Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Someone special

mk tan: I will try my best to update and upload photographs of our gathering. But, most of the gathering that I go will be only among girls. Hehe.

Canice: I don't know how to create a chatter box. If got, I don't think I will chat much because I only visit my blog when I want to update. Haha.
This entry is dedicated to my best buddy in the world. We've been really close together since Standard 6. She is the sweetest, most considerate, fierce(depends on the situation.. hehe), girlish-tomboyish, sincere... and a lot more. Her name is Wai Leng. Today is her 22nd birthday. I really wish that I could be just next to her now and just spend one whole day with her since it's her birthday. But, I have to attend classes, do my final year project, study and do assignment. Luckily, me and PuiC planned a surprise birthday celebration for her among our close friends. Although it is not our initial plan, but it still went on smoothly. I really hope that you enjoy that night as much as I do.

Looking back, we've been friends for 11 years. We've been through ups and downs together. We had arguement and I have to say it's hard not talking to you. We sat together since form 2 and you were always there for me no matter what. You help me with my homework and revision. You witnessed my first relationship and the break up. You were always there when something happened to me, be it good or bad. I still remember your first surprise birthday party at Mei Yee's house.

This is the home-made birthday cake by Rachel. I think you still remember the moment when we jump out from our hiding place and shout "SURPRISE!!!". But too bad you noticed a pair of sandals on the front door when you enter Mei Yee's house. You somehow knew that there was something wrong. Hehe.

I can't remember when we start calling each other Lou Gong and Lou Poh... but we really did called each other that in front of other people (tak tahu malu langsung...) and we still do, even till now... and I hope till forever we will continue call each other that way.

After form 5, I parted from the comfortable sight of you. Attending class was not as fun and enjoyable as it used to be. I really like going to school during our secondary school because I know you will be there. We had a great time together even though during form 5, we have to do a lot of Additional Mathematics questions from our tuition. But it was still fun and happy moments. When I take Pre U and you went to form 6, going to school was not anymore. I have no one close to share my problem whenever I faced one. No one to share food with me. It was really hard. But you shifted to TARC with the others to study form 6. We're in the same college again. Although I don't get to see you often due to our different timetable, but knowing you are in a place same as mine somehow cheer me up. You still remember that there was once when I called you and crying at the same time? The sight of you rushing out from the admin block to find me made me cried even more. First, it's because I'm scared to shit that time and second, I'm so happy that you are by my side when I needed you most. And you came really quick that time. I'm really touched and grateful. (you even save me the shame of walking arond TARC crying... haha).

After college, we were separated again. This time, even though we're studying in the same university but we're in different campus. But our bond grew stronger and closer as we grew up. Maybe we understand each other more and more. It's weird because we don't see each other much but we still are very very close. We attended the UTAR Ball together with other Soh Pohz and you really look very pretty that night. (Peeweeettt)

This is us during PK's birthday. We nearly have the same hairstyle back then but it's not planned at all. We didn't planned to have our hair this way, didn't planned what style earlier together, didn't went to the same hair saloon... but somehow we nearly have the same hairstyle. Haha.

