Friday, April 29, 2011

Da Sa Rang Korean Restaurant

The lack of update was due to plenty of happenings around me. Shin’s wedding, my Melaka trip with a group of fun friends and me resuming to work after all those happening with much to do and much more to learn. I have this tower of claims at work that I demolished very hard but Joey always re-build it faster than me. I will win this time!!!!

Finally visited the Korean restaurant that I wanted to go for our Valentine’s Dinner but was sick. Da Sa Rang is located just above McD at Subang Jaya (behind Starbucks café that is near to Taylor and Inti Colleage)




Just like the typical Korean restaurant, we have to sit on the floor but there’s a big hole/compartment under the table for us to put our leg. So you can either fold your leg in or sit normally as if you are sitting on a chair.



Lucky me with the pink cutleries cover. I have this thing with Korean style chopstick because they are really slim and heavy, I have a difficult time actually holding them up to pick up a food item. I can be seen struggling with the chopsticks first few minutes of the meal. Haha.




One thing good about Korean food is they have unlimited refill of side dishes and each Korean restaurant have their own selection of side dishes. The only thing that is the same will be kimchi, which both of us don’t like. We returned it back to the waiter as soon as it arrived our table and requested for something else like green vegetable. I love the salad very much, mainly due to the sour dressing. Sour seems to be my best friend during my diet period.




Da Sa Rang has a variety of set menu that you can choose from, ranging from RM 40 to RM 300 (if I’m not mistaken). Both of us ordered the pork and marinated chicken set. The pork was definitely better than the chicken. Maybe we don’t like the sauce for the chicken. The portion is just right for the both of us.



What could be more a suitable drink after a hot charcoal grilled meal than ice watermelon juice?? Our set comes with two glass of these cooling drinks.

Food was okay, worth the second visit since it’s so near Calvin’s place. Hehe. I am still looking for a chance to ask Jess out for Korean dinner as she has a few recommendation of good Korean food in PJ and Sri Hartamas. Can’t wait!!!

I promise to update more as I have a lot of back log photos in my “To Blog” folder.

As for my wedding, well, nothing can be done at the moment except to wait for the day to arrive. Haha. Too early for the registration date booking. Pre wedding photographs details discussion with the bridal shop is too early either. So both of us practically just sit and wait and sit and wait and sit and wait. Who wants to join us??


Monday, April 11, 2011

CNY Purple Cane dinner

Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the title. The only thing that’s wrong will be me. I totally forgot about the dinner I had at Purple Cane during Chinese New Yea 2011. It was also the day that I choose something special and pretty for myself. Hehe.

I went to Purple Cane few years back with my sister. The one that I went to is near Chinatown. Sis told me that it’s one of her favourite hang out place with friends during secondary school. I know why because it’s air conditioned and quiet there. Perfect place to talk, in Chinese way as they serve different types of chinese tea. Over the years, I forgot about this place as I rarely go Chinatown area. I was not even aware that there’s an outlet at The Gardens.







It is located at lower ground,  near the Cold Storage supermarket. The restaurant is decorated nicely, mainly with teapots and cups/mugs. Wooden chairs and tables in different shapes and colour at every corner and section of the table. I felt like dining in those restaurant from the TVB old movies. Haha.



The lady in the menu actually reminds me of Olive, Popeye’s girlfriend. Haha.



Chinese New Year dinner will never be complete without yee sang as appetizer. The yee sang was actually quite good, with pear. This year, all the yee sang that I had during Chinese New Year have pear in them. I guess to give some sweet and crunchy flavour to the dish, which is a good idea. Hehe.







Our dishes for the night. We did not order the set meal because not we don’t really the dishes in the set. So each of us order one dish. The combination turned out to be quite good. They added some tea leaves into a few dishes like the prawn. Seriously, I can’t really taste the tea leaves or any tea flavour from the dishes. Maybe that’s because I didn’t eat much at I ate a lot of yee sang at the first place. Hehe. But I managed to taste all of the dishes and all of them are actually quite good. Light and not too salty.



