Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yeannie's Birthday

This post was supposed to be for the beginning of the week but I totally forgot about it. Hehe. It's the end of the week now. Sorry!! It was Yeannie's 2xnd birthday on 20th August. During our break time, we went out for lunch and celebrated her birthday with her. We went to Carrefour for .........

DOMINO'S!!! Yeannie ordered 2 large pizzas and BBQ chicken wings. Hehe. The pizza was okay but the chicken wings tasted a bit weird. Maybe it's because of the sauce. Hoho. Then....

Birthday cake for the birthday girl. The sight of strawberries made me very excited!! Since I was introduced to Chocolate Fondue from Fondue House and Shangri La's Japanese buffet ( where they have a mountain of fresh strawberries ), I craved for strawberry every single day. Hehe.

Yeannie with her birthday cake.

"I wish for world peace". Haha. So Miss-Universe style. But I wondered what was her birthday wish this year. Hehe.

"Hmmm, how should I cut the cake?"

"Cut it from the left side"
"Stab it on the right side"

That girl in black is Pooi San. She is Yeannie's best friend. I think they knew each other for quite a long time. They are my cousin's ex classmate from Ipoh. Small world right? Hehe. Anyway, Pooi San save the cake from Yeannie. Hehe.

Yeannie's birthday present. A zipped folder. So NICE!! It reminds me of my pink zipped folder. I keep it in my cupboard. Don't dare to use it because it is turning black. Sob sob. Should bought one black one instead. But I love my pink one very much. Hoho.

Group photo. Daniel is reminding me of my Prom night's hair do. Hehe. From left standing: Daniel, Yeannie, Pooi San, Vincent, Sai Went and Me.

That is all the photograph that I have. Hehe.

Next week will be the last week of lectures. Friday will be Malaysia's 50th birthday. Hehe. Old edi. The following week will be study week where I have to rush and finish all my revision. I CAN DO IT!!! USH!!!

MUST ( Malaysia University of Science and Technology ) accepted me and my friends for industrial training. YAY!!! Excited about it. Wondering what "experience" we will get from there. Hehe. Rachel and KF are going to NUS, Singapore. Hehe. Hope they have a great time there.

Got to stop now. Study, study and study!!


Saturday, August 18, 2007


Pets play an important role in our life. They are always there when we are bored and need entertainment. Having a pet always trained us to be more responsible human. This is because they need food, home, love and attention just like human. Kitt's house is full of pets. Here are some pets that I played with when I'm there.

Ms Sugar Glider ( not sure if I have the name right ). She's a newbie in Kitt's house. I'm not sure how old she is. She loves to eat especially fruits that are water base. She can run and climb very fast. That is her home. She sleeps there. You know how she sleeps? She roll herself into one ball and close her head with her long, furry tail. When she sense movements, she will lift her tail up to peek observe her surrondings. She's quite adorable actually.

Ms Roxy. She's Baby's best friend. I think they are cousins, or something like that. Hehe. She is very very very very very lazy. Whenever I'm there, she will jump on me and sleep on my lap. She loves it when people "sayang" her. She loves all the attention. Hehe. Love her!

I not sure what this it. I called everything who looks more or less the same like this as lizard -_-" So this is Ms Lizard ( i guess... not really sure if it is male or female ). I never touch her before because she looks slimy, not to mention scary. She just lay on that tree branch whole day. I think she is more lazy than me. Hehe.

Mr Spider ( not sure of it's sex too ). Ken told me that the part that is poisonous on it had been removed. But I never touch this 8 legged, hairy spider before too. Maybe it is because she/he looks very scary.

This is Tasha, the friendly and playful Rotweiler. She lives in her big cage outside the house. According to Kitt, she can be consider small for Rotweiler. She loves to play ball. Whenever she sees me, she will carry the ball with her mouth and run towards me, hoping that I will play with her. It's hard to play with her because she is stronger than I am. She can run and knocked me down. I will be left sitting on the floor with my ass feeling very painful. Hoho. She doesn't know that she could hurt me that way because she's too innocent to know that. Serious. She don't even dare to go out from the gate. All she wants is someone to play with her and I think if she was trained well, she can be a good dog ( she loves to bite EVERYTHING ). I still love her!!

There are other pets outside Kitt's house but I don't have their photographs. They are tortoise, birds ( big, small, flowerhorn, goldfish, etc.), some bird that looks like a small parrot but it isn't a parrot but it can mimics your voice tone when you are talking to him, fish and a fox. Hoho. Sounds like a zoo right? I totally agree. But it is these animals that never failed to keep me entertained when I'm bored. Hehe.

Got to stop now!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Flea Market and TGI with special treatment!!

Yesterday, me and my galz went to TGI Friday at The Curve for our monthly gathering. Haha. Actually the gathering is not a must but it is necessary. We don't have a specific day for our gathering. It's just a random, normal day. Just call for gathering when we feel like it. Hehe. Anyway, it is also the first time dining at TGI Friday. Hehe. Sad case right? Hehe. Let's start.

Since there were 6 of us, we ordered 3 set of this meal so that we can try a little bit of everything. Hehe. We ordered chicken, fish and beef. The food was so-so.

This is Mei Yee, our law consultant. Hehe. She will be a great lawyer in the future. She very super nice and sometimes a bit "naughty". Hoho.

