Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hawker stalls along Bukit Bintang area

I can’t really blog about the birthdays yet because I kept on forgetting to return the pen drive to Calvin, so he is unable to transfer the photographs to me. He told me today that there are a few folders in his computer for the photographs already (he knows I group my photographs according to the restaurant name). Hence, I shall blog what I have in hand now (more like what I have in my handphone :p)

Dad was away last week hence mum did not cook dinner for the whole week. I ask her not to because it will be very difficult to cook for so little people. So after work, I met up with Calvin and I suggested to have dinner out of Times Square because we nearly tried every restaurant there. Furthermore, most of them are fast food outlets = fat. No no no. Have to lose weight!!!

But then our dinner is not weight-losing-dinner :( boooohoooooo. You see, I got to know that somewhere near Jalan Tung Shin is this stretch of hawker stalls opened for dinner and supper which have a variety of food to choose from. Hence, Calvin agreed to my suggestion when I voiced it out. We have been there once but unable to locate a parking space, so we did not dine there. We were lucky to find a vacant space this time which is really near to the hawker stalls.




We choose the first stall on the road because they have more customers, which means the food should be quite good. The waiter handed us a menu each. I have never been to hawker stalls with a menu of foods that are available. It’s even bilingual (English and Chinese)!!! I guess that’s because most of their customers are tourist.





IMAG0029The food that we had. All of them were really good. The one that tasted the least good may be the chicken wings as both of us still prefer the chicken wings from Taman Muda. It is extremely hard to find grilled chicken wings that is juicy and delicious nowadays. Taman Muda one is still the best. The satay, char kueh teow and grilled stingray were quite good. I am very particular with grill stingray. The one that I love so far will be the one at Mid Valley food court, the one at Jalan 222 Hokkien Noodle (Restaurant Ahwa.. I think) and also this one here. The sambal gravy on top was really good. Calvin actually brought the whole plate back to the store for extra sambal because we finished it for one side but there’s still flesh on the other side. Absolutely yummy :)


On the same week, we visited another hawker centre at Jalan Imbi. It is situated at a small car park before Sakura Restaurant, directly next to the Honda showroom.


There were only a few stalls scattered around the small parking lot. One thing for sure though, make sure that you sit on the tables belonging to one of the stalls that you order your food from. If you did not, maybe you can order drinks from them. Well, it’s fair that you sit at the place far away from the char kuey teow stalls to avoid the smoke and you order the drinks from the stall provide you a table. We did so but we saw another girl who did not and was halau-ed by the stall owner. Hehe.






Our dinner that night. Yong Tau Foo were really yummy. Really really yummy. I love the tau foo pok because once you bite into it, you can feel the juices flowing into your mouth. Really good. The beef and chicken satay were really good too. Better than the one near Jalan Tung Shin because the beef was really soft and well marinated. But the char kueh teow was not really good because it was just plain and normal. The worst may be the Tom Yam Fried rice because it was really sour. Too sour for us.

Dad is back from out station, which means we will have home cook dinner next week. Yippie :) I really promise that I will blog about Calvin and Pui See’s birthday really soon. Both took place at a really special venue with amazing food :)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gasoline and JJ in Times Square :)

Photographs of the 2 (Calvin and Pui See’s) Birthdays are still with Calvin. Will get them as soon as possible!!

I totally forgot to blog about my wonderful experience of meeting JJ Lin in Times Square some time ago. I even met Shen Yin and her friend there too. Before that, me and Calvin went to Gasoline for quick lunch as we were really hungry and Gasoline is kind of in my Banned list because the awful experience with Sai Weng at the Look Out Point branch. I shall not talk about that.

Anyway, since it’s near to dinner time, both of us ordered something light even though I am very hungry at that time.



Some fried bee hun and mushroom soup. The fried bee hun was okay but the mushroom soup was surprisingly very good. The taste was just right and quite thick as well. Some restaurant wanted to cut on budget served cooked their mushroom soup with big amount of water which make it watery.

The interior of the restaurant is quite nice. Since I was wearing skirt that day, I couldn’t sit on the lower tables which requires the customer to sit on the floor. We were lucky that there’s a vacant table near the entrance.