This teapot contains … nope, not tea. But soup!! They have a few choices of soup to choose from. I totally forgot that I ordered that night. All I can remember that the soup was quite good as well. Light and not oily at all. Love the way they serve the soup as the soup was still hot even though I drank it after the meal. Brilliant!!

Overall, I am very satisfied with the dinner that night. Everything was just light and yummy. After dinner, we went to Delicious for drinks and dessert and more talking.



Trip to Delicious will not be complete without my favourite Pavlova. But still, the one that I had in Australia is still the best of the best. I miss my aunty’s pavlova very much…


Monday, April 4, 2011

Ajisen Ramen

After so many times walking by this restaurant, finally gave Ajisen Ramen a try for brunch over the weekend. Calvin has been here a few times with his sister but this is my first time. I am not a big fan of ramen, I don’t know why. Maybe I can’t slurp the noodle up like the Japanese do to show that the noodle is good. I can only put them on the spoon and eat from there. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the noodle but I just don’t know how to slurp and I don’t want to. It’s so not our culture, at least my family’s culture. Mom would scold us for eating like that. Have to be polite and graceful all the time, even when eating noodle.



Their cute logo which reminds me of Chun Li from Street Fighters.




The shop was closed down previously for renovation. Since I have never been there before, I couldn’t tell what is the difference before and after renovation.

From the menu, they have ramen, bento and other Japanese food. Mostly in ala carte style. I was having this painful gum problem so I could not chew properly without the stinging pain on my gum. I totally lost appetite on food for a few days that that period of time.




So I suggested to order one portion of food to be shared. Calvin must be very hungry that day (as usual.. he’s always hungry.. hehe) because he ordered additional unagi sushi. I guess he will never let go a chance to eat unagi at any Japanese restaurant that he visits. N.E.V.E.R!!! Anyway, the chicken ramen turns out to be so so but the unagi sushi was very cold. Definitely not my type of sushi. To be fair, I will be back again to try their best seller ramen before banning them forever (as in giving them a place in my “No Good” photo folder).

Wedding update: The date has been set but I am still very nervous for the upcoming dinner between our parents. I wonder what will happen that night. Just hope that everything will be alright at the end of the dinner and everyone is happy and I can be the a beautiful bride. Thank you god….


Friday, April 1, 2011

Random food

I heard so much about this famous stall at Petaling Street that sells porridge. Their seats are just infront of the Hong Leong Bank atm machine entrance, directly behind the famous Air Mata Kucing. I suggested to have brunch there when me and Calvin went to Loh Tit Pat to submit our chinese date of birth to get the auspicious date for our wedding. Since it was early, we decided to find the place. From what I remember, it is somewhere nearby the famous air mata kucing stall. So we went directly to the stall and just look around. We notice a few tables at the back of the stalls. And that is how we found the place.



We ordered fish and pork porridge with yau char kueh. The fish was served in thin slices, still raw. But once mixed together with the piping hot porridge, it will be cooked. The pork porridge is quite nice too. But none of us finish the whole bowl of porridge on our own. I bought half Sei Ngan Chai duck to eat with the porridge. The duck is still very yummy. We ate a few pieces and brought home the rest for his parents. They love it very much too and finished the rest of the duck as supper the same night. Hehe.

Other than that, I had dinner with Shen Yin, Gab and Nick at Pavillion on Friday night after work. We went around Pavillion to look for a place to eat and also celebrate my proposal. Finally settled with this German restaurant which serves beer and pork dishes. Perfect for me. Hehe.



Our dinner for the night. Pork knuckle, pork pizza, rosti and pork sausages. We managed to finish everything. The food was quite good, would be better if consume while they are still hot. Even though that was the second time that we hung out, but we never ran out of conversation topics. Looking forward for the next dinner with them.

That’s all for the random outings. Will blog really soon about my new places that I have been to recently. Definitely will be new restaurant review coming soon as I have to select one for my wedding venue. Hope to get one that suit our budget and both our parents will be happy about it. 2 more weeks to go before they meet. Survey, survey and survey.