Monday, August 24, 2009

The Pink Sage = Best Breakfast!!

We have a small gathering to celebrate Ming Li and Rachel's birthday. We went to Food Foundry for dinner and noisy chatting session.

The complete Serayan girl gang. I think the last time we have a complete group photo was before Mei Yee went to UK, which was like 2 years ago???

Anyway, the food that night were extremely dissapointing. None of them were good. I think only my Dory fish is so-so. Serious!! Wai Leng and PuiC who previously dined at this place said that the food that they had last time were better than what we ordered that night. I think they must have changed chef or something. Whatever it is, the food is really not that good. Either tasteless or tasted really terrible.

Need to thank Jonny and his camera for all the good photos. I did not take any of the photos since Jonny is with us. Just sit back and keep on passing the food to him so that he would take photo of them :)

This is the Mediterranean Chicken that Calvin ordered. The waiter told us that it's chicken stuffed in vegetables!!! Haha. We couldn't help laughing at this description though. For me, it tasted a little bit like steamed chicken served with ginger sauce. Haha. But the chicken is tasteless.

This will be my Pan-Fried Dory Fish Fillet with Lemon Sauce (or something like that). The fish fillet is quite small. One can never go wrong with Dory fish though. I think it's the most edible dish that night. The mashed potato is really good though but it came without any gravy, so it's more like pure mashed potato. Haha.

Shin's lamb shank. I can't comment much about this because I forgot how it taste like *shy*

Leng's Chicken Cordon Bleu. This tasted really bad as well. I'm not a big fan of cheese, so it's quite hard for me to accept this dish. But all of them said that this is quite bad as well. Again, it's tasteless.

This chicken chop that more than half of those who attended the dinner ordered. Tastless.... again. I don't understand how can a restaurant that is quite famous could prepare such tasteless chicken chop. I don't understand.

After all the bad food, I don't think I will visit that place anymore unless I read reviews that they have improved. But at the moment, I don't think I will visit this place anymore. All the food are totally disaster.

Ohhh I'm so excited to share with all of you the best breakfast around KL. Well, at least in American Breakfast category okay. Me and Tsuey Wenn went to The Pink Sage which is very near to Cap Square on Saturday morning for breakfast. I read really good review about this place from other food blogs and can't resist the gorgeous looking pancakes :)

The top one is the Greasy Breakfast for TW and the bottom will be Stacked Breakfast for me. The beef ham is really good. For Stacked Breakfast, I got to choose the type of egg I want (scrambled, sunny side up, etc.), type of sausage (chicken, beef, lamb) and type of bread (white, rhye and the one I ordered, which I forgot it's name because it's quite long). The mushroom on my Stacked Breakfast is really really really super uber good. I like my breakfast more than TW's because it is less oily.

The both of us shared this gorgeous pancake. We poured two small container of maple syrup on it and it was really heaven. It's really good. Another place that serves really good pancakes for breakfast would be The Tappers which is located at the ground floor of my office. It's really soft and nice :) Me likey :p

My English tea. Since I'm having American Breakfast, might as well ordered something that would match the meal. Haha. But then it's really good. Better than Lipton :p Haha. Ohh, I added the brown sugar and it tasted better than white sugar though. It's more healthy as well :)

TW's Half Pint Hot Chocolate. This is the best hot chocolate that I ever have. It's really smooth and creamy. TW really like it too. Just wish that they have bigger size for this beauty :)

The breakfast that we had at The Pink Sage was uber satisfying. The both of us left with a full stomach and happy face. They serve lunch and dinner as well. Breakfast will be served whole day. Definitely will be back for more :)

Went to Sg Wang first to hunt for a simple yet comfy pair of flats for my upcoming trip. After 2 weeks of hunting at different major shopping complex (poor Calvin :p), I finally found one that I really like. After that, we went over to Pavillion to shop a little. Since me and TW have been walking non stop at Sg Wang, once we reached Pavillion we went straight to MOF for drinks and rest our tired feet for a while.

