Sunday, March 30, 2008

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  1. Most of my friends and teachers/lecturers thought I was a boy when they first read my name. This happens since primary school. Why?!?!?!?! I think my name is very feminine ( I guess ). Haha. Or maybe my mum who hoped really hard that I was a baby boy when I was born made my dad to give me a boy-ish name. Haha. Just joking. My dad is fully responsible for me and my sis's name. The other funny thing is the first name for my given name, Yick, in mandarin sounds totally weird. Instead of "yi", people will read "qi". It's so weird. Even my mandarin teacher ( i quit mandarin classes after one month... I have no idea what the teacher is teaching in front ) called me "He Qi Hui". It was supposed to be "He Yi Hui". Okay, maybe He Qi Hui sounds okay but then my sis would be He Qi Qi. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
  2. I'm the biggest cry baby in the whole wide world. But I guess a lot of people know about this. Sad movies and sad tv series made me sob non stop. Reality shows ( Fear Factor, American Idol ) can make me cry too. The other day, I was watching tv and there was this advertistment recommending a tv series on Hallmark Channel. I think the advertistment was around 1.5 minute. The series was about a father who is diagnose with Alzheimer disease. His daughter moved back to live with his father to spend time with him. The part where he said "Ask me now what you want to know before I forgot" turned my crying pipe on. It was so sad. A few tv ads made me cried everytime I watch them, especially by Petronas during Merdeka day. I think they did a great job in producing an tv ad that can leave a deep mark on everybody (especially me... hehe).
  3. I am scared to sleep alone. Some people will envy me when I told them I have my own room. I, on the other hand, hopes that I can share a room with my sister. The other day during dinner with my family, I confessed that I'm very scared to sleep alone everynight till sometimes when I have nightmare, both of my leg will cramp because I don't dare to move. It becomes worst when I watch/read/listen ghost stories earlier. I would leave the light on the whole night. The slightest sound after I turned off the light scares me. Why am I so useless?!?!?! No idea. Hehe. But my sis was kind enough to agree sharing her room with me. So my room will become wardrobe/study room while my sis room is the bedroom. Haha. Happy happy!!!
  4. I can lie on my bed staring at the wall in front of me for hours. This is only applicable when I lie on my bed ONLY. That is the only time where I can waste my time doing nothing. Maybe 2 to 3 hours. I won't fall asleep. I will just stare at the walls and my mind will be completely blank. I enjoy doing this on Sunday morning. Haha. It really de-stress and calm me down. Maybe you should try it too. Haha.
  5. I'm very picky when it comes to food. I don't eat carrot that was cute into cube shape but I eat carrot that is shreaded or cut into small pieves. I love raw onion but hate fried onion rings. I seldom eat rice at home. I don't eat cheese in slice, but can accept melted cheese. I don't eat the economy rice in my school canteen due to certain reason and I won't step past the partition that separate the economy rice section from the others. I don't eat seaweed but I love seaweed soup. I will only eat only the corner of the pastry that comes in square. I seldom eat the middle part (only if the corners are really really good). I love to eat certain food cooked in certain way but I won't eat certain ingredient. Eg. Bitter gourd cook together with chicken was my favourite but I will only eat the chicken. Specifically order salted fish fried rich but I only eat the rice and throw away the salted fish. Haha. I don't like food that are too sweet and salty but I can accept sweets and chocolates (only white and milk chocolate). This is what I can think of at the moment.
  6. I can be very happy and bad mood the next minute. My mood fluctuation rate is unbelievable. If I want something, I will get it no matter what. If I don't get it, I will cry. Eg. I saw one dress I love the other day. There was some defect at the front part so they arrange for me and the designer to meet the next day. On the next day, I wore the dress again and show the designer what is the defect. She said she can fix but the dress won't look nice. I have no choice but to give up the dress. Me and Kitt had lunch after that. After ordering my food, my eyes started to get watery and I cried in the restaurant. OMG. Why am I like this. Maybe I'm not used to not getting things that I want. If I want to buy something, I won't mind starving till the end of the month. The only possibility that I didn't get it is it ran out of my size ( even in other outlet ) or the thing is broken badly.
  7. I love Singapore. Haha. Read my previous post to find out the reason why. I love things that people don't love. I hate things that people love. I have no idea why.
  8. Okay... this might sound silly. But on my birthday every year since I was 12, among my birthday wishes ( with or without cake ), one of them have to be world peace. OKAY LA.... laugh la laugh la. Sounds so Miss-Universe right?!?!?! But my world peace is no war and violence to the people and stop harming the earth such as stop pollution, stop hunting animals that are going to extinct, stop global warming.... that kind of world peace okay. I don't know why.... I know this is funny but I really hope that one day, we will really live in peace and harmony. No killer, robery, rapist... in short, everything bad will be gone and we treat each other nicely and all of this happen very suddenly. But I know it is impossible. Maybe it's true that without bad people, there will be no good people. Haha. Okay la... laugh la. But I found it to be funny too.

