Sunday, January 31, 2010

The day we ate food sitting on toilet bowls :)

Hey people. How’s CNY shopping? As for me, it’s still not over yet. I still need one or two more tops to complete my CNY wardrobe :( Went to Sg Wang today with Calvin. Frankly speaking, Calvin has enough shirt for CNY till the 10th day. I only have for like… 2 days :( boohoooo. Went to Sg Wang to shop as it’s my place to find really cute clothing. Especially 6th floor. More on shopping the next post.

Visited T Bowl at Sg Wang 3rd Floor today. Passed by this restaurant with Pui See the other day and realised that the concept is same as the toilet restaurant in Taiwan that I visited last time. So when I suggested to shop at Sg Wang, this place was being suggested as the place to eat.




The seats are actually toilet bowls and tables are made of either sinks or bath tubs. The thing that is different from the Taiwan is the toilet bowls are actually movable. The ones at Taiwan are immobilized.



There’s even a fake hamsap lou in tights watching you eat over the  walls. Check out the way the guy in white shirt sitting position. Looks like doing big business right? Haha.




Our food. I ordered some fried rice with pork while Calvin ordered baked cheese rice with tuna. Mine is quite okay, could be better if everything was served hot. I’m not a fan of tuna, so I can’t give comments about Calvin’s. For me, frankly speaking, it tasted like vomit containing fish. Haha. Like I said, I’m not a fan of tuna. That is just my opinion.



Our drinks served on something like male urinal bowl. Haha. Both of us ordered honey lemon. Besides food needs to be served hot, another improvement may be add more variety of drinks. By drinks I meant something like in liquid form. They have a selection of ice blended and others but very few choices of drink is liquid form, if you get what I mean.


They do have ice cream where it’s shaped like poo. We did not order because we’re too full. I can’t even finish my rice.


Please pay visit to this place if you want to know how it feels like consuming food in the toilet. It’s smell-free and you can eat together-gether with your friends and loved ones :p


It’s really smell-free. Don’t be fool by Calvin’s look. He just can’t decide on what to eat…. or he’s staring at the girl sitting on the next table.



Monday, January 25, 2010

Ribs of fire!!

Good morning people. Ughhh… felt so terrible for not blogging much last week. Can’t lose my new year resolution. It’s not even one month after new year. Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Yick Hui is terrible!!! Haha :)

Food for last week will be Hong Lim and sbread :) Hong Lim is the place I went a few times for their morning dim sum. When I told Calvin I wanted to have chinese food (as in order vege, meat etc together with rice) for dinner, he suggested this place.




There’s another tauhu dish (Calvin loves tauhu) but I don’t know where the photo went :) We ordered from the “Chef’s Recommendation” page only :) The vegetable is actually butter milk nai pak. Quite nice though, maybe a little bit oily. The flaming ribs are quite good. We have to watch the flaming show before we can actually eat it. It’s around 30 seconds long O_O” so if you’re really hungry, maybe can request for smaller amount of liquid on the plate, so that the fire show will ends earlier :)

sbread is a tiny shop located at LG of gardens which is quite famous, I think. There are newspaper articles at the entrance of the stall. Their food is quite special. Their menu have a variety of toast. Chocolate toast, thick peanut butter toast and a few that I have never heard before. I’m not really a big fan of bread, especially white bread.




The drink is actually pink barley!! So pretty okay :) Luckily it does not has any other weird taste to it. Only barley flavour. Calvin ordered half boil eggs and this is how the present the food to him. Haha. So old-skool (stolen from my sis’s). I think he has to wait for like 5 minutes to 10 minutes for the hot water to completely dripped onto the lower portion. He waited for like until 9.5 minutes or so and cracked open one of the egg. Maybe he’s hungry. Haha. But the eggs turned out to be just right “half boiled”. Mum used to have this yellow tower thinggy too. I wonder who invented this thing. It’s amazingly accurate. You don’t have to worry about the egg getting too raw or over cook. Asam laksa is quite good. Maybe the soup is a little bit too thick.


