Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick Update!!

OMG. Abandoned my blog for so long and …. someone please lecture me more about 2010 resolution thingy. Haihh.. Really sorry my dear pink blog. But I have reasons, you know.

1. Grandpa admitted to the hospital, done a surgery, waiting for another surgery.

2. My super dad had fever and yet went to Tawau with mum, fainted, came back and diagnosed with dengue fever by the doctor but already on the recovery stage. Mum and I still insist that dad get himself admitted for observation.

3. Work in the office is getting more and more crazy. Drama and work and gossips. Tsk tsk tsk.

4. Phone giving me a problem for uploading photographs to my lappie. So unable to update.

5. Cameron trip with ji muis and bf. Fun fun and fun :)

I think that’s about it :)

Food updates in random order :)

Visited Palate Palatte with Calvin for dinner the other day.


Interior of the restaurant. We have to sit outside because the tables inside were reserved earlier by other people. They still have one table at the entrance but the 2 idiots beside us were smoking indoor. Sometimes, I do wonder why are the smokers are being so idiot by smoking indoors. Don’t they know that they will suffocate ppl surrounding them? IDIOTS!!!!



View from our table :)






Calvin ordered Chicken Lasagne. Portion quite small but really filling. My burger steak with 4 types of sauces. Seriously, the appearance of my food is not nice at all. I ordered my beef burger patty well, they gave me barely medium well. The this outer layer was just ngam ngam cooked type while the inner portion was totally raw. Absolutely yucky!!! The cappuccino mushroom was just like a normal one with foam on top. Seriously, this place is in my No Good folder. I may visit there again to other normal food. If their normal food like chicken chop still sucks to the max, it will be black listed from my life forever. This is also the first place in my No Good folder that I will consider to pay a second visit to give it another chance.


Before going for shopping at Sg Wang the other day, I requested for a meal for lunch at Isetan’s food court as I heard the hokkien mee is open for business.





Out of the food that we order, the hokkien mee was the best. It was in fact the best hokkien mee in town. Really yummy :) Bak kut teh is not nice at all. Maybe I don’t like bak kut teh with thick gravy style. I still prefer mine at Pandan Jaya. The roast duck and siew yok looked really good on the glass cabinet but don’t taste good at all. It’s from Ducking, the chinese restaurant just below my office area :)


Visited Little Vietnam with Calvin for dinner as well. I missed Melbourne’s beef noodle very much. This is the closest I can get :(






My faithful food model :) That drink is very funny. Check out the pokok that they use to decorate the drink. Haha. It tasted like grass water for me, which is yucky but Calvin loves it. Maybe he’s a tiger with cow body. Haha.


Dinner at Piccadilly after work.






Their menu has more than 100 food and drinks to choose from. Indian, Chinese, Malay, Western food are served on the menu. It’s a great place to hang out with friends for drinks and gossips :) Food is good and price was reasonable :) Me like :)


Suggested Sakae to Calvin for dinner the other day when I have this sudden urge for western food :)






Recommended Chicken White Sauce to Calvin and he absolutely love it. I ordered Chicken Carbonara and it’s absolutely heaven!! The squid is really nice as well. A must try for all :)


Initial plan of Domino’s Pizza for dinner was cancelled when we passed by Sakura Sakura restaurant. Haha.






Our set meals. This is the first time I spot pork on the menu and ordered it right away. Haha. It’s really yummy!! Calvin’s set was really value for money as the sashimi and unagi were very fresh :) This restaurant was located at the same row of Wind Mill restaurant near Sime Darby Medical Centre.


Restaurant Wei Kee in Pudu is the place in KL to go for Roasted Goose.





It’s sour plum sauce is the most yummy sour plum sauce that I have ever tasted. The proportion of sourness and sweetness is just right. The meat of the roasted goose was soft and infused with the spice and roast flavour. Talking about it is enough to make me salivate :)






Food model demonstrating how to grill meat over charcoal. This restaurant called Yakiniku is in Pandan Indah. YES!! Pandan Indah. Really near to my house. Will be visiting this place more often for grilled goodies. It really reminds me of my favourite restaurant at Taiwan where it’s buffet style. The food variety is more abundance there and the air conditioner is cold enough to keep us cold over the hot charcoal. But Yakiniku is just as good as the one in Taiwan, but it’s not buffet style :( Hehe. 

Last will be about my Cameron trip. Most of the photographs can be seen at King Hui’s album in Facebook.




We had steamboat in the apartment and I may have over shopped for the food the other day. Hehe.


The next day, we went to Ipoh for food and I went down earlier to visit my grandpa in the hospital. Looking at him immobilised to the bed in the hospital really broke my heart into million pieces. But the good thing that he’s still alive and that is all that matters :) We went to Tg Tualang for dinner.






We should have more trips like this in the future to release stress and gossips okay :) I heart all my girls and their bf and my own bf.


Do you know that I have my own Dalang as well? Nehh….. the one that I mentioned some time ago about this Taiwanese Series starring Rainie Yang and Show Luo. It’s a comedy-romance series where Show Luo’s looked really cute at the beginning of the series. Now, I have my own Dalang as well :)

Ladies and gentleman, I give you…..



This is the display photo for Calvin on my phone. So every time he calls and smses me, this face will appear. Cute right? He’s holding the pink panther as well :) Awww…..

I guess that’s all for this post. Recently a lot of unlucky things happened to my loved ones. I hope they will stay safe and healthy throughout the year. I love you all!!! *drama drama drama*


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