Saturday, October 27, 2007


Mum downgraded our house Streamyx. One month around 40+ hours to online. If we use more than that, we have to pay it. So, no more downloading series, songs or leave the computer online while watching tv downstairs. AIHHHHhhhh.....

1. Start working at MUST on Monday. Met Yasha and Yink Heiy (not sure about the spelling) there. Both are really awesome and cool human being. Luckily both of them are the most normal one there. There are "others" who are "unique". Hehe.On our first day, we were sent to Vivantis in Shah Alam to learn how to identify restriction enzyme. The work seems quite simple actually. Just plant the bacteria and run the electrophoresis. We have to do our own experiment back in MUST. We will isolate our bacteria on Monday. Did I mention that last Friday, we didn't have to go work because there was nothing to do? Haha. We were suppose to isolate the bacteria on Friday but then by Monday it will over grow. Hence, we'll do it on Monday. AND it is after lunch on Monday that we start working!! Haha. Awesome! Maybe it's because this is the first week. We finished work everyday around 2 or 3 something. Haha. But we learnt a lot of stuff during that short period.
2. Result was out. All I can say is THANK GOD!
3. Gosipping session with WL continues because my working place with her house is very near. When I finish work early, I will visit her a while and our "session" begins. Hehe.

Oppss... got to go now. Will try to update more later. Sorry


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always gossip. ish ish..