Why so much nonsense shot? While I’m busy eating, Calvin was playing with his big and heavy camera. Guess he wanted to practise with a few shots in order to get a good photo of JJ later. When it is his turn to eat, I played with the camera. Quite nice to play with, even though I have no idea what does the tiny boxes in the view means. Oh well :)


After that, we walked to the entrance of Times Square where JJ’s mini concert was held. We walked around and noticed that Papa John’s has a few tables just next to the stage. It would be perfect for people like me who is lazy to stand for a long time but want to see JJ at near distance. While Calvin was negotiating with the kind waiter, I bumped into Shen Yin and her friend. They were there to watch JJ as well!! So the 4 of us decided to share a table and have our dinner together. It was nice talking with the both of them and watching the whole JJ mini concert together.



Check out the amount of people waiting for JJ! It’s crazy!! I really envy those with VIP tickets because they can take front view of JJ. Oh well…… at least we can watch while eating :p





The last one is my favourite photo because JJ’s reaction is really cute :) Me likey. Hehe.


Me, Shen Yin and Alicia. Had so much fun talking with them that night. We should do this again!!! Hehe.



Monday, September 20, 2010

Continuation of Weekend in Ipoh

Sorry for the slow update of the weekend in Ipoh post. Have been very busy lately with holidays, galz outing and work, work, work and more work. The amount of cases that I have to complete everyday is crazy but then it also means I am learning more than ever! Okay, enough about work and let’s just continue with Ipoh.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant in Pusing. I forgot the name and no photographs of the food because it’s a family dinner where me and Calvin are the youngest on there. Hehe. The famous dish of the restaurant is Doggy duck. Seriously…. “Gau Chai Ap” is doggy duck right? But rest assured, no dogs were harmed for our meal that night. Besides that, they have fresh prawns noodle as well. Seriously, I don’t find that place any special as I think their food were quite salty. I don’t really fancy salty food. So…. hehe, I would rate that restaurant “No Good”.

After dinner, we headed to Ipoh again and visited my grandfather (mum’s side) for drinks. My uncle owns a restaurant in Ipoh and their coffee is amazing. I don’t drink coffee but Calvin claimed that they are really good. After that, we headed to Buntong. Initial plan was for taugeh chicken but when we reached that place, it was all sold out. Not a big fan of Lou Wong, we headed there anyway. I don’t really prefer Lou Wong because it’s quite dirty. The one at Buntong is cleaner and tastier. Maybe it was fated that we are unable to taste the taugeh chicken cause Lou Wong was sold out as well!!! Ohhh well, taugeh chicken will have to wait for next trip then.

Feeling a little bit hungry, we headed to the hawker stalls at the back of Sam Tet School.



We shared this hokkien yee mee. Seriously, it was quite bad. The yee mee was over cooked which made it very soft. Luckily we ordered other food as well.



Ipoh’s rojak, in my opinion, is totally different from rojak from KL or Penang. The crispy prawn crackers are their specialty and the rojak paste is totally different from the ones at KL. Sweeter. I have to queue up for 30 minutes for this. Initial plan of RM 3 rojak and 3 prawn crackers turned into RM 3 rojak with 5 prawn crackers. You can choose the rojak ranging from RM 3 up to RM10. Since there were only two of us at that time, we ordered the RM3 only. But the prawn crackers were really good. Went well with the sweet rojak sauce.



They are a few stalls selling colourful ice desserts. We shared one since the weather was hot that day. We have to wait very long for this dessert as well. I forgot to mention that the place was packed with people and waiting for an empty table was a big challenge. We went back to my grandparents’ house with full stomach and went straight to bed after showering.


On the next morning, we went for breakfast at Batu Gajah and I accompanied my grandma for some light grocery shopping after that. We left my Batu Gajah at around 11am and headed back to Ipoh town again. First stop was to get Cempedak Cake.


This restaurant was just few shops away from the Famous Original White Coffee restaurant and near to the Indian Street. When I reached that place, I was told that the Cempedak cake was sold out and the second batch will be ready at around 1pm. So I placed order for 2 cakes and left. This restaurant is famous for their fresh water prawns noodle as well.


After that, we headed to Sin Eng Heong to collect our kaya puffs that we have made reservations the day before. Seriously, placing reservations for good food is a must. Take Sin Eng Heong as example. We were lucky that we ordered one day in advance. At least we still get our kaya puffs. We were told that all the kaya puffs that we seen that day has been reserved by other people and they were all sold out the day before. Some people wanted to place reservation for the kaya puffs to be collected on the next day but was told that the next day’s reservation was full as well!! Seriously, Ipoh people do know how to enjoy good food. Even though with I have placed order one day before, I still have to wait for one hour in the shop to collect them. Why? The one standing 2 to 3 people in front of me bought 200 to 300 kaya puffs at one shot!! But seriously, their kaya puffs are really good. If it wasn’t for my mum, I would definitely not buy them no matter how good they are. Standing in the shop for 1 hour, common!!!!


