Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Malaysia

William: Okay. Wait me work first. When I got money, I bring you and your sis eat Japanese buffet, okay? Promise you :p
Darren: Thanks for the info. Hehe.

Happy birthday, Malaysia. Another year has passed. Everything should be getting better but it just seems worst this year. Hope that next year will be better. Quickly settle the politics stuff and focus on the other important stuffs like safety, education and country development.

Me and Kitt-y celebrated Malaysia's birthday with Hulu Langat Thai food and watching fireworks from Mervyn's kor kor house. His balcony can see the whole KL city night view. Haha. Watched some Sex and the City in his house too. Hehe. All the clothes and bags in the movie are really really really nice. Wish I can own all of them. But.... dream on.. *hint hint to Kitt-y*. Hehe.

Ken-y brought me and Kitt-y to this Thai restaurant. Actually I always pass by this restaurant but I thought it's a cafe similar to Station 1. Actually it's a Thai restaurant. Hehe. If I'm not mistaken, the name is Blue Dragon or the other way around. Haha. The interior of the restaurant is very nice.

On every table, there is a bottled-plant. Hehe. I think they changed it daily or weekly. Very nice!

That is the stairs leading to 1st floor. We usually sit at the ground floor because Ken-y said 1st floor is quite dark. Hehe. Furthermore, we are lazy to climb the stairs. Notice the lantern lights? It's actually on the outside. From where I sit, it looks like both side have the lights due to the reflection. Really nice... Will try sitting on the 1st floor on next visit. I never go up before. Haha.

The tables for 2 person. Each table is seperated by semi-see through cloth. I think it's very nicely arranged. It's like giving each couple some privacy. Hehe.

This is the first restaurant that me and Kitt-y ordered couple set. We never have couple set before. Maybe we didn't come across couple set meals before or both of us wanted different things, so we ended up ordering individual food. Hehe. Anyway, the couple set meal portion is really big. No photos of the food because, as usual, when the food arrived, the process of eating started very fast. Halfway through, suddenly I will have this urge to take photos of the food. Haha. Anyway, the desert was too sweet for Kitt but just alright for me :p The tom yum soup has a lot of abalone mushroom which is my favourite. Since Kitt-y don't take mushroom, I get to eat his portion too!! Happy happy.

Do let me know if you want to visit this beautiful Thai restaurant. I will be very happy to accompany you there. And yes William, if you want to eat, I will treat you for a meal there too. But wait till I start working first okay?


Japanese food... yummy~~

Chika chika: I missed you and your gang too. Luckily I came across your blog the other day or else I won't know that you were engaged. Congrats!!

Interior of U Zen Japanese Restaurant in Concorde Hotel. This if the front part. The front part are tables with red sofas. Then there is the Sushi Bar. Behind it will be the table for 2 and 4 persons. The last part is 2 huge tables enough got 8 to 10 person. The huge table are made of railway track wood, by the way. It's huge!!!

Kitt-y's mum asked me to go for Japanese buffet the other night. Due to little attendance, we changed to Japanese Restaurant instead. We visited U Zen Japanese Restaurant that was located in Concorde Hotel. This is one of my few favourite restaurant. Hehe. They ordered sashimi, sushi and some maki that night. Since I can't take in raw food, I never touched the sashimi and sushi. The soft shell crab maki was really good. I preferred this over hand roll because the portion is just fine as appetizer. I will not be able to finish my main course if I have a hand roll earlier. Kitt love the butterfish sashimi!! He never failed to have 1 everytime he visits this restaurant. Not all Japanese restaurant serves butterfish sashimi. This is why he loves U Zen so much. Haha. Sorry, no photos of the appetizers because were too busy talking and admiring the food. Hehe.

Here are some of the main course. All of them are very nice. The portion is very filling too.

Teppanyaki beef!! This will be one of my favourite because the beef is cooked till medium well and the middle part is still pink in colour. The texture is not too hard for chewing. Love it.

Unagi!! I love Unagi very much. Although it is eel and eel looks like snake which is my worst nightmare, Unagi tasted just like fish. Hahahaha. Good good.

Chicken teriyaki will be one of the most ordered main course for me when I first visit any Japanese Restaurant. My theory would be if the simple chicken teriyaki doesn't taste good, I will not come to this restaurant again. The main factor will be the teriyaki sauce. Hahaha. Anyway, this was really good.