Baby’s update :)


This is baby’s new food. It’s so awesome that it’s only available at vet clinic. Price? Quite expensive, considering she can finish one whole packet in one month. But the outcome is really worth it. No more itchy body and she lost some weight. She used to be slightly over weight. The dog biscuit is made from salmon fish meat, which mean it’s rich in omega oil okay. The dog eats salmon fish meat for breakfast and dinner while the master only eat… bread for breakfast and vege and pork for dinner. How is that possible? Well, for Baby, anything is possible. She even got the bigger share of pillow than me okay. But I’m glad that her condition improved a lot. I even gave her daily cod fish oil so that her fur will be smooth and silky. It’s even getting darker now. No photos of her at the moment because her fur is still very short and it’s not pretty.  Not fair for my pretty baby. Maybe when her fur is longer and Schnauzer style again, I’ll show you all, especially DAVID (I know you are reading my blog) that my dog is a PRETTY AND GORGEOUS BITCH!!! Humphhhh!!!!


Cny shopping is making me sad. Because I saw 3 most beautiful bag at Mid Valley and 1 cutest bag online. Bag is important for cny because….. it’s my angpow carrier *self-convince look*. Hehe :) managed to bought only 1 cny clothing yesterday, which is not enough. I need at least 3 okay!! Wish me luck. I even need a new pair of shoes. Looking for medium height wedges that are pretty :)

Ohhh just as a reminder for all my beloved readers including Rachel, TW, WL, David, Jullian and others. It’s near CNY. Please be extra careful with your belongings and lock your house properly. More and more snatch thief cases will be found all over the place. If you really meet one *touch wood*, please don’t struggle or fight with them, especially girls. It’s not worth it. Be smart and save yourself first. As for your house, locked is properly before going back to hometown. I’ve already heard and read a few cases within these few days. Just be extra careful okay. Love you all!!



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Personal Concert :)

Hi people. Happy end of weekend :( This week will be 6 working days week for me. Boooooohooooo

Visited The Spaghetti Farm at Mid Valley last week for dinner with Calvin. Have been craving for spaghetti the whole morning and hence suggested that place to Calvin. Before dinner, played Space Invaders for 2 hours and never got through Round 5. I will never give up *semangat face*. Anyway, the food did not disappoint me too much. It would be perfect if my carbonara was a little bit more tasteful.




We ordered one beef bolognise and turkey ham carbonara with chicken and mushroom soup. Let’s start with the soup. The chicken soup tasted EXACTLY like concentrated chicken porridge cooked by my mum. It has this very chicken flavour to it. Haha. The mushroom soup, well, definitely not my type because it’s quite thick. I prefer mine a bit watery with a lot of milk in it. The beef bolognise spaghetti was really good. It’s a little bit sour due to the tomato sauce but I’m fine with sour food :) Like I mentioned earlier, the turkey ham carbonara could be better if it’s a little bit more tasteful. Just the sauce part. The turkey ham tasted just fine :) Overall, this is quite an interesting place to satisfy my crave for spaghetti in the future :)


Visited my all time favourite restaurant, MFM, on Friday night for dinner before Ju-On.


Ordered the seafood platter for 2. Love the butter rice, still as good as it used to be. My last visit was with Alex where the herb baked fish was a huge disappointment because they changed their herb mixture. I’m glad that Calvin love the food, especially the prawns :) Walked around KLCC after dinner and bought myself a grey cardigan that I always wanted to get but couldn’t find the suitable one. Calvin looks a bit tired that day because there’s this new product launching at The Apartment and he was there the whole day. One of the girl models in the launching was really pretty, just like a doll :) Sorry, no photos. It’s not my camera :)


Ju-on was quite good. There’s this white and black ghost. But I don’t really like the black ghost part because it does not make any sense. But both white and black ghost are very scary. But I still do not understand how the people in both story suddenly turn into killer. Other malay girls in the cinema screamed out really loud together that everyone in the cinema laughed in the middle of the movie. Haha. But one thing is for sure,


Both story have “ham sap guai” = pervert ghost!


Hahahaha. Well not the ghost that’s pervert, but…. I don’t know how to explain. Watch the movie and you will understand.


