Saturday, May 28, 2011

Noodle Shack



I have been to Ikea for several times over the month to check out their furniture and also get some ideas on how to decorate my new room. Me and Calvin usually went early to get parking space and avoid the big crowd that usually appear in the afternoon. To save time, we will have our brunch there and Noodle Shack is located between Taiwan Shilin fried food and Pulau Ketam Steamboat. I noticed that the place is always quite full when we passed by. “The food must be good,” was what I told Calvin.

We decided to give it a try.


Our food order for the day. The place’s specialty is pan mee. There are several flavour for the noodle; plain/normal, spinach etc.




We ordered the Traditional Soup and Coriander soup. The traditional soup is very clear and not too salty. Ingredients include black fungus, fried anchovies, fried fuchuk, flat noodle and some green vegetable and meat. The coriander version is mine as I love coriander very much. I ordered it without any hesitation. My noodle was light green in colour but I am not sure if it has coriander taste to it. One thing for you, as you can see from the photo, my bowl is full of coriander love. Even the soup has coriander taste. The most coriander concentrated meal I ever had. Haha. There’s other type of noodle available on the menu like the dried version, dried chilli and curry as well. It may be good/perfect for those who prefer to have a light soupy noddle meal after a tired and exhausting walk from furniture shopping.


Friday, May 27, 2011

The Skewers, Subang Jaya




Read and heard so much about this place. Spotted it on the way to Carrefour shopping the other day. So when I suggested for primary school friends gathering, this place came to my mind as most of them stay nearby that area. I was very surprised that the place was full when we arrived. I thought that the food must be great or the ambience must be good as given it’s location and the time of the day the place was packed with people. We have to wait for an empty table that could fit the 6 of us. If you plan to visit the place, do call and reserve a table, especially when it’s football/soccer night. They have a projector screen at the outdoor seating area for football fans to cheer for their favourite team. In short, I think this place is a superb place for dinner, drinks and chillax; all together under the same roof.



Haihhh…… I have no idea what he is giggling about here, which totally ruined the clearest photo of us by the photographer.




These are mine and Calvin’s primary school friends; Yin Keong and Wei Kin. Yew Koon was late, so he missed the portrait shoot session. We totally forgot to take a group photo after a magic show by one of the restaurant owner. The lady with Yin Keong is, well, obviously his gf la. Who else….. duh~~




The place was decorated with the football-scarf-thingy. One of the owner/partner is Yin Keong’s friend. They have higher stools and tables for those who only need a small space for their beer/drinks while watching the football match.



At last!!! A clear photo of us, after Calvin gave the “photographer” tips on how to hold the camera still. Everybody, say hi to the uncle from the table behind us. He’s in our photo as well!! Haha.









The food that we ordered. The portions are huge!! Luckily me and Calvin shared the grilled prawns, chicken skewers and friend prawns topped with salted egg (last photo). The chicken skewers were really good. Quite juicy and marinated just right. Our meal comes with wedges and green salad as well. The burger is really huge. The portion can be shared by 2 guys or 3 girls. Only Wei Kin managed to finish his sandwich and pilaf rice and half of Yew Koon’s burger. Amazing!! Me and Calvin was struggling with ours even though we distributed some of them out. Even without the 15% discount that we received, both me and Calvin strongly agree that the price of the food is very reasonable with the quality and portion of the food that was served to us.

After dinner, me and Calvin received a lot of suggestions for our honeymoon destinations; from Tiber to US and Maldives. David, Yin Keong’s friend cum owner/partner of the restaurant, arrived at the restaurant and showed us some amazing magic tricks which in the end resulted a steel fork broken into 2. We left early since Wei Kin needs to catch the train back to Taman Connaught. I think the honeymoon destinations topic will be continued very soon in the future by my other friends. Haha.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother’s Day at Grand Palace Pavillion

Every year, we will celebrate mum’s birthday and mother’s day together since both day are very near to each other. Sis suggested Grand Palace at Pavillion due to it’s good food and nice ambience. Her wedding was held at the same place as well. For mum’s birthday and mother’s day, sis ordered the set menu with alteration of few dishes.



First dish is always my favourite for any formal chinese dinner. Mostly cold and hot combination. Please accept my apology for the photo quality as we were very hungry that day and all of us can’t wait to stuff our mouth with food. This appetizer consist of baby octopus, some meat wrapped in ham, something fried and vegetable with clam thingy. Haha.



Although there’s no shark fin soup, but the soup has got abalone in it. Clear and yummy. From here we can see longan, chicken feet, abalone and lean meat. I have no idea what is the name of the soup but it’s really good. By the time I finished the soup, I was already full. Haha.