Above mentioned are not my main course. They were other people main course but I love them too. My main course will be....

Cod fish!!! Omg. This flesh of the fish was really sweet. It was grilled right till it turns golden brown and... ohhhh the wow-factor is still the sweetness of the fish. It is really really really good.

Another favourite dish of mine in this japanese restaurant is this beef burger patty, Japanese style. It is not available all the time. If you are lucky, it will be featured as the lunch set that day. If you visited this Japanese Restaurant and it was lunch set for the day, you must try it. It's really good.

Finally, entertainment of the night be Ken-y...

These are the... thing where you placed your chopstick when not in used. Haha. Some of it actually looks like a snake and it really freaks me out. But It does not have eyes or anything, so I can still treat it as dragon. Haha. But the naughty Ken-y still use them to scare me :( Anyway, it's a triosome relationship there. Hahahaha.


Monday, August 25, 2008

First fishing trip

Canice : Thanks mui. Aiyo, where got more lovely *shy* still the same la *shy*. Just remember to invite me and Kitt to your wedding ya :) Hehe
Chuanguan : Please lor, after so much advices from my mother, I "think" I'm wiser edi. Unless there are some new methods that my mom never heard of and didn't mention to me at all la :) Haha. You watch out la. One day I will cheat you back. HOHOHOHO!!

What will you do if your female dog is having period? Put on sanitary pads for her? Even though the human one has wings, I don't think it can fit because my dog don't wear undies. Haha. So... at first we do this......

Baby pampers. HAHAHAHAHA! This is the pants version of pampers and it's XL size. Kitt-y did some modification on the pampers after this photo was taken where he tie the upper part using a rubber band to tighten the "pants" because without doing that, the "pants" keep falling down. Haha. It was so funny but at least Baby does not has to stay 24/7 inside the cage. She's free again.

The next day, I went to the pet shop to purchase something that was meant for dogs. Haha. Must care for Baby's feelings too you know. So I bought her this erm.."thing"...

It's made of erm, plastic I think. Inside, there's a compartment where you can insert a tissue for the blood and you can change it from time to time. There is a hole on it for the tail and the size is just right so it will not drop. Just have to take it off once in a while to let her pee/shit. Hehe. Reuseable and environment friendly. Haha.

Last week, I went fishing. YES!! FISHING!! HO YICK HUI WENT FISHING!! When I told Cindy and just now TW, both are shocked. Haha. Cindy even prepared a list of what things I should bring along. But I read the message after the fishing trip la dear. Haha. But most of the things that you mentioned, I did brought them along :P except the chair la. I don't know where to find a chair to fit into the car leh. But there are benches there under a shady tree. So it's quite okay actually. Way better than I expected.

This place it's actually a fishing centre? I have no idea what it is called. It's a place where people pay to fish there. It's in Semenyih, very near to Kitt-y's uni. 6 of us went there in the morning. We stayed there until 6 in the evening where only me, Kinn-y and Kitt-y/Mun Kent managed to catch one fish each. Chung Siew and Chai makan "pak kor". Haha.

There were around 3 to 4 ponds there, each with different rates. We took the one for whole day fishing. There were ponds that are for hourly fishing session. Hehe. First time heard such things. Unlike other fishing ponds, this one is really surrounded by forest, hence you feel like as in you're fishing in some forest with big ponds. Haha.

Kinn-y was the first person that caught a fish. His catch was really quick. Around 30 minutes after our arrival. Hehe.

Initially, my first job was to toss bread to the pond to send a signal to those fishes that "got food got food, come nearer come nearer". Or at least come nearer to the site where we throw our bait. I think I threw too much bread out till most of the fishes are full and none ate the bait. Even if they ate the bread, they managed to eat the bread without being stuck to the hook. Clever fish. The last time Kitt-y went there, he managed to catch at least 5 to 6 fishes in one day. But this time, we only managed to get 3, and those are the parliar fishes. Haha.

Second fish for the day was by Kitt-y and Mun Kent.

I have no idea what that fish is called. Hehe.

Check out the size of the bread that I used to feed these tiny fishes. Hahahaha.

A fish spotted on the other pond circling around the bread that I threw. Kitt-y said it's their strategy to test if the bread is safe to eat or just a bait. Haha. Clever fishy ehh.

