Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daily necessity spoilt!!!

My hp is spoilt :( The screen went blank but the phone can still function normally. I still can receive call but is unable to see who the caller is. I still can receive sms but unable to read & reply :( My precious hp is ........ ill :( wuu wuu wuu. Paul helped me send to his friend's place and will send it back to Samsung since my phone is still under warranty. I miss my phone :( I'm currently using my first hp :( I still miss my phone very much. My sweet memories are inside the phone. Photos........ Songs...... AHHHHH!!! Please recover soon my dear phone.

I went Christmas tree shopping last weekend. Had a heavy breakfast at Ikea. Hehe. Photos.... haiz, it's in my phone :(. After that, walked around in Ikea. Choose one light and then we realised that the christmas tree's price was reduced from 59 to 39. Haha. We quickly grabbed one and purchase the ornaments and lights. Most of the ornaments are black and the lights are clear lights. I wonder how does the christmas tree looks like now. Hehe.

Am not in the mood to blog because.... I miss my phone very much :(


Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, TW!!!

Last Friday was TW's birthday. We had a small dinner together since not much people were free that day. We had Korean dinner since TW don't want steamboat, pizza and pasta. Haha. I thought we will be having Korean BBQ but in the end, we had hot plate instead.

This is what we had for dinner that night. It consists of chicken, white lingou, cabbage, chilli paste and noodle. Quite nice, but could be better if it wasn't too spicy. This is my first time eating and it was way better than my expectations :)

VIPs that attended the dinner that night. It was fun. We gossiped the whole night. Haha. Whenever we gather, we will gossip and there will be this money session where everybody take out money and give it to other people. Haha. It's a compulsory activity everytime we meet. Haha.

On that day, Kitt-y went to my office and have lunch with me. I'm really happy when I received his call in the afternoon. We had Japanese restaurant and I will 100% visit this restaurant again because they serve my favourite beef patty steak. OMG!! The last time I had one was in U-Zen and they do not serve it everyday. The Japanese restaurant, Hanazen, is located in Jaya One. The food that we ordered that day was quite nice. Nothing was not nice, actually. Haha.

My grilled chicken teriyaki. I think it's my practise that whenever I visit a Japanese restaurant for the first time, I will order chicken teriyaki. If it's not nice, I will never visit the restaurant again. Haha. This is my first grilled chicken teriyaki. Unlike other chicken teriyaki, the sauce was just right, not too salty. I like :)

These were Kitt-y temaki. California and soft shell crab if I'm not mistaken. I think I was influenced by him, I slowly can accept temaki. I don't eat temaki at all last time. Kitt-y is a big fan of temaki and whenever we dine in a Japanese restaurant, he will order one. But I can only eat the middle part. The top and bottom part was settled by Kitt-y :) But he's glad that I enjoy one temaki as much as he does :)

Kitt-y's sushi. Nothing special though. He didn't comment much about the sushi. Maybe it's because it's a bit too hot for him because the greedy fella dip it in soy sauce full of wasabi even though there was wasabi in the middle of the sushi. Haha. There were nearly tears of joy :P HAHAHAHA!!!

Biggest baby octopus that I have ever had in my life... so far :) I was shocked when the waiter served me the baby octopus. It was huge, unlike the normal one that I usually had. It was bad though. But I still prefer the tiny baby octopus. It's not that scary, for sure :)
Okay. So that sums of my week. Ohhh, one more thing. New hair colour for me and I finally got the hair serum that smell sooooooo good. Haha. For me at least. Hair colour was a bit bright but it's okay. I can live with it. Haha.
That's all. I'm very very very tired. Have been waking up early and sleepin late last week. Haizzz..... But I'm happy :) hahaha.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Keng-ness :)

This is a brand new week for me. My sis is sending me to work and home everyday except Monday. Hehe. Enjoyed the car ride with her very much. We practically gossip from our house all the way to my office. It's fun to have girl chat. But I must say her driving skills are really scary. The most scary driver will be Mr Brandon. Haha. But it's okay. Even though I'm scared all the time but I know they are skilled drivers *pray hard*. Hehe.

This working week is quite fun. Answered a few calls that are really cute. There was one agent that called in where she speaks Mandarin and I answered in English. We managed to talk for 10 minutes. Then I realised that actually language is not important. The most important thing is that both the speaker and the receiver understand the meaning of the message that was being exchanged (hmmm sounds like IPC) (I'm just saying that so that ppl will not laugh that I'm a banana.... but I'm a proud banana :) ) Hehe.

