a patient. I had a few bad scoldings last time and this one was just normal only. But I have no idea why when I hung up the phone, I started to cry. My HOD was standing right next to me then, which kind of scare her. Haha. Malu betul. But me being the typical me, I cry whenever I want regardless of the place. I cried the most in the cinema and at home (of course!!). No shame at all!! Hahaha.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nibble nibble nibble nibble nibble~~

Jullian: Nope. Only souveniers for me me me and me. Hehe :P

Hi people. Today I'm a good girl. I came straight home after work. No more OT or dinner with colleagues. Hehe. Mum must be really happy. But the most important is I miss my pink lappie very much. Have been thinking of this sweet lil thing whole day. Oh yeah, I'm very very very sick today. I cannot smell anything AT ALL!!! I don't have running nose but just can't smell a single thing. Not even the nice perfume. Haihz... Gastric whole day as well. I have no idea why. I "think" I eat on time. Hehe.

I found out today that the shopping plan with my galz this coming Sunday has to be cancel. *Emo emo emo emo*. I'm trying to get more office attire. Maybe get some dresses. Hehe. Vain vain, I know :) But then if I have to work whole day in the office answering some really angry calls, I rather look pretty answering it okay. Haha. In short, I am just damn vain. I do admit :) not wrong though. Just a bit annoying. Haha.

Let me introduce you to my current "staple food"...

This is the biscuit that I have to eat every night. Even though sometimes I don't have the appetite to eat, I must have at least 2 packets of this biscuit every night. The stock is very limited though. Mum bought this from ... I have no idea where she get this. I'm so addicted to it. The taste is really really unique though. Haha. Besides this, I really really love another fish-looking cookies which mum bought from a Japanese store. It is really good.

Oh my, my love towards Japanese food is getting stronger. Hehe. Had Japanese dinner this week with sis and last weekend with Alfred. Sometimes I do think that Japanese food is better than Chinese food though. But.... I don't take raw food meaning I don't eat those sashimi. I will only watch/admire people eat/enjoying the food while I continue with my cooked food. Haha. Ohh... got to stop talking about Japanese food. It is officially my happy happy food :) You can bribe me with it. You can blackmail me with it. It is officially my 4th obsession now. What is the first 3?? Hehe. First, of course my dear Baby. Second will be my pink lappie *muacks muacks* and third will be my phone. Haha. Ohh, 5th will be my Nina Ricci. Absolutely love it very very very much.

Got to stop now. Finish off my last piece of the biscuit today and continue gossiping with friends in MSN.

Take care ppl.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Singapore trip :)

Hey people. I'm back. Haha. Now with pink lappie :) I'm so happy that I finally got it. Hehe :)

Singapore trip was fun. Brandon kor kor showed us around and we went to places that we have never been to. Bought quite a number of stuff :P pictures time :)

Perfumes bought from Singapore. It was really really cheap. The Nina Ricci is really really sweet. Me likey :)

My Nina Ricci set. It's so so so damn cute okay

It comes with this cute apple pouch. Too bad my phone cannot fit into it, or else I'll be the most happy apple lover in the world. Haha. It's pweettttyyyyyy.
The food was amazing, as usual. I had Singapore's version of Chinese nasi lemak one morning and it was very different from the one found in KL. But I really wanted to try the famous Punggol Nasi Lemak that is usually available for supper though. Hehe.
Talking about food, I had my lunch today with Vincent, PS and Leng at this really fancy vegetarian cum Tibet restaurant located at B1 of Jaya One. The food were so-so... but nice presentation though.

Those are the food that were shared among the 4 of us. For me, they were quite okay. Actually it is as good as I thought it would be. I don't know about Leng and PS but I heard from Sai Weng, Vincent don't really like the food there. Haha. I have warned him earlier about the price but didn't mention anything about the taste cause I never try that place before. But seriously... I really like that place. Hehe.


Ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you..
*drum rolls*

Yay!! Dad finally bought it for me. I'm like the most happy girl on earth, okay. All these days of excitedness and walking in and out of Dell store (at least 3 times okay...) and keep on asking the sales representatives the same question (this model got pink? what about what? actually which model has pink colour?), I finally got it. The pink shade is really pretty okay.

The previous laptop that serves me well during my FYP period. I would like to thank you for your kind service and good display quality during Maple Story session as the screen is really big and the sound quality is really good. I will never forget you, my dear big XPS. Hehe.

That's all for the first photo post after so long. Haha. Since I have my pink lappie and black phonie with me now, I will update more photo post more frequently okay. I'll... try my best though. Haha. Exciting upcoming events which never fail to put a smile on my face. Hehehe *shy*

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm leaving....

I'm leaving.... in 5 hours time. Bye ppl!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Late at night frustration

Oh my god. Today is April Fool's Day. First prank was from Leng, Vince and PS. It scared the hell out of me but managed to sleep again after 30 minutes. Thanks for the prank guy. It's like "damn" funny. Har har...

I am so so so so so frustrated now. I have been trying to online since 8 something till now (which is like what.. 11pm!!). I can only appear online in Skype but cannot go online in MSN. I don't get to check my e mail at all. It is so damn annoying and I'm so so so so so angry now. Don't know what is wrong with Streamyx. Sis called the call centre and god knows what they do to my house's connection cause it is same like she did not call at all. AT ALL!!! Not even a little bit. The thing I can do now is blog, skype, maxis website and my company's website. Ohh.. and google too. The rest.... NO HOPE AT ALL!!! It is ... so ... frustrated.

Furthermore, the Maxis line at my house is so so so damn terrible. I cannot send smses from my room. But once I leave the house, the smses will be sent out all at once early in the morning. So .... damn .... frustrated. I can make calls but just now sms. I can receive sms but just cannot send out certain sms. It's like.... ARGHHHH!!!! Like... ahhhh, I don't know how to explain la.

Mum and dad will be going back to Ipoh this Friday for the pay-respect-to-the-ancestor thinggy and me and sis have to work this Saturday. Part of me wish to go back to visit my grandparents and the rest just wish to stay in KL because of the comfy bed and air cond. Haha. And also internet... even though it sucks but still can skype. So ppl, please register a skype account and chat with me when my Streamyx goes crazy again. Please.....

Okay, I feel much better now that I have release everything here in a quick typing style. I just type whatever that comes into my angry mind and release it all here. Suddenly my phone can receive sms and I can send out again. Okay, I forgive you dear Maxis but Streamyx will have to do better next time okay. I have the patience to sit in front of the laptop to wait for your connection, so please have mercy on me next time okay.

Oh yeah..... Studio 15 don't have pink colour.... AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! How can!! The one that has pink colour is Studio 14 but then Hao Wei said it's not as good as Studio 15 though. How how how how? Settle with black so that it can match my phone? But then ..... me want pink lappie!!! AHHH!!! *emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo*

Got to stop now.