Went to sing k with Calvin yesterday. Just the both of us. Had a lot of fun. I think he influenced me to love sing k session more. Haha. So Wai Leng and Pui See, kindly invite me for any future sing k outing. I’m in!!! Haha. Anyway, both of us sang from 8pm until 11.30pm. Non stop!! We sang from old songs like When You Believe to new Ne-yo songs. Haha. At the end of the night, both of us left Neway nearly voiceless but extremely satisfied :)


That’s all for the weekend. I forgot to upload about Baby and her new supplement which gave her nice, soft and shiny fur. Haha. Will update about her on the next post :)



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chilli’s …. again :)

Hey people. Wanted to update about Baby related stuff but I forgot to take photographs of the important point. Neh….. food update at the moment will do to satisfy my need to blog :P


Visited Chilli’s again during the weekend with my galz :) Food and gossips all the afternoon. Ahhh… what a great way to spend the day :)

003 (2)

002 (2)

I think Calvin ordered the chicken before. Quite nice though. Little bit of spicy. But the bread thingy … well, I did not taste it because it’s very smelly. Maybe I don’t like the smell of cheese (doesn’t mean that I don’t eat them), I did not touch that dish at all. Haha.


Have been chasing this Taiwan drama series recommended by Pui See. I’m super addicted to it already.


The story might be typical Taiwan idol series but then … I don’t know, I enjoyed series by Rainie Yang (after Devil Beside You). She’s has this ultra cuteness which I don’t find it annoying. So this is my current obsession after my Pink Nintendo DS :p I watched it through PPLive. Even though everything is in Chinese, I managed to find some english and hong kong series. Yay!! No download, just stream it like Youtube. The speed is quite fast also. I’ve installed it to my mum’s computer but then the computer can’t read Chinese. So I’m figuring a way on how to install Chinese language to my mum’s computer. Any idea??


Back to the series, I think every girl out there, like me, hope to have a love relationship as sweet as the movie. But…



I don’t mind my hair to be that day (love the colour very much), but I don’t think Calvin is ready for “that” hairstyle. *winks at Calvin*



Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red red all the way


Got new shirt from the company today. It’s a tradition that all staff wear AA shirt on friday but you can’t pair jeans or anything. So imagine, upper part of the body is a shirt and below you have to wear slacks (for guys) or skirt/pants (for girls). So cacat right? But anyway, can’t really complain because there are company that don’t have casual Friday. Well, at least I’m semi-casual. Haha.


Anyway, my point of the post is to compare the old shirt with the new shirt. The one on the left is the old shirt. It’s like maroon red with collar and buttons. Due to it’s colour, I will not have my lunch at Station 1 or Sun Wong (sudah tutup) on Fridays because the waiters and waitresses uniform is nearly the same colour as mine. There was once when I was walking out of Sun Wong and the customers sitting outdoor asked me to bring the bill. #@$@#$@ I just stared at him and walked away. Have no idea what reaction to give.


The new shirt is smaller in size and as you can see, it’s curvy. So female and male sizes are totally different. I took M because they said S size is really short. I don’t want to show my belly button at work okay. The new one has a zip in the middle and no collar. Well, at least the collar is the cheongsam type collar. I think the colour is better. The shirt somehow reminds me of Air Asia staff. Maybe it’s the zip factor. Haha.


But one thing for sure, my boss sure loves red.


More “ong” I guess :)



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tomoe = Food

Visited Tomoe with Calvin yesterday for Japanese food. We saw this restaurant some time ago. It’s just opposite SDMC. This restaurant is 4 to 5 storeys high and it’s the first shop on the lot. They even have a lift inside the restaurant! While the rest of the shops on the same row is only 2 or 3 storeys high, this particular restaurant is 4 to 5 storeys high. The interior of the restaurant is very nice and simple. It attracts a lot of Japanese customer staying/working nearby. At first, we were seated at the first floor. Due to presence of a smoker and it’s an air conditioned place, I requested to change place where there is absolutely no smokers around. They sent us back to ground floor and it’s really quiet and peaceful because we’re the only customer sitting on the ground floor :) Nice :)