Then there were hospital staffs who are really nice. We can talk as if we have known each other for a really long time. Hehe.

But the I got annoyed sometimes when certain ppl (agent/staff/patient) who called back every 5 minutes to check the status of the case. Haiz...... Patience please. But can't put the blame on them because some ppl are natural "kan cheong", while some are in pain. Some just like to annoy ppl. Hehe jk jk. In the end.... just 1 word can answer it all. Human. All of us are like that. When we want to get something done, we will keep on urging the other side. It's normal. Hehe. So, like I said earlier, I got annoyed SOMETIMES. Once I put down the phone, then I realised it's not anyone fault. Hehe. And life goes on....

Ooh, TW's birthday is coming soon. Heard that there will be Korean dinner for her. Yummy yummy. Hope that the side dishes are good :)

I really want to go shopping. CNY is coming soon and there are sales everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! The other day, I went to Roxy Friend and Family sales. Didn't get any clothes. Just a pair of sandals and a cap. Always wanted a cap. When I get one, I wondered when will I have a chance to wear it. But it's really pretty. Kitt-y said I look very nice with a cap/hat on. BUT HEY!!! STOP LAUGHING. It doesn't mean that I'm ugly without a hat/cap on my head okay. Without hat/cap I'm still pretty but with a cap/hat, I'm most pretty. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Am I right Kitt-y? *evil stare at Kitt-y*

Okay. Got to stop now. No photos for this post. Will blog again during the weekend... I think. Hehe. Sorry dear blog. Less attention to you nowadays cause I'm busy working and not much time to take photos :) Patience.... patience.....


Monday, November 24, 2008

Cute cute cute cute puppies :)

I felt really awful today. My stomach isn't feeling very well. Plus terrible headache. Aih, just woke up after taking medication. I'm bored at home.... :( wuu wuu wuu

Mum cooked chicken porridge for me. Taste really good but I just can't take much. Stomach still in pain.

It's dark because I'm lazy to turn on the light and it's more cooling when you don't turn on the light. Haha. Silly.

Rockxy's puppies are getting bigger and bigger. They are really cute. 2 has been sold. Now just left 2 at his house. One will be given away while the other one is sold to Kitt-y's friend. I will miss them :( I took a lot of photos of them last night. They were sleeping, nicely arranged on Kitt-y's lap. Rockxy was always nearby guarding her puppies.

Big puppy (female), small puppy (male) and Rockxy. Happy family. Too bad the puppies will have to go soon :( Nvm Rockxy, I will always love you :)

Just look at them. Lazy but super adorable. Just sleep there the whole night. Like pig. Haha.

I managed to woke one up but she refused to pose for my camera. Humph. I gave both of them a kiss on the forehead, just in case they are no longer there next week :( Take care puppies, be good in your new home. Hope you will be well treated and have a good life. My kiss will always be on ur forehead. Hahaha.
Gosh, I felt a bit emo today. Sick and emo. And boring. Nobody online :( All busy working, studying, having fun while I'm staying at home and emo-ing. GOSH!!! Maybe I should go back to sleep. Feeling a bit uncomfortable now cause the pain is back.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Swenson... re-visited

It's the weekend again. I'm sitting at home again. I'm sitting in front of the laptop again. I'm blogging again..... Hm, don't sound poetry at all. But hey, I'm not trying to be a poet. Haha.

Joke of the day, "someone" was awoke by her/his own fart today because it's too smelly. OMG!! This is so funny. At last, she/he finally realise the power of her/his own fart. Haha. People that are close to me will know who that "someone" is. No prize for guessing who that person is correctly though. Names should not be mentioned. Just use initial will do ya. Haha.

I went to Swenson for lunch today. Or should I say tea time or early dinner :p Kitt-y was a bit late due to badminton match. Hence, I had my lunch late today. I nearly starve to death in the office. Haha. Anyway, the Swenson that I used to go quite often was in Leisure Mall but it was i-Dragon now. Maybe they closed down due to lack of business during day time. My favourite dish will be Crayfish pasta. Hehe.

