Monday, June 30, 2008

Balls Weekend

My current playlist contains only one song. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. This song is really really nice. Hopefully Kitt will learn this song as soon as possible so that he can sing it for me :) Sweettttttt.

I'm sooooo tired right now. I don't think I have enough sleep. I WANT TO SLEEP! But my brain is telling me to stay awake and finish all my assignments as soon as possible. Haha. A lot of mid terms are coming soon. Gonna be really busy :)

Last weekend was really fun. I thought my weekend will be spent doing lab reports and assignments. First of all, had steamboat dinner with sis and Andrew. First ball of the weekend. Fishballs and other meatballs. Haha. Pulau Ketam Steamboat Restaurant is our destination. We wanted to go Yuen at Sunway but it was too far away. But this restaurant have my favourite chilly sauce. Really good. After a filling food and laughing session, we headed to Taman Yulek for dessert. Tong Sui!! It was okay, ordered my favourite tong sui. I think the one at BP station was still the best. After the last food and laughing session, we went home. Suddenly receive a message from Wai Leng asking me to go clubbing on Saturday night. Initially I don't want to go because there are tonnes of things to do but then due to one particular reason, I told her if I can finish those important one that I have to hand in on Monday, then I will go. Haha. Then she said okay. So on Friday night, me being a good girl sit in my room and start writing Virology lab report. I finished the whole report and went to bed. On Saturday morning, I woke up as usual and read all about my Virology assignment and before 10am, I've started typing the assignment. I went to ask mum for permission (not for clubbing but gave her another reason :p ) and she said okay. So I proceed to text Wai Leng and Tsuey Wenn that I'll be going that night. Haha.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to Pavillion with Kitt for lunch at Tony Roma's. Then walk around and buy a top. As usual, straight wear the new top that night. Haha. It's my habit to wear new clothes as soon as possible. Haha. Actually we wanted to watch movie that day but the seats are too front. So we went shopping instead. It's been ages since I bought a new top for myself okay.

Drove to Wai Leng's house that night and we went straight to Sunway Lagoon Resort to the new club, Euphoria. I heard a lot about this club through Wai Leng. It has something to do with Ministry of Sound, if I'm not mistaken. The dance floor is really really big. The 3 of us dance till we no longer can stand. Haha. There's a stair that you can go up to the second level. There's a bridge where the floor is made of glass. It was really scary initally when I cross the bridge but kind of fun. Haha. Seriously, that place don't have much table so if you want to go there, my advice would be just go in a big group so that you can order a few bottles of liquor and they will give you nice table. I think boys would prefer those tables under the see through bridge for the "nice view". Haha. Luckily I'm wearing pants that night. If you go on weekend and Techno music is not for you, go down to The Deq where they play Pop, RnB and others. But the dancing floor is really small. It's still nice though, the songs that night are quite good. But I think The Deq is only open from Thursday till Sunday while Euphoria is available everyday. Cover charges apply for Thursday till Sunday though.

I slept at 4am that day. I just lay down on the bed and fell asleep. There were no tossing around moments or adjusting to the right position. Just fell like a timber onto the bed and the next thing I know, it's 11.30am in the morning. Haha. After cleaning and dressing up, me and Tsuey Wenn head to The Curve. I suggested Vietnamese food at the first place but both of us never try that restaurant before. Then I suggested Sweedish Meatballs in Ikea. The last time I went there, I just stare at Ken as he stylish-ly ate one meatball after another while I sat there with my swollen cheek. Anyway, both of us being really hungry thought that 15 meatballs are just okay to satisfy our hunger. Guess what, we practically have to stuff those meatballs down our throat. It's really filling but the gravy was really really really good. Wish to go there again soon to satisfy my craving for the meatballs :) This time I will settle for 8 meatballs :) After lunch, we walked around the flea market at The Street and went Cold Storage because Ms Wong wanted to buy cup noodles -_-" After shopping for groceries, we head home and on our way back started the debate of whethere there is a newer version of Honda City from the previous one. Haha. I just love being with my girls. They are so entertaining. Hahahahahaha.

When I reached home, take a short nap and went out for dinner with family. It's the usual family day for the Ho's family. We went to Taman Yulek for steamboat. More balls. This time fishballs. Haha. The dinner was okay because they don't have any chilly sauce that I like. But since my family wanted to go there, I have no choice but eat without any sauce that night. Hahaha. After dinner, we went to Jusco for the usual groceries shopping. Went straight to bed and it's Monday today. Aihh... Monday is a very pity day for me. It's the day where I don't get enough sleep but have to pay attention during lecture classes. Haha.

Anyway, that's my balls weekend. What about yours?


