Sunday, May 31, 2009

93 days to holiday

Ahhh, I need a good holiday to get away from all these shit. I'm very stressed up recently. Maybe it's because of...

Follow up week?

That might be part only a small part of the reason, but not the main reason. I worked from 8am to 7pm yesterday. After work, went for steamboat with SW which was really nice as we get to talk and talk and talk. Next month shift will be a bit hard for me and SW to meet cause he'll be working double night. We can only meet on Friday and Saturday. But, Snow White and tall dwarf eh :)


Could be. She's getting better now. The stitches area has dried. No more smelly and sticky yellow discharge flowing out. Her appetite is back. Dad said she even gave dad the pity-and-shiny-puppy-eye look when she finished her breakfast. Daddy spoilt her by giving her another round of breakfast but in really small portion. I told dad not too as I don't want Baby to be overweight.


Have to agree with that though. Haihh....

Oh my long and happy holiday, please come as soon as possible. I really need you :)
Maybe I should keep myself busy with the planning and planning and planning :)

93 days to go baybeh!!! Yippie :)


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Needle and pills

Baby is not feeling well again. The vet gave her injections and medication. I'm very worry of my dear Baby. I hope she will recover soon. Doctor said if her condition did not improve, we have to send baby to the vet and have her uterus remove!! That sounds really serious and scary. Meaning another operation. I really hope that the injection and medication will cure her as soon as possible. She has been sleeping a lot lately. More than usual.

What should I do?

I can't handle this myself :(

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday bluessssssssss

Okay. I survived Monday. Haha. The most tiring day of the week. This week, I'm doing follow up, something very tiring as well. Looking at the files on my table is enough to make me emo the whole day. Haihhh.... Let's talk about something happpy then.

What could be happier than having Japanese food?!?!?! Haha.

I had Japanese food last Thursday for lunch with David. It was my "repay iron" meal. Haha. I had chicken and he had beef. It was really nice, especially the mustard-like sauce with a little alcohol inside. The price of the food is more or less the same with the pink Japanese restaurant just opposite the GSC cinema in Mid Valley (I forgot the name of the restaurant.. haha). I ordered chicken teppanyaki this time. I still prefer chicken teriyaki though. I'm starting to like soft shell crab temaki. Hehe.
The next photo is kind of ... well ... eerie.

If you have no idea what it is, well, it is actually the vet performing operation on my dear Baby. The thing that he's holding is actually the little puppies. My dear Baby was covered by all these white cloth. Scary!!!
Well, Baby is getting better. She loves to sleep under my sis's bed and under the sofa. She has to climb the stairs carefully and gracefully now. Maybe it's because those stiches on her belly. Those stitches will be a daily reminder to me on how close I was on losing someone very dear to my heart.

Here she is doing what she's best at. Sleeping, of course. Haha. I think she looks very cute in this pic even though you can't see her innocent eyes. Hehe. *hugz Baby tightly* Ohhh Baby, please don't ever leave me.... okay, it sounds a bit dramatic but deep down, I really hope that she will never ever leave me :(

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Korea F4

Had lunch with TW and PS today at Carl's Junior. Recently, we have been meeting up and our topic of the day is none other than this Korean version of Meteor Garden. PS sent me a photo of them yesterday but I have no idea where I saved it. Anyway, according to both of them (TW finished the whole series while PS is at around 18 or 19), the F4 in the Korean version is much more richer than the Taiwanese one. The story is more or less the same. Rich guy fell in love with a poor girl and his family strongly disagree with the relationship. They have to go through ups and downs to be together in the end and live happily ever after. Hehe. Of course the whole story is really romantic. I can't stand those love story who is really OTT. I mean, it will make girls around the world go crazy and boys ... well, they will blame these series all the time cause their gf will say "Why can't you do that?". Haha.

The most romantic love series that I have watched so far has Mike Ho in it. There was this period where I keep on repeating his name in front of TW till it kinds of drove her crazy. Haha. I'm so sorry for doing that but she's the one that I can relate to since both of us watched the series at around the same time.