Upon arrival, this is the space that I am able to get out from the car. Thanks to Kitt-y amazing parking skills. He managed to park as close as he could to one side so that other cars could pass by. This is the space that I can set both my fat foot at when I got off the car and got in the car again after meal. If you see the photo carefully, there was not much space for me to stand because there is this small slope. But I have my own skill as well. I can stand at small space very well :)

Enough of that. Haha. I had Crayfish pasta while Kitt-y had Sirloin steak. Our dessert was...
THIS!!!! Okay. It's something sizzling something banana something caramel something ice cream something. It's quite good. Just too sweet. But the ice cream is really really good.
Haha. Okay. Got to stop now. Enjoy the weekend ppl.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hectic week

This week will end soon. Tomorrow's shift is 9 till 3. Then will be holiday for me. Hehe. I wonder what will I be doing this weekend. Since I'm not tutoring anymore, I can hang out or just stay at home and emo with Baby. Haha.

Talking about Baby, she had a grooming session recently. I think she looks grumpy/frowning all the time. Pity her. Hehe.

But she's still very adorable. Love her :p

Went to Pavillion yesterday with SW. Initial plan was to have dinner together to avoid the traffic jam. At the same time, he wanted to fetch his sis from work. But when we're getting nearer to Pavillion, he suddenly thought of calling his sis to confirm the time she finish working cause he's worried that she might finish work at 5pm. It turns out that she really finished her work at 5pm but still is in Pavillion. Mervyn was there too. He watched a movie to avoid traffic jam. Haha.

Had Thai dinner last night at Pavillion's famous food court. I have this crave for Thai food all of a sudden. Maybe I miss the Hulu Langat Thai food very much :(

After dinner, we walked around. I haven't step my foot in Roxy for a really long time. Their new arrivals are not bad. Browsed through a few bags. Managed to stop myself from getting one after my Pink Gorrilla. Hehe. But ....

I bought this.... Hey, I love my environment okay. Say no to plastic bag and yes to re-useable bag. Furthermore, it can be folded into smaller size for easy storage. Hehe. Me like :p

This is a 2009 planner. I still need an organiser next year right. Furthermore, it's not expensive. The price is quite cheap actually. Hehe.
Ever since working, I have been on shopping therapy quite often, especially during weekends. I have to get working attires. Hope to go shopping with my galz soon cause I heard from TW, the sales are coming very soon. Happy happy! Hehe. Ohhh, I want to go Bangsar so much. My pay will be out by the end of next week. Happy happy happy :p
Oh well, that is all about the current me. Very happy with work and am learning new stuff everyday. Am proud of myself. Haha. What about you??

Sunday, November 16, 2008

James is not so Bond anymore

So, I've watched James Bond last Friday with Mervyn. To be honest, I'm not really amazed by the movie. First of all, not much high tech gadgets. Only the car at the opening was nice. Too bad it was badly damaged. Haiz... What a waste :p

The only thing that amazed me was the table-computer thinggy. Hehe. No idea what it is called though. Bond girl was (or is it were??? 1 or 2) not really pretty. One of them somehow reminds me of the girl in Mr Bean's movie. Hehe. The vehicles that were used are an old Volksvagon which looks like a beetle, an old sampan with motor (haha) and a plane that looks like made of aluminium foil. Hmm... I guess that's it. Hehe.

BUT..... I still love James Bond :) Especially the blue eyes and the hot body.

Okay. Seriously, I don't think this movie is worth all hours of lining up just to get the movie.

Was supposed to watch Madagascar yesterday but we're too lazy to line up to buy the movie tickets. Hence, we went for shopping instead. And I bought a pair of heels. Me likey :) bought a skirt and top for work too. Wanted to go Bangsar again to shop today but then nobody to go with :( I'm depressed for not getting my shopping therapy :(

Well, at least I spent the day with Baby. I'm watching tv while she's sleeping by my side. Guess she will never let me down when I needed someone to accompany me. Hehe. Thank you Baby :)

I still haven't get photos for my birthday dinner from Pui See yet. Jullian uploaded all the photos into Facebook edi. Hehe. Thank you very much Jullian.

It looks like going to rain. Please do rain.... Me likey rain :)


Monday, November 10, 2008

Jiggy Monday

Hey people. It's school holidays but it's not work holidays okay. I still have to work. Haha. Okay, the previous week was busy and I learnt the next step of my work. It's really complicated. Hope that I won't mess things up *praying hard*.

