Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pink Sage–3rd visit :)

I should have blog this earlier but I have been too busy doing survey. From hens night, belt to wedding venue. Oh, hens night was on last week. Very fun, at least for me. I have never seen Shin doing so many things in one night. Haha.

Pink Sage gathering with the girls is one day before my proposal. Everyone who attended the gathering knew about Calvin’s proposal on the next day, except me. Their suggestion to go look for a dress at Sunway Pyramid the next day and sing karoake together was very well suggested to me. Without hesitation, I said yes. Haha. Anyway, let’s focus on Pink Sage shall we? This is my 2nd visit at their new outlet. It was a brunch gathering for us. And this is what we have for brunch…





This is us, very engaged in discussion. I think at this point we were talking about dress issue. Haha. Very serious topic, you know. Check out everyone’s serious look. We are very serious people okay. No laughing and smiling allowed. At all. Haha. Oppss…











Our food for the day. Trip to Pink Sage will not be complete without eating their stack and greasy breakfast. I ordered a salad for myself while Calvin ordered a Stacked Breakfast for himself. Still as yummy as usual. Hehe. Others tried on carbonara, banana pancakes and cake. It was a fun brunch and gathering is always something that I always look forward to. And Pink Sage is just the place for a lazy afternoon brunch girls gathering, full of gossips and nonsense. Haha.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bangkok Day 3 & 4

Day 3 in Bangkok started early for me and Calvin too. We went out early to have some breakfast because I was very hungry. Found this stall that sells porridge but a lot of customer lining up in front of the stall. So both of us bought one bowl of pork porridge with half boiled egg.



Ignore the dreamy effect. Camera too cold that morning. Haha. Anyway, the porridge is really good. I love the pork balls. Haha.

After breakfast, we headed back to hotel and meet up with the girls. We have decided to go floating market that day. The driver send us to this “jetty” where we can take the boat to the market.

We have to pay around 800baht per person for the boat ride to the floating market. 800 baht for 1 hour, I think. But then we only spent like 20 minutes in the market while the rest are at other place. And we found out that cars can go into the market itself. Seriously, I did not expect the floating market to be in such way.





There are houses along the way to the market. Instead of cars, they have boats just in front of their house as their mode of transport. I can’t imagine my mum taking a motor boat to the market to buy noodle for me as my breakfast. Haha.




These are the stalls along the way that sell souvenier. They are not cheap at all. We girls are too focus on buying clothes for this trip that we did not buy any souveniers for the others. Oh well, they will understand. Hehe.



Before going to the market, we have to get down at this coconut sugar farm for a visit.





This is the place where the process coconut into sugar and make delicacies out of it. My favourite will be the peanut biscuit. Really good. I bought one small box for my dad and my colleagues. Need to save luggage space for my new clothes. Hehe.









This is the floating market. More like crowded boat market. We missed out a lot of food in the market as the driver won’t stop for us to get food. I did not eat at all. I’m worried that I will get boat sick if my stomach is too full. I already had pork porridge earlier that day. Seriously, I would rather hire a taxi that would take me directly into the market so that I can walk on my one and stop at any stall to eat. The boat trip totally not worth it and very expensive. Would be better if the driver actually stop at the food stalls to let Wai Leng they all get some food. Instead, the driver maneuver around the market in a hurry. Haihhhhh……





Before sending us back to the “jetty”, the driver send us to the temple. We wanted to stay at the temple a little bit longer so that get back at the driver so being so impatient but then the temple is not big. We finished walking around the temple in less than 5 minutes. In the temple, the monk gave us gold stickers to stick on the buddha statue.

After that, we went back to the “jetty” and headed back to Platinum mall for more shopping. Hehe.

Before that, we went to McD and I finally tried their pork burger.




Only in Thailand you can find Ronald McDonald greeting you in such way.






The price of McValue Meal in Thailand is nearly the same in KL after conversion. But the Samurai Pork Burger is very good. Even their chilli sauce is good. It’s something like our Thai chilli sauce but 10 times better. Yummy yummy. Me want more. Hehe.

