Friday, May 30, 2008

Age does not has anything to do with my leg

Anonymous : yeah, the one in mid valley. By the way, who are you?

HELP!!! I really cannot stand Nuclear Medicine anymore. It is really hard. I have no idea what the lecturer is teaching in front. Halfway through the lecture, suddenly he sounded very .... familiar. AHHhhh... "someone" first bf. The way he talks and where he is looking when he talks really is exactly the same as "someone" first bf. I straight away message her to tell her about it and the reply I got was hilarious. Haha. Seriously, I think her puppy love is really romantic, in her own kind of way. Haha.

Anyway, my lecturer is like constantly scolding something or someone but his face expression reamains the same. Sometimes I really cannot tell if he is scolding or just talking as in giving out facts. I really don't know how to differentiate. I think his brain is full of anger. Besides that, sometimes I don't get his joke. I think I'm really dumb because everyone were laughing while I laugh like 2 seconds later. First, it's because I don't want to let people know that I don't understand his joke. Hahahahaha. Second, I am laughing at other people laughter because I tend to follow people laugh and then when I finish laughing, I will ask them what the joke is about. Haha. But, back to the lecturer, I can only understand part of his lecture. The other part, I plan to read from his notes when I get them. If still can't understand, there is always internet, Yeannie and Chi Jing. Hehe. My 3 most reliable sources. And maybe Soon Hao too but only available in uni. Haha.

Today, I really must salute Pooi San. Please do not under estimate this girl. She might look very thin, fragile and very feminine, but this girl really can carry heavy stuff. I can carry 2 small boxes of water but she can carry 2 too! I mean, my size is bigger than hers, yet she can carry the same amount of weight. OMG! I don't want to made myself look bad, so I will praise Pooi San. Haha. She has to be the nicest person on earth. Yesterday, I messager her in MSN about wearing a green shirt today, she did not ask much and showed up in a green shirt today. She even brought along 1 cent coins to be donated. OMG... she is really so sweet. She is willing to help without asking too much for the real reason. Cheng Foh is really lucky... hehe. Both of them made a sweet and cute couple together. So sweet... awww...

My dad is really... gosh, I don't know how to describe him. He is like the cutest dad on earth. I was eating dinner just now and sit with my leg folded ( I know la, not feminine and polite for a girl but then at home, no people will see one la except my parents. Furthermore, mum gave up in asking me to sit properly long long time ago :P). When I've finished my dinner, I stood up and my leg was in a state that I have no idea what English word can describe. It's a condition where the blood supply to certain body part was partially blood and when the blood supply resume to normal, you will feel tingling all over the body part. If you massage that part, you will feel ticklish but the feeling will go away very fast. So dad, who was sitting next to me, realising that I was limping because my leg's blood supply was interrupted and has this tingling sensation. He suddenly stood up and said "aiya, come la. Let me massage your leg for you". I quickly ran, no... limp away from him and shout. Haha. I rather limp a few more steps till the feeling go away rather than have dad massage my leg for me because it will feel like super duper ticklish. Haha. Dad just stood there with a wicked smile while I tried to walk away as soon as possible. He keep on saying " Come la, let me help you la ". Haha. He is so cunning, I tell you. Then when I wanted to come up just now, I walked in a weird way because both of my legs are very tired and one of them was having a serious cramp due to the traffic jam session earlier. Every step taken was accompanied by an "ouch". Haha. So I "ouch" my way up to the first floor. On my "ouch" way, I heard dad talking to mum. Their conversation is like this.

Dad : How old is my daughter again this year?
Mum : *while laughing softly* 22
Dad : Oohhh... 22 already. But still like little kid

SWEAT I TELL U!!! SWEAT!!! I wear dress, daddy said I look like little girl. I do my happy walk, my whole family thought I'm still a little girl. Sis even said she can see how I will look like in the future when I am 50+ years old still with my happy walk because in her office there is this aunty that happy walk back to her seat in front of my sister. So she said to herself "Ohh.. this is how my sister will look like when she is 50+ years old. Now I know already".
SWEAT X2. I...... am speechless. How can she compare me with an aunty. Maybe by that time I won't happy walk anymore but.... well, I don't know. I never think of that. Haha. But most probably the habit will still be there but I don't think I will do it in the public okay!!!