Check out the stressed our boys. Check out their stressed up poses. Haha. All desperate to catch a fish. Haha. A big fish!!!
This the fish that I caught. Haha. I had the honoured of reeling the fish in and someone clipped the mouth with that thing and put it on the weighing machine. Haha.

Not that heavy and it's just a small fish. Haha. But it's my first catch during my first fishing trip. Better than Chai okay. Went home with nothing. Haha.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that after you catch a fish, you have to release it. If you fish at the other pond, you can bring it home. But not for our pond. So it's sort of catch and release thinggy. Hehe.
That's the end of my first fishing trip. At the end of the day, I was sun burnt and red. Haha. It was a fun experience and will sure to go for another fishing trip. Hehe.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


William : Yeah... influenced by you. Haha.
cg : You ar .... the blur blur and weird weird and naughty naughty one lor.... what else??
mktan : You are talking about the morning one or evening one or both? Hehe. I heard you are back eh? Oh, my friend said he read it from some chinese newspaper. Agree with your logic thinking but what if the uncles that want such services, the secret weapon cannot stand edi? Maybe just touch touch will do... HAHAHAHA!!! Wai Leng teach me one :P

2 poh and 2 kong from Ipoh visited us yesterday since both of their children are studying in KL now. We went to Port Klang for dinner. Long way drive there just for the seafood. Haha. During dinner, the main topic of chatting was the newest tricks people used to cheat other people's money. The most "in" method nowadays is through hynotize a person and ask for valuebles. They said that there were those lady from China or others who would approach you and ask you anything. Once you stare into her eyes or answer her or she managed to hold any part of the body (please don't think hamsup part okay), you will be hynoptize and will follow every single instruction that she has given you. Even though if she ask you to give her all your money and at that time you don't have money, she will ask you go home and search for valuebles and pass it to her. Those examples are really scary. Whatever excuses that they use to approach you are very common-everyday-life-questions. "Excuse me, how do I get to this place?", "Excuse me, your bag/shoes/whatever on you is very nice. Where did you get it?", "I need your help in ... Can you help me?", "Do you have small change?" and etc. Normally, I would answer/help them if I know the answer or I'm capable of helping. But mom always tell me stories about such cases and warned me never talk to strangers especially when I'm alone. When someone talk to you, it is better if you just walk away from the different direction. If they chase you, run!! Haha. Sounds funny but in Ipoh there were cases where children are involved. 2 women and 1 child went around different places in Ipoh to cheat money. If you are hynoptize, you will only become conscious when someone call your name or the person who hynoptize you are no longer left.

Second method, where my mum and dad nearly kena and grandma kena is where people come into your house, ask you simple questions. After that they will tell you that you won prizes. Will ask you to let them in the house or give them some money so that they can give you the prize money. In mum and dad case, they said they don't want the prize and let them have the prize. My grandmother who is not so fortunate has been cheated of money. They usually target housewives and old people. So mum said next time when anybody calling from the gate, just pretend that they are nobody home and don't answer. They will leave eventually.

Third method is similar in second method but involves sms and phone calls. I've received one phone call where a woman who claims that she's calling from China and asked me something. Due to my banana-ness, I have no idea what she is saying so I hung up like 10 seconds later. Before that, I heard about such cases from friends, mum (of course) and read about similar case in Kenny Sia's blog. They will ask ask ask and ask you to deposit money into xxx account then you will get some prize.

I really wonder why do people trust such things cause if you won something, you should get it and you don't have to pay for anything. These cheaters know a few facts. People are greedy and stupid at the same time. Hence, they will attack us from these two factors. Maybe the word "prizes" and "win" are 2 powerful words where people will do anything to get them. But can't blame most of the poeple, especially old people like my grandparents. Sometimes they are just blur and don't know much about anything. They are easily convinced because most of the time, these cheaters are very professional in their things till they can talk very professionally and confidently. Aihh.... just hope that no one I know will be victims of such cases anymore. Please be careful ya!!!

And to those cheaters, I hope that you can sleep well everynight since you are taking something that people work very hard to earn and keep. Don't take people's kindness and sympathy to you for granted. What goes around, comes around.

Got to study for Pharmaco lab test.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Anonymous: Oh, thanks for the info. Hehe. So panai. Mind to intro yourself?
mk tan: Thank you very much. I don't know how to say that properly in japanese but is it something like arigatou bla bla bla? Hahaha.