Okay. Done with the tag. Haha.

I found a dress for Nott's Annual Dinner. Thanks to Cindy and her cousin. My next mission would be on diet since the dress shows my figure and the sight of my wobble tummy is really ugly and will spoilt the beautiful and unique dress. I don't have to worry about other people having the same dress as mine because it was designed and made by Cindy's cousin. It's her own design. I really love the red one but I just can't fit in. But mine was really nice. I never realised that you can make a unique dress out of that fabric. Haha. No pictures of the dress, sorry. You will have to wait till the annual dinner is over. Now, my mission is to diet and maybe try to find a high heels to match my dress because I don't think any of my current heels can match my dress. After that, will have to decide where to get my hair and make up done on that day. ARGHHH!!! Hope to settle everything as soon as possible and concentrate on my mid terms. But I don't think much about them anyway. Heels.... can find during the weekends. Hair ane make up... if lazy then go back Jusco do lor. That's all. Haha. The diet part. Well, I think I can lose the tummy. Haha. Hopefully. If you see me eat illegal stuff, please slap me .... okay I take that back. Don't slap me. I don't want my face to swell during the dinner okay. Just scold me. Nah, I seldom do this but I allow you to scold me ONLY if I eat illegal food. Starting from now till 11th April. Haha. Rare chance. I promise I won't be angry or cry in public. OKAY!!!

Got to stop now. Have to continue reading Immunology.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hot hot hot!!!

Yink Heay : I will do the tag next entry. Promise!! Sorry.

Tan : Ehhh, wait till my final year project finish only do your illegal stuff okay. Don't contaminate my samples. Hehe.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Very very very damn hot ah. Feels like sitting inside an oven. Goshhhh.... Anyway, Darren reminded me to update my blog the other day. Haha. I realised I haven't touch my blog for a really long time. Thanks to my computer will shut down anytime soon. I think the fan is not functioning properly and the weather is so hot now, my computer is feeling hot too. Haha. I mean hot as in temperature hot, not the sexy type of hot okay. Anyway, uni stuffs have been keeping me busy these few days till I can survive without going online for 5 days in a row. I spent most of the time in my room doing tutorials, final year project results and study for the mid terms, lab tests and quizzes. Life is hard. Anyway, less crap and more updates...

We had a Toxicology Poster presentation yesterday. These are all the posters prepared by my classmates.

This is my group's poster. I think it's really nice. Thank you very much Cindy. Love you forever, darling. Hoho.

This is a cool poster. The netting-thinggy can actually turn. And at each stop, you can read or see clearly the text or photographs. Cool Dr Alvin said at first sight it looks like Wheel of Fortune. Haha.

This poster is by Vincent, Novanne, Sai Weng, Nay Wah and Xue Yin.

Well, that's all of the poster. Dr Alvin said we did a great job and Dean was very happy and proud bla bla bla bla. But the important thing is other lecturers are thinking of doing projects that are similar to what we did for other student the next semester. I told Cindy that we somehow are making other student life more miserable. Haha. Honestly, I don't like assignments but assignment is the easy way to get higher marks for our coursework. Being a last-minute human being on human earth, I tend to rush in order to finish everything up at the LAST MINUTE. Really last minute. This time it was worst because when I submitted my part to Cindy, I went to Singapore with my family after that. I told Cindy to contact me if I did my part wrongly and I will correct it while I'm in Singapore. Cindy didn't want to disturb my holiday with family and Kitt, she corrected my mistakes herself. I felt really really really bad. Thank you very much Cindy. I owe you.....

