Thursday, March 15, 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012–The Prime

February 2012 is the busiest month so far. Valentine’s day, Ipoh wedding and KL wedding. Directly after that is our honeymoon Smile 

Let’s start off with Valentine’s day. Calvin met up with Ariel, his insurance agent, for drink and Ariel recommended Prime as the best place for steak. Calvin told me and I Googled the place up. Found out that they are having the Valentine’s dinner promotion. I sneakily called up and was told that I have to place 50% deposit in order to get a confirmed table that night. Good thing that the restaurant is in Le Meridien Hotel, which is very near to my office. I went straight to the hotel to pay for the deposit. It was supposed to be a surprise for Calvin but I was worried that he made some other plans for me. Hence, I told him about the plan and he was happy about it. Although it is a bit pricey but it is once in a year splurge and Calvin deserves the good treat.

We arrived very early that night since my office was just nearby and he took the lrt to KL Central to meet up with me.





Each table was decorated nicely with rose petals and on top of each table is…



a heart shop tin with white chocolates in it. I brought the chocolate back home and when I look for it just now, I couldn’t find it. Someone must have enjoyed the lovely message on the chocolate. Hehe.



Menu for the night. We choose different main dishes to be shared. We barely finished the lobster and when our main dishes arrive, I only ate a few mouthful of it. I was very close to throwing up in the restaurant that night. Even though very full, I can’t resist the yummy main dish.



He has a surprise for me too! I found my handphone on top of a box. My first reaction was O_O?? When I removed my handphone, I saw the most beautiful Hello Kitty necklace!! It was so nice of him to get my favourite necklace. I fell in love with the necklace when I first saw it in Mid Valley. Really super cute and I love the pink ribbon at the top. He sneakily bought the necklace for me earlier that day. Thank you Pooh Pooh Smile


DSC_0109 - Copy

We were served with few types of bread and 3 types of butter. The waitress mentioned the name of each butter too fast. All I heard was salted butter. Haha. The bread was served warm and I regretted taking 2 pieces of the bread as I nearly didn’t touch the main dish at all.



Duck Foie Gras Jelly and Macaroon flavoured with Figs and Grapes. Both of us were excited to try the expensive Foie Gras. We heard so much about it, especially the price and how it will melt in your mouth. On the first mouth, our face expression changed from happy to bitter. I hate the yucky texture of the Foie Gras; tasted like …. slimy sandy jelly. This is the only dish that the both of us don’t enjoy. It kept the both of us wondering throughout the dinner how could something so expensive be so yucky at the same time. Haha.



De-Constructed “Pot Au Feu” Bone Marrow Mousseline with Celeriac Timbale of Oxtail with Truffle and Crispy Bread Beef Consomme Infused with Shitake Mushroom. The name was really long, so is the plate. The way me and Pooh interpret the dish initially was chawan mushi with puffy soup and mashed potato. Hahaha. I have no idea what the bowl of white creamy thing is. I only ate quarter of it, finished the soup and the yummy dish at the end. We could only tell that it contains beef. Other than that… no idea. Haha. The soup is actually clear soup which beef taste. Served piping hot with the crispy bread on top. I finished the whole crispy bread with the soup. In short, I think my stomach was filled 50% with bread and the other 50% with other food. Maybe next year I can save Pooh’s money by just requesting for bread as Valentine’s meal instead. Haha.



This looks like the main dish but actually it is not. Pre main dish, I guess. Maine Lobster cooked in Tandoor Over Green Asparagus Polenta and Lobster Essence. By the time I stuffed this whole dish into my throat, I have no more space for the cod fish anymore. Taste wise, quite nice. Love the creamy lobster essence. I could lick the plate clean if this was the first dish of the night.




Our main dishes for the night. Slow Cooked and Compressed Wagyu Beef Brisket with Roasted Grain Fed Australian Black Angus Tenderloin served with Trio of Potato; Idaho Mashed with Truffle, Roasted Fingerling with Tosemary, Garlic and chilli flakes, Cheesy Chat Potator Croquette. The Roasted Blck Cod Dusted with Kalamanta Olive and Pine Nut Powder, Angel Hair tossed in Coriander Pesto Light Creamy Coconut Clams Chowder, Tomato Jam. Pooh commented that both of the beef was quite good. He prefers the Tenderloin over the Beef Brisket. The tenderloin was better texture and taste wise. As for my cod fish on Angel Hair, I have to say the Angel Hair was very good. In fact, it was a little sour in taste which make it more appetizing. I was too full to finish the whole dish on my own.



We were glad that we reached the dessert. Valrhona Choco-Art Light Orange Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Honey Sorbet. All of the chocolate creation were very good. I can’t decide which is better as all of them are equally good. We ended the dinner with coffee and tea with…



Heart shape macaroons. We did not enjoy the macaroons as they were very sweet. The hot tea and coffee calm our confused stomach and we were able to leave the restaurant without feeling bloated.



Our photograph taken by the friendly waitress. She offered to help us take photo without us asking. Please excuse the dark photograph. Hehe.




The happy Pooh and even happier Piggy with her favourite Hello Kitty. This is also the first Valentine’s Day we celebrated as Mr & Mrs Ng *shy*

Wedding and honeymoon update coming soon Smile


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