Wanted to try this place for a really long time. Since both of us were still full from the breakfast, we ordered drinks and the most good looking dessert on the menu :)

The one of the left is TW's Mango Smoothie which tasted like a stale fish. Haha. Serious. The taste is really really weird. As if they blend fish scales together with mango. Hehe. The one of the right will be Ribena with Apple. Nothing special about it but all I wanted on a hot day was just a cooling drink to maintain my sanity so that I will not go all grumpy and angry. Haha.

Our dessert. It's a combination of ice cream, red bean paste, fruits, clear jelly (at the bottom), the pink and white yellow thinggy on the left and tong-yuen-look-alike-and-taste-alike thingy on the right. The vanilla ice cream is really really smooth. Equally as good as Haagen but then I think they have a few flavours only. On the bottom of the bowl will be clear jelly which is tasteless but tasted quite good if eat it together with the white sauce (I think it's made of coconut milk with brown sugar). Will be there for more dessert and gossip session in the future.

On Sunday, went out with Calvin around noon. First stop would be his lunch and my brunch :p since I said anything but Western food, he brought me to this place at Uptown for our meal.
My Chicken Chop with sweet & sour sauce. The chicken tasted quite nice but then for me, the sauce is a bit too watery and tasteless.

His braised pork set. The braised pork is really good though. The texture is just right, not too soft. The dark gravy isn't too salty too. I think will be back for their mini steamboat. Looks cute though. I saw the size of the mini steamboat from the counter. It's not as mini as I thought but then anything mini sized will be my first choice (MINI COOPER!!!) Hahaha.

Went to 1U after that for the movie Up. I cried twice during the whole movie. It was really touching. The little old man reminds me of my grandpa. He's really really cute. And the old man, scout, weird bird and talking dog combination are really cute together. Overall, I think the cartoon is really cute and funny.

After movie, we went to Subang for dinner with his family. It was for his grandma's birthday. It will also be the first time I'm meet his parents. I'm so nervous but they turned out to be really fun people. More details if you ask me personally :) and photos... well, no food of photos. It's like normal Chinese food that you can find in a typical Chinese restaurant. If you wanna see group photos... well, that will have to wait for Calvin to upload them to Facebook then :)

Ohh, got to go. Need to sleep early as tomorrow will be early shift for me.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sorry for the late update. Have been quite busy lately. Hopefully things will slow down just a little soon. 4 important events, 1 down and 3 more to go. Yippie :)

Let's talk about... well, food again. Haha. Sorry for the constant food updates because nothing much worth gossiping lately except Victoria Beckham will be replacing Paula Abdul in American Idol. Although I'm not a fan of the show but it sure will be weird without Paula sitting in the middle of Randy and Simon. She's always the nice judge....

Anyway, enough of drifting off topic. Paid The Cave a second visit. This time is for dinner, the first time was for drinks with friends :) The menu, well, can consider 90% western food. They do serve some Japanese food though, mostly sashimi. Definitely not my type :(

Calvin's chicken burger with standing salad. Haha. Serious, the chef arranged the lettuce standing on the bowl. It's really cute. Hehe. This has to be the least amount of fries found on a western food that I ever had. The burger, well, the chicken patty tasted like minced chicken meat with internal organ. Ewww.... but then Calvin said it's pure chicken meat. Oh well, my wrong :p On the top left is his drink. Tasted EXACTLY like iced milo!! Hahaha.

This is my lasagne. It's really really nice. Especially the slightly burned side. Hehe. Well, as usual, I ordered the food from heaven, again :p But my drink.. ughh, disgusting. It's something like a mixture of sprite with some other stuff that tasted like ... sour longkang water. Serious!! It's really really sour.

Since both of us were full at the end of the meal that night, we did not order any dessert. Furthermore, when we passed by the dessert fridge, nothing looks tempting. Just normal cakes. I think most of them were cheese cakes. Oh well ....

Then he's off to Bali for like forever!! Haha. No no no. Just (wahhh I can't imagine I used the word "just") 4 days 3 nights.... Okay. Let's skip the drama part. Haha.