Had a great holiday on Cameron last weekend with sis and friends. I brought my camera along but didn't take any photos at all because there was a professional photographer there with not only 1, but 2 really cool cameras. Just have to wait for my sis to get all the photos from him and I will get it from my sis. Haha. Anyway, Cameron was so-so. I got quite sick of all the green things where at one point I told Mervyn that I want to go back KL because I'm sick and tired of seeing everything green everywhere I go. If it's not green, it will be strawberry. I know there are plenty of strawberry farms in Cameron but the strawberry I'm talking about here are the strawberry bag, coin pouch and even umbrella!! I need to see some tall buildings. Furthermore, it rains while we're there, which made it more difficult for us to move around. Well, photos update next post.

Ohhh.. I have to blog about what I saw this morning. Sorry, no photos because it happened really fast that I don't have the time to take a photo. There was this guy driving a car just in front of SW's car. At first, he move his body. I thought he was shifting gear. It's normal that certain people have this big action while shifting the gear. But then I realised that he was actually dancing in the car. I know it's normal to dance in the car but not on a Monday morning please. Haha. It's really funny. He danced till his car shake a bit. OMG! SW wanted to over take him so that the both of us could see how he look like but we never have the chance to do so. It's damn hilarious man. SW even imitate the guy's move but that guy is really good. Haha.

Baby had a hair cut. She's all neat and pretty girl now. I like :p

I seriously am desperate for shopping therapy. I need heels, working attire and bags. I want I want I want. Oh holy sales and salary, please come as soon as possible. I want to watch movie too. But no time and nobody that is willing to accompany me. I WANT AHHHH!!!! (hmmm sounds a bit demanding and emo in this post).

Ohh yeah. I would like to thank everybody for the birthday wishes and those that had dinner with me that night. I really enjoyed myself that night. Thank you for attending. I know it's a bit far but then, hey, it's my birthday. Haha. Thank you Kitt-y for the flowers. They are really really nice. *shy*

Okay, that's all for this photo-less post. Will update soon. Just have to gather all the photos as soon as possible. Hehe.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random, random and random

If you think your current job is bad/terrible, you should watch The Perfect Storm. Besides the handsome and good looking main actor (hehe), the story line is really meaningful. The story does not ends with a happen ending. It is really sad. It is one of those movie where you thought u can predict what is going to happen next but end up with the wrong prediction. It's really really really sad. When I watched the movie, I suddenly realised that somehow my job is way better than theirs. And for those who complaining that her/his job is not good this and that, try watch the movie and you may realise that you are the lucky ones. SERIOUS!! I AM VERY SERIOUS. Hehe. Anyway, the movie is really nice anyway.

Gosh, second week of working and I'm dead tired today. When I reached home, mummy was asking me something while I dragged myself upstairs, put my bags in my room and went to the other room and just fell onto the bed. I did all of those while answering my mum's question and still have the time to tell her I'm going out tonight!!! Amazing!!! Well, at least for me. Haha.

Okay, photos update time.

Coconut ice blended that I had the other day. It's really nice but fattening. Haha.

My current obsession. Curry puff from Ikea. It is really nice that I had 6 in 2 days. 3 for dinner, 3 for breakfast. I still am craving for more. Haha.

The other day when I went KFC at Sg Wang with PS and TW, I got this as my mash potato. Only the gravy in sight and no potato at all! And the clever me dare to say, "The potato melted?". HAHAHAHAHA! Stupid.

There is this place at Jaya 1 which have the same concept as BBQ Plaza but the grill pan is way way way bigger.
Okay, may not look big here but if compare to BBQ Plaza, it is way bigger. Hehe. The pros may be cooler environment. The cons may be less variety of meat and the sauce isn't really good.

We had beef set that day. So-so only. Hehe.

There will be a erm.... fire show??? The show is quite nice actually. The fire can go up and down the man's chest. SERIOUS!!!!! REALLY!!!! The man can even blow the fire out from his mouth without any kerosene in his mouth. REALLY!!!! The restaurant is called Fire something. Haha. It's in Jaya One, opposite UTAR.

The puppy is getting bigger. I haven't seen them for 1 week and they can open their eyes already. One even bark softly at me. So cute!!! Reminds me of Baby when she was young. Awww..

