Sunday, May 23, 2010

Give me 4!!!!

Hi people. It’s me again. Blogging on after the most happy weekend ever. I just realised that I forgot to blog about some other food that I like previously. Tsk tsk tsk…. Forgetful Wai Wai :)

Kissaten will be one of my favourite place at Jaya One to dine now because they serve my favourite pasta in the whole world :)



Mushroom and Half Boiled Egg mushroom. It may look dry and tasteless but if you mix everything together, it’s really nice. Simple yet delicious. Me like :) I’m eating more mushroom now and I love it. Apparently they are good for your skin. So if you have bad skin, try to eat more fungi :)



Calvin’s Salmon steak set. He don’t really like it because he said it’s a little bit tasteless. But I think it’s quite good, not too dry :)



This is not my favourite pizza from this shop. It’s salmon and olive pizza. The salmon isn’t that fresh. I prefer their char siew pizza more. Really yummy :)



This has replaced Pulau Ketam Steamboat on my favourite place for steamboat. It’s at Taman Taynton. The best thing about this place will be ….



It’s soup that was cooked with pork’s bone, probably the pork’s leg. Really sweet. A little bit spicy. They put yam in it so that it will become really soft when boiled together with the other steamboat ingredients. You have to pay more for this soup but trust me, it’s really worth it.




Our steamboat stuff with additional order of sliced pork. I love this place. Very very much. Thank you dear mummy for bringing me to this place. Hehe :) Their deep friend marinated chicken wing is not bad either.


Went to watch Bounty Hunter over the weekend. The movie was so-so but kind of drag-gy. Went to Tokyo-G for bunch before the movie.


The green utensils on the table. They have this really long table which may be a good place for group gathering. Their food was quite nice too, not too pricey for a Japanese Restaurant.




My Chicken teriyaki with prawn tempuras and fried rice set. Miso soup was okay but the chawan mushi was warm. I prefer it really super hot. Hehe :) Prawn tempuras were nice. I love their tempuras powder. Chicken teriyaki was quite good.



Calvin’s Chicken.. er… rice. Haha. Chicken teriyaki on the left and minced chicken on the right. Looks really small but it’s super filling. Overall, I kind of love the restaurant.


I am really happy. I shopped a little over the weekend. Triple Crown in 1U is having a moving out sales. The clothes are super cheap. Managed to get 3 Roxy shirts. My favourite will be my 4 Paul Frank shirts. I really love Paul Frank but since their shirts are quite expensive, I only have 1 Paul Frank t-shirt for last year’s CNY. When I saw their stacks of Paul Frank t-shirts on 50%, I turned around to the pitiful Calvin who was standing right behind me and said “I want 4”.  The look on his face was priceless. Haha. He knows I love Paul Frank. I nearly wanted to get an iPhone because they have Paul Frank phone cover. It’s really cute. But managed to hold myself from doing so. Anyway, he said “4?!?!?!” with O_O (wide-eyes-looked) back to me. Hahaha. I’m the happiest girl that day. Thank you Calvin :) I think he was influenced quite a little because he wanted to get one for himself as well but there not much choices for men’s design. I’m really happy up to this day. At least someone has some respect of what I like even though it’s a silly monkey. Hehe. You will see photos of my shirts really soon :)



Sunday, May 16, 2010

It’s coming… it’s coming :)

Hi people. Lack of update again, I know. It’s really hard to keep up with the resolution thingy. But I will try my best :)

Accompanied Calvin for one workshop last week. It was fun. Met a lot of friendly people and really a really cute little girl :)


It’s Tamron outing at the Orchid Park. Met a lot of people and their expensive cameras. There’s one guy with 2 cameras and even brought along a mat for his camera. Imagine how many bags that I can buy with those cameras :) Weeee…..



The outing was on conjunction for Mother’s Day. They hired 4 pairs of “mothers” and “daughters” as models for the photographers to take photos of them around the Orchid Park. Those who are using Tamron lense can join the photoshoot for free while those who are using other lense will have to pay a fee of RM 20 (if I’m not mistaken) to join the outing. They have other activities all around the year but this is the first time I joined them. They have this photo competition as well. The grand prize winner will win a Tamron lense (which is quite expensive).