Monday, June 23, 2008

Pink Gorilla

ChuanGuan : How to ajak wor. I go eat with my bf and his family. You dare to go along meh? :) Next time I bring you go and you pay for the meal la :)
WaiLeng : I know I know I know... you are fatty bing bang bom.... HAHAHAHA!!!

I got a new bag. I shall call my new bag Pink Gorilla. The name Pink because it's pink in colour and it's the only reason I buy the bag. I won't buy that bag if they don't have it in pink. Luckily, I manage to buy the last pink gorilla in WHOLE MALAYSIA!!! Haha. Gorilla because.... it's a secret code between me, Cindy, Hao Wei and Darren. Haha... Anyway, the bag really pretty and it's sitting inside my cupboard because I don't want my Pink Gorilla to be Black Gorilla :)

The other day, Novanne told me that her brother-in-law has a pillow name Nini. OMG!!! If I'm not mistaken he's around 30 plus. According to Novanne, he must bring the pillow along whenever he travel. He can drive back home to take the pillow if he forgots to bring it even though it's halfway of the journey already. So one day, Novanne's sister and him quarrel. Her sister cuts Nini!!! As revenge. Haha. The most funny thing is her brother-in-law sew the pillow back all by himself with a sad look on his face. Haha. Guys really have weird stuff right? Kitt has his own Nemo too. As in Nemo, the clown fish from the cartoon :) Nemo has been with Kitt for quite some time. The current condition of Nemo is black eyes, no fins, just the head and the body and the tail. Haha. I have no idea what happened to the fins :) I forgot to take a photo of Nemo and upload here. I will do it next time ya :) To all my male readers out there, do not hesitate to tell me what are you bed time partner, whatever it is, okay? Haha.

I went to Nichii and Mid Valley with sis and Andrew yesterday. Sis wanted to get a dress of her god bro's wedding next month. She tried a few dresses but didn't buy any of them because she has no idea which one to get. Me and Andrew agreed on different dress. Haha. I asked her to go Bangsar initially because I love all the boutiques there. Maybe she will go there this weekend :) We had Han Chon for dinner. My favourtie place for fried chicken. It's so tasty :) But my stomach does not feel good yesterday. So I just had a few pieces then sat there watching sis and Andrew finishing all the chickens :(

I realised this semester was filled with assignments. AHHHHH!!! I hate assignments :( I have to search info for the assignment on Google :( HELP!!!!!

I wanted to post some photos but my heart tell me to finish all my assignment and report as soon as possible and study for the mid terms :( Got to stop now


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fatty Bom Bom

Chuan Guan : Not nice la. It's a torture. Just walk but didn't buy anything. Aihh...
Wai Leng : Yeah, true. But then soh pohz gathering cannot be canceled out okay especially when hamsup MY is back. I miss her so much :( When see her, means big probability can see soh shin too. I miss her too.

Hey people. How's life? My previous week was okay, I guess. Just the normal week with no interesting event that is worth taking photographs. I think the most happy thing would be food. Haha. Love to eat but have to take care of my weight, difficult task I should say. Just have to constantly remind myself that enough is enough.

Had Korean food on Thurday with Kitt-y, aunty and Kinn-y. The place that we wanted to try at first was quite a disappointment because it looks more like Talipon Restaurant than Korean Restaurant. So we changed place. Kitty called Alexia and asked about the best Korean restaurant in town. She mentioned a name but in the end, all Kitty remembered was the restaurant's name contains 3 words in Korean and it's opposite Ampang Point. There were 2 Korean restaurant opposite Ampang Point but only 1 with 3 words. So we choosed that restaurant over the other one. The next reason would be the 3 words restaurant looks nicer than the other one. Anyway, the name of the restaurant is "Dai Cheong Kam". Yes, the name of the famous Korean show that Astro repeated several times. There were BBQ and ala carte style but Kitty said BBQ. Actually it looks more like cooking on fire pan using charcoal than the real BBQ. The food was AMAZING! Most of the side dishes are very tasty. My favourite will be the one with mushroom (refill for side dishes are free. I asked for 5 times refill. It's really tasty, trust me). The chicken and prawn were so so but the beef was very juicy. Ate a lot of salad because it was tasty too. Will be back for a second visit, that's for sure :)

On Friday, we (Kitt-y, Ken-y, Kinn-y, wai wai and aunty) had chinese food. Greenview Restaurant. We had prawn noodle, half suckling piglet, 2 vegetable, 1 pork rib and chicken. The prawn noodle standard dropped to so-so level only. The special vegetable that we ordered was good. Pork rib was really good and chicken was so so. The prawn noodle itself was RM75. A funny thing happened at the end of the dinner. If you want to know, ask me personally and I will tell you what it is :)