That's all.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Guy vs Girl Round 2

FINALLY!!!! I managed to upload all the photos that I need for this entry. It took me a few days. Something wrong with my internet connection or what? It is really annoying. Hehe. Anyway, sorry for the lack update. My friends have been waiting for the photos for Mei Yee and Soon's birthday dinner for quite some time. Don't blame me, blame the internet. Hehe. Decided to do girl vs guy again.

We girls agreed that guy have the worst taste bud ever. Keat, Kian Shen and Chai said that there is this pizza plaze at Bukit Bintang area which serves good food. Since I'm the organizer for this dinner and Mei Yee wanted to try something new, I choosed this restaurant. It is called Izzi Pizza or something. It is situated opposite Giordano at the cross junction of Bukit Bintang. Apparently, that 3 weirdos visit that place quite often for meals. They said it's nice and cheap too. They have 75% discount on each monday and wednesday, if I'm not mistaken. If you pay by Citibank credit card on other days, you will get 60% discount. If you pay by cash, you will get 50% discount. Sounds like a good deal. Jonny have Citibank credit card, so he paid for the bill first and we paid him back after that. Back to the food. All of them were really awful. It was either too salty or too hot. I ended up didn't ate much because it was really way too salty.
Another bad thing about this restaurant is if you bring a bottle of water in, they charge you RM15 (if I'm not mistaken) for that bottle. If you bring you bring outside food or even a birthday cake, you will be charge RM45 or something like that. I was like OMG! Is this a way of welcoming more customers or chasing them away. What kind of rule is that. Annoying. Luckily we didn't bought a cake that day since Mei Yee only wanted doughnuts and we bought a cupcake for Soon. We ended up ordering 2 dessert for them. And the restaurant told us that they only have 1 more candle left. Totally blacklisted this place. Will never visit this place anymore. EVER!!

Here is a proof of how bad the food is. The pizza was burnt!!! Haiz.... fail.

Well, the place that we usually choose was either good or so-so. Not as bad as this. Humph!!
When we ask them to take photo, they are usually the last one to be ready. Even after the photographer took the photo, they are still not ready yet. The outcome = blur photos.
Not only 1...


Only the 3rd photograph you can see their faces clearly. Haiz. Fail.

In case you didn't notice, in all the 3 photos above, we girls were looking and smiling at the camera. Means we can get ready really fast.

Guys will only stand or sit there and smile for photo taking sessions. No hugging or whatsoever. Just ... plain ... smile. Hehe. They don't care if their face appear big. They don't care if they look fat in the photograph. For them, they just stand there, smile, snap and go.

We care how we look in the photographs okay. Cannot look fat. Must smile perfectly. Must breath in so cannot see the fat tummy. Those who are plump must not stand too near the camera. Cannot zoom in too much to avoid visible pimples, pores etc. And the list goes on.
Example, this is the photo Wai Leng took with Soon.

Wai Leng thinks that she looks really fat... hence...

she stood behind Soon. Outcome = smaller face for her = slimmer. Haha.
Example 2 will be Mei Yee posing for the camera and put her hand on Soon's shoulder.

In both photographs, Soon just crossed his hands. Haha.
Haha. That's the end of the guy vs girl session this time. This round, girls won due to their greatness in taste and photography knowledge. Haha. Good job girls. *clap clap clap cheer*
Anyway, the rest of the photos for the night.

Me with the birthday girl. Hehe.


The girls. Miss them so much. Hope to hang out more often with them. Best time of my life.

That's all for now. Hope that there will be Round 3 of guy vs girl coming very soon :p

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy busy

OMG!! First week of work and I'm dead tired every single day. Maybe it's the traffic jam. 2 hours stuck in jam. When I reached home, bathe, eat then sleep. Haha. Will look like a pig soon. Tomorrow might be joined by a new person that I know very well. *Fingers crossed*

There is a problem with Photobucket. I cannot upload photos of Mei Yee and Soon's birthday there, so I cannot write my Girl Vs Boy Part II. Haiz... have to wait. Furthermore, the computer got some problem. Frustration!!!!!

Have you guys watch new Digi ad? It's so cute. Even though there were certain parts that similar to another ad, but it's still very cute. Hehe.

Will upload soon when the PC is normal again.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Guy vs Girl

I went to Port Dickson with my family last weekend for holidays since mum managed to book free apartments. From the outside, the apartment looks like this...


