Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wai’s Steamboat

No, that is not the name of any restaurant that I have been to recently. It is actually me and Calvin buying the steamboat ingredient and cook it on our own at my place. I love steamboat (I must have emphasize that hundreds of time in this blog), and what would be better than eating at home with the tv and air conditioner on? We went to the raw food shop that sell all kinds of frozen food for steamboat and bbq. Even though only me and Calvin will be enjoying the steamboat, but we bought the food enough to feed like 5 to 6 people.



The uncle introduced us to the steamboat set where it contains assorted processed food like crabstick, meat balls and other type of balls. By right, we should have just buy this and the soup stock. But we end up with…



A whole table of food. We have fried bean curd, bacon, seafood beancurd, enoki mushroom, one packet of meat balls, one packet of fish balls, yee mee and eggs. OMG!!! Looks like very little but we can barely finish half of the food. Luckily we’re at home so we can just keep the remaining in the fridge. For the soup, we bought 3 packets of ikan bilis stock but we only used two. I prefer this over chicken stock as it is not too salty. After cooking the steamboat ingredients, the soup was just fine to be consumed; not too salty nor blant.

But, my task as a chef did not end there. The next morning, I woke up early like a good wife would do and cook breakfast while the lazy Pooh is still in the bed sleeping.



He loves American breakfast. So I made him baked beans, sunny side up egg with bacon. The other plate of bacon with tomato omelet was mine. Although look a little bit yucky but they taste quite good.

But being a good wife is a little tough as it requires waking up early on the weekend. Maybe I should just be a normal wife. Can or not, Pooh? Hehe.


Monday, August 15, 2011

La Gomera

Buffet should not be part of my diet from now until my wedding day. But I can’t resist from purchasing this deal from Groupon for the La Gomera buy 1 free 1 deal from La Gomera which serves Italian buffet. I read so much good review about this place. Unlike the typical buffet where they have a variety of cuisine to choose from, La Gomera specializes only in Italian food.

Me and Calvin purchased the deal and went there for dinner the following Friday. The place is at Mutiara Damansara. This is a really good place for food and gathering with friends. Sadly, due to it’s location which can be hardly seen from the main road, the business is a little slow. 

We were the first 2 customers for dinner and I was very happy when the waiter agreed for us to take photographs of the food and place. The food was still nicely and neatly arranged when we took the photographs.



The drinks bad. There the coffee maker for coffee, milo and milk tea and teh tarik at the end; soft drink dispenser for Coke, Sprite and other; fresh fruits; watermelon juice (my favourite); ice lemon tea, peach tea dispenser on the other end. I was quite surprised by the selection of drinks available. Each customer will have an empty glass on their seat which they can use it for the drinks, except for the hot drinks where mugs are provided next to the machine.


That will be the appetizer bar. They are a wide selection of tapas. If I’m not mistaken, tapas is actually food served on top of a slice of bread. Not the Gardenia type of bread but those long bread. Unlike most buffet, the seafood especially prawns served here are very fresh. My favourite tapas will be mushroom!! I had three of them while the others only 1. That is how much I love my mushroom. Hehe.



The stew section. They have chicken, fish, beef, mutton and meat balls. I am not a big fan of stew food because they are usually cooked until too soft. I only tried the mutton, which was not bad.



There is an alley on the side of the restaurant which leads to the open kitchen. On the table top are names of food that you can order from. They have a wide selection of spaghetti, pizzas and grilled food.



On each table are clips with the number of you table on it. To order food from the open kitchen, the customer will need to drop the clip on the bowl with the name of the food that they want. The chef will then prepare the food and serve it to you. In such way, the food are usually served when they are still hot and yummylicious. It is also a great way to save food from being wasted. No point cook and just display it there if nobody is interested to take it since the food is already cold. Besides, which so many types of pastas and pizzas to choose from, it would consume a lot of space to display all the food, right? Hehe.



The dessert section. The mango pudding was really good. Not too sweet, me likey. They have ice cream as well, which me and Calvin did not take at all because we were really full at the end of the dinner that we only took mango pudding as dessert.

Below are SOME of the food that we had. Most of them were really good. I think I can eat their tapas for the whole dinner. Hehe. Really yummy. We took a little of nearly everything and shared it. Seriously, if you take one small portion of every type of dishes that they have, your tummy will explode. Too much to choose from until you have no idea where to start.



There are still a lot of food that I forgot to take photographs. Even though the open kitchen food portion is small, but I think it would be perfect for those who would like to try a little of everything. After that, you can dump all your clips on the food that you like the most. Haha.

I really hope to go back to the place again. I guess Wai Leng would leave this place as she love to try different kind of food at the same time and place. Maybe I can suggest this place for our next gathering. Hehe.

My wedding is getting nearer and nearer but I have yet to start my planning. I am still very busy with work (stressed to the infinity) during the day and planning for my wedding and honeymoon at night. Oh… please save me!!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

2nd Year Anniversary

28th July means a lot to me. This year, 28th of July will be the exactly 1 year after I left AAN, my first company after graduate from university. Learnt a lot from the company and met a bunch of great friends. I still keep in touch with them every now and then, especially during the weekends.