Today we (Kitt-y, Ken-y, Kinn-y, aunty, me, Nicholas, Sock Peng, Jia Ee) had Japanese lunch at U Restaurant. This place is one of my favourite Japanese restaurant in town. If you read my previous post, it's the same restaurant where they put shark fins on the surface of Chawan Mushi. This is the only place where I will clear my whole plate. Meat was usually shared with Kitt-y. I don't mind because I love the salad. I usually finish all the salad (my plate and Kitt-y plate). Haha. The beef teriyaki was really good because it was cook till the right ... wellness? I don't know the word but I love meat at medium well ( influenced by Kitt-y ). The taste of the bloody juice was ... cannot describe by any word. Haha. Besides this place, the other place would be U Zen at Concorde Hotel. Both of the restaurant are own by the same person. Since aunty was working for that person, we get discounts when we dine there. Not to mention the portion will be bigger, better services and free stuffs :) We are not interested in buffet anymore because the quality of the food here was wayyyyy better and worth the money too. Everything was very fresh and tasty. The price was actually nearly the same, sometimes cheaper comparing to taking a buffet meal even though it's ala carte. Best thing of all, we get to purchase the green tea ice cream. I have a big container of green tea ice cream in my freezer now. Yummy :)

Oh well, better watch my food intake. Kitt-y editted a song for me. You think it's romantic, I think it's not. The song is Beautiful Girl by Sean Kingston. The beginning of the song is something like this ...Sean Kingston, (say yo).. You're way to beautifullll girl.... la la la la

My version is ...Sean Wai Wai... You're way to fattyyyy bom bom.... (wtf betul)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Why does he has to create a song about my fat-ness
:( although it's sweet and cute of him, but why not create a romantic song about how good I am, how pretty and sweet and cute I am ( in his case okay, you all can go vomit all you want la ... haha ), how nice I am? Instead, about my fat-ness. Okay, I know that in a relationship that both party have to be sincere and true to each other and yadda yadda yadda. Not to the extend of making a song out of it okay :( Yet he still feed me with good food only. Awww, how sweet. Sayang Kitt-y.

Tomorrow is Father's day. What's your plan for your big man? As for me, I guess just normal dinner paid by either mum or dad. No present because ran out of idea. My dad won't mind anyway. I bet he don't remember that tomorrow is Father's Day. Haha. He knows that I love him. Tomorrow is Sunday anyway. So it's family day for us. Must have dinner together, unless for good reason. But I love eating dinner with my family because we laugh a lot. They love to laugh at me. We love to laugh at other people. Haha. Can't blame us cause dad is always coming out with something out of the ordinary to entertain us. Haha. That's why I love him so much. Of course I love my mummy too!!

Got to stop now.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

True and Amazing

Chuan Guan : Ya la ya la... I know la... No need praise so many times... hehe
Wai Leng : I have to disagree. I think the love story is like fairy tale (the whole process) but the sad thing is no happy ending. Haha.
Clarissa : I know... but all my friends said my dad look very cool, as in don't talk much but... funny is his real identity. Haha.

Hey people. It's the weekend... again. Haha. Just back from 1 Utama. Wanted to watch Kungfu Panda but there was a long queue at the tickets counter. So we went for shopping instead. Had a great time window shopping with Kitt. Seriously, the sales assistants in Pull and Bear are not friendly at all. All of them don't even smile. When I came out from the changing room asking for S size for all the clothes I tried, she said " All of the shirts that you tried do not have S size, the smallest size will be M ". Being a won't-believe-till-see-with-own-eyes, I went back to the places I get all those shirts to check if what she said was true. Guess what, she's either too lazy to get smaller size for me or she don't know, there were S size. Went into the changing room to try the shirts again, they fit but looks a bit weird. Aihh, that's why today only window shopping. Oh yeah, the heels at Nine West are really nice. They were really comfy and expensive too :( but I will get one pair from there. Made a promise to myself on that. Haha. Tried a bag too but it's a little bit too big for me.

On our way back to my car, we passed by the Reptiles Exhibition place. OMG!!! Snakes!!! Yikes... Actually the exhibition was there for quite some time and Kitt really wanted to go in and have a look but my biggest fear, snakes, are inside. I thought of doing something for him that he really wanted in return for all the sweet things that he has done for me. The entrance fee as RM8 per person. Beside the tickets counter, there is ....

Mr Monkey ( or maybe Miss Monkey ). Isn't he cute? He posed for my camera. Awww... *heart melt*. He can take his eyes off my money when I took some money out to pay for the entrance fee. Money minded monkey eh... Hehe.

