Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daily necessity spoilt!!!

My hp is spoilt :( The screen went blank but the phone can still function normally. I still can receive call but is unable to see who the caller is. I still can receive sms but unable to read & reply :( My precious hp is ........ ill :( wuu wuu wuu. Paul helped me send to his friend's place and will send it back to Samsung since my phone is still under warranty. I miss my phone :( I'm currently using my first hp :( I still miss my phone very much. My sweet memories are inside the phone. Photos........ Songs...... AHHHHH!!! Please recover soon my dear phone.

I went Christmas tree shopping last weekend. Had a heavy breakfast at Ikea. Hehe. Photos.... haiz, it's in my phone :(. After that, walked around in Ikea. Choose one light and then we realised that the christmas tree's price was reduced from 59 to 39. Haha. We quickly grabbed one and purchase the ornaments and lights. Most of the ornaments are black and the lights are clear lights. I wonder how does the christmas tree looks like now. Hehe.

Am not in the mood to blog because.... I miss my phone very much :(


Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, TW!!!

Last Friday was TW's birthday. We had a small dinner together since not much people were free that day. We had Korean dinner since TW don't want steamboat, pizza and pasta. Haha. I thought we will be having Korean BBQ but in the end, we had hot plate instead.

This is what we had for dinner that night. It consists of chicken, white lingou, cabbage, chilli paste and noodle. Quite nice, but could be better if it wasn't too spicy. This is my first time eating and it was way better than my expectations :)

VIPs that attended the dinner that night. It was fun. We gossiped the whole night. Haha. Whenever we gather, we will gossip and there will be this money session where everybody take out money and give it to other people. Haha. It's a compulsory activity everytime we meet. Haha.

On that day, Kitt-y went to my office and have lunch with me. I'm really happy when I received his call in the afternoon. We had Japanese restaurant and I will 100% visit this restaurant again because they serve my favourite beef patty steak. OMG!! The last time I had one was in U-Zen and they do not serve it everyday. The Japanese restaurant, Hanazen, is located in Jaya One. The food that we ordered that day was quite nice. Nothing was not nice, actually. Haha.

My grilled chicken teriyaki. I think it's my practise that whenever I visit a Japanese restaurant for the first time, I will order chicken teriyaki. If it's not nice, I will never visit the restaurant again. Haha. This is my first grilled chicken teriyaki. Unlike other chicken teriyaki, the sauce was just right, not too salty. I like :)

These were Kitt-y temaki. California and soft shell crab if I'm not mistaken. I think I was influenced by him, I slowly can accept temaki. I don't eat temaki at all last time. Kitt-y is a big fan of temaki and whenever we dine in a Japanese restaurant, he will order one. But I can only eat the middle part. The top and bottom part was settled by Kitt-y :) But he's glad that I enjoy one temaki as much as he does :)

Kitt-y's sushi. Nothing special though. He didn't comment much about the sushi. Maybe it's because it's a bit too hot for him because the greedy fella dip it in soy sauce full of wasabi even though there was wasabi in the middle of the sushi. Haha. There were nearly tears of joy :P HAHAHAHA!!!

Biggest baby octopus that I have ever had in my life... so far :) I was shocked when the waiter served me the baby octopus. It was huge, unlike the normal one that I usually had. It was bad though. But I still prefer the tiny baby octopus. It's not that scary, for sure :)
Okay. So that sums of my week. Ohhh, one more thing. New hair colour for me and I finally got the hair serum that smell sooooooo good. Haha. For me at least. Hair colour was a bit bright but it's okay. I can live with it. Haha.
That's all. I'm very very very tired. Have been waking up early and sleepin late last week. Haizzz..... But I'm happy :) hahaha.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Keng-ness :)

This is a brand new week for me. My sis is sending me to work and home everyday except Monday. Hehe. Enjoyed the car ride with her very much. We practically gossip from our house all the way to my office. It's fun to have girl chat. But I must say her driving skills are really scary. The most scary driver will be Mr Brandon. Haha. But it's okay. Even though I'm scared all the time but I know they are skilled drivers *pray hard*. Hehe.

This working week is quite fun. Answered a few calls that are really cute. There was one agent that called in where she speaks Mandarin and I answered in English. We managed to talk for 10 minutes. Then I realised that actually language is not important. The most important thing is that both the speaker and the receiver understand the meaning of the message that was being exchanged (hmmm sounds like IPC) (I'm just saying that so that ppl will not laugh that I'm a banana.... but I'm a proud banana :) ) Hehe.

Then there were hospital staffs who are really nice. We can talk as if we have known each other for a really long time. Hehe.

But the I got annoyed sometimes when certain ppl (agent/staff/patient) who called back every 5 minutes to check the status of the case. Haiz...... Patience please. But can't put the blame on them because some ppl are natural "kan cheong", while some are in pain. Some just like to annoy ppl. Hehe jk jk. In the end.... just 1 word can answer it all. Human. All of us are like that. When we want to get something done, we will keep on urging the other side. It's normal. Hehe. So, like I said earlier, I got annoyed SOMETIMES. Once I put down the phone, then I realised it's not anyone fault. Hehe. And life goes on....

Ooh, TW's birthday is coming soon. Heard that there will be Korean dinner for her. Yummy yummy. Hope that the side dishes are good :)

I really want to go shopping. CNY is coming soon and there are sales everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! The other day, I went to Roxy Friend and Family sales. Didn't get any clothes. Just a pair of sandals and a cap. Always wanted a cap. When I get one, I wondered when will I have a chance to wear it. But it's really pretty. Kitt-y said I look very nice with a cap/hat on. BUT HEY!!! STOP LAUGHING. It doesn't mean that I'm ugly without a hat/cap on my head okay. Without hat/cap I'm still pretty but with a cap/hat, I'm most pretty. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Am I right Kitt-y? *evil stare at Kitt-y*

Okay. Got to stop now. No photos for this post. Will blog again during the weekend... I think. Hehe. Sorry dear blog. Less attention to you nowadays cause I'm busy working and not much time to take photos :) Patience.... patience.....