Got to do the laundry.


edit : the tingling feeling was numb. Haha. But anyway, is there such a word as tingling? If there is, is there such a feeling that is tingling? If there is, is it same as what I am describing? AHHHHHHHH too much Nuclear Medicine. Haha.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ikan bakar day

Hey people. This is the first week of my new semester. I have to take 5 subjects this semester. Horror!!! WHY? Because 4 subjects are new subject which means they will put in a lot of chapters and will only filter out those not necessary at the end of our semester for our juniors. So tiring. Heamatology and Pathology still haunts me from previous semester. Let's not talk about Toxicology for being the subject with the thickest set of notes. Haha. Well, this semester I'll be taking Pharmacology, Oncology, Virology, Interpersonal Communication ( elective subject and strongly recommended by Cindy ) and Nuclear Medicine!! I have no idea what the whole subject is about but from what I heard, our batch is the only batch that will take this subject because the lecturer that was supposed to teach us bail out at the last minute, so this subject was shared among 5 lecturers. I think next semester, they might not have this subject anymore. I really hope that this subject is not as hard as it sounds. Haha.

There are a few new lecturers this semester. Some is quite nice. There is this lecturer that talks really slow and has a lot moment of silence. Haha. It was really funny. Maybe it is just introduction for the subject and it is his first time meeting us. I think he should do alright. The other lecturer that isn't a new lecturer, he gave his lecture in a really funny way. When he talks, he tend to look on the floor. He usually looks on the right side. Haha. But seriously, I have no idea what he is talking about on the first lecture. I know he's talking about electron but anything other than that, I have no idea. Haha.

Today went for ikan bakar session with Wai Leng and Tsuey Wenn. It was really fun because all the 3 of us had the same craving. Haha. Well, when the 3 of us are together, the gossip session is a must. Haha. We exchanged shocking news today. It was fun. We should do this more often. Haha.

My friend lost someone dear to her today. I received the news in the evening. From her voice, I can hear that she is trying very hard not to cry because she's in a train on her way to her aunt's house to go back Ipoh together. It really broke my heart hearing her voice in that situation. It must be a tough time for her family especially my friend. I hope that your grandma will rest in peace. Be strong.

I heard the most terrible story in history ever. I'm really angry and furious. I mean, common laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I really cannot tell the whole story here because I have to protect my friend. All I have to say is I'm really sorry for her because she has a bunch of unresponsible friend that are really shitty and sucky. I really hate them very much for causing my friend to have an unpleasing memory of something that was supposed to be nice at the first place. I really cannot believe that there are such terrible and ..... gosh, I really don't know what word can be used to describe them. I really am super angry when I heard the story today. ARGHHHHHHHHH &#%!ing shit friends. HATE U ALL. Luckily I don't know them.

Okay, okay. Must calm down now.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Malacca Trip

WaiLeng : Nothing serious la. The same usual problem lor. Tell u what it is already right? Hehe.
Lauren : I had Lemonade Berry. It was really nice if you love strawberry. Kitt asked you to order Pussy Foot? Haha. Well, you know Kitt right... hehe.

Hi people. I'm so tired and full. I think I will give my stomach a few days of rest before eating again. I'm food-phobia now. Haha. Have been eating non stop since yesterday afternoon. Thanks to the big eaters, Kitt and Quek. Me and Alexia are bloated up halfway but they keep on pushing us to try. Haha. Anyway, Alexia is a friend of Kitt. She's a Korean. She has to be one of the people with most unique personality that I've ever met. She is really cute, not the yucky and dumb type of cute, but mature type of cute. I don't know how to explain it here but she's really really cute in her own way. She is very intelligent too but she can't escape the cunning Kitt and Quek. You will know what I mean later. She's really fun, out going, SUPER UNDERSTANDING, daring and nice. Hehe. I'm glad that Kitt invited her to join out trip because she made it more fun and memorable. Haha. Let's start.