These are all the special moments that we've been through. Whenever I looked back at all these photographs, it really felt like yesterday when we took the photographs together.
I don't have a chance to tell you how much you meant to me. You are really one of the most people in my life. I envied you last time because you can listen to people's problem and give appropriate advise/opinion but I never can do that. All I can do is just listen and listen. That is what made you special. I really am thankful that I met you. You will always be the first person I will go to if I have any dilemma/problem. I can pour my heart out without hesitating in front of you because I know you understand me more than anybody else in this world.
Thank you...
for being my best friend in the whole world
for being there for me when I needed you the most and never failed even once to do so
for being so nice and mean (when necessary) to me
for being so patient on me
for being so caring to me
for being tough on me so I would grow up and be independent
for understanding what I am trying to say when no one else understand a single word
for understanding what I am trying to say while laughing at the same time
for understanding what I am trying to say even before I open my mouth
for understanding what I am trying to say even though I don't know what I am trying to say
for never giving up on me when I seemed hopeless
for forgiving me everytime I did something wrong
for forgiving me everytime I say sorry
for forgiving me even though I didn't say sorry
for forgiving me even though I refused to say sorry
for accompany me to watch ghost movie
for accompany me doing something stupid/humiliating in the public
for completing my sentence all the time
for laughing with me even though it's not funny
for listening to me no matter how many times I've repeated it
for listening to me no matter what time it is, wherever you are
for listening to me even though you don't understand
for listening to me even though you are tired/busy
for showing me what kind of world I am in
for tolerating my princess attitude
for understanding me so much and even more than I do myself
for guiding me into making the best decision
for supporting me
for cheering me up when I'm down
for lending me your comfortable shoulder when I need to rest my head and cry my heart out
for hugging and kissing me on special occasion
for accepting me of who I am
for telling me the truth even if it hurts and I don't want to listen but you will somehow force yourself through
for telling me that I am not always right
for taking a photo of my butt when I'm sleeping
for molesting me whenever you feel like even though it's in public
and the most important,
Thank you for being Wai Leng.
I know that you are in a hard time now. I will always be by your side to help you whenever I can. I promised you that I will always be by your side no matter what happens. I just want you to know that no matter what happen, I will always be right behind you giving you support. Even if in this world nobody support you, I will always do no matter what it is (let's rob the bank together la....). Just remember that I am always here. Just here. For you.
I want to tell you that I love you very very much and I hope that we will be friends till we are married and have children together. Your son/daughter will marry my son/daughter. Your grandchildren will marry my grandchildren. Haha. I know I'm thinking wayyyyyy too far into the future but get what I mean. Happy birthday once again. Hope that what you wished for before you blew out the candle last Friday will come true.

Oh yeah, in case you are wondering who Wai Leng is... these are a photograph of her....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day

Hey everybody. How's life. I'm very busy with uni stuff currently. I have to find a closed chamber for my FYP and UTAR can't provide me one. I think I will faint soon. Mid terms are coming very soon. Have to prepare for this and that and this and that. But updates about important dates first. Hoho.

Happy Belated Valentine's day everybody. How did you celebrate Valentine's day? Well, my friend date was quite a success in my opinion. Don't expect too high on the first date, okay! As for me, I had a sweet Valentine's day with Kitt. He was sick but yet we had a lot of fun that night. It might sound like a normal date but it's really meaningful to me. Too bad his "surprise" that jadi. It's okay... Hehe.

Blue rose is my favourite flower. These are my collection of "eternal" blue rose so far. The bouquet was hand-made by Kitt. Love it so much. The one in the clear container was actually made out of a bar of soap. Kitt has it specially carved for me when he visited Phuket a few years ago. So real right? When we went to Phuket the other time, I tried to find the same guy again but he's not there anymore. Kitt say he might has been washed away during Tsunami. Well, I hope he is still alive. Maybe he moved to other part of the island. The blue rose on the right is a present by HW. I asked for a blue rose. Hoho. Hopefully my "eternal" blue rose collection will expand again.

On the same day as Valentine's day, it's the ...... I forgot what is the festival name. Hoho. It's celebrated by.... Hokkien ppl if i'm not mistaken. They celebrate it during the 9th day of Chinese New Year every year. At 12am that night, my house was surrounded by fireworks. First it was in front of my house. These photographs were captured from my room's window. My room is at the back part of the house. Sorry for the bad quality. Because I can't find my camera and was in a rush to take the photographs. I'm worried that the fireworks will end soon. Haha. I just sit on my chair and snap snap snap. Lazy to stand up cause I'm reading notes. Okay okay la....

I visited Pulau Ketam with WL, PC and Vince last Sunday. The trip was fun even though tired. We had the world most funniest texture food. It taste like mucous. Haha. I've uploaded all the photographs to my Facebook. It was a fun outing with that 2 girls. Thanks...

Got to stop now.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Lauren: Okay okay, no problem. I think we should prepare a list together. Haha.