Group photo of the xxxth annual gathering. Haha. Committee members from left to right: PuiC, Rachel, Mei Yee, Tsuey Wenn, Hsiao Shin and me.

Hsiao Shin a.k.a Soh Shin. She's a crazy gal. We knew each other since we're in Standard 1. We have some funny history together. If I mentioned about it here, she might skin me alive. Hoho.

Coca-Cola Light Girls!!!!

Our bill for the day. Hoho.

I'm sure you must be wondering what is the special treatment I received from TGI Friday's staff. Haha. It's a long story. To make it short, their staff is very "friendly" to me. Hoho. Enough say.

I got to stop now. Sorry for the short post. Have to continue with my revision. Busy week! Take care.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Paul's Birthday

3rd of August was Paul's 22nd birthday. We celebrated his birthday on 6th of August during our lunch break. We went to an Indian restaurant which serves rice on banana leaf. We have been here for quite a number of times for our Indian friend's birthday because all of us can eat here.

This restaurant is located in Brickfields. Since this is the only Indian restaurant that I had been to that serves food on banana leaf, I can't compare it with other restaurants. The food was great. Too bad they didn't serve lady fingers that day. It was one of my favourite dishes.

We went upstairs this time because there were no more tables downstairs. It is more comfortable up there because it was air conditioned. There was this big lion that was standing near the door looking out of the window. I forgot to ask Loga or Sara what does the lion symbolizes.

Waiting for others. These guys can be really slow motion. They can delay, delay, delay, delay. Even us girls are more punctual then them. Hehe.

Shri feeding Loga with one of the cherry. SO GAY! Hehe.

Since we are in a banana leaf restaurant, we just put our cake on top of the banana leaf. Hehe. First time eating cake this way. Luckily the cake didn't absorb the banana leaf smell.

This is how the food looks like. It was vegetarian, so all of it are vegetables. The good thing is you can refill as much as you want and the price is RM 3.80 per person. Indian-vegetarian-buffet. Hehe. They serve chicken curry, mutton and fish as well but you have to pay extra money for that.

When a person is done eating, he/she have to fold the banana leaf. If you like that place and will come back for more, fold it towards you ( shown in the photograph ). If you don't like that place and you won't go back, fold the leaf the opposite side ( towards the other side ). Usually people will do that in the funeral ( makes sense also... who wanna always eat at the same family's funeral? It is like cursing the family. Hehe )

There, everyone fold it towards themself meaning they will come to this restaurant again. Hehe.

Family photo!!

Paul will be leaving on a secret mission. It was kind of dangerous so hope that he will come back safely.

Anyone interested in this place, let me know. OR anyone have other place that they think serve the best food, let me know too. Hehe.

That's all people. Have to continue studying Molecular Biology. All the best for all student taking the test tomorrow. GAMBATEH!! Jogoya buffet this Friday with classmate! BEST!!! Can't hardly wait!


Saturday, August 4, 2007

UTAR Ball & Friends

I know it is a bit late to blog about UTAR Ball. But late is better than nothing, right? Hehe. Let's go for a tour on UTAR Ball Photographs, shall we?
S.H.I.T reunion. These gals are my best friends back in Pre-University Studies at TARC. From left we have me, Nicole, Charmaine and Yen Nee. They never failed to support me during my hard times.

These are my Serayan Galz. Friends since Form 1 and still going strong. I should say this is our most best dressed outing ever. Hehe. Rare occasion where you can see certain people wearing dress/skirt with make up and hair do. Hehe. Great experience and glad that all of you are there.

This is my Uni's darling. Not that guy. It's that gorgeous hot chick, Cindy. We're evil twins at Uni. The handsome guy over there is her boyfriend. Looks nice together right? Anyway, Cindy darling, love ya always!

These are guys from my class. All except one are still single and available. Interested? For more information, contact me at .... well, you know where.

Class photo. Well, not everyone from my class attended the Ball but at least there is enough to fill up one table. Hehe.

This is how I looked like the next morning after a night of partying. Horrible looking right? Maybe I can make it big in horror movie. What do you think? Hehe.

If you want to see more photographs, check out my Friendster page. There are some photographs there that I grabbed from my friend's Friendster. Hehe. In conclusion, I think that night was so-so. The performances were quite good. I thought they will open the dance floor for ballroom dance but they didn't. Kind of dissapointed cause me and Pui See never have a chance to do our slow dance. Awww... Hopefully there will be another chance. Hehe. The food was okay. Better than I have expected. At least there was one hot dish. Hehe. Really enjoyed myself that night. Great experience.


I bought a dog toothpaste the other day for Baby. I can't bear another time sending her to Dr Ben to have her going through another heart breaking experience again. NEVER! Hopefullly human toothbrush works as good as the dog toothbrush. Hehe. I wonder if Baby can gargle after brushing. Or she just eat away the toothpaste? Any idea?


It's Mega Sales now. Managed to get something from Roxy yesterday. Hehe. Quite cheap. Bought earrings again. Kitt has been complaining that I must buy some earrings everytime I go shopping. Can't blame me if they look really nice and irresistable right? Shopping is my kind of exercise. Hehe. It's healthy right? Love it.

That's all people. Hopefully can get my rechargeable batteries soon so I can take more photographs with my digital camera. Hehe. I love blogs with photographs. Hehe. Take care!