We went out yesterday. Talked a lot about his trip to Bali and my "holiday" in KL. Haha. I was on a mission to search for the most simple yet comfy flats for my upcoming trip. I went to Mid Valley with Tsuey Wenn the other day. We walked the whole Mid Valley plus The Gardens and nothing.. I repeat.... NOTHING matches my description of "simple yet comfy but pretty" for a pair of flats that is worth me paying for it. BUT... when I entered Charles and Keith, I saw the most pretty bag ever. I held the bag and showed it to Tsuey Wenn while saying "very pretty, very pretty, very pretty, very pretty". Seriously, it really is pretty. REALLY. PRETTY. I wanted to add it to my bag family but decided to say no. I'm looking for a pair of flats, remember? *determined face* I will not simply shop for unnecessary items before my upcoming trip because I planned to shop till crazy there. Can you imagine, me, the me as in me, did not shop for since May. DID. NOT. SHOP. This will be my proudest achievement in my life so far. Haha. But the evil Tsuey Wenn tried to tempt me into buying the bag. She likes the bag too. I don't mind if the both of us bought the exact same bag since both of us used the same wallet. Haha. But no, I did not get the back *sad face* I saw the bag again in Sunway and pointed it out to Calvin. He said it's nice as well okay *depressed face* AHHHHH... I want that bag so so so so much that I am willing to eat the fish from hell. That is how much I wanted the bag. Seriously, it's very pretty.

Okay. Shall not drift away from topic again. Since I hate brunch yesterday while he had breakfast (gosh, he is so healthy.... tsk tsk tsk), I just admired him eating at The Popeyes. He had some boneless chicken which tasted quite nice but the fried batter is absolutely tasteless. The mashed potato is really really absolutely delicious. The coleslaw has this weird taste that I don't know how to describe.

After walking around, I told him that I'm hungry. Haha. Since it's nearly dinner time, he suggested something light. We passed by this dessert stall earlier. So we went back to the same stall. It's called My Honeymoon Dessert. They have nearly 70 different types of dessert. We had a tough time choosing what to order.

This is what I ordered. The black colour is Marble Soy Bean Curd while the white one, well, the normal bean curd. The marble one tasted a bit like... marble. At the end of the meal, I told Calvin my tongue tasted really sandy, really like eating marble. Hahaha. Serious. And for the first time in my entire life, I think that the tau fu fa water tasted really good. Calvin found it really weird and hilarious. Haha.

This is what he ordered. Something like helly with aloe vera and coconut milk. So so only :) okay la, not bad but not too good either. He thought it's something like ice blended but actually it's just served cold. Haha.

After that, we headed straight to Sakae Sushi for dinner. I wanted Japanese food because it's my happy food. Everytime I have Japanese food, I will be really happy because of their presentation of the food. It's all really pretty and nearly all of them tasted really nice :)

My soft shell crab temaki. The best that I had so far is the one just below my office, Hanazen Japanese Restaurant. Seriously, the set meals in Hanazen isn't really that expensive. Normal price found in Japanese Restaurant. Serious :)

The first thing that I caught my attention when I browsed through the menu while waiting to be seated was duck meat. I found this set on the menu that comes along with tempura and my favourite taufu. The taufu is really really good. The duck meat, well, a bit too salty. Maybe it's because of the sauce.

Both of us love Unagi so he ordered this for us. It's quite nice but there's something in the middle that's really hard. I thought I broke my tooth. Haha.

His salmon sashimi which he did not order but he still eat it anyway. Haha. I found it a bit ... disturbing ... to eat raw fish. But he said it's really nice. Oh well....

His raw salmon sushi. Nothing to comment since I did not taste it. Haha.

This is really really good. He was having a hard time trying to convince me that the prawn is cooked. Haha. I am very doubtful to put it in my mouth because I don't eat anything raw. The sauce on top is kind of nice though. Okay la, actually this one is really nice. Happy, dear? Hehe.

My chilled baby octopus. My Japanese meal will never be complete without these babies. Before I put them in my mouth, I told Calvin that it's kind of cruel to be eating this little babies because they are still, well, young. But after all the drama and pity, I consumed them happily. Seriously, they are the best appetizer on earth. Really.

