Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bag & Baby

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! It's Christmas. Even though I'm not a Christian, but I still celebrate Christmas. Hehe. Last night Christmas eve party at Kitt's place was fun. It's like being a little girl again. I played Counter Strike with his brother and cousins. It was fun and I won a few rounds ( luck and cheating ). Hehe. The younger kids danced in the living room while uncles and aunts drink liquor and chat happily at the car porch. It was fun watching the kids dance because they really can shake their booty really hard. Hehe. Last but not least present. I got a bag!!!! Weee... Add another bag to my collection. Hehe. At least I don't have this brand before. It was very cute. Love it very very much. Thank you! There was even an angpow inside the bag!!


Me, Kitt and mum went back to Ipoh last Saturday for my mum's friend and relative wedding dinner ( meaning 2 wedding dinners ). We stayed in a apartment rented by my mum's friend on the first night. In the evening, I saw this.....

Love the scenary very much. I think it looks like as if the heaven's gate is opened... or something like that. Hehe.

Anyway, the wedding dinner that I attend ( my relative ) was very slow. Slow as in the way they serve the food. There was around 50 tables but only 20 waiters. OMG! The dinner started at 8pm and ended at 10.30 for 1 appetizer, 5 main dishes and 3 desserts. In between dishes, we have to wait around 20 minutes. OMG!!! I nearly fell asleep while waiting for the next dishes. Hehe. But the food is still hot when they serve it. So it wasn't that bad. Hehe.


Baby update!!! Since it's my holidays, Baby has to sleep downstairs at night before transfer back to my bed because I usually watch TV till 2 am in the morning. There is this show called KAMI which was quite interesting. Anyway, took this photo when she was sleeping in a beautiful position. Hehe.

Clockwise from top: Roxy, Happie and Baby. Happie is Baby's new friend and Roxy's son. Hehe. It's hard to make all 3 of them sit down nicely so that I can take a photo of them together. This is the best I can get with Kitt's hand on Baby. Hehe.

Sob sob sob sob sob sob. The cookoo clock in my living room is finally broken. SOB SOB!! No more bird coming out from it's house to cookoo every half an hour. I will miss you and sorry for damaging the top part where a deer's head was supposed to be. It's an accident and mum already scolded and caned me for it. Dad will be buying a new clock to replace you but you will always be the best clock for me. Rest in peace my love. (OMG so damn dramatic... feels like slapping myself.... hehe)

That's all for now.... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ppl. there will be a gathering tomorrow. Can't wait!!!


Saturday, December 8, 2007


Me and Kitt went to Daidomon today. I saw it's advertistment on The Sun newspaper 2 days ago. The phrase that attracted me was "Daidomon Charcoal BBQ Japanese Buffet" or something similar. BBQ!!!! My favourite. Japanese food!!!! My favourite too. Hehe. But the word Buffet means dangerous. Haha. Anyway, they serve Woshoku & Yakiniku Beef. I have no idea what are the differences between those 2 beef and the beef that I usually have. Anyway, this restaurant is in Great Eastern Mall.

These lanterns reminds me of Chinese New Year. Hehe. I think the words on each lantern is the restaurant's name. Hehe.

There are plenty of tables. On each table there is......

The cooking place!!!! Berkilat-kilat right? Haha. Under the net-lookalike-thinggy are charcoals. Hehe.

This is the salmon and butterfish (if I'm not mistaken) sashimi that Kitt ordered. Love the salmon-flower. Haha.

When our food arrived, we cook cook cook and cook. Totally forgot to take pictures of the food. The venison and beef were great. The baby octopus was the best so far because it was not too salty!! Just nice. The chawan mushi tastes good as well. The cutest part is the container of the chawan mushi. It was in a shape of a yellow apple. SO ADORABLE!!!

This is what it looks like at the end of the meal. Hehe. The aluminium container containes melted butter. We have to dip our butterfish into the melted butter before eating it. Hehe. Oh yeah, the green tea ice cream was very very very smooth too. Very nice.