When we arrived, we went to find Eu Ling first because she's a local there. She's our tour guide or food guide for the day. Hehe. Thank you very much. Out first stop was supposed to be chicken rice but it was sold out. So we went to a shop that sells Taiwan noodle and pork ribs. The ribs was really nice. Quek ordered beef noodle and it was very nice too. This is me and Kitt's second visit to the shop. The first introduction was by Chau Yen and friends. Hehe. Sorry, too hungry till forgot to take photos. Hehe.

Second stop is a satay shop. I forgot the name -_-" Sorry sorry. The satay was quite good. They serve pork meat, intestine and liver. They have chicken and ketupat too. Hehe. No photos again because I forgot.... sorry sorry

Third stop is a cake shop just a few shops away from the satay shop. I have no idea what the name of the shop is but I really really love this shop very much.

Clockwise from top left : Chocolate Banana, Rum and Raisin, Green Tea, Strawberry, Cheese and Original flavour. There were 6 of us but only 5 people finished all 6 pieces of cake. My personal favourite will be strawberry, green tea and original. The Original flavour ( no idea what is inside ) won our hearts. It was really really good. According to Eu Ling, one slice of cake is more expensive that Secret Recipe. I have no idea how much does on slice cost. Trust me, really the best cake ever. The cafe was very comfortable too. A group of friends can ordered a few slices of cakes and drinks. Eat and gossip for a really long time. Happy days. Hehe.

Fourth stop is "char siew" or honey bbq pork that is recommended by Chai. We have to reach that restaurant before 5.30 to avoid the crowd because everything will be sold out by 7pm. Wow, Malacca people have their dinner very early. Hehe. But it was quite a disappointment because it was not as good as we've expected. Jalan Alor's char siew is still the best for me. I'm craving for it now.... *salivates*

Fifth stop....... okay, no food. Haha. We're too full to eat and we have to wait for Yao Bang and others. So the 4 of us went to A Famosa, the fort, just walk around and take some photographs.

Quek and his "weapon". Check out the face expression. Priceless. Haha.

We then took a short ride on the trishaw that took us to the Red Building ( I don't know the name ).

After the ride, we went up to the fort. Before we reach the fort, we went into a cemetary. SCARY LEH! On the gate, it states that the gate will close at 5pm. At that time, it was already 5.05pm.

Me : What if when we're inside, the guard thought nobody inside, so lock the gate? I don't want to stay inside there for the night.
Quek : Then you stand and guard the gate. Or if he really lock us in, we climb over the fence la.
Me : -_-""

Seriously, cemetary is a scary place. I dare not take photographs when we're inside because what if the ..... okay. You know what I'm going to say right. Haha.

The entrance smells like a lot of people have been peeing in there. Out of a sudden Quek said "Wah, this place very nice. Suitable location to take outdoor wedding photos". Haha. Good idea. With the pee smell, I'm sure the photos will come out looking really good. Haha. This small door reminds me of Bollywood movies. You know, the part the actors and actress play hide and seek and sing and dance. Haha. So funny.

Notice that the statue lost one side of it's hand? Kitt and Quek told Alexia that the guy fought during the war with British in one hand -_-". Luckily Alexia did not believe them this time. Haha. Clever girl.

The following conversation was by Kitt, Quek and Alexia.

Kitt : This is the place where the gabenor hide during war time.
Quek : Yeah. This is the room. *point to one place* That is the toilet. Can you see the bed?

Alexia : Oh, really? I can't see the toilet. It's too dark.
Quek : It's just there, why you can't see?

ME : *trying so hard not to burst out laughing*
Alexia : Why?
Me : This is the place where they kept the prisoner during the war. Not Gabenor's bedroom
By the time I finished my sentence, Quek and Kitt was already running out. Haha.
Alexia : #$@#$@)_$ (in korean).