28th of July is also me and Calvin’s anniversary. Since we are getting married and there’s a lot of expenses that we need to pay, I told Calvin that I don’t want flower this year. Instead, a simple dinner will do. I told him twice and I really mean it. Imagine the surprised that I received when I was working and suddenly someone came into my office and looking for me. I was sitting at Joey’s place to do some testing. When I heard my name being called, I looked up and saw a man carrying…



A bouquet of gorgeous blue rose!! I was really shocked at that moment that I asked Joey “For me ah??” a few times before that man reached my working station. They look amazing and beautifully wrapped. Calvin brought it from Cheryl working place and requested for early delivery (before my lunch time). I was very happy that I can’t stop myself from smiling during work. I called Calvin once I finished my testing to thank him.

He insisted to pick me up from work, which is kind of weird at first but I thought he don’t want me to carry the bouquet of roses and take the monorail after work. The crowded passengers might squashed my bouquet roses into rose petals when I got off the station.

Once I got into the car and thanked him again for the roses, he reached into the right side of his seat and gave me the 13th rose..



The perfume that I have been searching high and low at KL!! I received a sample while walking along Orchard Road, Singapore during my trip there. I fell in love with the scent immediately and told Calvin about it. Sadly, it is not on sale yet in Malaysia. My nice Pooh asked Sai Fong for help as she has a lot of friends from Singapore and one of them travel back to KL quite often. I was really happy when I received the present. That is so sweet of my Pooh.



Took a few photographs with the beautiful bouquet when we reached home. We have decided to have our anniversary the next day as both of us were on leave on the 29th. It’s the date where we select the gowns for our pre-wedding photo shoot.

I don’t have the photographs of the gowns that I have selected because they don’t allow photographs to be taken. I only have 1 which Calvin took really quick when nobody was looking. I can’t reveal it yet. Just have to wait for my wedding day next year where my guests will be able to see them during dinner Smile

After choosing the wedding gowns, we went back to change and Pooh drove me to Bangsar. He was being very secretive about the place. He won’t let me know the name of the restaurant (which I will definitely Google about it) and even the type of cuisine that we will be having. I respect his request for me not asking too much but just follow him. He always has this great plan for our special day and my birthday.



The name of the restaurant is Opus Bistro at Bangsar. The place is very lovely and perfect for a quiet dinner with your loved ones. The waiters and waitresses are very nice and they provide perfect service to each and every customers. It is also the place for drinks on weekend nights with friends where gossip/talking/chatting occupies 90% of the outing. Just not too loud as you might disturb the lovebirds at the table next to you. Hehe. They have a variety of wine from all over the world to choose from. Me and Pooh is more to juice people so we ordered juices instead of wine.



Free appetizers are provided. Bread dipped with olive oil and vineger. Our first try of eating bread this way. I love it as I love sour food but Calvin finished his bread just as it is cause he don’t really like sour food. The bread was served still warm and quite good even though you eat them without dipping on the sauce.



We shared the seafood soup. The nice waitress was kind enough to ask us if we would like the chef to separate the soup into 2 bowls before serving. This is actually the first time we were asked such question. Very considerate for those who would love to share a bowl of soup without even have to pass the soup to the other person from time to time. The soup is made from tomato base and contains a 2 fresh prawns, 2 mussels, clams and squids. I love it as the I can actually taste the seafood from the soup itself. Not to mention that the seafood was really fresh.



Calvin had lobster with steak while I ordered cod fish as our main. Calvin preferred my cod fish over his lobster and steak as the fish was really good. Sweet and fresh. Went well with the vegetables and sauce. This was also my first time eating olives. I don’t eat olives previously as they are bitter (mainly found them in pizza and pasta). I separated out a few initially but decided to give it another try. I ate them together with the fish and it was actually not bad after all. It’s a little bit salty and went quite well with the fish. I managed to persuade Pooh to try too! Just like me, he can accept the taste but would prefer to enjoy the sweetness and freshness of the fish. I finished the whole plate all by myself including the carrots. Pooh’s steak and lobster was quite good. Maybe I was on diet currently, so I don’t go crazy over steak anymore. I used to order steak or lamb whenever I have the chance. Now, I prefer seafood and I have got myself used to it as I only went through the seafood section on the menu. Haha.



We shared a dessert that was highly recommended by the bloggers and even the waitress herself. It’s hot chocolate pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We waited for quite long for the desserts but it was all worth it. As we enjoyed this heavenly dessert, we realised that this dessert is actually made during order. When we cut the puff into half, steaming hot chocolate flow out. Really good. Perfect for sharing after dinner. But both me and Pooh still agrees that the chocolate pie at Café Café is still the best dessert that we had, to date.



My most handsome Pooh that never fails to surprise me with all the good stuffs for our special day. The effort and research that he put in for us to celebrate and enjoy this wonderful day is the best present that I could ask for. Thank you so much, Pooh. I Lap Eu Smile

I shall end this happy post with a beautiful, gorgeous, cute, pretty etc photograph of me…