Hey everybody. I have been very busy lately. Just finished all my lab reports yesterday. It was really hard to find the sources for my discussion part from the internet because I always don't know what key word to type in the search box. Hehe. So far, I'm really happy because I managed to find the sources for my discussion and even images from the internet, even though it takes a lot of time... but it was really worth it. My own master piece... even though some part sound really funny. Hehe. Here are some random updates of my life these few days....

Can you see the high five paw on my shirt? A job nicely done by Tasha. Luckily it didn't leave a permanent stain on my shirt. Hehe. Kitt said I spoilt Tasha too much by playing with her all the time and when she misbehave herself, I never scold or beat her. How could I when she is so innocent? Anyway, I know she doesn't mean it. She is just too excited when she saw me entering the gate. (I will definitely don't think she is innocent if this stain stays on my shirt forever... haha)

This is Vincent Chong. He loves to spread his Jinyanism around uni. He is the main founder for Jinyanism. I know he reads my blog because he knows about Daidomon!!!! Haha. Anyway, thank you for the peace-posing picture. I have another photo of you but I don't think it is suitable to post here. HAHA!!! If you make me angry, I will enlarge it and put it here, my facebook account and friendster account. EVEN my MSN display photo!!! Hoho. Beware!!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. This Chinese New Year was same as the previous year, I guess. Visited the same relatives and get the same angpows (but some have more money than the previous year... hoho). I guessed the rush for buying new clothes and decorating the house was really worth it because everyone and every place looks very nice and neat and tidy and clean and pretty and beautiful. Haha. The Chinese New Year decorations are getting prettier year after year. This year is the year of the rat, hence some of the decorations have Mickey and Minnie mouse on them. It was so cute. Anyway, most of my uncles and aunties went back to Batu Gajah to celebrate Chinese New Year thanks to the long break (Thursday till Sunday).

My cousin from Singapore. She looks like my sister when she was young. Everybody say that. Her younger sister, Jayna, look exactly like me when I was young. Our attitude, "siew hei"ness and the "ham pau"ness (cry) are exactly the same (according to her mother which is my aunt who sayang me very much when I was young). I forgot to take a photo with her.

This has to be the most beautiful angpow that I get so far. There was a small envelope at the top where the money is. Cute right? Besides that, I get one Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse angpow. SO CUTE!!!!!

This is part of my dinner on the second day of Chinese New Year. Duck, chicken, mushroom, roasted pig, vegetables, soup with lots of fishball (it's my favourite type of fishball too) and the green vegetable on the right. YUMMY!!! I took this when my aunty ask me to keep the flies away. Lucky me. I get to eat a few pieces from each plate before the dinner starts. Haha. Curi makan is so much fun.

When I went to my sis's godfather house, I was introduced to this.....

CUTE RIGHT?!?!?! It's a teddy bear hanging from the rattan stick. It looks like a fishing rod where the teddy bear is the bait. Haha. I had so much fun playing with this. The thing that I wanted to "catch" is....

Ah Boy!!! He is so cute. He will chase the teddy bear around. When he caught the teddy bear, he will hold the teddy bear very tight with both of his hands. When I tried to pull the teddy bear away, he will not let go. So, I pulled him around the living room. Haha. Sis suggested that I should made something similar for Baby Ho!!! But I guess not. What if she bite all the teddy bears in my room? NOWAY!!! Those are my precioussss.....

Tomorrow is Valentine's day. Also known as Single Awareness Day. Hehe. It doesn't matter if you are single, in a relationship, engaged, married or... other relationship, you can celebrate tomorrow your own way!!! Have fun!!! And good luck to certain someone who is going out on a "normal-friend-date" with certain other someone. Hehe.

Got to stop now. Will upload more photos and maybe gossip soon. Haha.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pre-Chinese New Year

ARGH!!! I am bored. Nothing to do. Sis is currently at Pulau Pangkor working (or relaxing) while I'm in KL doing... nothing. I spent the whole day sleeping yesterday. Woke up at 8 something, breakfast, at 12pm go back to sleep till 6 something. Haha. That is that piggy do best right? I have nothing to do. Lazy to go out cause I know there will be a massive jam since it's a holiday for those who are working in KL. I am supposed to go out with Guan and friends but he woke up at 12pm. Hehe. At that time, I felt really sleepy so I "fly aeroplane" and went to sleep. Hope that he won't do what he said when I "fly" his "aeroplane". Hehe.


