Monday, August 15, 2011

La Gomera

Buffet should not be part of my diet from now until my wedding day. But I can’t resist from purchasing this deal from Groupon for the La Gomera buy 1 free 1 deal from La Gomera which serves Italian buffet. I read so much good review about this place. Unlike the typical buffet where they have a variety of cuisine to choose from, La Gomera specializes only in Italian food.

Me and Calvin purchased the deal and went there for dinner the following Friday. The place is at Mutiara Damansara. This is a really good place for food and gathering with friends. Sadly, due to it’s location which can be hardly seen from the main road, the business is a little slow. 

We were the first 2 customers for dinner and I was very happy when the waiter agreed for us to take photographs of the food and place. The food was still nicely and neatly arranged when we took the photographs.



The drinks bad. There the coffee maker for coffee, milo and milk tea and teh tarik at the end; soft drink dispenser for Coke, Sprite and other; fresh fruits; watermelon juice (my favourite); ice lemon tea, peach tea dispenser on the other end. I was quite surprised by the selection of drinks available. Each customer will have an empty glass on their seat which they can use it for the drinks, except for the hot drinks where mugs are provided next to the machine.


That will be the appetizer bar. They are a wide selection of tapas. If I’m not mistaken, tapas is actually food served on top of a slice of bread. Not the Gardenia type of bread but those long bread. Unlike most buffet, the seafood especially prawns served here are very fresh. My favourite tapas will be mushroom!! I had three of them while the others only 1. That is how much I love my mushroom. Hehe.



The stew section. They have chicken, fish, beef, mutton and meat balls. I am not a big fan of stew food because they are usually cooked until too soft. I only tried the mutton, which was not bad.



There is an alley on the side of the restaurant which leads to the open kitchen. On the table top are names of food that you can order from. They have a wide selection of spaghetti, pizzas and grilled food.



On each table are clips with the number of you table on it. To order food from the open kitchen, the customer will need to drop the clip on the bowl with the name of the food that they want. The chef will then prepare the food and serve it to you. In such way, the food are usually served when they are still hot and yummylicious. It is also a great way to save food from being wasted. No point cook and just display it there if nobody is interested to take it since the food is already cold. Besides, which so many types of pastas and pizzas to choose from, it would consume a lot of space to display all the food, right? Hehe.



The dessert section. The mango pudding was really good. Not too sweet, me likey. They have ice cream as well, which me and Calvin did not take at all because we were really full at the end of the dinner that we only took mango pudding as dessert.

Below are SOME of the food that we had. Most of them were really good. I think I can eat their tapas for the whole dinner. Hehe. Really yummy. We took a little of nearly everything and shared it. Seriously, if you take one small portion of every type of dishes that they have, your tummy will explode. Too much to choose from until you have no idea where to start.



There are still a lot of food that I forgot to take photographs. Even though the open kitchen food portion is small, but I think it would be perfect for those who would like to try a little of everything. After that, you can dump all your clips on the food that you like the most. Haha.

I really hope to go back to the place again. I guess Wai Leng would leave this place as she love to try different kind of food at the same time and place. Maybe I can suggest this place for our next gathering. Hehe.

My wedding is getting nearer and nearer but I have yet to start my planning. I am still very busy with work (stressed to the infinity) during the day and planning for my wedding and honeymoon at night. Oh… please save me!!



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