After a delicious lunch, we head to Platinum Mall for more shopping. Around 6pm, we went to the stalls behind Platinum Mall for dinner.



Check out the stall’s name. Porn Sea Food. Hahahahaha.






We ordered the salt grilled fish, pork omelet, vegetable and tom yum soup. The fish was quite good. It was the first time for Pui See and Wai Leng. I should bring them to the Hulu Langat Thai food since they love the fish so much. Pork omelet was good, but my mum’s pork omelet is still the best of the best!!! After dinner, we went to the 4 face Buddha, which is just around the corner, for some praying.




The shrine is just in front of Centerpoint. There are quite a number of locals who were there to pray. Some even placed fresh roses on in front of the shrine as offering to the god.

From there, we walked to Siam Square again for more shopping. I wanted to go back to the same street as there are more feminine clothes for me to choose from. Wai Leng and Pui See went back to the hotel as they have made bookings for massage earlier. Calvin and I continue to walk around the place.

We found a place to sit and have some cooling refreshment in a shopping mall.






There are a lot of ice desserts to choose from and we choose banana flavour. I love it very much. Not too sweet, just nice. Plus, the ice shavings are  very milky, went very well with the fresh fruit. Just perfect for a hot day/night.

After a little bit more shopping, we headed back to our hotel to pack our luggage as we will be leaving the next day.





Our purchase for the whole trip. Although not much but I’m very satisfied with it. I bought quite a number of sailor style clothing this trip. Some for work and some for casual wear. Calvin bought like 9 to 10 shirts for himself cause it's very cheap. Plus, the designs are very nice too.



Our supper for the night. Wan tan noodle (Wai Leng and Pui See had one packet the night before and they said very very nice), banana pancakes, pineapple and honeydew with mandarin orange juice. The pancakes that we had that night was very super uber good. Although full, both of us finished the whole thing. Really yummy. Ahh….. stop talking about the pancakes. My stomach just growled.

The next morning, me and Calvin went to Chatuchak as the tuk tuk driver wanted only 20baht. So both of us went there to check out the biggest market in Bangkok.







My photos did not justify how big the market is okay. We spent 3 hours just walking 2 rows of shop. 2 FREAKING ROWS!!! Of course we went in certain shops to check out the clothes but still, 2 rows only okay. We did not manage to visit the pets section. Another good reason to go Bangkok again….. to visit Chatuchak weekend market. They are a lot of shops selling clothes. Some are very cheap but some are quite expensive to be sold in a market. I found one shirt selling for 1500baht. A SHIRT!!!




This is the place that we had breakfast. Wan tan noodle again. Not on purpose but we stumbled upon this tiny shop and the both of us are super hungry at that time. So we just quickly eat our breakfast so that we can walk around the market as soon as possible. Simple, good and dirt cheap. Oh… and not sweet. Hahaha.

To cut the story short, we went back to the hotel and was late because of the traffic jam. Seriously, to avoid jam, better take the train. Way faster and more convenient. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the tuk tuk or taxi driver. Some of them are very terrible and rude. Haihhh….. Anyway, luckily we have planned to take the train back to the airport to avoid the traffic jam.



Our heavy and puffy bags, filled with shopping goodies. Hahaha.

We had Burger King at the airport and both me and Calvin finished off our Thai baht there. Not on purpose but the amount left was just right for one last meal in Thailand. Haha.

We have already booked meals on the flight home and a disappointment again.




The famous nasi lemak for Calvin and my roast chicken. Both, same yucky as the presentation. Luckily we were not very hungry that time.



Sunset view from the aeroplane. Goodbye Bangkok. Will be back again next year for another shopping trip. This time, hopefully with bigger group of girls. Hehe.



My cute hand made earrings from Chatuchak market. Super ultra cute!!!!

That’s all for my Bangkok trip. Upcoming posts will mostly be about wedding plans. My own wedding!! Hehe. Ohh…. and Shin’s upcoming wedding too. Can’t wait for the hens night this Saturday. Wooohoooo!!!