Friday, July 30, 2010

Vietnam Kitchen

Vietnam Kitchen is my favourite place for Vietnamese food except for beef noodle cause the one in Australia is still the best ever!! So when me and Calvin went to Leisure Mall the other day, I suggested this place over Wong Kok as it has been ages since I last dine there.

They have set meals now which are suitable for 2 to 3 person, 3 to 4 person and etc. I guess will have to introduce the lemon grass chicken rice to Calvin next time. I personally have not tasted any ala carte items on the restaurant. Usually will go for the dry beef noodle or some other rice dish.






We choose the set meal for 2 to 3 persons. Everything were really good. The one that was least nice would be the pork. Maybe it’s a little too sweet for me. The taufoo with minced meat went well together with white rice. Sweet and sour chicken was amazing. Me like. The garlic taugeh was not bad either. Overall, it’s a good dinner there. Will be back for the lemon grass chicken really soon :p

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 not good steamboat within 1 month :(

Steamboat has always been my favourite of all time. My dream steamboat combination will be Ho Ho’s steamboat fresh ingredient, Coco Hot Pot’s pork bone soup and friend yam with Pulau Ketam Steamboat’s green chilli. Wooohooooo!!! That will be my ultimate steamboat meal :)

Tried 2 different steamboat restaurant over the month and it’s not good at all.

First one will be Hotpot Garden Restaurant. It’s a newly opened shop at the new shops facing the road near the 2nd roundabout at Taman Muda.


They have a few sets where the seafood and special sets are more expensive than the normal one. We ordered the normal one cause by the volume of customers they have, I highly doubt that their ingredients will be very fresh. It is not worth paying the a big sum for not fresh seafood right? I did not regret my decision as the items are not very fresh at all. They don’t have much varieties of steamboat items though.


IMAG0207Feeling a little bit hungry, I ordered fried chicken wings. It was just normal.

The chilli that they have is the watery green chilli in sweet and sour sauce. It’s the same chilli that can be found at the Teochew Braised Duck restaurant near Leisure Mall. Seriously, I cannot find any better chilli than the green chilli at Pulau Ketam Steamboat. Wuu wuu wuu.


The next not good steamboat restaurant will be Potluck Restaurant at Sunway Giza.


Giza Mall is a newly opened mall that looks like Clarke Quay in Singapore. But it is filled by mostly restaurant instead of clubs and pubs. Hehe. Read about this in one of the food magazine and decided to give it a try.

I don’t really like this place is because….


Their sauces don’t go well with the steamboat items. Most of them are over spicy even if you take them in small amount. I can hardly taste the fishball or meat ball after that. Besides that, their waitress are very forgetful. When they brought us the bowls and chopsticks, they didn’t brought along the steel ladle (with and without holes) for us to take out steamboat items. So I asked them to bring 2 pairs for us a few times but still no show. I gave up and just used what they gave me for the entire meal.



Their style is individual hot pot on the side at each seat. In the restaurant, there will be a conveyor belt with steamboat items on it. We choose to sit outside because it is more windy outside compared to the stuffy inside even though it’s air conditioned. Calvin choose the ginseng soup while I ordered tomyam soup. The only good about this restaurant will be the ginseng soup as it’s really yummy. The tomyam soup was very sour.


IMAG0223  IMAG0221


We ordered the set for 2 person. The items came in those old chinese basket where the upper portion were filled with processed meats and others while the lower portion were filled with beehun, abalone mushroom and tauhoo. The fishballs were very stale that we did not finish them. I would still prefer steamboat with yee mee though.

Seriously, I think the boss really need to reduce the spiciness of their sauce cause it’s really too spicy. If you make it too spicy, people will just take a plate of it and eat very little of it. Such as waste. I really hope to go again but if there is no changes in the sauce, I really won’t go there anymore. Not to mention the prices are much higher than the one outside. If the food is good, I don’t mind paying. But with such quality, I’m afraid that it will be difficult for me to go there again.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Girls gathering at The Havens

I suggested for a girls gathering few weeks ago as I missed them so much and it will be the first time for two new male member to join our gang :) Suggested The Havens at Look Out Point as it we can enjoy the scenery while chatting the nights away. The last time I was the, the food was really good.

Me and Calvin with Tsuey Wenn reached there quite on time and waited for 1 hour plus for the vain ones to arrive. All ended up reaching late. Tsk tsk tsk. International time betul. Haha.

Their menu has changed. Totally different from my first visit there. They have taken out some of the food from the previous menu. The current one is much simpler. Deciding what to eat is still the most challenging thing ever. Wanted to try nearly everything, I asked Calvin to choose one food for me and not telling me what it is. I will just eat whatever that is served in front of me. When he was placing order that time, I just closed my ears. Haha.