Today was Nasi Lemak day. Haha. Had Nasi Lemak for Brunch and during tea time. The first place was Steven's Corner in Pandan Indah. Seriously, I don't like the Nasi Lemak there because the sambal was not good and even though the fried chicken was hot when it arrived on my table, there was not much meat from the chicken. Besides that, they gave me chicken wing, lagi no meat. Haha. I will never order Nasi Lemak from there anymore. Humphh. The second round was purchased in front of 7-11 which was my favourite place to get Nasi Lemak in the morning till noon. The morning session Nasi Lemak was operated by a malay pakcik. If your purchase was RM5, he will say "lima ribu". Haha. He sells Nasi Lemak with prawns, chickens, beef, mutton and others. I think his the item that made him so famous was the fragrant rice. Haha. The afternoon session was operated by an Indian man but he's a muslim, if I'm not mistaken. His fried chickens sold out by 2pm during weekends and around 3 during weekdays. But if you don't take chicken breasts and wings, better go get it earlier. Hehe. He was famous for his Sambal and fried chicken, in my opinion. Hehe.

Besides them, the place that I will go for Nasi Lemak will be Old Town because their Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang is really good. But not all outlet serve the same quality of Nasi Lemak. The Old Town in Pandan Indah is always stinky. I have no idea why. The one in Jaya One and beside the Honda showroom (near my place) are the 2 Old Town that I enjoyed visiting. Tried Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak and the only word that can describe it will be pricey. For me, Nasi Lemak is an affordable food where the prices can start from RM0.80 till .... RM10??? If it's good but pricey, I wouldn't mind. But the one in Madam Kwan don't really match up the price. Same goes to Nasi Lemak by Sakura. Hehe. Where else can I get good Nasi Lemak????? Any good suggestions????

During IPC tutorial last week, Soon Hao mentioned that he read from newspaper some time ago that there were women (or prostitutes) who are willing to accept RM1 for a whole-body-touching session. OMG!!! RM1!!! Yeannie said maybe they are really desperate for money and said that maybe RM1 for certain body part like hands or legs. Is there really such thing? They said most foreigners are looking for such services when they visit Malaysia. I have no idea if it's a good thing or not. Haha. Anyway, does such cases really exist???? We were laughing when talking about that topic and suddenly Yeannie mention something like Touch-n-Go!! Hahaha. Pay, touch, go. Hahaha. Yeannie is really naughty ehh.

My university days are going to end soon. Suddenly I missed all my uni friends. Cindy, my darling. She's the only one I know that can accompany talk for a really really really long time. Can make noise with me in the car. I will miss her very much. Chi Jing... OMG!! She's like the most intelligent people that I have ever met. I will miss those teasing session with her. Pooi San, the nicest person, same level with Lauren. Nice and sweet. Soon Hao... seriously, he's the person that is totally different from his appearance. He may look nerdy (sorry), quiet and nice from the outside, but inside he's very friendly, kind and fun to be around with. Yeannie ... OMG!! This girl is really equivalent to my dad. No ... wait. She's better than my dad. When she opens her mouth and talk, no one can imagine that she can say such things. She's very cute too. As for Novanne, she's the person that me and Cindy gossip with all the time. Haha. We know everything about everyone in everywhere and anytime. Hahaha. Gosh, I miss all my friends already. After FYP presentation, I may not see them anymore. Some will further studies and some will go back hometown and find a job there. Aihhh... Luckily I still have my soh pohz where the nearest member is just right behind my house. Haha. I still love my soh pohz the most!!!

I receive a message from Canice about 20082008. Hehe. I never realised the date until that message. So what have you did on this special date?

Friday, August 15, 2008


Here are some photos of the Thai Restaurant in Hulu Langat. Went there again for dinner with Kitt-y family. Hehe.

The view from our table. It's only 6 in the evening. We don't want to go in when it's dark because it will be very dark and hard to see the junction for the restaurant. Furthermore, we have to travel 5 minutes of bumpy roads. It's better to go when the visibility of the road is still fine.

This is the lamb. It's very good, most of the time. But that day it's kind of a disspointment. I think it's because they changed the person that grilled the food. Nearly everything except the fish that were grilled on top of charcoal stove were not good.

The grilling area. Haha. They serve grilled fish, squid, crab, eggplant and lamb. Have not try crab and eggplant though. Hehe.