Luckily, I have Calvin with me. While I’m queuing up, my sweet bf went to get my cold soya bean milk. He too has to queue up to get one bottle of soya bean and one box of tau foo fa.


The name of the stall is really cute. Funny Mountain. Haha. These people were queuing up for their soya bean milk and tau foo fa. When you see a long queue in Ipoh or anywhere, the food must be really good. Funny Mountain even receive calls from customer to place order for their tau foo fa. I have lost the photographs of the tau foo fa that we bought but then the photograph would not be able to justify the softness of the tau foo fa. Seriously, the best that I had so far.


After collecting the kaya puff, we headed back to Restaurant Hoong Tho to collect the cempedak cake. I don’t really like cempedak because I find them too sweet. But I love the cempedak cake. Really soft but the best thing is it is not too sweet. It taste just as good when served while it is still warm or refrigerated. Definitely will be back for more.


We headed back to the stadium hawker stalls again, hoping to get Jacky Chan Chow Kuey Teow but we were too late again. It was sold out by 2pm. Seriously!!! Since we were hungry, we decided to just eat at that place and head back to KL to avoid the jam.



My Penang Asam Laksa. Quite good, I must say. Not to sour or spicy. The generous amount of prawn paste made the soup thicker and more fragrant.'



Calvin’s claypot yee mee. It was so-so but definitely way better than the one we had the night before.


That’s all for our short Ipoh trip. Dissapointed that we didn’t get to try the taugeh chicken and Jacky Chan’s CKT. But then, that is a stronger reason for us to make another short trip to Ipoh again. Wooohooooo!!! That’s all for now. Calvin and Pui See’s birthday dinner post coming up. Both dinner were totally different but absolutely yummy!!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend at Ipoh

Spent the Raya weekend in Ipoh with Calvin. Managed to search for Ipoh famous food online and set the address to our GPS. We left KL on Friday morning. Decided to have breakfast in KL since both of us were really hungry and we were afraid that we might caught in a jam on the highway. Since I was sick (flu, sore throat, feverish and cough), I suggested bread. I’m not a fan of bread but when I’m really sick and the thought of missing Ipoh’s food because of being sick, I have to make bread my best friend. So Calvin suggested 3k Benta Kayu since it’s near to his place. I was going to order kaya toast when the kid’s menu caught my attention. I asked Calvin to check with the waiter if I could order the kid’s meal. Some of the restaurant only allow children to order kid’s meal. Anyway, the waiter allowed me to order so I ordered the porridge set with fresh orange juice.



Looks simple but both me and Calvin loved the porridge because it was quite thick. Both of us prefer our porridge thick and not to watery. For me, watery porridge is like rice that has been soaked in water for a really long time. Quite yucky :( But the porridge that I had that day was absolutely nice. Thick and not too watery. Went well with the fried onion and chicken nuggets. The orange juice was really cute. The cup was small and they put a tiny umbrella at the side. Really cute :p


After breakfast, we headed to Ipoh. It was not jam but then Calvin maintained speed limit of 100 to 110km/h along the way. Good driver :)


We reached Ipoh at around 2 something and headed to Medan Selera Stadium for chow kuey teow and HK chee cheong fun. But we were too late. The Seng Loong (Jacky Chan) chow kuey teow was sold out!! So we ordered HK Chee cheong fun only.




The uncle is even seen wearing a chef hat! Looks professional. Haha. But the chee cheong fun was really good. Really smoothe and nice. The thing that could make it better is most probably the chilli. Would be better if serve together with dried shrimp chilli. But the noodle itself is really good. Springy and smooth. Although it’s a long wait (more than 30 minutes) but it was worth it.


After chee cheong fun, we headed to Restaurant Hollywood, which is situated around 1km from the stadium (according to the GPS :p)





My initial plan for this place was for it’s yau char kueh. The name of the stall is Happy. Really cute name :P It has a varieties of fried kueh like the one with glutinous rice in the middle or red bean paste in the middle and also sesame seed on the outer layer. Since we wanted to save our stomach for more food later on, I ordered the basic yau char kueh. My favourite one so far is the one in the middle of Taman Muda’s market. But the one at Happy’s was as good as the one from Taman Muda’s market, maybe a little bit oily. But the taste was just as good as my favourite stall.

Restaurant Hollywood appears in Garmin along with the description “Famous Beef Noodle”. Since it’s in the description, we decided to give it a try.