The models :) The Indian and the last Chinese pairs are really mother and daughters. The rest just met for the first time on the set :)


The park is quite near to KLCC and KL Tower.



She’s really cute. Chubby and cute. Enough said :)



The group photo of all the mothers and daughters. I think the Malay daughter model is really pretty. I think she’s mixed. Really fair and tall :)





Arghhhh…. I really wanna cubit her face. So so so so so cute. When she runs, the fat on her face won’t stop bouncing. Really cute :)




While everybody else is busy shooting mother and daughter, we are busy taking touristy photos of ourself :) Must make good use of the pretty scenery okay :)


Later in the evening will be dinner to celebrate Mummy’s belated birthday, Kau Mou’s Birthday and also Mother’s Day with Family Day :) Since dad loves Jun Kee so mom booked a table for us and Kau Fu’s family for dinner.




Our menu in Chinese :) I know there’s shark fin, fish, prawns and etc. Taste wise was good but then they are really slow when serving the food. Our dinner started at 6.30pm and ended at 9 something. Really very slow.




Queens of the night with the prince and princesses :) Happy birthday mummy and kau mou. We Heart the both of you very much :)


Dinner is getting more and more simple nowadays. To diet. To save money. Sick of fast food. Enough said.


This is what me and Calvin’s dinner look like. Chicken, pork and vegetable. Simple yet filling. Me like :) Tasted like mum’s cooking but of course not as good as my mom’s :)


That’s all folk. I’m really excited about my upcoming events. AHHHhhh…. Can’t sleep at night. Excited excited :) But then will be really sad at the same time. I don’t know how to say goodbye to Calvin :(



Monday, May 3, 2010

Mimi, the snoring dog

Went to Brandon ko ko’s grandpa funeral yesterday and met..


Mimi. She’s very tiny and quiet. She only barks when she sees a cat. But the most cute thing about this dog is she snores when she sleep. Really. Sometimes it’s quite loud too. Haha. When my sister placed her at the chair beside me, I sayang her head gently and she fell asleep in less than 1 minute. Even Baby lost to her at this. Haha.


Talking about Baby, today is my off day and I’m supposed to get few extra hours of sleep. But she decided to..


wake me up at around 5 something to open the door for her to go down for breakfast. After that, I will have to leave my door open so that after her breakfast, she can climb up on my bed and continue to sleep. Sometimes, she will bark at passer by just walking in front of my house, or at the silly cat who always pay Baby a visit every day without miss or just the newspaper man distributing newspaper to the houses around me. That’s her daily morning routine. But this morning, she decided to do all that and also climb up to my bed again and sniff at my face till I wake up. Haihhh…. But she’s really pretty now. Just came back from grooming the day before. Haha.


Since Calvin has moved to Times Square, I guess it will be my most frequent visited place besides my office and home.


We walked around aimlessly to look for a place for dinner and found this place. Since both of us were hungry and tired at that time, Leo’s it is.





His iced chocolate was really yummy. It’s really thick but not too sweet. My ice lemon tea was quite good as well. He ordered nasi lemak with fried chicken. Sambal wise, still can’t beat the stall outside my house. But the fried chicken was a really big no no because it’s really dry. My grilled fish with nyonya sauce was quite good and appetizing. Maybe just not enough gravy but the fish fillet was really fresh.



This is another Japanese restaurant that we both love.




They have very limited set lunch and dinner selection and quite pricey as well. But the presentation, ingredient quality and quantity made them quite reasonable. His unagi set and my fried chicken chop set. His unagi set comes with tempura which was really good. Unagi wise, quite good but just a little bit more stale taste here and there. My fried chicken chop set was quite good as well. My favourite part of the whole meal was their miso soup because it was cooked with salmon fish. Really yummy. Not much of miso paste or powder. It’s really sweet. Me like :)


That’s all for the update.


Looking forward to spend my off day doing……


… absolutely nothing :)