Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 7, 8, 9 & 10

Okay, this will be the second last entry about Taiwan because my post-Taiwan events and photos are piling up day by day :) (yay!!)

We went to Ken Ting on Day 7 for the beaches and bitches :) Okay okay, main purpose = relax. The hotel that we stayed for the night is absolutely beautiful. It has something like European theme I guess.

Even though the room is small, it is well equiped. Flat screen tv on the wall, water heater, big comfy beds :) , a tiny balcony with table and chairs that can see ....

Great view right? I love this small hotel very very much. Will stay here again if I visit this place in the future :)

Some info regarding the pretty and small hotel. Each of us paid NT$700 for one night accomodation. The price is not bad, considering the beautiful beach view given to us. But I'm not feeling very well when I reached there, so I slept the whole afternoon :p Sai Weng and the others went out for lunch and walk walk.

This is their lunch. Even without me around, Sai Weng still remember to take photo of the food :) Smart smart. They said it's not nice at all and quite expensive. They bought KFC egg tart for me.

The rest of the evening was spent walking along the night market and casual shopping. Haha. Bought 2 pairs of really cheap but super comfortable beach pants at NT$150 per piece. It's really really cheap. Should have get a few more leh :(

They bought some fireworks since we stayed just across the beach. Since mum told me every year not to play with fire, I just stood there and take photographs. But it's really hard to take a decent photo of the fireworks because .... I have no idea why. Even though I received super advise from Jonny the Guru, I still failed to take a good shot of the fireworks. I failed my temporary sift :p Hehe. The food along the street was so-so only. Nothing to ohh and ahh about though. But the prawns are really huge. Scary :(

Day 8 started quite early since we wanted to play water activities. But the sight of the sun and me not feeling well made me gave up and just observe the two boys playing. First thing we did was to satisfy our hungry stomach :) we ate at this cute restaurant but the food was awful :(

I don't know why but the food tasted a bit weird :( after brunch, we headed to look for shops that have water activity package. They settled for one tiny store and purcahsed the package that includes all water activity available. But first of all...

They have to change to funny looking water outfit. Me and Yi Yuan's gf can't stop laughing at them. No close up photos of them because... believe me, it's not a pretty sight :)

We were then brought to this rocky beach (yes... no fine white sands on the beach.. just rocks and corals ... boooooooo) and the girls (me and Yi Yuan's gf) hide under the tent gossiping about guys while the boys went out into the ocean for the water activity. It's extremely sunny that day. Felt like sitting in the oven :(

Part of their water activity. Sai Weng said that he felt like being cheated by them because it's not fun and their attitude was really bad.

Fast forward ....

We headed back to Kao Shiong after the water sport and decided to call it a day. We're all tired and sun burnt.

We had a light dinner at this place that serves really really good Siew Long Bao. My favourite will be the pan fried Siew Long Bao because it's absolutely delicious. Walked around Yi Yuan's place and went home to sleep early. Even though I did not participate in any water activity, I was really exhausted that night.

Day 9 will be the final day. Initial plan was to make it light and slow because we'll be heading back to KL tomorrow and start work the day after. But we spent the whole day shopping. Due to insufficient fund, it's more like window shopping. But still manage to get a beautiful and gorgeous bag with a low price :) yippie!!

The day started with my favourite food in Kao Shiong, the same place we had brunch on Day 6 :) it's my top 2 favourite place to eat in Taiwan okay.

Ohh.... I love this place so much, I don't think I mind eating this everyday :)

After that, we headed to Dream Mall because there's a ...

No no no ... not the grass okay ... but....

A ferris wheel on top of the map. I watched a few Taiwanese drama series and they always shoot the romantic screen in a ferris wheel. So wanted to take a closer look at the wheel :) The mall is quite big actually. They have free shuttle mini bus from the neartest MRT station to the mall. The mall has this mascot that looks like a ... um .... pale colour thing with rainbow colour .. hat?!?! Hehe.

Ohhhh and I found these beauty in the centre of the mall. I want the one in black... please :)

This is the ferris wheel on top of the mall. We did not take a ride on it because it's quite expensive. I rather spend the money on food over this :) Walked around a little and this is the place where I got my second bag :) It's so hard to resist the bag okay. It's like ... my dream bag. Haha. I know.... I have a lot of dreams :)

After shopping, we headed to my top favourite place to dine in Taiwan. We're having BBQ buffet that night. OMG!! It's absolutely delicious.

These are just small part of the food that we had that night. I'm too busy eating, so I did not snap photos of all the food that we had. I love this place very much. Like very super much. After so many not-so-delicious food at Taipei, Kao Shiong is like the heaven of good food. I'm not kidding. This restaurant has this old village theme, so it's a bit dark inside. They have unlimited of haagen dazs ice cream, unlimited bottle of coke and beer and unlimited food. I think Kao Shiong has a lot of buffet style restaurant. The best thing is their buffet is not that expensive. Wu wu wu, why can't KL have a place like this? Good quality food, superb service (they changed the grilling rack forl ike more than 10 times okay) and affordable price :( why ... why ... WHY?!?!!?! *emo emo emo*

That's the end of Day 9. Headed home early and did some final packing. Have to fit everything into the luggage and decide which to hand carry. Gosh.. I had a hard time stuffing the luggage with all my stuff. I bought.... A LOT OF STUFF!!!

Day 10 started with KFC. Yes... KFC egg tart as our breakfast. Haha.

According to Yi Yuan, the fried chicken from their KFC is not nice at all. Their are roasted instead of fried. But their egg tarts are amazing. Best served chilled in the fridge overnight :) They have different flavour as well. But seriously, they are really very very nice :)

We took the express train back to Tao Yuan to the airport. The train ride was very comfortable with a good book as my companion. The train was really really fast. It takes around 1 hour 40 minutes for us to reach Tao Yuan. From the train station, we took a bus that will send us straight to the airport. Had our lunch at the airport.

I ordered the Unagi rice while Sai Weng had some noodle thinggy. Not that nice. Well, can't expect much from a restaurant in the airport though.

Our ride home!! Hehe :) I ordered the entertainment set on board and watched Night At The Museum. I never watch this movie before. It was hilarious :) Then listened to James Morrison whole album (thus, the msn name :p)

The sun set view from the plane. It's beautiful. The clouds underneath the plane really looked like cotton candy :) soft and fluffy :)

KL night view from the plane high above. It's really hard to capture the night view because everything looks dark :( We reached KL earlier than the schedule. 30 minutes earlier!!! Luckily Calvin is an early person too :) Reunited with him in the airport and went home happily with luggage 2 times heavier, stomach full and hundreds of photograph capturing the food of Taiwan :)

Summary of Taiwan trip on the next post. Got to sleep now.