Seriously, both me and Calvin don’t like the beef noodle. Maybe taste better if we order the dry version. But the soup version was totally awful. There’s some kind of weird taste on the soup that both of us cannot really accept. Furthermore, the meat was quite lean and rough. Luckily the char kueh was good. Haha.


After that, we headed for dessert.






When I surveyed for food in the internet, this place was called All Inn’s Cafe. It is either the restaurant changed it’s name or we went to the wrong place. Since we were already at that place, we decided to give it a try. It’s a decision that we never regret because on the first mouth of the dessert, we can’t help but smiled because it was really good. It was perfect and cooling for the hot weather outside. We ordered the honeydew sago milk. They have other tong sui as well. They even have pumpkin sago milk. I don’t eat pumpkin, so I ordered the honeydew sago milk. This place has other tong sui that was quite new and cannot be found at other places. I forgot to take photos of the sago because they were actually green in colour. The combination of all the fruits, sago and jelly was a perfect match. We left the place with a cooled down and happy stomach.


Shall blog about our disappointed supper adventure later on. Time for bed.



Sunday, September 5, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

Finally!! Instead of just standing at the main entrance of the USS, we actually went inside this time. Too bad sis and Brandon koko not with us this time. But then paktor-ing with Calvin alone is much more romantic. He can’t help laughing at me being silly during the scary rides. Can’t blame him when I told him I closed my eyes during the whole ride and missed all the ghosts trying grab me. Haha.



The famous Universal Studio globe turning round and round at the entrance. I think we were quite lucky during the trip to Singapore. Will talk more about it later. For me, the first luck will be mist coming underneath the globe which made this photo really good. Hehe. Oh yeah, both me and Calvin have a camera each on that day. Me being the noob one just used the point and shoot one while he brought along his 2nd wife. Really a good idea as we can take photographs of whatever we want, whenever we want. Hehe.


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              This is a simple map of what the USS looks like. The more detailed one can be obtained from the smaller map for visitors. It has details of what rides/shows at each park and also what restaurant is at that place. I was really impressed with the food selection because each park has different restaurant. You can hardly find the same food in the other park. They even have buffet in one of the park. With wide range of food selection, both me and Calvin have a hard time on choosing what to eat :p


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              We were told to collect our vouchers when we entered the park. We have no idea what vouchers are those because we did not read anything about vouchers when we bought the tickets online. We were surprised that they gave each of us SGD5 for food and SGD5 for shopping. It is not much but then you will have at least something to bring back from this place. Really a good idea. Shopping in USS is like revisiting childhood memories. Both me and Calvin shared our silly childhood memories and laughed at each other about it. I know Calvin has this thing for Jurassic Park. Ngek ngek ngek.




This has to be my favourite store in USS because, well, it’s pink in colour. Really pretty. I bought a Betty’s zipper thingy to put on my red bag. It’s really cute. Plus, it was spotted by one of the performance of one Hollywood show that we watched. They were dancing and singing around the theatre and there is actually an empty next to me. One of the female performer suddenly sat next to me and said that she loves my bag colour and saw the Betty zipper. I was in total shock that I have this O_O look on my face when she was talking to me. After a few O_O answers from me, she has to rush back to the stage and continue with her performance again. OMG!!! Damn funny lor. Haha.






First stop will

be the Madagascar land.  There is one show there but it’s still under construction. So we just took photographs of the place. It’s really pretty. I love the ship in the middle of the place. They have places for people to take photographs with the mascot and also a staff that will help you to take the photograph. That’s pretty much about this place. Since the thing is still under construction, we headed straight to….




Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              The Far Far Away land. Hehe. The castle is pale pink in colour. Inside the castle is the 4D show. Good thing about USS is they have crowd control. Which means we don’t have to queue long for each ride/show. The queue may look long but then each show can accommodate a lot of people at one time. As for the rides, it’s a really quick and they have a few carriages. It’s really faster this way. Furthermore, they have a lot of fans at the queue area so it’s not that hot or stuffy during queues. They do really think of the people very much. Everything is just so convenient and comfortable.



This is Shrek’s house. I think there is a ride or something inside but somehow the both of us skipped this. We have totally forgotten about it. Hehe.











This is us in the 4D show. Before they actually let us in the hall for the show, we were briefed by a staff on what we cannot do during the show and what kind of show that we will be watching. I don’t want to spoil about the whole show but then I think it’s not as good as the one in HK Disneyland. But then it’s still really nice to watch. The thing that is better than HK Disneyland is the seat actually move along together with the show. The show is about Shrek wanted to save Fiona from the evil ghost. Quite funny though.