This is our first visit here and most probably will be there again but we intended to try the other restaurant on the same row before repeating :) I have no idea whether I’m really full or the menu is not interesting (lack of food photos) or I really want to diet. I felt really full before dinner. Hence, I only ordered…




Chawan mushi and soft shell crab maki (a.k.a. Shogun). I guessed the put one whole egg and very little into the chawan mushi because it turns out really yellow in colour :p Shogun was really good. The portion of each ingredients is well balanced. Bravo :)



This is what Calvin ordered. Both of us are big fans of Unagi :) This has to be the best Unagi I have ever tasted. If you don’t like Unagi because of the stale taste, then this would be perfect. The fish is practically stale-less (both of us strongly agreed on this point).


Overall, the food is really good. Especially the unagi. Maybe they should add more photos to the menu so that we could see how the food looks like when we order. The appearance of the food is really important (well, to me at least). If it looks like a piece of shit, for sure I will not order it. Haha.


I was listening to the while driving to work yesterday. The deejays were discussing about how’s the first day of school for parents and students. One little boy (around 9 years old I think) called in and when the Ean asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, the little boy answered “Golfer”. Way back when I was around that age, the answer will usually be teacher, soldier, doctor, lawyer, etc. Those are the most common answer. The paling canggih during my era will be engineer. Notice the difference between my era and kids nowadays? Doctors, lawyers, teachers VS golfer, blogger, writter. BUT, nothing beats one of my best friend’s younger sis answer.


Her ambition is to be a housewife when she grows up.


Talk about kids and their ambition eh?


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Luna-ed, finally :)

Visited Luna Bar with Calvin over the weekend. I really wanted to go this place for the longest time. Heard so much about it but don’t even know where it is :) Calvin suggested this place for our dinner and outing :) So sweet of him :)



Obviously, the photographer is not me okay. It’s Mr Ng. Haha. Love the decoration under the stairs. So nice :)


Since it’s our first time there, the waitress let us roam around to choose the place we want to sit because most of the side tables were reserved (that is what they claimed). So we went upstairs first and took photo with one of the KLCC and camwhore with KL Tower. Those photos are still with Calvin. He only gave me a few so that I can blog about it first. Hehe.



We choosed the sit indoor because it looks like it’s going to rain and it’s air conditioned. Don’t want to be sweaty and smelly before the night ends. We choosed the last seat at the corner so that we can have privacy :)



Our drinks. I prefer mine more because his is absolutely hard to swallow. Haha. My drink is made of a few combination of different strawberries flavoured water. I have no idea what is inside his drink though.. Haha



Both of us shared this as our dinner. This place don’t really have much choices of food. Surprisingly, the food turned out to be really good. The steak was quite juicy and the lamb chop was cooked just right. Love the sweet and sour dip very much :)


Took a lot of photographs before and after meal. After that, both of us just relax at the sofa, talk while enjoying the night view of KL and take more photos :) Enjoyed myself very much and it’s really one of the good times spent with Calvin. Thanks dear :)


This place is definitely the place to hang out with friends as well. Maybe will suggest this place in the future to my girls as our next gossip spot :)



Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010 :)

Happy New Year!! Hope that everyone will have a great and joyful year ahead. 2009 was quite a year for me. 1st of January is also my dad’s birthday. Happy Belated Birthday daddy. I know you don’t read my blog :p

Food update first :) Went to 3K Benta Kayu for breakfast with Calvin the other day. I always passed by this place but never dine in before. So when we’re deciding on what to eat for breakfast, I requested for this place when we pass by.





Ordered keropok lekor for breakfast. I still think SMTS’s keropok lekor with the sambal nasi lemak is the best every keropok lekor on earth. Calvin was surprised when I told him I don’t dip on the sweet and sour sauce. Instead, I eat the keropok just by itself :) Check our the size of the Giant Curry Puff. When I ordered, I did not expect it to be this huge okay. It’s filled with generous amount of potatoes :) In the end, we only managed to finish half of the curry puff.