Okay. I ended the week with a happy face, satisfied tummy and a pretty bracelet :) thank you dear :)


Monday, August 10, 2009

The Green Jack's Place

Tried another new place with Calvin during the weekend again :) BBQ Plaza will be one and only place that I dine in at 1U!! Always!!! Decided to try something new with him, so we stood at the directory for a really really long time. Before that, we wanted to settle with Delicious but it's kind of warm in the restaurant, so we made a U turn and went to the directory instead. Our first choice was Chili's since both of us never try that place before. But we were told that there's a waiting list and we have to wait for like 20 minutes. We're watching The Proposal that day and there's not much time left. So Chili's will have to wait for some other time k? Hehe. Anyway, he suggested that we just enter whatever restaurant that's near to where we are and just eat there. Sounds good to me :) but the bad thing is there's not much restaurants at that area. Hehe.

Then from far, we saw Jack's Place and both of us never try this place before. So we just went straight in without looking at the menu first. It's kind of scary at first because from the entrance, we can't see any customer dining in the restaurant. We thought it was closed :) But when we walked further in, we're relieved that they were actually nearly full that night.

Both of us ordered set dinner and I reminded him about the Fish from Hell. Haha. That's because he ordered the set with 2 different type of fishes :) But for me, as long as there's dory fish, it should be okay. I mean, no one can go wrong with Dory fish okay. It's the most safe fish to order in the world okay!!! Haha.

Our smiley green BEAN soup. Imagine my horror when I'm halfway with the soup and then I decided to ask the waiter what soup is it and he told me it's Green BEAN soup. My heart nearly stop. At first we thought it's vege soup or something like that because it's green in colour. The thought of green bean .... ewwww..... Anyway, I'm halfway through the soup. So there's nothing that can be done. But once I knew it's green BEAN soup, I stopped drinking it at that very moment. It's really disgusting. I thought there's only green bean tong sui but green bean soup is a bit ... over!! Who came out with the idea anyway??

Calvin's fish from heaven. Haha. Look at the colour and compare it with the one from previous post. I'm sure that you will agree that it's fish from heaven right? Hehe. Anyway, the salmon is not really nice though. Dory, as usual, was really good. I think the red gravy on top is a combination of tomato paste with sambal. Serious. SAMBAL! There are a few dishes in the menu that have Sambal gravy.

This is my shrimp and chicken combo. The shrimps, well, I must say my mum's fried shrimps are the best okay. I am dead serious. This one tasted like.... normal friend shrimps. There are no oh-la-la moment or anything close. Just. Nomal. Like that :) Hehe. But I love the potato. The amount of sour cream was just nice for me to enjoy the whole potato. As usual, I finished the potato and cucumber first before enjoying the shrimp and chicken. Hehe.

The title of this post is put that way because ... nearly everything that we had that day were green in colour. Even the table cloth is green in colour. The soup, our vege on our main course and also ....

Our dessert :) It's honey dew pudding. I thought honey dew is suppose to be orange in colour but apparently I'm wrong. Totally wrong. The pudding was quite nice though. I'm not a big fan of pudding because they always have this ... funny-sandy taste to it. Calvin found it funny when I told him I don't eat cherry because it tasted like an empty cupboard. I'm serious. It really tastes like an empty cupboard. Really..... disgusting.

Well, that's my first visit to Jack's Place. Kind of interesting. Might try their steak next time :)

The Proposal is really nice. It's funny and a lot of awwwww-moment. Sandra Bullock is actually one of my favourite actress. She's really funny. Anyway, the story is kind of interesting even though the ending, well you should be able to guess what's the ending anyway :)

That's all for this weekend. Ohhhh, no no no. It's actually my girls convo on Saturday and Sunday. It's also Chai and geng's convo too. Will not post the photos here because you can found it all over Facebook :)

Mum told me that there's typhoon storm in Taiwan now. Well, dear Ms/Mr Typhoon, please leave before September okay? Thank you very much :)


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~Tiggy and Piggy~

I'm really happy over the weekend. I've been dining at new places almost everyday from Sunday till today. My favourite will be yesterday's dinner at The Apartment. We have this heaven and hell version of food, which is very obvious to be identified through naked eyes :)

Let's start with Sunday :)

Went to Sunway for movie with Calvin. Before that, had lunch at Pasta Gohan. It's my first visit there. Since I'm not that hungyr, we ordered 2 different dishes and shared.