After that, we headed for the roller coaster ride which is suitable for little kids too. It’s not very scary but then quite fast, I should say. There is actually a booth that is super cute. There’s a drunk gingerbread man inside. Haha. Really cute, like my Pooh :) hehe.


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              This is something what we can see from the airport about the flights departing and arriving. Really cute right. It’s called The Enchanted Airways. Haha.



What we were riding is actually a dragon. I think this is the donkey’s wife and there’s even a little dragon at the front. Hehe. The ride was just okay but I like the part that adults and children can take the ride together where both can enjoy it together. Hehe.


After that, we walked to the opposite direction and went to the Hollywood section. We thought we could make it on time for the show. But when we arrived, the show has actually started. Hence, we walked around at the Hollywood area and entered the Steven Spielberg show to experience how they produce hurricane from a studio.





This is the original set before it starts. I think Wai Leng, Vince and Pui See will love this place because it’s about movie production. I thought this would be some boring show. I mean I am more to the movie person rather than the production/behind the scene person. But I was proven wrong because this is really an awesome set. There were a lot of surprises here and there. Absolutely amazing.





After that, we headed to the Future park. I can’t believe Calvin has never heard of the movie Back To The Future. Tsk tsk tsk. There is this scary looking roller coaster at this section but it’s under maintenance. I read from the mini map that there’s actually two type of ride. The red track and the blue track. After watching Final Destination, I did not complaint about roller coaster under maintenance any more. Safety first people. Besides that, I will have another reason to visit USS again!!! This time, hopefully with sis and Brandon koko before sis’s pregnancy.


Next park will be The Mummy park. This place has the most amazing indoor roller coaster ride ever. It’s totally out of the expectation. And ya ya ya, this is also the ride where I close my eyes during the whole ride. It’s really scary. From the entrance to the ride. The walk towards the roller coaster area is scary enough. Initially I have no idea it’s a roller coaster ride but then before entering, the staff told us that it’s a very fast ride so we were not allowed to bring out bags inside. They have lockers for us to put our belongings just beside this place. Good thing is the locker is free for rent for the first 30 minutes. Awesome!!!!





Well, as usual, no details about the ride. But trust me, it’s really good. They even have people dressing up according to the themes of the park to take photographs with the visitors. They are quite scary looking but lucky Calvin has one of “egypt ppl” stare directly at his camera for a nice shot. Haha.


Next park will be Calvin’s favourite. Jurassic Park.







We took another ride here which left me, the only person in the carriage soaked wet even though we bought a raincoat each. Those without raincoat were quite dry compare to me. Luckily I closed my eyes before the water splashed on me, or else I might lose my contact lense. Ain’t telling you what the ride is about. All I can advise if to buy a rain coat and leave your belongings in the locker provided. Don’t worry, the locker is key-less. We just have to enter some of our personal data to lock and unlock the locker. Another considerate part of USS. Love it.


After so much ride, the both of us were hungry and a little bit exhausted. We decided to have our lunch and rest a little. We actually wanted to eat at the Jurassic Park food court but the queue is crazy. We headed to pizza instead :P both me and Calvin love pizza very much.






One slice of pizza for Calvin, Caesar’s Salad for me and BBQ chicken wings for sharing. Food was amazingly delicious. Love the BBQ chicken wings the most. Calvin’s slice of pizza was huge. It’s bigger than my face but then I have a small face. Haha. Anyway, after eating and non stop chatting, we continued our fun.


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                                We went to watch the Water world show. I should congratulate the staffs there as the show was really good. This place is not really big but they managed to pull of a show with boats, jet ski and guns. Really nice to watch. I have never watch the movie before but I know it involves a lot of fighting for land or something. Watch this show and you will have a slight idea on what the movie is about.


After that, we went shopping and walked another round at USS again because I wanted to choose the best thing to bring home from USS.






Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                                We were on shopping mode that time hence not much photographs of the souvenirs shop. I bought the Betty’s zipper thingy and earrings. Calvin bought a keychain from Jurassic Park. I bought some girl staffs for my aunty and cousin’s daughters.

That’s all about the USS experience that we had. It was absolutely fun and nice. We went back to my aunty’s place by free shuttle bus. The good thing about Singapore is their public transport is really convenient.



These shuttle buses will stop mostly at the MRT station. How cool is that?? I love Singapore very very much. Everything there is very convenient. I hope that one day KL will be as cool as Singapore.

Got to stop now. Calvin is on his way to my house. I think we are going to see JJ Lin tonight. Wooohooo. Excited.