Sunday, July 29, 2007

Unforgetable experience

I had a tough afternoon today. It's a sad experience.
I brought Baby to Dr Ben today. He said that he needs to remove the tartar on Baby's teeth. When we reached there Dr Ben asked us to hold Baby as he needs to give her one injection on her muscle so that she won't move here and there while Dr Ben is removing her tartar. That injection was my worst nightmare. Dr Ben asked us to hold her properly because the injection will cause pain to Baby. I never expect that it could be THAT painful. Baby was shouting very loud, or should I say cried out loudly. We have to calm her down again so that Dr Ben could finish the injection. I felt so sad when Baby cried so loud. After the injection, Baby's leg harden and she lie down on the table. Dr Ben started to remove the tartar. Halfway through, Baby went into something like V-Fib ( like kena sawan like that... shaking shaking shaking ). Dr Ben said it's the side effect of the injection. I felt like there are someone stabbing my heart again and again with a sharp knife. It won't stop bleeding. I nearly cried in front of Dr Ben but I managed to hold my tears.

After that, we went home. I carried Baby while Kitt drove the car. Once we're on the road, I started to sob like there is no tomorrow. I can't stop myself. I just felt very bad. She was in so much pain but I can't do anything but hold her. I can't imagine my life without her. It will be weird walking around the house without her following me. She's a real busybody and hyperactive. When I'm studying or chatting online, she will sleep near me. When I'm studying for my final exam, she will accompany me. She is always there for me when I needed someone to accompany me watch tv. She is always by my side when I'm crying, licking my tears away. She never complaint when I have no time for her.

Have you watch Eight Below before? That movie is about dogs too. At the end of the movie, I can't stop crying too. When I reached home, I hugged Baby. She must be wondering what is wrong with me. Hehe.


Baby when she was still a puppy. Love at first sight!

Her puppy look! So adorable.

Baby hiding under my bed. I thought she vanished!

Us celebrating Christmas together!

That's all for now. Take care everyone.... and everydog!


Friday, July 27, 2007


Hey everybody. This is my first post at this new blog. I used to have one blog in Friendster but uploading a new post there is very troublesome because I have to click a few buttons before I can write my new post. Furthermore, I don't know how to upload photographs to my blog there. Photographs are important to visualize my post even better. Somehow, a blog entry with photographs is attractive. Hehe. I'm a frequent visitor to some blog which I find very interesting. Through their blogs, I realised there are actually a lot of things that we can't control no matter how hard we try.

I think that should be it for the first entry. Will upload photographs from UTAR Ball soon. Some of the photographs are still with my friends.


Me and Baby!