Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Full Moon~~

Yesterday, my office did switched off all the lights from 8.30 till 9.30. The balcony of my office can view KLCC as well. Even though I didn't see the part where the whole building's lights were off though. Haha. After that, me and Chan went to Sathiya's baby full moon. This is my officially first full moon .. er.. party? Haha. Both of her eyes are really big. And Prabu was right. She MIGHT have more hair than Chan. Ooopss... Hehe. I don't think he will read this anyway. Haha. We had Indian food. Well, for me, Indian food will be roti canai and banana leaf rice okay. Haha. But I had tosai or something like that yesterday. It was really good. Halfway eating, Prabu said it is made of fermented milk. The thought of maggots and flies filled my head. I nearly vomit out but managed to calm myself and finish the whole thing. But it tasted really good, no doubt. Chan don't like sour food but he said this one is really good. SO IT IS REALLY GOOD OKAY *push fermented milk away mind*... Hehe.

After that, we went back to Old Town (Jinee... I think I'm going to join your Old Town groupie :P ) and talked the night away. Haha. Then went home and sleep till the next morning where Baby keep on barking at the maid. OH MY GOD!! I nearly wanted to open the door and yell at her but then figured out it's useless. Haha.

I'm happy that this weekend I spent most of my time at home. Haha. Baby is so sticky, she practically slept facing my room's door. If I walk out of the room, she will follow. Haha. Poor her. I think she's pregnant and she's getting all this nausea-thinggy. She's just so moody that she sleeps whole day. I hope that she's fine though. According to aunty, she may give birth 2 to 3 months later. OMG! I am not prepare to be a grandma yet. Hehe. Maybe I will organise a full moon party for my grandchildren. Haha.

Okay. That's all for now. I'm geting used to my new phone. Yay!! But still no photos update at the moment. Don't know what to capture and still a bit clumsy with the new phone. Trying to adapt to it. Haha...


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The new era of Pink!!

Ohh, someone noticed my entry for pink lappie. Haha. She suggested bedazzling my phone too. But me being me, the crystal will come off the phone in no time though. Haha. I still am waiting for the right day to buy the pink lappie. Cause I have no idea what to click on the Dell website :( but then ... I still haven't decide which pink lappie to get. There are two options and both are more or less the same. I need professional opinion!! But then don't know who to ask. Any good suggestion ppl???

Oh yeah.... *wave to Raj*!! Hi!! Haha. I know you are reading my blog!! Thank you thank you. I wonder when will you read this entry though. Haha. And hi to Jinee as well :)

Baby loves to sleep nowadays. Like in 24 hours, she can sleep for 20 hours!! No kidding. Somehow she reminds me of someone. Haha. Same sleeping pattern but Baby is better. She will be awake when I call her, while the other person can continue sleep even though a Godzilla farted just next to him. No kidding!!!

Ohhh, I explored with my phone's camera today. Wanted to upload some photos that I took after work but then I am lazy to upload it now. Haha. Typical me. Stephen asked me to join the badminton game next week but me being the typical pig, I said no thanks. Haha. Me... badminton.... horror!!! My one and only sport is swimming. But must be indoor or evening okay. I don't want to get tanned or anything. I am satisfied with my current skin colour. Haha. Aaron did mention that we do sweat during swimming but then it's in the water okay, so we don't really feel it. Lalalalala... Emo fitness club activity !?!?!? When is the next meeting la weh... I need to swim again... Desperately!!! Haha.

Okay. That's all for the silly update. I need to update because it took me 15 minutes to connect to the internet and I don't want to waste this effort even though I'm damn tired now.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bla bla bla bla bla bla!!

Well, was supposed to update about convo but the laptop is a bit crazy. Getting a pink lappie!!! Thank you daddy!!! I will use it wisely. Ohhh and got myself a new phone cause my old phone is getting older and older. Still getting used to my new phone though. Hehe.

I think Baby is pregnant. I'm gonna be grandma soon. *tears of joy*

Work .... well, as usual. Crazy and tiring. I hate to reply e-mails.

Watched Marley & Me the other day. It was damn emo okay. Thanks to my movie companion okay. You saved my life. Haha.

Oh... gosh, really hope to get my pink lappie ASAP!! I want to blog blog blog with more photos. With the new phone, will be able to capture more daily STUPID photos. Haha. So people whom I will meet everyday, becareful okay. Don't do anything stupid or I might post photo of you on my blog.

That's all for now. Hopefully my next update will be using my pink lappie!!! Yay!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sad Story

OMG! I've just heard the most shocking news. My neighbour is an old couple who lives with their son and family. The aunty's grandson died in an accident on Monday. While her daughter just woke up from coma. The husband was saved by the airbag. Her 2 other granddaughter was admitted to the hospital and have to undergo some surgery on the stomach. May have internal bleeding. It was on the newspaper. When I heard about the story, I felt so sorry for my neighbours. They kind of renovated the gate because one of her granddaughter was getting married soon. But I never imagined something like this happened to them. The son-in-law's parents died in the accident as well. May they rest in peace.

