Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy..

My dad's birthday falls on 1st of January. This year, since both me and sis were working, we've decided to treat the family for dinner. We scratched our head to choose the perfect place that suits both mom and dad. Finally, dad made the final decision but it's my suggestion though :) hehe. I suggested Tony Roma since dad wanted to have Western food. So we had our dinner there together with Kau Fu and family. Kitt-y and Brandon were there too.

I ordered burger that night and the onion was really good. According to comments from mom and dad, the food was too pricey and not really good. Dad still prefer The Ship. Well, at least we know where to eat next year. Hehe.

The Ho family with new hairstyle (except Mr Ho). Hehe. I think my face features were exactly like dad. It's like a stamp. No wonder dad's friend whom I do not know will know I'm my dad's daughter. They always say "This must be Sammy Ho's daughter. The face so alike." Haha.

My cousins with my parents. Time really flies. Both of them are so big already and Shee Ee is already Form 1 this year. No more Standard 4, 5 or 6. Which means I'm getting older :( but still that cute. HAHAHAHA!!!

The staff singing a Birthday song for my dad. There is this mini birthday cake which is absolutely delicious and it's free. Haha.

Chocolate brownies with ice cream on top. According to mum, this was the best dish for the whole dinner. Haha. Maybe it's because mum don't eat beef. The steaks there were really good. If you are lucky, you will get this juicy steak as your meal. Hehe.

They gave this card to my dad. It's so nice of them because every staff signed on the card. Furthermore, there are no expiry date for the offer. Haha. Means I can still keep this card for a while before actually using it.

They even stick a Tony Romas sticker on my credit card. So the next time I dine at Tony Romas and swipe that card, I will get 10% off my bill. Kind of good actually but that means I will have to pay for the bill. Haha.

I moved back to my own room. My house looks so much better now after applying on a new "skin". Hehe. I think next week, I will have some new furniture in my room and my study table will be sent away. Which means I will have more space in my room. Hope to get a bigger wardrobe though as I do not have enough space anymore to hang my clothes. That is because I have working clothes and casual clothes now okay. And I wanted to get some new clothes too. Have been surfing some boutique's website these few days and some of the clothes are really gorgeous. Oh yeah, I think a found a place to buy my next dinner dress. Hehe. Hopefully I will be able to find my dream dress there.

Chinese New Year is getting very near. Can't wait for the family reunion again but this time, Ku Ma will not be going back to Ipoh. Which means Ah Ku and family will not be back too. Haiz.. It's okay. I can still go Singapore to visit them. Hehe.

Oh, got to stop now.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year ppl. It's 2009. Time really flies and it has been ages since I blog. I'm so sorry my pink-iful blog. It's my fault. I have no time. When I reached home, I will bathe and then straight to bed. I hardly online these few weeks. The reason why I am able to online is because I'm sick today. I worked for half day then went home to sleep. Gosh, first day ( & Mr Ho's birthday ) of 2009 started with a flu. Haiz....

Anyway, quick update on what happened for the past few weeks :) Enjoy

Nah... my Christmas present for 2008 from Kitt-y. Hahaha. Just joking. It's my company annual dinner. Those are the door gifts and being the first few to arrive, I got a tupperware from Loh Guan Lye. Haha. The Jusco voucher is the prize for eating banana on stage. OMG!! I was so full that night!!! Salute to Debbie who managed to eat 5 in 30 seconds while me only 2 :( . Oh, I was one of the finalist for Best Dressed that night as well. Haha. Didn't win though but thanks for the support ppl. THANK U THANK U THANK U!! I got an iron though. Gave it to David since I have 2 irons in my house now but only 1 ppl who use it. Haha. Besides that, I won a microwave for lucky draw. Gave it to Kitt-y since his house's microwave was spoilt. Haha. Congratulations to Mandy who won 42" LCD tv. *envy* It was huge!!! Anyway, enjoyed myself that night very much. Hehe.

Got this as a Chirstmas present from aunty. The smell was very sweet though. Might use it when I want to be sweet *shy*. HAHAHAHA!

Ohh.. the other day, I nailed (if there is such word) back the rack on the wall for my bags. It looks so pretty now. My room looks more tidy now with a good storage for my bag. Looks like a lot but I'm in love with bags and heels :) Don't make me start with my new and most pretty heels (well for me la....).

Kitt-y's Christmas present for me!! Yay!! I finished my old one after 2 years. Really after 2 years. Kitt-y gave the first one to me on 2006 Chirstmas. Hehe. I love this smell. It's my smell :)

This is the small bottle which I never use before because ... I have no idea how to use it. Will just keep is because it's so pretty. Heart shape leh. Pink somemore lor!!!!

Sis bought me this cute bracelet!! OMG!! It's a close resemblance to Mini Cooper, my dream car. Haha. Even though it's not pink and it's not a Mini Cooper, but it's very close and sis was really thoughtful. Thank you sis. Now I have my own Mini Cooper. Who wants to go for a ride?
The other day, we had a gathering for Serayan gang at Wai Leng's PJ house for Christmas cum Hsiao Shin birthday celebration cum Meng Kuan birthday celebration cum New Year cum Serayan gathering. Haha. 5 in 1!!! It was a blast. Somehow I prefer these type of gathering rather than eating outside because we get to interact with each other more.

The cows among the tigers. Haha. Happy birthday you two.
The birthday cake. It was really pretty and quite nice though. Yummy yummy :)
My romantic dance partner. I love you girl. Let's dance again sometime okay :)

The boys. Vince is so funny in this pic with his red nose. Hehe.

The girls with birthday boy and girl. The stick that Meng Kuan holding was Kitt-y's Christmas present. It's a pink shit. HAHAHAH!!! Oh yeah, why do my eyes look red in photo sometimes? How do i get rid of it??!?!?!?

Happy happy happy Serayan family with their respective partner and brother. The brother I'm talking about here is Kian Tatt lor. Hehe. And we have Miss Veet 2008 in the photo as well. Haha. And that was the first time I met Edwin's gf. Welcome to the family!!! Hehe.
Ohh this must be posted. Shin looking really pretty here. Haha. She's very happy this year because her present from Jonny was really pretty. Congrats Shin. Haha. At least it is not what I think it is. Ngek ngek ngek!!
Okay. That is the brief update for the past 2 weeks. Nothing much. I still have not get my hp back :( I miss you my dear hp!!! Wanted to get a new one but the one I'm using was still very good and I'm used to using that. I will stick to this one till mine or Kitt-y's phone spoilt. Then we will get a new phone together which is identical to each other. HAHAHAHA!!! Okay, I admit that I'm crazy but I'm not used to using a phone that is different from Kitt-y's okay. It felt really weird.
Work was normal. Sometimes it's really slow but most of the time it's really busy. Busy busy busy till I forgot to drink water or go toilet. HAHAHA!! Silly me. And on the same day, I broke my record. I talked to 2 different client till they say they don't want to talk to me anymore and got to hang up. Hahaha. Sometimes it's really hard to convince ppl that it's okay. I'm still learning from the seniors though. Their phone talking skill is incredible. Still have a lot to learn. And my e-mail assignment sucks!!!! I have no idea what to do. Haiihhhh...
Okay. Got to stop now.
Happy New Year ppl.