Monday, January 9, 2012

Sek Yuen Restaurant, Pudu–Shin’s birthday 2012

This is the first time in 2012 that I touch my laptop. I have been staying at Calvin’s place most of the time mainly because I won’t have to trouble my parents to send me to the lrt station in the morning for work and pick me up later in the evening after work. Since Calvin will be going to work and will pass by Kelana Jaya station every morning, I prefer to stay over at his place. Plus, my new room is too comfortable. I can just hide in the room the whole day during the weekend. Even though small, but every single piece of furniture in it is carefully arranged and assemble by me and Calvin. Most of the people might find the arrangement weird, but me and Calvin absolutely love it. Hehe.

At the end of 2011, us girls did something for Shin that none of us will ever forget, especially Shin. They have this idea of asking Shin to dress up nicely (in a really nice dress, hair do and make up) for her birthday dinner. The venue will be Sek Yuen Restaurant, which is a really old restaurant at Pudu. Food is good but everything in the restaurant, including the waiters and waitresses are very old. So imagine Shin looking all nice and pretty walking in the antique restaurant. Haha. First half of the dinner was fill with worry as we heard that Shin is kind of down when she learnt of the real venue. We were worried that she might be angry at us. When she arrived, we just laughed it off and enjoy our dinner.



This is the recommended appetizer which consist of all cold dishes. In the middle is the cold jelly chicken which some of us find it “exotic”. For me, it is still acceptable but just a little bit too cold. There are also baby octopus, prawns, abalone slice(I think) and jelly fish. The hard boiled egg for decoration is not recommended for consuming as we notice that it has been laying on the plate for quite some time before serving. Plus, the aunty that was sitting right in front of the plate might have contributed her saliva onto it. Hahaha…. jk jk.



My all time favourite duck! Dad used to bring the whole family for dinner at this restaurant every Sunday and he would order this dish. I love the sour plum sauce for dipping. Not too sour and goes well with the duck meat. It is hard to find good roasted duck in KL nowadays.



This is the stew lamb that we ordered for Deane. Poor thing wanted salted egg prawn but the chef won’t prepare it as if prepare wrongly, the dish will taste horribly. Good thing that the chef is honest. Anyway, lamb stew was quite nice although a little bit chewy.



This is called the crab stick but do not contain a single crab meat in it. Instead, it is consist of minced pork with some other ingredients. I had about 3 to 4 of these yummy cute little things. Hehe.



Deep fried fish with sweet and sour sauce. Not my favourite I have to say. A little bit hard as it may have been over fried.



Dad recommended the yam basket with diced chicken and vegetables. They gave us 2 baskets and generous amount of chicken and cashew nuts. Love the chicken but not the capsicum and nuts. Taste wise, not bad.



Green vegetable and overview of our table. There were around 15 of us in the big table filled with plates and plates of yummy food. They have to change some dishes into higher serving plate in order to fit all the dishes on the table. But we managed to finish all the dishes.



Cupcakes for the birthday girl. We sung the Cantonese Birthday song for Shin. I could hardly breath while laughing and singing at the same time. The expression on the customers from another table was priceless. We had fun that night. Too bad I have to work the next day, hence I did not join them for the second round.


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