Some of our food. Left is the 4 Big Sky Wong (direct translation to cantonese) where prawns substituted petai. Middle is the squid and right is the Lala. The squid is a hugh dissapointment because the legs part are very soft. Like not fully cooked yet. Yucky!!! But others are very good.

This is the end of the dinner. The Tom Yum is really good. Hehe. Notice that the light is blue colour? So romantic. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

What did you do on 080808? Well, on that day, me and my family went to Singapore to visit my aunty's family cause my cousin brother is back from US. Hehe. I went for IPC tutorial in the morning and daddy went to uni to pick me up and the journey started. We reached Singapore around 3 in the evening. Traffic was clear. We tried out this new Teochew restaurant and it was not good at all. Nothing is good. All are so-so only. Aihhh..... Even my favourite duck is not to the standard. Haha.

The next day, Shao Hui kor kor brought us (me, sis and Kitt-y) to....

Sentosa Island!!! He drove there and we have to pay for human and car entrance fee. Haha. We went there for the Luge ride. I felt like in the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious because both boys drifted in front of me. Even my sis drifted. Me?.... photos first. Haha.

These are the open air cable car that transferred us back to the top of the hill so that we can drift down. They are having a promotion where you buy 2 ride, you will get 1 free. Initially I thought the journey down the hill count as 1 and the cable car up the hill count as 1. So I thought it's up, down and up. Shao Hui kor kor had a tough time explaning to me that it's actually up, down, up, down, up and down. Haha. Okay... I got the point. I'm dumb right. Hehe. anyway, do you notice that there are 2 thing hanging under the seats of the cable car? Those are our "cars" to drift. Haha. You have to pull the handle all the way towards you and release till the middle to move. If you want to break and slow down, pull the handle towards yourself again. My first ride went like this.... Let go just a little bit and I was moving really fast down the hill. I went first because I'm the youngest. Actually the 4 of us went down together just that they let me go first INITIALLY! After the first turn, Shao Hui kor kor passed by me and shake his head. Kitt-y went past me laughing at me. Sis went pass me without showing any emotion because she's already used to what I am doing. You know what I am doing? I screamed the whole way down... AHHHHhhhhhhhhh... AHHHHhhhhh...... I swear people that were sitting down there could here my voice. It was very fast and scary. Eh no, actually i scream, laugh, scream, laugh and the cycle continues. Haha. I think I'm too old to scream Mummmyyyyyyyyy so I just scream AHHHhhhhh. Haha. I still remember my first ride on the ship thinggy at Ocean Park, Hong Kong. I scream ... MUMMMYYYYY AHHHHH HELP AHHHHH... sis who were sitting opposite me laughed throughout the ride. OMG. So malu man. Anyway, I've improved during the 2nd and 3rd ride but still am the last person to reach down the hill. Sis say even though aunty that took the ride with a small kid went downhill faster than me. Paiseh-ness man. But it was really fun. Highly recommended. Haha.
View from the open air cable car.

We went up the Tiger Sky Tower. It's something like the ride in Malacca where we went up and turn turn turn and come down. Haha.

So many ships. I think those are the ships that are huge and carry .... stuffs. Haha.

This is the building groud of casino and I think Shao Hui kor kor mentioned something about Warner Brothers Studio. Yay!!!! Oh, my beloved Tweety Bird!!

That's the cable car that connects the Singapore island to Sentosa island.

Don't know what bridge is that. Haha.

What does X-ING means????

After the ride, we WALKED back to the carpark because the bus station is fulled of people. There were many Indians at Sentosa that day. Some trip I guess. Hehe.

Walked by Merlion... You can go up to the Merlion's mouth to take some photos of the.... I don't know what you can see up there la... Haha.

As I mentioned earlier, it's the National Day of Singapore on that day. On our way home, we saw this stadium that is filled with people watching the NDP (National Day Parade). Everyone showed up in red or white shirts. Hehe. It started to drizzle, hence everyone was given a red raincoat. Haha. Cute right...