Our pasta and pizza. Since both of us love Unagi, he ordered the pasta with unagi and err...... unagi. Haha. I have no idea what else is inside *shy* But the cheese on the tiny pizza is kind of nice though. But the scallop is absolutely tasteless. I have no idea why it is tasteless. The prawns are suprisingly fresh :)

The dessert menu looks really pretty. Furthermore, they have my favourite green tea ice cream. Yippie!!

But I have no idea why the have to hide the ice cream though. The red bean paste is kind of nice cause it's not too sweet. Maybe a bit too hard for me though.

Overall ... well, can't give comment too soon because they have a lot of different types of pasta and we only had 1. Will visit again to try the rest :)

We watched Land of the Lost that day. Well, frankly speaking, it's not as bad as I thought. There were funny moments though. But I have to say, the aliens look really really really super uber ugly. They remind me of frogs :( creepy .....

After movie, we're supposed to have dinner with my family but mum cancelled it off. Humphh....

Ohhh... my favourite will be Monday's dinner :) We went to The Apartment at The Curve. This restaurant has been on the top of my Most Wanted list all this while. Was supposed to go there with the galz but then due to sudden last minute changes, I never dine at The Apartment before. So when Calvin asked me where do I want to go for dinner at The Curve, the first thing that crossed my mind was The Apartment. Luckily he has never been to that place before. Hehe.

Then interior really looks like a comfy home with huge dining area :) The food, well, I have to say mine is heaven while his is totally hell. Hahahahaha. I can't help laughing everytime I look at his food. To be fair, both of us ordered fish. Just that mine is fish sent from heaven!!! HAHAHAHA!! Don't believe?? Look at the photos :)

My fish, which was sent from heaven. Or maybe prepared in heaven. Or maybe served by angels. In short, this is the heaven version of fish.

This is his fish. You get what I mean? When it was served, I thought it was a chinese glutinous rice dumpling or something like that. It's really horrible. When I tried it, I nearly don't want to swallow the food. Besides looking horrible, it tasted kind of.... weird. I have no idea how he managed to finish the whole thing. The most funny moment was when he suddenly say "we must have dessert". Haha. I think it's to balance the hell fish so that at the end of the day he will have a neutral food content in the stomach. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

The Apartment is the third place I found in KL that serves...

Pavlova!!! This has to be the best dessert ever!!! The best Pavlova that I had was in Melbourne, baked by Aunty Peng Peng. It was really delicious. I keep on pestering my sister to make one back in KL but we don't have an oven at home. Haihhhh.... Well, this one has to be the best one around KL. The one in Delicious is too sweet. The fruit combination on the Pavlova by Alexis totally messed up the taste. The one from The Apartment has to be the 2nd best that I had so far. I know where to get this yummy thing next time when I'm craving for one :)

The Apartment is always a nice place for my galz outing. I can see us gossiping non stop at this place. It really feels like home :) furthermore, I'm in hands of a great companion that day. Thank you dear :)

Ohh... and I managed to get the pink water bottle at last!! It looks so pretty standing on my working table today. Even Wai Kin said it looks nice okay. Hehe *proud face*.

Well, today is another exciting day for food as well. Went for Korean lunch with Wai Kin today. Somehow, I think she's like a big sister figure to me. It's really comfortable talking just about anything especially personal matters to her. She's a great listener. Anyway, let's focus on the food that we ordered today, shall we?

The name of the place is KimchiHaru. It's located at B1 of Jaya One, which is basically just below my office :)

Our food. I ordered rice with thinly sliced pork while Wai Kin ordered something like seafood soup. Both of our dishes are really nice. Oh, did I mention that the interior of the restaurant is very pretty? It's all so white and clean. Both of us wondered if is it really this pretty in Korea as well?

Well that's all for the food update for the past 3 days. Happy happy :)

Today is Baby's birthday as well. She's officially 5 years old today, that old woman :) but to me, she's still the small and tiny puppy that I fell in love 5 years ago. Still so adorable and notty!!

Got to stop now.

My trip is next month. I'm so so so so excited!!!