Haha. I really don't blame her because she has been studying in international schools since she was young. It's not surprising that she don't know about Malaysia history. At first she said the place was for prisoners but then Quek and Kitt with their cunning-convincing look told her that it's the place where the gabenor hides and stays. They are so naughty. Haha.

Sixth stop is Ban Lee Siang (ahhh I remember the name). This is a restaurant that serves satay celup. At first glance, it was really disgusting because they didn't change the satay paste where we cook out food. Meaning the satay paste was used by previous people that sit on the same table!! Horror! But I go for it anyway ( because everybody including Alexia doesn't mind and go for it, I don't want to be left out and kiasu okayyy.... haha). Erasing the thought of the satay paste was previously used by other people, I bravely cooked the prawns. It was really nice. Eu Ling the recommended that cooking the abalone mushroom in the satay paste was the best. Being a big fan of mushrooms, I gave it a try. IT WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD. In the end, I think I ate around 10 pieces of mushrooms, 6 pieces of prawns, come bread, yaw char kuey, chicken meat and had 1.5 glass of watermelon juice. Although it doesn't sound much but bear in mind that we had satay celup at around 8pm, a few hours after the noodle, cakes, satay and char siew rice.

After that, we went to take a ride on something that looks like Solero Shot but it goes up to the top very slowly. The purpose is to allow us look at the night scenary of Malacca town and Malacca Straits. It was so beautiful and cold ( got air cond mah ) up there. Hehe.

I think this ship is a museum. Alexia said she went inside a few years ago and it smells like pee inside. Haha. Nearly everywhere in smells like pee. It is either terrible tourist or yucky locals that loves to leave mark. Like my dog, pee at a place to mark her territory. Haha. Shame on you, whoever who did it.

The round building is Pahlawan Square. It's a shopping centre. It is just in front of the A Famosa fort. The 4 of us went inside to look for toilet. I can smell where the toilet is within 50 metres away. Haha. But only me can smell it. Is it a talent? I doubt that. Haha. Another pee-smell encounter in Malacca, all within the same area. Haha.

Seventh stop was supposed to be cendol at Jonker street but when we reached there, all the shops that sell cendol was in the process of closing. They found a place where there are good music and serves beer. Guys favourite, especially Kitt and Quek. Being easily drunk, I just had a glass of Coke. Haha. Luckily I didn't drink because Alexia and Heng Wen was forced to drink a lot of beer especially Heng Wen. I really pity her. All I can do is just sit there and laugh. Laughing at the way their way of making Quek drunk. Haha. In the end, he was a bit high... near the drunk stage but haven't reach the vomit stage. The furthest record so far was in Maison. Haha. FUNNY!!!

In the end, they pushed Quek out to sing a song. Super funny. I was too busy laughing that I forgot to take a video of the whole process. But he sounds really good. They all praised the guitarist for doing a great job to make Quek sounds good. Haha. No credit for Quek. \

After that, we went to a hotel and bathe ( all 4 of us have this terrible sweat smell and sticky body surface... but it was not as terrible as the pee smell okay.. haha). After that, the 4 of us slept like pigs till the next morning.

The next morning, we went to the chicken rice shop that was supposed to be our first shop for breakfast. The chicken was really good. Meat was really soft but Quek said that the portion was very small. Maybe they removed all the big bones? I have no idea. The rice ball was... well, not my type. I still prefer the normal rice. Hehe.

After that, we went to search for the best Cendol that was recommended by the owner of the chicken rice shop. He said the best Cendol was nearby Lai Lai Emporium by Indian. He said only Indian cendol was good because their gula melaka was really nice. Off we go to search for Lai Lai Emporium. We parked at one place and were told that Lai Lai Emporium was at walking distance from where we parked. So the 4 of us walked under the hot sun. Kitt gave Alexia and me an umbrella ( so sweet ...). We walked up and down the same street just to find that Lai Lai Emporium has changed it's name to... I don't know what name. Haha. We found an Indian stall that sell Cendol nearby the place where Lai Lai Emporium was supposed to be. So Lai Lai Emporium... check. Indian stall that sells cendol... check. Great cendol... well, according to them they found it to be just like normal cendol, don't have the great taste. Haha. After that, we went back to KL.