Another series that can't be left out would be 1 Litre of Tears. Although the main message behind this series is not about love story but rather than how a girl's with Spinocerebellar Degenerative Disease (if I'm not mistaken) survived until the age of 20 something when she has the disease starting from 16 years old. It was really sad. I think it's mainly because the girl is really cute and pretty. Hehe. But the love story part was really touching as well. They went to the zoo and have this thing with dolphins. It's really really sweet. It can make you "awwwww...." for a really really long time. Starting from episode 2 till the end, every single episode made me cried as if Baby died *choi choi choi*. The worst part is, no matter how many times I watch the series, I will always (and I mean ALWAYS) cry at each and every episode.

That is why when PS offered to borrow me the whole F4 Korean version of Meteor Garden, I said no straight away. I rather listen to them telling me summary of the series than just watching it myself. Furthermore, it's in Korean and the subtitles are in Chinese. Haha. Furthermore, we would have more things to talk about during our tea session. Haha. We even came out with Meteor Garden Hong Kong version. Hahahaha. We were too busy discussing which Hong Kong actor should take which character that we left out a quite important point. Who will be the lead actress?!?!?!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sad sad case of Baby Ho

This post will be photo-less. It's because I'm damn lazy to transfer photos from my mobile to pink lappie. But it's easier to transfer compare to last time because my dear pink lappie has bluetooth :)

Anyway, the past week was amazing. My dear baby life was in danger. It all started when she started losing appetite all of a sudden. I was very worried about her that I sent her over to Kitt's house so that someone can look after her because there was nobody at my house during normal working hours. That night, while I'm having dinner, aunty called and say Baby just gave birth to a puppy but the puppy died! I am so worried about my Baby that time... I nearly burst into tears in the middle of Jaya One. Damn embarassing weh.. Hehe. Well, that is me okay. Anyway, when I reached Kitt's house later on, baby was already in the cage. They said she don't know how to "push" the puppies out. Someone came and gave her a few ocytoxin shots that were supposed to help contraction but then still no sign of another puppy till 11pm. Suspecting something wrong, they contacted a vet that came all the way from Mantin to do a ceasearan on Baby OR Baby's life would be in danger. I felt really dizzy that time and thought that I would faint soon. OMG!! The worst thing is I have to go home because mum called me and asked me to go home immediately. At that time I'm worried that I might not be able to be Baby's side if something goes wrong. Haihhh.... I have no choice but to go home. Thanks to aunty who kept me updated through sms.

Well, the outcome is... Baby is okay now. She has 5 puppies but none of them survived. I am more than happy that Baby is okay now. About the puppies... well, I felt sorry that none of them survived. I'm so sorry my little babies :(

There is this long operation stiches-scar on baby's stomach now. She's doing fine except that she kept on hiding under the sofa and scratching the floor. I think she have no idea that her puppies are gone now. The operation somehow affect her emotionally. Hope that she get well soon.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gossip gang week :)

Wai Leng and others just finished their finals recently. It's a good news for me since I got to spend more and more time with them. It all started with ... Korean food :)

These two are my favourite side dishes for the night. Since my phone is on low batt that night, PS is the one taking photos for the night. I did not upload the rest as I am very very lazy to do so :) can see the rest photos from her facebook though :) .... Oh, and due to my carelessness, I caused some serious injury to WL. I am so so so so so sorry. I really don't know why the carrot suddenly flew to your hand. I really feel guilty after that :( Sorry :(

We had an outing today. Was supposed to visit the flea market at Solaris but only realised that it's actually held once a month :( we went for drinks at Dessert Bar instead.

Spent the whole afternoon talking and planning and talking and planning. At the end of the day, our plans were still pending. Haihh, that is what happen when you put a group of girls together. We can talk, we really can. But we will drift away from the topic from time to time. Haha. I love you girls :) You all are what I am today. You all have been with me through the toughest time. I really would not be able to make it without each and every single one of you. Thanks for everything :) muacks muacks :)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alexis's cake :p

Read about cake reviews last Sunday about best chocolate brownies. The winner that most of the people choose was the one from Alexis. I tried the famous Tiramisu from Alexis and I seriously don't like it because it tasted as if the cake was soaked wet by water. Haha. But it Alexis is really famous for the Tiramisu though. Maybe it's only me. Hehe. Anyway, went to the outlet in Mid Valley and bought some cakes.

They have my favourite Pavlova!! But thie one has less fruit. Now I know where to get this one besides Delicious :) but the one that my aunt made in Australia was still the best that I ever had to date. Only kiwi and grapes. But at the mean time, I will have to settle whatever KL has to offer. Hehe.