Next dish is the Peking duck. I am proud to declare that Peking Duck is one of my favourite dish at the moment. The crispy skin wrapped with spring onion and cucumber with the sauce are…. well, a good combination. The green vegetable position on the duck is a little bit …. disturbing, don’t you think? Hehe.



Then it’s fish maw, sea cucumber, mushroom and broccoli. I love this dish as it was served piping hot. The sea cucumber just melted in my mouth. Ohhh la la~~



Okay, I totally have no idea what this is. Something like wanton in soup? Or thick gravy? I think I didn’t eat this, hence I have no idea what it is. Haha.



The dish may look ugly but it’s actually quite good. It’s steamed fish with some salted vegetables. The salty level for this dish was just right. As the fish was basically tasteless, the vegetables gave the dish an aromatic fresh flavour to it. This is my first time eating fish cooked this way.

The star of the night…


Mango cheese cake. I love the cake design. On the top are slices of mango and mango ice cream. Although it is hard to tell which is which, but everybody loved the cake. I don’t like cheese cake so I left my portion for the rest to enjoy. Sis said the cake was custom. Lucky mum. Perhaps chocolate cake next time? Hehe.




Group photo. I forgot to take a photograph of kaufu and his family together with mum. We had a great time laughing over dinner that night. We talked about everything under the sun and moon, from my wedding to what to/not to eat during pregnancy. Anyway, the dinner bill came to RM1k, quite okay since we’re dining at Pavillion and the food was really good. They gave us a private room with a tv in it. Those who have nothing to talk about can watch the TV.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yuzu & Go Sushi

What are the similarities of the above 2 named restaurants? Japanese restaurants, both me and Calvin love and they serve good food Smile


Yuzu is located on the top floor of Suria KLCC, together with Little Penang and Madam Kwan. Me and Calvin wandered around aimlessly looking for a place for lunch. Madam Kwan was our first choice but it was difficult for the both of us to resist the temptation of Japanese food at that time as Madam Kwan was quite full that day.




Our table is near the walkway of the mall. We were separated from the curious passerby by the strings and metal balls which make a beautiful art divider. Together with the glass roof of the mall, both of us enjoyed a beautiful lunch on a peaceful Saturday. Ahh…… that’s life Smile




Calvin’s unagi and tempura set and my teriyaki chicken on hot stone set. Both of our set meals are amazingly good. I may have burnt my chicken as the stone was really hot, but the caramelized sauce made the chicken absolutely yummy. Each of our set comes with salad, chawanmushi, miso soup and fruits. There are other interesting items on the menu like beef wrapper in foil paper, fresh sashimi and sushi. I just love the food presentation, especially the appetizer. Even though we did not order any appetizer, but we managed to sneak peek other customers order. Hehe.

Go Sushi is located at Taman Midah. I noticed the existence of this Japanese Restaurant for a few months but never visit the place before. When I do, I was surprised to know that the chef used to work at U Restaurant, Bangsar. I love his beef teriyaki and salad very much. Oh, and also the only place that you can find white sauce chicken, besides Sakae at Taman Billion (where the owners of both restaurants are brothers).






I ordered the beef teriyaki and Calvin ordered sushi set. The salad is my starting point of being able to consume salad for lunch/dinner. It’s the sauce. Vinaigrette, to be exact. Although the exact ingredients are unknown, I still can’t find any vinaigrette in the market that is as good as this one. Sour, but not over the top. Just right for the tasteless green vegetables. With a nearer location and cheaper price, I will definitely be back at the restaurant again. Weee……… You really should try this restaurant out. They have a experienced waiter who is really friendly and good in recommendation and an experienced Japanese chef from a high end Japanese Restaurant that offers not-the-usual-Japanese-food for you at the affordable price. Seriously, if you stay nearby Taman Midah, you really should check this place out. I. AM. SERIOUS….


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kin Ryu Tei–worst Chawanmushi to date

Calvin’s dad is just as fond of Japanese food as both me and Calvin. Whenever aunty is not available to have dinner with us, we will usually head to the nearest fast food restaurant or Japanese restaurant. He travel to Japan every year so he’s the man when it comes to the difference between Malaysian Japanese food and Japan Japanese food. I an envy to the max Sad smile


There’s this row of Japanese restaurant at Subang Jaya, just opposite Sime Darby Medical Centre. We have visited a few of them and were very pleased with most of the restaurant. Last weekend, we visited Kin Ryu Tei, hoping for a good meal.





The interior of the restaurant is just like those in Japan where the tables are separated and the sushi bar is full of Japanese comics at the middle. There are a few private rooms at the back for those who would prefer to have a quiet and peaceful dinner. I really can’t stand kids these days. They have the hobby of running around the whole restaurant and screaming on top of their lungs but their parents did nothing. Just sit and continuously stuff their mouth with food and more food. First of all, I feel like slapping their parents for not controlling their kids when in public area. Second, I feel like tying the kids to the chair and put cellophane tape over their mouth. The whole time we were there, the kids never stop running round and round and round the restaurant. Their foot steps together with their non stop screaming/yelling is like a dinner at hell. I don’t hate kids; I adore them very much but only the obedient and nice one. Those out of control and hyper all the time are effective source of migraine for me.



