Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 3–Private Tour by Mr Yoneyama

It is good to see a familiar face in a country that you don’t know. Mr Yoneyama is Calvin’s friend whom he met through his ex-company. I met him several times in KL when he came down for meetings. So when we told him that we will be going to Tokyo, he gave us a good suggestion for our itinerary which a private one day tour by himself. The itinerary also includes the fare charges for the public transport and when is the good day to visit the main tourist attraction.

We woke up early on the third day to walk around our hotel to look for breakfast. Initially we wanted to try Japanese breakfast, which up to know we still have no idea what it is. Most of the restaurants open at noon. Hence, our only choice at that time was McD.





Our breakfast for that day. We were lucky that the staff spoke pretty good English. It was the usual Sausage McMuffin for Calvin and I ordered Pancake burger with sausage and egg. Quite a weird combo but yummy at the same time. There are honey in the in the middle of the pancake which made the meal sweet and salty with every bite. Yummy Smile

After breakfast, we walked around a little before heading back to the hotel.






Even though our hotel is facing a main street but it is a very quiet place to stay. We were told that the area is surrounded by offices and offices only. The only reason that we choose this hotel is because of the distance it is from the train station and of course, the price.




Although a little bit small but it is very clean and the staffs are very helpful. Best of all, it is located next to…



The best gyudon restaurant in the world!! Cheap and yummy. Ahh… both me and Pooh miss this restaurant very much.

Mr Yoneyama showed us around in Ginza. We visited a very beautiful church and a hotel that is famous for wedding reception. At the back of the hotel is a beautiful garden. I don’t have photographs of them yet. Will upload them in FB soon. But the highlight of the day was…






The most expensive but absolutely yummy Unagi meal that we had so far. None of the Unagi that we had previously could top this up. One set is 3000 yen!!! We ordered 3 sets!! The unagi was very soft and the the sauce was amazing. Together with the famous Japanese rice, every bite felt like heaven. Definitely worth the price.

After that, he brought us to Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel. We went to New York Bar which is located on the 52th floor. We had a drink there. The atmosphere of the Bar is amazing. Even drinking there is super expensive. From up there, we enjoyed the amazing view of Tokyo from sunset until dark. After that, he dropped us at Shinjuku as he headed home. He drove 2 hours from his place to Tokyo just to meet us. We are very blessed to have such good friends Smile

Dinner and supper for the day, coming up on next post Smile


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