In the end, Calvin ordered Surf and Turf for me which is lamb and prawns. The lamb was quite good. But the prawns were not really fresh. I am quite unlucky with prawns nowadays even though they are one of my favourite dish. I always get the not fresh one :(



Vince’s salmon which is quite good. Presentation was really beautiful especially when the grill lines are very visible on the meat. Love this very much on the first bite. Hehe.



A lot of people ordered this. Taste wise, so-so only. Normal chicken chop la… haha.



This is the nasi lemak which I did not taste. Not in the mood for rice that day but the sambal looks really good here. Hehe. But the if they give me fried egg, I won’t be too happy. I prefer hard boiled egg :)



Grilled chicken with sausage was really dried. I don’t really like black pepper sauce cause it is always inconsistent in taste at different place. Since it’s quite dry, I don’t really like this dish.



This is the huge pizza that Deane and Pui See ordered. I forgot how it tasted like but should but so-so only. Or else, I would have remember if it’s really good or really bad. Hehe.

Overall, this place is so-so only after they have changed the menu. I still prefer my stingray rice on my last visit there. Absolutely yummy. But then it’s a better place to hang out compared to Gasoline cause their food really sucks to the max.



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shi Fu Wantan Mee …. Haiyaaaaaaa

There was one time when I will have this sudden craving for wan tan mee. But then when it’s time to decide what to eat and Calvin mention wan tan mee, I’m not interested anymore. Haha.

As we were driving around and round at Taman Segar, we passed by this old chinese themed restaurant called Shi Fu Wantan Mee. Feeling really hungry and it’s getting late, we decided to give this shop a try. Who knows, we might come out as Ip Man :p


IMAG0153Everything inside is old style chinese decoration like those that you can see in the movie. They have red lanterns in the shop. The partition between the kitchen and the restaurant is made of wood. On the tv is really old kung fu movie which I have no idea who is in it. Haha.



The have a few types of wantan mee. But there are 2 interesting noodles in the menu. The World Spiciest Pan Mee and Second Spiciest Pan me. Haha. I did not order any of them although I would really like to try. I guess they used those really hot chilli oil to make them spicy. But how to judge between the World Spiciest and the Second Spiciest? Haha. Funny names :p



I ordered the old style wantan mee with char siew. There is a funny taste of the oil which I don’t really like. I don’t know how to describe how it tasted like but it’s really funny tasting. I would rate this average wantan mee that I have ever tasted.



My wantans were quite good. I can’t remember what were the fillings but shouldn’t be horrible ingredients as I finished all the wantans :p Ohh, check out the amount of spring onions they gave me. Happy betul :p



Calvin ordered rice. Char siew with minced meat. Seriously, I don’t really fancy their char siew because it’s totally lean meat and don’t have the sticky outer later. I would prefer if their char siew has little fat in it to make it not so dry.



Red bean soup with sago. Love it. Not to sweet and generous amount of sago. It is not too thick either. I don’t really enjoy thick dessert especially red bean. I prefer it to be slightly watery.

Overall, the food was so so but it’s not too bad. I have yet to blog about the bad food that I have tasted to far. But there were times when me and Calvin are lucky enough to enjoy really yummy food :) Will blog about all of them really soon :)


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grand Imperial Restaurant

There’s this newly opened shopping complex near Calvin’s place called Empire. Went there for see see and look look one day with Calvin and have our brunch there. On the lower ground level, there’s a few restaurants where some of it I have never dine before. Feeling really oriental that day, so informed Calvin that I wanted Chinese food. Stumbled on The Grand Imperial Restaurant and went in for our brunch.

They have set lunch promotion. We ordered set lunch as it’s hard for the 2 of us to order ala carte with rice.



His honeydew juice and my green apple juice. Nothing special to comment about drinks. Hehe.




My curry chicken rice that comes with taugeh. Haha. Well, I would prefer to have more curry gravy. Taste wise, not bad. The taugeh reminds me of those that you eat along with those expensive shark fin soup. Haha. Really white and slim.



His special sauce pork chop rice with fried egg. I think it tasted like “pai kuat wong”. Haha. I think it’s a little too dry to eat with white rice. Kesian him…



I ordered fried wantan as well. Spotted this on their menu at dim sum section. Haha. Really good as it was served hot and went well with the salad sauce. Me like :)

They serve barbecued meat as well like char siew and siew yok. Did not order any as there were only 2 of us at that time.

I am unable to finish my rice. Actually I managed to eat half of the rice given only. The lady captain came over and asked me is it the rice too hard or anything wrong. I was in shocked and replied “No, no, no. It’s just that I cannot finish the rice only”. Really pai seh.