Well, here it is. The winner!! It was supposed to be accompanied by vanilla ice cream but I did not dine in, so no vanilla ice cream. Hehe. It's a bit hard I must say. I'm not a big fan of brownies, so I really am not in the position to judge. Hehe.

This is... well ... I forgot what cake it is. Nuts with chocolate. That's all :) It was so-so only.
It's obvious that the winner is my favourite Pavlova right? Even Stephen agrees with me. Haha.
Ohhh, the other day, a Pajero knock the back of my car!! How can!! I was sleeping in the car that time while sis was driving. Now the back of my kelisa ain't pretty anymore. The driver said brake malfunction. Well, better fix the brake as soon as possible okay. Dad will arrange to send my CLK to the workshop for "plastic surgery". Haihhh.... my poor CLK :(
Here I am at home, sitting in front of the laptop and TV on a Sunday afternoon. I wanted to go the flea market at Solaris but nobody is free. Just have to wait till next week then. Work for the past week was not fun at all. I was doing follow up. It was really .... arghh... I don't know how to describe it in works but then I get to do my work in peace without having to rush because all the cases were old cases. I will be doing the same thing again 2 weeks later. So I get to rotate between admission and discharge for this 2 upcoming weeks. Yay!!
That's all for now. Have to pay attention to my CSI. I wondered what happened to the old man in CSI because it seems like he was replaced by another old man who was not as "yeng" as the first old man though. Hmmm ... anybody knows the answer??
115 days to go.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Babe Jinee :)

A sweet sweet sweet sweet girl gave me this last night..

My first thought was food because she said something like if I don't go get it yesterday, it might turn bad. So I basically reminded myself whole day yesterday about Jinee Jinee Jinee Jinee Jinee. Haha. When I opened the brown paper bag and the box inside...

Awww... isn't it cute? Pink cupcake. She said she thought of me when she's getting these cut things. She's so sweet right? Anyway, the cupcake tasted really good. Thank you very much babe. You made my day :)

Last Thursday was mummy dearest's birthday. Dad don't like Japanese food and both of them agreed that Western food is a no-no. Mum wanted something like Pasta Zanmai initially but I have no idea how we ended up near Subang Airport for seafood. Haha. That was my first visit there and suddenly I don't feel like going back Teluk Gong anymore. Haha. The seafood there were amazingly fresh and the price.. well not too expensive in my opinion considering the variety of food that we ordered that night.

This has to be the most fresh prawn that I ever have up to this moment. It's really really good. You have to trust me on this :)

Huge clams with tiny crabs inside it. I don't think those crabs are edible though. But the clams were quite good. The only thing that I don't like will be the soup. It's a bit.. too .. erm .. spicy?? Or it doesn't really went well with the clams.
We ordered escargots and crabs that night but no photo because was too busy eating. Haha. Definitely will visit there again. Haha. Anybody up to good seafood??
The other day, SW brought me to Bukit Jalil because he said there's a funfair there. I have never been to one so I quickly said yes when he suggested that place.
We parked near the stadium and when we got off the car, we heard really loud music coming out from the stadium. A familiar voice filled the whole stadium. It was actually Lee Hom. He was doing rehearsal in the stadium and me and SW were there to listen. All of a sudden, both of us have the urge to watch his concert. Lee Hom is damn cute and handsome okay. Like super talented as well. ME WANT!! :(
Anyway, back to the funfair. There were a lot of fun rides and small booths for games.

This ride attracted me and SW's attention. If I wasn't wearing a dress that day, we would have take this ride. Scary but fun at the same time. I'm a big fan of extreme rides like this but my attire for the day is a big NO-NO.
Being the first timer to a funfair, I found these booths very very .. ermm .. cute but disturbing. Haha.

Don't this look like a place where the bears were hung until they went out of breath. It is so scary that I don't even dare to go close the booth.

This is the Pooh Bear version of the scary booth earlier. Scary isn't it?!?!?!

Hahahahaha. I found this booth most funny of all. NEMO!!! But then pay attention to the eyes. They looked a bit weird, as if they were protruding. Haha. Scary looking Nemos I have to say.

Cute yellow duckies going round and round and round. There is a number underneath each ducky. They have this special net that the player can use to pick a ducky up to reveal the number underneath. Hehe. So cute!!!

That's all for this week.
122 days to go!