Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Edo Ichi, First Subang

There’s a newly opened shopping mall in Subang. There are several restaurants and pubs in the shopping mall that managed to pull in the crowds, be it weekend or weekdays. And of course, there is also my current addiction, Chatime. Hehe. Just opposite Chatime is Edo Ichi, a Japanese restaurant with revolving sushi belt.



Similar like Sushi King and Sakae Sushi, the coloured plates represent different price of sushi on top of the plate. Price wise, more or less the same than the chain sushi restaurant. But variety wise, Edo Ichi offers much more than others. Some that I have never seen before.



Was busy eating that night and ooh-ing and aah-ing on the passing sushi, managed to take only a few photographs of food. The tuna sashimi is Papa Pooh’s. He said that it’s very fresh. Pooh’s Unagi Don is nothing to shout about. The amount of rice may be a little miserable but the unagi tastes just fine. As for my meal, I have a sudden urge to eat fried udon that night. On the menu, this is the most interesting as it was served with mayonnaise. Halfway through, I raised the white flag and it was too filling. Yet, I still save a tiny space in my stomach for Roasted Milk Tea. Hahahaha.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Light meal from Wings Café

When there are a lot of choices of food to choose from, selecting the correct one is a headache task. But when they are limited choice, I will complain like there is no tomorrow. Pleasing me is very hard and I wonder how Pooh do it. Hehe.

SS2 is a famous place for food in PJ, at least near my ex company. Pooh use to drive around the area in order for us to choose one place to eat. When both of us are fed up, we would usually park our car at the parking lot whenever we see one available and walk to the nearest restaurant that we like. This is how we entered Wings Café for lunch not so long ago. There is one branch in Subang Jaya but due to it’s location, Pooh has never dine there before. He never knew of it’s existence till I told him there is one.

I visited Wings Café a few times but I can’t remember which branch it is. So I am unable to comment on the menu, whether they have improved or got worst. But the choices of food available are quite plenty and there are my favourite dishes as well.



My salad. I forgot what dressing that was on the salad but it’s sweet and very yummy. Unlike the normal mayonaise or thousand island dressing, the salad dressing on the salad was sweet and slightly sour. The bacon bits are my source of meat for the meal. I finished the whole salad on my own, with Pooh stealing bites here and there. He don’t like sour food but he loves the salad as much as I do.



Pooh hardly give up on butter milk dishes whenever the restaurant that we dine in serves the dishes. Be it fish or chicken, he will never say “no” to it. This time, it’s butter milk chicken rice with salad as well. I love the butter milk sauce and it is one of the best that I had so far. They give a generous amount of sauce that is enough for the chicken and rice. Yummy Smile

Overall, I would rate the food and restaurant as good and good. This is also a good place for drinks and gossip with friends. Might suggests Wings Café for drinks with ex colleagues in the future since the office is just nearby.

Legally, I am Mrs Ng (or you can call me Mrs Pooh)!!! The registration ceremony went smoothly and I was very happy with the attendance of my beloved family and friends. I do agree I am thinking too much sometimes but Wai Leng is always there to make things right. Thank you Smile

I am getting more and more excited for my wedding and extremely excited for my honeymoon!! Can’t wait for the day to arrive!!!



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hungry Hog

It is kind of hard to find western restaurant that serves pork as the main dishes around KL. So far, I only bumped into a few (less than 10). Lucky me, there’s one in Subang Jaya and it’s near to my future home. The name of the restaurant is Hungry Hog.




There are numerous pig related decoration in the restaurant. Simple and oink-y, I should say. I love the piggy bank with black sun glasses at the counter top. Haha.



The hungry Pooh waiting for his oink oink meal Smile with tongue out



We opted for simple drinks. Hot tea for me and orange juice for Pooh. The tea was served together with a small cup of milk, which I drank separately with the tea. Hahaha.



It was raining that night and I needed to eat rice to keep myself warm. So the Siew Yuk Rice (RM11.90) was for me while Pooh ordered Plain Jane (RM12.90) for himself. The siew yuk was very very good, better than most of the chicken rice stalls. Juicy and slightly salty at the end. But something about the rice that tasted a little bit weird. I don’t know how to describe the weird part though. Pooh’s pork burger was quite good as well. Served with salad and piping hot fries, the pork patty was very juicy. Love it!!

They have other special pork dishes as well and I will definitely be back to try the others. But don’t expect the menu to be big or colourful though. The food that they serve are very simple but yet yummy. For those who are on diet, you can opt for the oink oink sandwiches that they have. They do serve fried pork skin, perfect for those who want to gain weight. Haha.



I love the pig at the top of the receipt. Looks a little angelic, don’t you think?


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Restaurant Hua Xing–my birthday dinner with family

I am those type of girl who always reminds my parents that my birthday is just around the corner every year without fail. And every year my dad will give me the same response, “Really ah?!?? Then I make you 2 red eggs lo”, without fail as well. This year he added, “Let me treat you for dinner. What do you want to eat?”. Yippie. Of course I opted for really good food and since it was with my parents, I can only go for Chinese food. Dad brought mum and 2 poh family for dinner a week earlier and I was unable to tag along. Hence I requested to dine there as mum said the food was really good.

The name of the Restaurant is Hua Xing and it is located at Sungai Way. The direction is very simple, turn left to Sungai Way from the Federal Highway if you are coming from Subang. As you go up the slope, there will be one row of shops on your left. Turn left at the end of the row of shops and there will be another row of shops at the back. The restaurant is at the 1st floor. There are several Indian shops at the ground floor.



Part of the menu is dishes where you can normally find at a typical chinese restaurant. The other part is the restaurant’s specialty and to me, those are really rare dishes, especially those that involves bitter gourd. I am relieved that we did not had any that night.



The restaurant and the chef are very famous and have been featured countless times on newspaper, both Chinese and English. Famous food shows like Ah Xian has visited this place as well. Me and Pooh may be the last people to know about this place Sad smile



This is Hokkien Braised Pork with Alkaline Kuih. Unlike the Dong Po meat from Esquire Kitchen, the pork is served with a cold sticky tasteless kuih. I love the pork as it was stew until very soft and the sauce was just right. The kuih reminded me of mochi. Haha.



Fried Pak Gor has never been my favourite noodle all this while and this is no exception. But Calvin said this is very nice, better than the one that we usually have.



This is my favourite dish for the whole night. I finished nearly half of the plate on my own. It’s Thai Style Lady Fingers; which is actually lady fingers with shredded cucumber and some other things which I forgot, with sweet and sour sauce. Very yummy. Me like Smile



I forgot what this is as this is not what Dad wanted to order initially. The boss explained that this is Fried Potato Flour Noodle (or is it Fried Tapioca Flour Noodle). I really cannot remember. Physically, it looks like Char Kuey Teow but the noodle is semi transparent and sliced thinner. Looked ordinary but it tasted very good. My favourite noodle of the night!!



I think this is Fried Spring Roll but I have no idea what is in it. All I know that this is very yummy as well. At least they did not stuff pork’s internal organ into it, where most of the fried spring roll that I had in the past do.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my birthday dinner but would be better if we have more dishes to go with white rice as I was really looking forward to try other dishes. We were lucky to get a table indoor as me and Pooh reached early. You can call to reserve a table if you come in a bigger group. Else, you will have to sit at the balcony.

I guess it would be better to have all the good food before my birthday as one day after my birthday is the big day!! I am excited to put the dress on as it is really very pretty Smile