Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tokyo Day 2–Disneysea

On the second day at Tokyo, we went to Disneysea. There is Disneyland and Disneysea next to it. We have been to the Disneyland in Hong Kong and both of us agreed that it is more suitable for little children as the rides are slower and not much exciting rides/shows for adults. I read a lot of review on Disneysea that it is much suitable for adults as it has a lot of thrilling rides. We booked our tickets online 1 month before the trip.



Our outfit. Even though it was cold, but I only wore skirt with leggings and boots the whole trip. Surprisingly, I didn’t felt cold during the trip at all. The only body part that was cold is the face as I don’t have anything covering my face. My MNG jacket was thick enough to keep me warm even though I was just wearing my Paul Frank shirt. Expensive but worth every cent. Pooh on the other hand wore few layers of clothing and luckily he bought the Padini long sleeve shirt few days before the trip. It practically saved him from freezing.

We travelled Ningyocho to Hatchobori on the Hibiya line and changed for the JR line to Maihana. When we reached, it was raining. Not heavy but enough to make us disappointed. Not only that it is freezing cold but it was super difficult for us to walk around Disneysea. Haihh…. we bought an umbrella from the convenient store just outside the train station. We saw one café near it and went in for breakfast.



We ordered our food from the counter and the waitress noticed that we are foreigners who could not read Japanese. She quickly pulled out the English menu for us. I ordered the Bacon and scrambled eggs with toast while Calvin ordered Bacon and the egg burger set. Both of the set comes with a cup of hot coffee. I don’t drink coffee because it is very bitter. But on that raining and cold morning, I am thankful for the hot coffee that kept me warm.



We noticed that throughout the trip, the food were presented exactly the same in the menu. Even the food arrangement is the same. I love the scrambled egg very much. It is very soft and served hot.

After breakfast, we walked over to Ikspiari mall to collect our admission tickets.


The ticket counter is at the lower ground. Not much people there when we arrived, so we thought that there shoulde not be much visitors at the park. Furthermore, it was Friday and not school holiday.



Pooh and the big Mickey’s passport. He was the more excited than the kids in the park. Really a grown man with a child heart in him.



Japanese students walking towards the part. Did the skip school?? Anyway, the purpose of this photograph is to salute them as even though the temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius, they are still in short skirts and below knee socks while both me and pooh were all wrapped up like a mummy. Haha.



Pooh found is long lost brother!! Identical twins, right? Haha

We took the Disney Resort Train to Disneysea. It is 2 stations apart from Disneyland.



Us in the train. Pooh kept looking out of the window and “oohhh”-ing and “ahhh”-ing at the beautiful hotels and resorts outside. We really hope to overnight at the Disney hotel as we heard the room is very beautiful. But a night stay in the Disney hotel is very super expensive. Although it is our honeymoon, but we would prefer to spend the money on food. Spending so much on the hotel that we only need for shower and sleeping doesn’t seem right for us.



Us at the entrance. The rain stopped for a while and started a few minutes later. Stopped again and started a few moment later. Started again and never stop until we left. Haihhzzz…. Couldn’t explore the whole Disneysea, but then just another excuse for another trip to Tokyo eh Smile with tongue out



There are staffs all around the place and they are kind enough to help you take a photograph. Not only that, they make sure that you are satisfied with the photograph before returning the camera to you.



Despite the rain and cold, there are quite a lot of visitors at Disneysea that day. They don’t seemed to mind the weather at all. Some can even be seen lining up for shows 30 minutes before the it started under the rain. Hmmm…




This is our first ride, The Tower of Terror. We lined up from outdoor till indoor for 2 hours and the ride is just 10 minutes, including the introduction story of the missing statue etc. We couldn’t understand the whole story as it was in Japanese. We just followed what others are doing and where they are heading. The run was very fun. Nothing like any that we have been to previously.

After the ride, we walked around under the rain to search for the second ride.


Disneysea is located directly next to the sea. There is a small town facing the sea with a huge boat near it. There are a few buildings at the small town. One of it is a restaurant, a few souvenier shops selling Disney items.

We walked around a little and went into a cave. We saw people going into one of the cave hole and we knew that there must be a ride inside. We thought that the line should be quite short as we could see the entrance on our left.


The ride is for Journey to the Center of The Earth. We thought that the queue would be 30 minutes, maximum! But then we stood in the line for 3 hours. 3 freaking hours! The ride is just for 3 to 4 minutes. I wanted to give up halfway in the queue. But Pooh said we have made it this far, it would be a waste if we give up. The line is like super crazy long. Finally, we reached the entrance and the ride did not let us down at all. Hehe.

After that, we went around to look for a place to eat. We wanted to eat something special and rice as both of us were really hungry at that time.



We visited the Under The Sea park and was surprised that there’s an indoor arcade on the lower ground. If we were not hungry at that moment, we would have explore the place a bit more. We thought that we would have enough time to re-visit the place again but we were wrong. The whole park is bigger than we thought.

Finally, we settled for a restaurant selling fast food as we could not find the place of interest. We were too hungry to search anymore further with the cold weather and noisy stomach.



Our lunch. Quite yummy I should say. Chicken burger for me and beef burger for Pooh. We had a quiet lunch as both of us paid 100% to the food only. Hehe.



There is a pair of Duffy bears at one corner in the restaurant. Duffy bear is very popular in Disneyland. Everyone is so crazy at the bear that they have different outfits for different seasons of the year. I wanted to get one but that would take up a bigger portion of the luggage and not to mention not much place for her in my room. So no Duffy for me Sad smile

We walked around a little bit more until it was dark and decided to bid farewell to the lovely place. Will definitely be back again to explore the whole park. We went back to Ningyocho station and went for dinner on the restaurant nearest to the train station.

I forgot the name of the restaurant though. Something similar to Yoshinoya. Instead of ordering from the waiter/waitress,



We ordered from a vending machine in the shop. There is a touch screen and we can choose the food we want, insert money and wait for the tickets.



Give the tickets to the waiter/waitress and wait patient for your food to be served.



Our gyudon. His with egg and mine on a hot plate. Our meal came with corn salad and miso soup. The miso soup we had was nothing compared to the one here. Yummy but not salty. My meal came with a cold raw egg that should be mixed with the rice and beef. The beef will be softer and yummy-er.



Even though small, the restaurant could accept 30 customers at one time. Even though the food was good, we still prefer Yoshinoya. Haha. After dinner, we walked back to our hotel to shower and rest. After all, we have walked and stood in queues for the whole day. The activity for the next day was very exciting as we have a someone very handsome to show us around the city.