That night, we went to our must-go restaurant for dinner. I forgot the restaurant's name. Their food was AMAZING!!! After dinner, Shao Hui kor kor brought us to St James Powerhouse!! Clubbing!! Yay!! Since it was early, we went to Vivo City for shopping. I wanted to get a pair of heels from Charles and Keith because it's very expensive here in KL. The pair that I liked doesn't seemed nice on my feet, so I didn't get it. There were a lot of shoes inside the boutique and they are having sales too. Too bad nothing pretty caught my attention that day. Aihhh... nvm. Next time. Hehe. After that, we went to St James Powerhouse. There were a few clubs in the same building!!! We went to Powerhouse. Haha. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Kum-mie joined us!!! Kitt-y told me that this is the first time Kum-mie went clubbing!!! WEeeee... Congratulations Kum-mie. Hehe. The cover charge was VERY CHEAP LOR!!! SD 20 for male and SD 15 for female. Plus, you get 2 free drinks. OMG!!! We ordered extra shots. I was a bit... JUST A BIT... drunk. Haha. Shao Hui kor kor and sis keep on laughing. Shao Hui kor kor sent Kum-mie home and he don't know where Kum-mie stayed. Kum-mie mentioned a road name and I just say "ask the GPS lor". The whole car burst out in laughter. Haha. TRUE WHAT!!!! You don't know, you just ask the GPS la. Then when we passed by NUS, Kum-mie said Engine (Engineering) school is inside. Then I said "Huh?? Magic school??". Haha. Enough of my..... embarassing story.

We went home on Sunday morning. Had lunch at Seremban and bought Siew Pow. Had this miscommunication with dad. Haha. When we are near the Siew Pow place, I said that place got sell chicken. I KNOW!! IT'S MY FAULT OKAY!! Then dad quickly said "yeah lor, behind the building is a market". Then I said "not the live chicken. I'm talking about beggar chicken or something like that. I saw the advertistment from the highway" Haha. then mummy laughed at daddy cause miscommunication. But I think it's my fault. I always did not complete my sentence. Can't blame dad. Haha.

Finals are like 3 weeks ago. I'm very worried. Both of my Pharmacology mid terms are very very very very super bad. I only hope that I can pass that paper. OH god please help me. Yesterday, Novanne said that people don't wear the graduation hat before graduation even for photographs because they believe that if you wear the hat earlier, you cannot graduate. Then I was like OMG!!! I wore Kitt-y's graduation hat. SEI LOR SEI LOR!!!! Aihh..... Have to promised myself to study real hard for this finals. Really the finale for my degree. Must do well and pass everything. I CAN DO IT!!! EVERYONE IN MY CLASS CAN DO IT TOO!!! USH!!!!

Okay. Time for brunch and..... walk around. Study at night!!!!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby's Birthday

ChuanGuan: Aiyo, I forgot to take photos of the food. Will take it next time!! Haha.

Last Saturday was my first time going to Sky Bar. It was Mervyn's birthday. He's my sister friend. My sister asked if I wanted to go along. Since I've heard a lot about Sky Bar and Luna Bar but never been there before, I said ya ya ya ya. Haha. After dinner at Tsim Tung, we went to Sky Bar. The parking system is a bit weird though. Hehe. When we reached, we were told to wait a while to be seated. When I look out of the window, this is the only thing I saw....

KLCC!!! Haha.

After 5 minutes, we were told that actually there were no more tables that could fit 10 or more people because:
1. There's a private function inside and most of the tables are occupied.
2. There were some tables at the side but those were reserved 3 WEEKS EARLIER!!!

Hence, we left Sky Bar. There goes my first time at Sky Bar. Haha. After that, they discussed about where to go. Poppy or Loft. Loft won!! When we reached The Loft, I forgot what happened, we ended up in Cynna. Haha. That place was so-so only. Not much leng chai. Haha. Maison is still the place that is filled with leng chaissss, right WL? Hahaha. Had a couple of drinks that night but unfortunately me and my sis have to go home early... Haizz....

The next day, sis wanted to get a new hair cut so I offered to accompany her. She said the saloon that she love opened a new outlet just opposite UTAR PJ. They have some promotion, so she wanted to go there. Haha. Before hair therapy, we went to have breakfast at Old Town as both of us had this sudden craving for Nasi Lemak. The Old Town outlet at Jaya One was quite good actually. The food tasted quite good, compared to the one in Pandan Indah. I know, all of them serve the same food and all of the food are cook the same way but then sometimes not are tasty okay. Not all McD outlets served tasty nuggets, okay. Some claimed that the KFC in Sg Wang served the best fried chicken. Haha. Have to try it for yourself to verify though.