But the interior was still tolerable. Hope that the apartment in Cameron will be better. Haha.

Anyway, I realised that guys and girls enjoyed their holiday in different ways. These are what I've observed during my 2 days 1 night trip in Pork Dickson.

1. At the beach.



Do you notice a head in the middle of the sea? Don't worry, that is Kitt-y's head. Haha. No, he is not short but he went quite far from the beach. When I took the picture, I was shocked too. Looks a bit eerie but then the real situation, it's not that scary. Anyway, when guys went for holidays, they will do whatever activity that is available at the destination. In this case, Kitt-y went for a swim on the sea. He "walked" around the sea for a few rounds before returning to the beach, without sun block lotion and whatever protection on the skin.



Same photo doesn't mean I'm doing the same thing. I post up the same photo because I took this photo which means I'm not fully wet. I have my shirt and short pants on without any swimming suit/bikini underneath it. This is because I have no intention on getting wet. The beach looks quite dirty because it's brownish in colour. I know it's normal in Malaysia but then I prefer to swim and play only at the beach with white sands. Haha. White = clean. Hence, I just walked around the beach and took some random photos of the beach and my relatives. Hehe. Furthermore, I don't want to further spoil my grass hair with the sea water. It's already quite dry. And I didn't bring sun block lotion along for the trip. I rather stay dry. Furthest I will go is where the water level reaches my knees. Haha. At the same time, yell towards the bf to be careful and don't go so far and be careful and don't go so far and be careful and don't go so far... Haha.

Some photos which I took from the beach.






They are willing to catch scary looking animals along the beach.


They are willing to stand quite far from the scary looking animals and zoom on it to take a photo of it for the first time. After observing the animal's behaviour and realised that it won't bite her head off, she moved closer to the animal and started to poke it with one finger. Haha.


A female crab that Kitt-y caught along the beach. We knew it's female because there were eggs on her body. Should be eggs right? Cannot be shit or anything yucky right?


Talking about shit, I thought these were shit when I saw then lying in the middle of the beach. I thought that a big fish poop. Well, I know it's dumb to think that way because the fish has to be really big in order to produce such a big poop. Haha. I heard those are sand(duh) dug out by some animals. How the sand turned into this shit-look-a-like shape, I have no idea. Hehe.



Are very adventerous and curious. Kitt-y found a dead crab. He claimed that the crab was already dead when he found it. He took the crab and placed it in front of the female crab he caught earlier. It must have scared the hell out of the female crab. Haha. Mean right?



Took more photo of the 2 crabs and keep on saying that it's very pitiful, very cruel bla bla bla bla.



Out on the beach



Hiding under a tree. Hehe.

2. Dinner


Kitt-y ate quite a lot during dinner time. Maybe he was really hungry from all the swimming activities. He ate like it was nobody's business. Just stuff his mouth and swallow. Stuff again and swallow again. Haha.


The end result. Bones were hide under the tissue. From the size, it is proven that he ate more stuff without bones/shell to ensure that he is full the whole night till the next morning.


Ate a lot during dinner too. But we diet before the holiday to ensure that we can eat a lot during the holiday itself. So that when we go back after the holiday, we will not be too fat and even if we gained weight, it will not be too hard to lose the weight we gained again. Girls pay more attention to food sessions. We have to watch what we eat and at the same time enjoy what we stuff into our mouth and also pray that our body will not grow wider sideways. Haha. Seafood is my favourite, especially crabs. So, less on other stomach filling food and save the stomach for the crabs. Which means I ate a lot of crab. Hence, more shells on my side of the table at the end of the meal.


Don't agree? I have another test subject. My sis!


Her side of the table at the end of the dinner. Notice the similarities? More crab shells. Haha.

3. Random


When asked to take photograph, Kitt-y came out with these 2.

The yawning/tired face pose.


Walking away pose.


But he looked at William's camera when he asked him to. Gender discrimination!!! Humph




When asked to take photograph.... wait. I'm not a big fan of taking photograph of myself. I love to take photograph of other people, scenary and objects. BUT NOT MYSELF. This photo was taken from William's blog. Okay, he didn't asked me to look at the camera, so I look at my own camera. Haha.

Okay. Those are most of the photos that I took during the trip. Seriously, I did not take much photos, especially food. Because I'm too busy stuffing myself with food and enjoying the holiday at the same time. One word: Lazy. Haha.