So fellow friends who are drivers, please drive carefully and stay alert when you are driving okay. I don't want something like this happened to my own friends. Please be careful when driving especially those who have a habit of speeding. You know who you are okay. Please... be safe.

Convo updates again. I went to collect the robe and mortar board today with SW. It was a bit funny when we saw the previous convo video. I kind of imagine myself tripping on the stage. Haha. Nowadays, I'm quite clumsy. Just look at the condition of my leg. The other day, I cut myself on the wire and it bleed a little bit. Not to forget about the fungus infection. It is more serious that I thought as I have to go back to the clinic for follow up next week. I have to take the medication for 2 to 3 courses. But I am still wearing shorts and skirts despite the patches around my leg. Please heal soon and return my oh-so-sexy legs. Well, they are sexy, at least for me. Haha.

Baby is having period now. Meaning it's time for her to mate. I don't want her to have any pus in the uterus later soon, so I will take up Dr Ben's advise and will let baby give birth at least once. I'm so excited. I'm gonna be grandma. My little girl is all grown up now *tears of joy*. But I have to bring her for mating. Let's hope that my grandchildren will be really cute. Hehe.


Monday, March 9, 2009


I have an important announcement to make. It's my sister's birthday tomorrow (10th of March). So do wish hr happy birthday. She's getting older!!! Hahaha.

Went to Alexis just now. It was a perfect place for dining and also chilling out. Too bad it wasn't Friday or Saturday night. I wonder how will the live band performance be. I heard that it's quite good. But anyway, dinner tonight was really good. My cabonara was the best as it comes with my favourite mushroom. No alcohol tonight though. Had watermelon juice instead. It's my all time favourite. Haha. But it was also one of my forbidden drinks. Haizz. Anyway, companion of the night was great. We had a great laugh over the silly IQ questions. Thank you very much :) Will definitely go there again!!

Today was actually a working day for me. I am the "Ain" or coordinator for the day. It was really tiring but then I got to walk around in the office. I don't have to sit too much so that I can exercise and lose weight at the same time. Haha. After work, had a tea session with one of colleague and I "kepoh" a lot of things. Haha. But thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. At least I know what the true meaning was.

Countdown to convo, 5 more days to go. I bought my so-called convo shoes that day. SW bought his convo shirt and tie. Haha. We are still deciding if we should get something green for the Earth Day or something like that. I have no idea if it's confirmed or not. Poor SW had diarrhea and vomitting after the drink at a cafe. He finally can lose weight now. He has not much appetite to eat and he has stomachache most of the time. Hope he gets well soon. We will look great during convo, okay???

I wanna go swimming again!!! Go go go go go go!!!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Counting down to the day....

Preparation for convo was 7788 edi. Finished answering 2 super boring surveys. Haha. Printed one out while the other one will be printed out soon. Suddenly I'm excited for the day to come. Mum will be there to see her little girl graduate. All the hard times are over now. But the cons include have to go really early and it will be super boring for mum to sit there while waiting for my turn to go on stage. I hope I won't tripped on the stage or something. I don't want to be remembered as the girl who tripped on stage during convo. Haha. *pray hard*

So far, only my mum confirmed her attendance. The list of people not showing up is getting longer and longer. But like SW said, he is always there for me. Haha. TQ TQ TQ. Our name are quite close to each other as well. Suddenly I miss Novanne. Haven't seen this soh poh for a really long time. Chi Jing too. I wonder how she looks like now. Still the same or more feminine. Haha.

These few days finished work quite early. Today I sat at my place and stared at the tv. Is there something wrong with Pakistan or some place? I saw people throwing stones at the soldiers or police. When I asked Prabu, he said riot. Haha. Looks quite scary though. Updates please?!?!?!?

This weekend will be a relaxing one. No plans so far. Aunty Wai Leng and Aunty Pui See busy preparing for the UTAR Ball. Wai Leng messaged me last night to ask if I'm interested to go since one of her friend is selling the ticket out. First, I have no dress. Cindy will be borrowing my batik dress. Second, I will be working on that day itself. Third, I will be working on the next day as well. Fourth, I am not sure if I can enter since my student ID expired. Haha. Fifth, ... I really wish to go but I just can't. Hahaha. This means that ..... I am just lazy to go. Haha.

Oh, have I announce that Baby MIGHT be a mother this year??? Haha. Topic during lunch today was about dogs. Me and Connie shared our dog's weird attitude. Haha. Her dog was really funny. But the only similarity between our dog is LAZY!!!! Haha. Sleep whole day and love to stretch. Haha.

Got to stop now.