After brunch, we went for our hair pampering session. Haha. Since my hair is short, so I went for the SOS treatment. I love their shampoo smell. Very nice and last for many days. I forgot to ask them what is the brand. Anyway, although this saloon is pricey but then they use really good hair products. Don't play play!! My hairstylist, Tom, suggested a small hair cut for me so that there are some style on it instead of the straight cut. After much discussion with Tom and sis, I agreed to do so. Haha. So.... I cut my hair again. Hohoho. It's a little bit shorter this time. And I got the fringe that I wanted for a really long time. But somehow, I felt that it's a bit weird. Maybe still new. Just live with it then!! Hehe.

Yesterday, 4th of August was Baby's birthday. My precious baby dog. Even though she's 4 years old, she's still a puppy in my heart. Awww.... Was having lecture yesterday when suddenly I pressed my phone to see the date, 4th of August!!! Baby's birthday!!! Hehe. When I met up with Kitt after lecture, I told him and all he said was "Baby wanted to spend her birthday with me, so she's staying with me tonight". Lame excuse. Haha. It's hard to believe that this little puppy has been staying with me for 4 years. Even though she sleeps most of the time when I'm studying, it is still consider as accompanying me okay. Hehe. Even though she wants all your attention and loves to eat, she's still the cutest dog on earth!!! Most charming and understanding and caring and wonderful dog on earth. I bet you want to marry my dog, right right right?? Haha.

Happy birthday once again to Princess Baby. Haha.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Hulu Langat Thai Food

ChuanGuan: Erm, I think baby looks very cute now. It's the same hair cut that she has when she was just a small puppy. Brought all the good and sweet memories back everytime I look at her. Hehe.

I've mentioned a restaurant in Hulu Langat that serves Thai food. Went to Kitt-y, Ken-y and Chung Siew last Tuesday for lunch. Hehe. Actually my initial plan was to go Sg Buloh for Thai food but then Ken-y said he don't want to go so far. Felt a bit not right if leave him at home, so I changed my plan last minute so that the four of us could go together.

The journey there consist of steep and winding road of the Hulu Langat hill. It was like going up Genting Highland but then the journey was much shorter. Hehe.

Not long after passing the Look Out Point, there's a junction on your right. Once you turn in, the road is like this.....

The road that leads to the restaurant is like really those traditional kampung style road where there were holes here and there. On both side of the road were....

Bushes, bushes and more bushes. Hehe. This time we went during broad day light. The first time I went there with Kitt-y and family, it was so dark that uncle stepped on the accelerator and practically speed all the way in. Even though the speed was not very fast but usually people will go slowly on the road with so much holes on it. Luckily his car could handle all those shaking and holes as if we were travelling on normal smooth road. Amazing. At the same time, everyone in the car focused on the road ahead where the car's lights were. We dare not even look at the side, fearing that we might saw something else. Hahaha.

Anyway, this long and bumpy road led us to the restaurant......

Sorry, no photographs of the restaurant because I forgot to take photos of it. Will do it next time. The restaurant was built at the side of a small lake. It really feels like was if we're in a foreign tropical country having our tasty meal. Hehe.

After lunch, we went to the Look Out Point because I said that I heard a lot and saw a lot of photos about this place but everytime I only pass through the main gate. So Kitt-y said we should go up and have a look.

The view from the tower up there. Standing there, we can see nearly the whole KL town. If you go there at night, you will see the lights of KL town. Hehe. This will be the most perfect place during Merdeka and New Year to watch the fireworks. But then it will be very packed.

After that, we proceed to visit some housing area and drove around the housing area. The trip around the housing area actually does not exist. It was all caused by me who showed the wrong way and be very sure of what I say even though the other 2 persons in the car said it was the other way. Haha. Well, no harm making a U-turn right?!?!?!

After that, it was art session with Ken-y. Hehe. I helped him with his school assignments. Why me? Because I have small hands. He painted my hands with colour which bring different meanings and I have to put my hand on top of the paper. It felt like art class during kindergarten and primary 1 again. So much fun. Haha.

My tiny hands photo. Hahaha.

I was informed that the final year presentation was brought forward earlier to week 14. Hence, I have to start preparing my slides during this weekend so that I will have enough time for my upcoming tests. My Pharmacology test result was very dissapointing because apparently I do not understand the question very well. I keep on giving the wrong answers. Haihhzzzz.. God please help me!!

It's Friday night and I'm really tired. Sounds like an old woman eh? Hehe. I am still waiting the confirmation for tomorrow shopping plans. Hope that it will works.

Have a nice weekend.