Today was a happy day for me. I can do what I love the most. HAHA! SHOPPING!!! With Kitt. But the main purpose for the shopping is to buy his Chinese New Year clothes. I think I have enough Chinese New Year clothes. Few tops and pants. Saw one skirt that I love today at Espirit but didn't buy it because will get it at Pavillion since ....... can't tell why I must get it there. Haha. It's a secret. As usual, everytime me and Kitt go 1U, we will have our meal at BBQ Plaza. This place serves great food and the best part is we get to cook the food ourself. I love cooking without... well not in the kitchen type cooking but BBQ, Steamboat or hot plate. Love them so much. I guess I will prepare food in those ways for my future husband and family. Haha. Anyway, when we are walking towards the restaurant, we saw these......

BARBIE DOLLS!!! In wedding gowns. They looked really nice. I think it's for promotion for some jewellery shop which I forgot the name. Haha. But anyway, there are around 4 tables filled with Barbie Dolls in different wedding gowns. All looking so nice and pretty. Hehe.

Look at their faces... so perfect and pretty. But too bad all of them look alike. Maybe in the future they should make Barbie Dolls with different faces. Even their body figures are alike. Big boobs, small waist, big butt and long legs. They are so perfect!!

I spotted this doll with a purple gown. Hopefully you all can notice that the gown is purple in colour instead of black. Haha.

Shopping was fun. I managed to get 2 shirt from Levi's (Kitt pays, of course). Kitt got himself 2 shirts too. One of our shirt are identical to each other but some part are made of different material and both of us took the different colour. The same thing about the 2 shirts is the design. Hehe. This is the first time we have identical shirts but in different colour. It's not the Valentine's shirt that Levi's sell every year. It's just normal shirt. There are actually a few things that we have that are identicals... like our Crumpler bag (same colour but different design), phone, phone number but shirt or clothes... this is really the first time. Hehe. We think that it's a great bargain especially my shirts. So cheap!!! We never expected to get Levi's shirt at this price. Hehe. After that, we went shopping at Watson's. The more we walked around, the more stuff we grabbed. Haha. We did some research about women products too. It was really fun.

At the end of the day, for every purchase we will get angpows from the shop.

Baby admiring the angpows. Hehe. Too bad she can't use them. Inside each angpow is a voucher. 3 is for food while the other one is for jewellery. Haha. Nice nice nice. I'm craving for Nando's all of a sudden :(

Anyway, this is Baby's current look. She went for grooming last week. I trimmed her eye lashes because it is very difficult to see her eyes. I can't be sure if she was looking at me or sleeping when her eye lashes cover her eyes. The bad thing about short eye lashes is she can do the pitiful-puppy-eyes look whenever she needs my attention. Haha.

I noticed certain brands use cloth bag instead of plastic or paper bags. Maybe it's more environment friendly and the cloth bag can be re-use. Kitt bought a pair of slippers from Crocs today and their bag is so nice. According to the sales person, their cloth bag is according to season. I wonder what is the current season.... Haha.

Today, I found out that the world is REALLY, REALLY, really very small. Kitt's friend, Lauren, is actually Mei Yee's cousin. She told me today when we passed her the movie tickets. Actually a few of Kitt's friends are my friend's friend too. Like Gabriel and Keen Seng. Hehe. It really links into a big network. Haha. There are other "links" too but I don't think it's nice to mention it here. Hehe.

I hope that off of you enjoy preparing for the Chinese New Year as much as I do. Well, by preparation I mean shopping. Haha. Hopefully Guan and geng managed to get something yesterday or else they will be running naked during Chinese New Year. Luckily their hometown is in Malacca. Haha.

Sis, faster come back la. I'm bored at home..... Mushrooms are growing on me!!!!