Each person have to pay RM99 for the buffet (excluding taxes and drinks) and to order the buffet, there have to be at least 2 person. So, in the end, our total bill is RM230. Quite worth the money considering the amount of meat we get. At least something different from Jogoya because I have to admit that I'm a bit bored by Jogoya. Maybe I went there quite often just because of the Haagen Dazs ice cream. Haha.

Got to stop now.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Long long long long time ago, I .....

I was supposed to blog about my Macau-Hong Kong trip but then I'm very lazy to upload some of the photographs here because it take FOREVER to do so. But I've uploaded some to my Facebook and Friendster. I think most of my readers had seen all the photographs that I took in Macau-Hong Kong and with FULL DESCRIPTIONS.... hehe

Over the past few weeks, I realised a lot of things. My fear of snakes and lizards are getting stronger because I saw one dead snake and a dead lizard today. The dead snake was lying by the road side while the dead lizard was in the process of being carried away by ants. Yes... ANTS!!! They are moving the lizard inch by inch. I'm afraid of snakes. All type, sizes and from where (in photographs, zoo, television, few inches away from me). I have no idea but I think they are very scary and... slimy. Ughhhh... As for lizard, my fear for them reached the peak when I saw the MMS. Only a few people will know where is that place. I don't think it's nice to say where that place is since the boss took stern action. But if you want to know, ask me when you see me okay? I might tell you what the whole story is about. Anyway, the sight of another dead lizard today will totally shut me off from the place. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Okay, enough about those scard stuff. Last week, I noticed that everyone will pass through this stage in their life. The part that I'm talking about is where when you're young (still innocent... hehe), you observed/came across something that in your simple mind you interpret it this way but when as you grow older, you will realise that all this while you are making the wrong conception. Example, like when I was younger, the process of sex is where both the man and woman get naked and sleep together on the bed without any contact. In short, sleeping naked. Haha. Don't blame me because that is what they show on tv. It was not until form 3 where during Science lesson that I realised the true process of sex. No further details about that. Hehe. Another thing will be if you don't go to school, you will end up being a garbage collector. Haha. That is what my mum threaten me when I was young. I hate being around dirty environment. I won't totally step on the floor with my leg if the floor is dirty. I will only use half of each side of my leg to stand while the other half don't touch the floor at all. It's hard to describe here but I am willing to demonstrate if anyone of you are interested. Haha.

My point is there are a lot of things that parents don't know how to tell their children especially sex related. I don't blame them because if little children ask me where do they come from, I have no idea what to answer. It's not like I don't want to tell them but if you tell them from the process of sex, sperm till the process of giving birth, I don't think they will understand. Hehe. What will I answer? Easy .... ask your parents. Haha. Hey, I didn't ask my parents and when I was young, I thought that I come out from my mum's BUTTOCK okay because I don't know there is a place called vagina. LAUGH ALL YOU WANT!!! Hehe. Maybe I'm those kids that don't askk too much questions if I don't understand something. And of course, kissing even though on the cheek will make you pregnant. Hehe. Last but not least, girl + boy = in a relationship. So during primary school, we always teased each other if a girl is very close to a boy. Talking about this, I think WL has an interesting story regarding "marriage". Haha...

Thinking back, I think I'm a weird kid when I was young. I like a Princess back then because I stayed with my grandparents and they will give me whatever I want. Including weird food. When I was young, I only eat rice mix with water. Yes, drinking water. Just rice and drinking water. When I move back to KL, I was sent to a nanny few houses away from my house because both of my parents have to work. I told my nanny that I want to eat rice with water only. She gave me and after eating a spoonful of rice, the first thing that I said was "Your rice mix with water is not nice at all. The one that ate in Ipoh was better". I guessed my nanny nearly fainted. Haha. If it was not rice mix with water, it will be rice mix with little bit of soya sauce. That is what I eat everyday. I don't take vegetable AT ALL. So my mother force me to eat one small plate of vegetable everyday. So now, I love to eat vegetable very much. If you ask me to eat rice with water now, I won't take it anymore. Haha.

Thinking back, I have no idea why am I so silly.... or should I say why is everyone so silly when they are young. So naive. I really hope that my entry will make you think back about some silly things that you have been through when you were still a little innocent looking boy/girl. Do share with me. Hehe