Singapore trip with family was fun. I managed to explore more roads and different parts of the city with Kitt because instead of going out with my family and my aunt's family who drove, me and Kitt took public transport. Bus and trains. But it was really nice. Their public transport is really convenient. I fell in love with Singapore everytime I went there for holiday. Their city is so clean. No pollution and no dried gum sticking here and there. Convenient public transports. There are pathways for people to walk and cycle. The bus stops have clean seats on nearly EACH STATION. The bus only stops at the bus stop and not in the middle of the road. The driver will stop at the pedastrian crossing even though there is no red light because drivers were supposed to give way to pedastrian. They follow the rules properly and will not cross the road if the pedastrian-traffic-light?? is red and will only cross when it's green. The shopping complexes are concentrated in one area. Clarke Quay is a cool place to hang out cause all the pubs and clubs are located at that place. The food was cheap and really good. The market was very clean and not smelly. Ahhhh.... too many things to list out. Hehe. Anyway, my trip to Singapore was to meet ....

Baby Cheryl. The cutest thing on earth.

I went to have lunch with Kitt's mum after the Toxicology Poster presentation. We had Japanese food. this is the first time I saw....

Chawan Mushi with shark fin. O.O" Okay la, maybe a lot of people know about this but this is really my first time. Kampung girl mah.... Hehe. But I was amazed... shark fin wor. Don't play play. Anyway, the food was really good. Just a bit expensive. Hehe. The beef teriyaki that I had was good. The best that I had so far. Hehe.

Do you know what is my current mission? To find a perfect dress for Nott's Annual Dinner which is 2 weeks away. An ultimate dress. The best dress ever. One and only best, ultimate dress. After I get a dress, then will decide if I will get a new pair of high heels or not. Hehe. Matching clutch? Hope that Kitt won't kill me. Hehe. But if my dress can match my current high heels and my clutches, then I won't get a new one. But..... hehe. I'm a evil person. Greedy. Hoho. Wish me luck.

Got to do the dishes now. Mum is yelling .... Haha.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Final Year Project

WL : Haha. I think your "extraordinary" photos are just fine here. They brought your "normal-ness" out and show it to the whole world how "normal" you are. Don't always cry because I will cry along too. Hehe.

-cg- : When it's time for other gals birthday, I might write something but not this long because I don't have so much photographs of the others and I don't think I got so much things to write about them compare to WL. Haha. Maybe because we've been through a lot?

The fan of my CPU was not functioning anymore, hence my computer is officially spoilt. Hopefully I will get back my D drive back because all my photographs and songs are inside. If D drive is spoilt too, then all my memories will be gone. Aihhh.... I requested for a laptop from mum so that I could do my work inside my room, instead of outside which is very hot and not comfortable at all. When I wanted to read the notes from slides, it is very difficult because mummy is watching tv downstairs. I can't read when i'm surrounded by noise. I can only read and understand what I am reading when I'm in a quiet place. I don't need a high tech laptop like kitt because I won't know what is the difference ( except speed ) with a low tech laptop. Just need one with basic functions. Hopefully mum will get me one. I really need a laptop!!! PLEASEEEEE!!!

I'm using Kitt's CPU now. He lent me this because I need to do my lab reports. Thank you very much. Haha. I realised that I can't survive 3 days without computer (unless it's exam period). I don't know what else to do at home besides sitting in front of the computer. I can read blogs, Facebook and Friendster, check e mail, play games, do lab reports, study and ... surf internet. ( notice that studies-related are among the last few options? haha ).

Anyway, last week had been really tough for me and my gals. Something terrible happened and all I can do is just listen and cry. That is what I know and can do the best. But I'm glad things are turning out fine this week. As for myself, I finally found a room for my Final Year Project. But today is the first day of my "sad week". I can't even stand during the practical session. GOSH!!! Enough detail about this because I think everyone will know what will happen later and tomorrow. AIHHH.

Anyway, the room for my Final Year Project was a freaky and scary place. It was on the 6th floor of SA block. There were 2 small rooms and 2 big rooms on that floor but NOBODY go there. Absolutely nobody. Hence, they won't turn on the light and air cond on that floor. Imagine you alone in a place where it's quite dark and extremely quiet. Scary!!! I was so scared that everytime I went to collect my agar plates, I rushed in and out very quickly. I really hope that my project can finish as soon as possible because I am really really very scared of going to that place alone everytime. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to post some photographs on this entry but I'm not using my own computer. Me and gals took some really nice photographs last week which I would like to post it here but I am very lazy to install the software for my handphone to Kitt's computer. L.A.Z.Y!!!! OKAY!!!!!