The only thing that I love about the restaurant is the soya sauce dispenser. Super cute. Tempted to steal one home but decided not to as I seldom consume soya sauce anyway. Hehe.

We ordered beef teriyaki set, unagi set and sashimi set to be shared. Seriouly, the food is totally not what I expected from a Japanese restaurant. If it’s those large Japanese fast food chain like Sushi King, I can understand. Even Sushi King’s standard is better than this restaurant.


The only photo that I took for the whole dinner. Everything we had, except the sashimi, were not good at all. The unagi is full of bones and it was cold, hence stale. My beef teriyaki was over cooked, which made it very hard and chewy. The chef did a terrible job at cutting the beef as each beef slice was not totally separated from one another. Luckily the sashimi that uncle ordered was fresh. If they can even go wrong with sashimi, which does not need to be cook, I really have nothing to say. The worst of the worst will be the chawanmushi. Super watery and it breaks instantly after scooping it up gently with the spoon. The taste was quite awful as it’s already in minced tauhu state. My god!!

Overall, the 3 of us are not satisfied at all of the dinner. Plus the irritating running and screaming around the restaurant, we could hardly have a peaceful dinner that night. Haihhh… I’m sorry to say, the restaurant is already in my “No Good” folder, as instructed by Calvin. “No more 2nd time” was the phrase that both Mr Ng and Mr Ng Junior said at the end of the dinner. Hehe.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Random food here and there….

Food has been quite random lately. Went to Ikea to get some idea on how to decorate/arrange my future room. I may be getting the things that I want but I just need to do more survey and look high and low for the perfect furniture and price, of course. Besides future room, I am still on search for the ideal outdoor place of my wedding photos. Since it will be on September, it would be better if I have an indoor which is outdoor as a backup just in case it rains. Oh well, search and survey are a big part of wedding planning eh? Luckily, I have Shin to give me all the tips from time to time. She’s like my wedding consultant. Haha.

Back to food, which I have to tone down a lot for the wedding. I’m not complaining as I know the final outcome will be good. I received comments of my slightly tiny bit slim down body. Hahaha. Anyway, food has been very random lately. Rarely dine in at restaurant or café. Have been visiting more food court and food stalls most of the time. More choices of food to choose from and both me and Calvin can enjoy different cuisine at the same time.

One of the random outing will be at Mid Valley food court where Calvin wanted to eat Pepper Lunch.



I ordered Thai food from the neighboring stall, which came with seafood tom yum, omellete and belacan kangkung for a very cheap price, which I forgot. Haha. The tom yum soup was really good. Not too sour or spicy, suitable for Calvin. There’s an Express Pepper Lunch at the food court but I think the service is slower than the restaurant itself. Calvin waited for like 15 minutes for the so-called “express” food. Luckily it was worth the wait as when he mixed the rice, corn and beef together with the sauce, the combination was really good. I can foresee another round of meal at Pepper Lunch very time soon as my colleagues suggested to have lunch at Pavillion’s Pepper Lunch last week but was postponed as I wanted to have Korean Food.


There’s a pan mee stall at SS19 Subang Jaya that is quite famous and always crowded in the morning, even on normal working days. When me and Calvin was on leave last week, we went there for breakfast at around 10am and was told that we have to wait for 30 minutes. It was on a Tuesday morning, by the way.




They only have 1 type of noodle which is pull by hand, so it will be in a squarish shape. I ordered the dried one as I was extremely hungry that day while Calvin had the soup one. I preferred the soup one as it’s not too oily and the soup was quite clear and not too salty. The noodle went very well with the special spicy chilli paste. The long and yummy breakfast was accompanied by coconut to cool the heat and wash away the spiciness of the chilli. Yummy yummy Smile




The last food outing will be from Starbucks Coffee. Calvin need to work for an interesting workshop yesterday at Times Square. Since it was early and we have yet to eat our breakfast, we headed to Starbucks Coffee as I still have RM20 vouchers which I have yet to use. For breakfast that day, we paid around RM6 in cash. Both of use shared the egg mayo sandwich with English Breakfast and Hot Chocolate. I am having gum problem which makes it difficult for me to chew my food properly without experiencing sharp pain. All I can eat for the past days are soft food and I have to avoid meat. But I managed to have a delicious Pandan Jaya Bak Kut Teh for dinner yesterday.

That’s all for today. I have to continue with my research now. Hehe.