Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku

Lack of updates again. Sorry. Has been very busy with work that today is the only day that I have the time to sit down and do my own things. I promised myself to finish the Honeymoon post as soon as possible. Hahaha.

After Tsukiji Fish Market, we headed to Ginza as recommended by Mr Yoneyama. Sunday is the perfect day to walk around at Ginza as the main road is close from traffic. Which means we can walk at the middle of the road.

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Main reason we visited Ginza is so that I could have a look at the Burberry Blue Label from the Burberry store. They do have the England version as well but the Blue Label is only available in Japan. Went in and came out empty handed. Pooh saw a sling bag that he really likes and the price is very very reasonable but in the end, he didn’t get it for himself…. he is happier getting me the bags that I wanted on the next day than getting the bag for himself.


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After that, we headed to Shibuya and first stop will be the Hachiko statue. The dog is very famous that there is a movie about it. This is a famous landmark in Shibuya and it is a must place to visit when you are in Tokyo.


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The famous Shibuya crossing. When it is green light for the pedestrian, people will flood the crossing from all 4 corners of the road. A bit scary initially but then there is no place in Tokyo that we are not surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people, even during normal working hours.


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Another famous shopping place, Shibuya 109. The whole shopping mall is filled up by shops selling trendy clothes for the young and hip. But the clothes there are not cheap either.


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This is the place that we shopped in at Shibuya 109. A lot of pink stuff and I even bought my iPhone cover from there. But at that time, I have yet to own an iPhone. Hahaha.

We headed to Harajuku later in the evening. The weather was not very good that day. We only bumped into few cosplay youngster that very camera friendly.


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They will give you nice pose when they sense that you are taking photographs of them. I love the one in Hello Kitty costume. So cute!!! Hehe.


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We walked along the Harajuku street and it was packed of youngsters as well. I guess this is the place where they get their clothes from.

Feeling a little hungry, we went into a random udon shop for early dinner.

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Our early dinner consist of udon mixed with soft boiled egg and tempura. I love the tempura squid with a little bit of salt on it. Very crunchy and yummy.

We walked around and bumped into a 2 really long queues from 2 separate crepes shop. I read so much about the yummy crepes from the street and decided to share one with Pooh.


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We choose, more like I choose, Angels Heart. Simply because the store’s sign is pink in colour. Haha.



Our yummy crepe, banana and chocolate. absolutely yummy. They are very generous with the toppings in the crepe. We finished the whole crepe in less than 1 minute.



Last but not least, handsome japanese bf candidate for my Baby girl.