More food entry coming soon. The folders are piling up in my photo album. Ahh…. happy :)



Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 8 & 9 – Arsenal, Harrods & Goodbye!!

Day 8 is my most memorable of all time. People who know me might buy lottery if they know where I have been.






Yes yes yes. I went to Arsenal Stadium. Me, world’s noob people when it comes to football/soccer, visited Arsenal Stadium. Me. Ho Yick Hui. Haihhh…. Brandon koko wanted to go there and it’s the first place to go before shopping. How can I say no? Furthermore, it may be a little too early for shopping though. Hehe. Anyway, we walked around the stadium and went into the Arsenal shop and bought some stuff. The only thing that I bought was the bottled water with Arsenal sticker on it because I’m really thirsty at that time. Brandon koko bought baby clothes for his future baby. Damn sai lei right.





They have absolutely everything in Arsenal. From jersey to toaster. A jersey costs around RM 80 plus I think and they have female sizes as well. But the baby clothes are really cute. So cute that I wanted to ask sis to get a pair for each design. Hehe. And the Arsenal toaster… Too bad I don’t know any friends who are Arsenal lunatic, or else I might consider getting him the toaster. Hehe.


After that, we took the train to Chinatown for lunch again.




We ordered Hokkien Fried Rice, some noodles and roasted meats. So-so only!!! Maybe the prawns were fresh but that’s all. Haha. I think the Hokkien Fried Rice doesn’t match the real product because it’s only white rice topped with fried seafood and vegetables. Hehe.


After lunch, we headed to Harrods for more shopping. This is the first time I heard of the place but sis said that the bags made of cloth that can be used as shopping bag to replace plastic bags are sold at KLCC at quite a high price. I bought 2 for myself. One is pink in colour with cupcakes all over it. Really cute. The other one is my shopping bag with cars and roads on it which Calvin can carry for me when I go shopping. Hehe.

Talking about Harrods, they have nearly everything. From branded goods, really branded goods that I have never heard of to horse riding equipment like the saddle and long boots. Damn sai lei. They even have a pet section where dogs and cats are treated literally like a family member.


This is actually a small bed for the dogs. With comforter, pillows and teddy bear as sleeping companion. OH MY GOD! I guess all the rich people and celebrity shop here because they can get absolutely everything here. Really class and sophisticated.

After shopping, we wanted to go home but it started to rain. So we went into a cafe for drinks and pastries while waiting for the rain to stop.




Yummy tarts and warm hot chocolate for me. It’s hard to find awful tarts that are not delicious in Europe I guess. Their fruits are absolutely juicy and fresh, unlike the one in Malaysia. I wanna live there and eat tarts everyday!! Haha.


Sis at one of the entrance of Harrods. I love this mall very much. Their Harrods products are really cute. Teddy bear is their mascot. You can find teddy bear in almost anything, including cookies. Hehe.

We headed back to the hotel and slept like a pig. I was really tired that day that I woke up 2 hours later feeling really hungry and went to sis’s room for dinner. After that, I headed back to my room again and slept until the next morning.

Our flight home on day 9 was around 7 in the evening. So we woke up early morning and went back to Harrods again for last minute shopping. This time really bought a lot of stuff and cookies. Hehe. Mum went to Madame Tussade museum.
















She met a lot of movie stars and famous people around the world. Some of them look really real. Especially the monk. Haha. I thought that’s a monk visiting the museum like mum but then I realised that it’s a wax figure cause impossible my mum suddenly snapped a photograph of some random monk, right? Haha.



This is us at the hotel lobby. All happy and ready to go home with our stuffs. Happy happy.




Meals on the plane. Not as yummy as the breakfast but then I really can’t complain when the air stewardess gave me the whole can of Pepsi. But the bad thing about the flight home was the entertainment was exactly the same as the flight to Amsterdam. Most of the movie I have watched even before at KL. So the flight back to KL was kind of boring for me but I get to sleep more this time due to exhaustion. Haha.

Reached the airport and received my Pooh hug from Calvin :) Feels really good to be by his side all over again and talked non stop about the trip on the way home.

That’s the end of my Europe trip. It’s really a happy trip. I hope that I can visits other parts of Europe again in the future with Calvin. Wanted to go Italy and Venice and maybe Paris again (for more shopping) cause Calvin will be able to take more photographs of this beautiful city. I really hope to visit one of the many museum around the city. I came back for priceless memories of Europe and well… bagsss. Haha.

Next post onwards will be about all the food that I had after coming back from Europe. The folders are piling up. Can’t wait to introduce the most high class Thai Restaurant that I have ever been to.