Monday, February 1, 2010

Shopping, Chopping and Shopping

CNY shopping is getting more and more crazy. I bought a lot  a few things and only half of it is for CNY. The others are for normal shopping days or romantic dinner with Calvin. Haha.



My new Converse bag from Calvin. Requested this as my Valentine’s Day present cause I’m a bag collector (new title for self). It’s really sporty. I’m in love in big bags as I have so much to carry around every time I step out of my house. Saw this bag in Mid Valley. But they ran out of new stock. There are still a few available at Sunway Pyramid outlet. So went to the Sunway Pyramid outlet the very next day to get it. I’m like that. The thought the bag ran out of the stock is enough to make me nervous and paranoid!! I’m not kidding.



My new vintage blue-brown bag. Calvin was a bit sceptical about the colour. Designer mah. He said he don’t even match this 2 colours in his design. Cheh!! Nearly gave up on this bag and bought the grey one instead. But I can’t carry all my stuff in the grey bag. I’m so in love with this bag. I went shopping with it over the weekend and it’s absolutely perfect for me. I can even carry my current favourite cardigan and water bottle okay. See Calvin, it’s really a good bag kay. No more complaining about the car! There’s even a bitch model for the bag okay. Check out Baby’s sexy poise. Haha. Okay. She’s just accompanying me unpacking all my shopping stuff and sniffing everything I lay on my bed. She’s the best company anyone could ask for :)


Bought 2 pair of shoes. One gladiator flat and another nude wedges. I’m not a big fan of wedges but it’s really pretty and comfy. The gladiator flats are really suitable for shopping whole day with Calvin. I name my flats Super Adidas because it has more strips on the side compared to Calvin’s. Haha. No photos of them yet. Will be revealed after first week of CNY :)


Supposed to post about this last week but I’m really busy (as usual).


Spent the whole morning with this pretty girl. She looks like a fox now because of the short fur around the face. I have no choice but to have them trimmed off when it’s all tangled up. I don’t want her to be in constant pain around the face area all the time. She accompany me the whole morning before I left her for shopping in the afternoon. Whenever I’m doing something, she will be nearby sleeping. Love ya Baby Ho :)


001 (2)

I cooked my own breakfast that day. I repeat. I COOK. Calvin should be smiling at this point. Yes, I do cook. Just that most of the time they tasted/looked terrible. Fish without skin is my expertise. “Kai Lan” soup was invented by me, especially for my dad. Haha. My dad is really expert in food tasting that from the first mouth of the food he knew instantly whether I’m the cook for the day or my mum. I mean, is that really obvious? Besides the food being burnt a bit or absolutely tasteless, I can’t really differentiate my own cooking with my mum okay. Okay okay okay, I lied. I know my cooking sucks. I’m improving (I guess). Give me more time and patience please, daddy? Hehe. My dad said my mum’s sunny side up egg is even better than my fried fish and vege. Is it really that bad O_O. Dear Calvin, please be my subject in experiment. I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS!!! No food poisoning case are reported yet.


Last but not least, a family photo of all my favourite things appearing at the same setting.

 040 (2)[3]

Even Baby is very “kan chiong” of the addictive Super Mario game okay. Hehe :)

How’s your CNY shopping? Hurry up. CNY is getting near. I’m nearly done. Two more tops to go.



Who says I’m not even close to ready? Even my phone has a new pouch and my Nintendo is dressed in a plastic cover for the CNY. Really “ONG” this CNY :)



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