Went to Sunway for shopping and visited Honeymoon again. I just can’t get enough of this place. Hey, it’s the only place that I can think of in Sunway when I’m hungry but don’t want to be too full :)


Ordered tau foo fa because have been craving for it over the weekend. My carve for hokkien noodle has yet to be satisfied. Waiting for Calvin to bring me to this place near his old college that he claims to serve good hokkien noodle. Anyway, back to Honeymoon, my tau foo fa was really good. Soft and sweet. Did not even add syrup onto it. Calvin… umm.. I forgot what it’s called. It’s basically mixed fruits, a lot of jellies and mango syrup on shaved ice. Once the ice started to melt, the whole thing looked really yucky that I lost interest on it. But Calvin managed to finish the whole thing :)


Visited Jojo’s Little Kitchen at Subang for dinner with Calvin. This place specialty is pan mee. That is what the both of us ordered.




The thin noodle actually was not what I ordered. I ordered the thick noodle. Since the kitchen staff prepared the wrong noodle for me and the staff politely asked me if I can settle with the thin noodle, I said okay. After the photograph of the noodle was taken, the staff returned with another bowl of noodle and said that I can change. Haha. Luckily I haven’t ate the noodle yet. I ordered pan mee with pork while Calvin ordered plain pan mee. Mine was a bit too salty. Maybe it’s because of the pork. But the pork meat is quite good. Quite soft but just a little bit too salty. Calvin’s plain pan mee was a huge disappointment. Yes, he did ordered plain pan mee but we were expecting something like the normal pan mee from the hawker stall. But when it arrived, it only has the noodle, black fungus and 3 pieces of green vegetables. THAT’S ALL! Even the soup tasted like normal drinking water. Tasteless!! Might as well call it as vegetarian pan mee :) By the time his noodle arrived, I’m already halfway with mine. Since I’m already full and my soup is a little bit too salty, I suggested that he transfer his noodles and the black fungus into my bowl. I diluted by salty soup with some of his normal water soup so that it’s not that salty anymore. Smart eh :)


Brought Calvin to my favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant at Ampang for lunch.


014 (2)

The chicken is really good. Even the chicken breast (my favourite) is soft and juicy :) Ahhh….. love the chicken rice so much.


After lunch, we headed for ice kacang nearby my house.

015 (2)

The stall finally re-opens after a few year of absence. After the old place was demolished, I have no idea where this ice kacang stall moved to. It’s now operating just opposite my favourite economy rice stall :) Happy happy. The simple but yummy yellow-colour-jelly served with limau still taste as good as it used to be. Ahhhh…. thank you for coming back :)


That’s all for the food update. Have been spending a lot of time with my pink Nintendo lately. The games are really addictive and very hard to finish :p Even Calvin is addicted to the Contra and Super Mario now :)


New year’s resolution for 2010??

1. Lose weight …. or at least maintain my weight below 50kg… SO HARD TO DO LEH!! I will try my best :) Eat healthily :)

2. Spend more time with my Baby and make sure she gets the right nutrients. Cleans her cage more often. Pay more attention to her so that can straight bring her to vet once notice something is wrong. Make her the most beautiful dog in the world :p

3. Sponsor a child. Still figuring out how to do it monthly.

4. Work hard and learn how to do assessment.

5. Exercise at least…. once a week :) Walking from my place to the fax machine will be my daily exercise :) HAHAHA :)

6. Save money for my “projects”.

7. Spend more time with family and friends.

8. Buy “the” bag :) Somehow this contradicts with my Number 6.

9. Save more money for the future. Don’t binge shopping. Spend wisely. (this will be the toughest resolution)

10. Sleep more :) HAHAHAHAHA! As in rest more so that I will be all healthy and pretty :) hehe :)

11. Update my blog more often, instead of once a week :p

12. Improve my temper management. Never look back.

13. Read more, not just only Cleo magazines :p

14. Visit my grandparents more often. Not only during CNY. I know my grandma miss me very much.

15. Increase the amount of non-black clothes and heels :)


Hope that I can do all of these for the year 2010 :)


Happy New Year again