The horror began when I entered the main entrance. There were snakes everywhere!! It's so scary. I just stood there, don't dare to move. Okay la... the snakes are in their respective cubicle made of glass, but hey they still look slimy and scary okay. Kitt just went straight to the first cubicle and look at the snake while I...... am still standing at the main entrance. I don't even dare to move. When Kitt went further into the room, I use both of my hands the side view and just walk quickly inside into the second area. The snakes look very scary, unfriendly, lazy, slimy, hungry, fierce.... and ..... scary. At the second area, I just stood there because.... there were more snakes there. That is the Venomous Snake section. OMG!!! In the middle were aquarium with big... huge... lizards inside. AHHHHHHH scary place. There was one lizard that is very very very very big and stays under the water. Only it's nose was on the surface for breathing. AND guess what, the lizard's mouth stayed open!! It's a live wizard, you know but I don't know why it left the mouth open. I wanted to take photo of the lizard but my hand cramped because being too scared of everything inside. Some of the lizards have big belly. I wonder what is inside the big tummy. Someone hand? Big mouse? Small chicken? No idea. But I realised that some snakes and lizards can live under the water. Among them, only a few can totally submerge while most of them left the nose on the surface of the water.

When I walked to the third area, I can see a few cages with monkeys inside at the end of the third area. I wanted to walk closer to those cages but then......

Two big.. HUGE snakes on my right. I scream a little, which scares the aunty standing behind me, and ran to Kitt. They are really huge!!! OMG OMG OMG. It's so scary. I don't even dare to take their photo and asked Kitt to take one for me. Uploading this photo really .... is scary.

Okay... enough of snakes. At the back of the third area were 2 cages with monkeys inside. When we're there, it was coincidently their feeding time too. A malay guy handed apples to each monkey. They are really clever. They just at the part with flesh area and throw away the skin part. Clever monkey eh?

This monkey is really really white. It is very hard to snap a photo of him because can't see him clearly. That was the end of the exhibition. I practically ran out from the third area back to the main entrance because I really cannot bear to look at the snakes anymore. I hope that I won't have nightmares tonight. *praying hard*

Do you know that you can't squeeze an egg till it breaks? No matter how hard you squeeze, the egg will not break. I'm referring to an uncooked egg okay. Those that you can get from the supermarket. I thought it was easy to squeeze an egg till it breaks but I was wrong. Even with both hands, the egg still won't break. Amazing!! Well, I guess only I find it amazing because Kitt say "You don't know meh?". Haha.

Do you know that today is Agong's birthday? Well, I know you know but according to my sister, the first Saturday of June every year is Agong's birthday. I really don't know that. I thought Agong's birthday falls on 1st of June. I really pity the Agong because he has to celebrate his birthday twice a year. Or maybe 3 times. 1 is Agong's birthday. 2 is Sultan of his own state birthday (if there is such thing where the Sultan of that state has to celebrate birthday one that particular date even though it's not his birthday). 3 his real birthday. Haha.

You might not find it true and amazing but I do find them true and amazing. Haha.

Oh yeah, I've finished Grey's Anatomy Season 4, thanks to YouTube. The ending was... hanging... again. Have to wait for Season 5 I guess. Can't wait for Season 5 because at the Finale of Season 4, many new love relationship might blossom and old ones might vanish. Just have to wait and see. What Meredith did for Derek was really romantic. I think they made a really cute couple together. Awww.... As for Desperate Housewives, I can't find them on YouTube. I guess I'll be watching that series on 8TV every Tuesday night. Haha.

The recent price increase in petrol was really shocking, well for me. I never expect they will increase so much. 40%!!! From now on, no more speeding (because it's petrol consuming) and no more sudden acceleration. Have to stay at a certain speed. Well, that's what I heard from the radio. If we stay at a certain speed, we can save petrol. Besides petrol, our government has come out with a rule for all passengers in a vehicle to put on safety belt. I think this new rule is really good because it can save lives. There were many car accidents where the back passenger flew out from the car during the accident due to the big impact/force. It can save the life of the back passengers and also those that were sitting in front because if the back passenger fly to the front during accident, he/she will hit the front chair and will cause the front passenger to fly out from the car through the front window. It's really dangerous. Those that travel in buses will have to put on safety belts too. I'm losing confidence to the bus drivers nowadays because there were many road accidents caused by them. The bus companies do not care about the buses and the drivers. They ignore the summonses issued to the speeding drivers. How come they were not caught for failing to pay the summonses? I really have no idea. I think the government should look in this matter seriously. For those that often travel back hometown by bus, my advise would be choose the company for the bus properly. It's your own life. The ticket price may varied but your own life should be more valueable. Do not choose cheaper ticket than you own life.

Got to stop now.