We went to Klang to tried the spare ribs rice that was recommended by Quek and was really really famous. It was really good. After that, I saw a banner... and me and Quek made a small bet. After that, me being silly suggest something to Kitt and Kitt said to make it our bet prizes, so I agreed. ( I was confident that I'm right.. so was Quek). We went to search for the answer in Quek's house. In the end, I lose. STUPID BANNER! HATE U HATE U! The punishment was... well, taking care of Happy while Quek is away FOR 5 MONTHS!! Aihhh.... but it's okay. Happy is a good dog. He can shake hand. OMG... so cute. Luckily Kitt was having his holiday, then he can take care of Baby while I take care of Happy. Let's hope that my parents will be fine with it and Happy will behave himself. Please please please Happy, be good. I don't want to cook you. Haha.

That's the end of the food expedition. I'm still very full. Alexia gave me some Korean snacks before she got off the car. She's really really sweet. I really like her... A LOT! Haha.

Timetable for next semester is out. It should be okay I guess but still have no idea which elective to take. Haha. Class will start next Monday. Last semester. I CAN DO IT!! USH!!

Time for Theme Hospital.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Weekend

I had a great weekend with Kitt. We went out for movies, meals and drinks. The best part is I can go out and go home anytime I want!! Mum and dad went to Singapore for the weekend. Since grandparents are going along as well, me and sis are allowed to stay in KL. Hehe. They left early in the morning on Saturday and will be back today. But anyway, my weekend was very fun. We went to GSC Signature to watch What Happens in Vegas! The movie was quite good. The seat was really big and super confortable. But the price was a bit too high compared to normal cinema plus student price. Hehe. We went to Klang got Lala with Quek and had a nice time chatting about secondary school days. They were surprised that some boys in my school used to wear sarong because of their pants that are either too baggy or too tight. Haha. It was so fun. Kitt told stories about his haunted school and Quek shared stories about the freaky incidence when he skipped school. Haha. On Sunday, me and Kitt went to Souled Out. I missed that place so much. The last time we went there was during World Cup. This time, it's Thomas Cup final. Haha. My drink was really really good. Love it so much. Hope to go there again soon. Haha.

I think I no longer am angry at the person from my previous post. After a teary conversation with Kitt on the way to Klang the other night, I realised I'm actually defending her. I know very well why she has to reject my application. Safety reason will be the main concern. Anyway, I'm feeling much better now. Thanks to Kitt :)

Got to go now.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


You are one of the unreasonable people that I've met. Your reasons given are really unacceptable. Words that you've said are really just said out as a phrase and are not effective at all. You will say one thing at one time and the next minute, you will do the opposite thing. I really cannot understand why you are being this way despite you are much older and wiser. A promise is a promise. Being older does not mean that you can break it. I've been telling myself that "It's okay, it's okay" but this is really too much. I'm really disappointed and don't blame me. Don't go around telling people about me when you don't allow me to be me.

The above statement is to someone that really... well, made me angry and sad. Cannot tell you the name but I know only a few know who I am talking about. Name need not be stated because it is useless. I wanted to hate you but I can't. I'll just stay disappointed in the way you treated me. I know nobody is perfect, including myself, but can you please listen to people and stand at my side and see the way I see things? I guess not because you think that you are right all the time and never listen to people.

Gosh.... seriously, I should be happy that I've passed all my subjects. I thought you would be happy for me but I guess not. I thought in this world, you are the one that understand the most about stress and difficulties that I have to go through, especially studies related. But you have prove me wrong. I'm just .... speechless.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Exam's over so it's time for holiday now. Sorry for negleting you, miss blog. Have been very busy studying for the final exam lately. Will update as soon as possible. Wait till I settle down with the photos and getting used to the new computer. Sorry. I promised I will update as soon as possible. Especially about the Nott's Annual Dinner.

Ps: Chuan Guan said my blog always praise ppl. Should scold or kutuk some ppl... so here goes. Chuan Guan is a silly boy. Haha. There....