Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dong Dong Chiang food update

Hi people. It’s the last day of CNY and I’m resting at home. Serious. Don’t feel like going out after a hectic week. Hehe :) Good girl, I know :)


Boston is quite new around Pandan Indah area. Went there for lunch with Calvin after random drive around the area.


You can actually buy this menu from the restaurant. Maybe there are some menu collector there, hence restaurant has been selling their menu. But there is nothing special about this menu (well, at least to me) so I don’t find it worth buying :p



His happy-one-line-eye-no-teeth-smile. Love his shirt very much. So pretty handsome boy. HAHAHAHA.



Me busy with food. There is nothing much that can distract me from food. Hence the current body weight. Added hair colour and extreme diet on the to-do-list.



His Soya cincau and my orange juice. I’m so dead serious when it comes to diet okay *convincing look*



My beef keuy teow. The good thing about the noodle is the egg is still a bit raw, which made it really smooth. But the chef might have sliced the beef the wrong way or not enough corn flour cause it’s very hard and coarse/rough.




Calvin’s food. I can’t believe CNY cookies can be considered as breakfast. He’s weird but in a cute way. Aww…. Oh yeah, I’m officially Calvin’s assistant in preparing the half boiled egg. Really efficient okay. It’s not as easy task and requires skill. SERIOUS!! Hehe :)


Overall, I think Boston is just okay. Might go there for drinks with the girls in the future and try other food as well. My first visit there was quite okay.


Visited New Formosa with office colleagues and Calvin for our annual CNY dinner.


Yee Sang --- normal



Shark fin --- too watery and tasteless.



Starters --- quite dissapointed with the eel. Fried chicken was just normal. Squid was quite good.



Green vege with pomelo and some nuts --- nothing special.



Prawns on yam --- prawn was slightly saltier but the yam paste on the bottom of the plate was quite good.



Bamboo rice --- So-so



Fish --- salty



Pei Pa Duck --- absolutely salty. The one at Sek Yuen is still the best :)




Dessert Yam --- could be better if the yam were cut into smaller size.


Overall, the food is really salty there. Maybe their CNY menu is no good. I’m really interested in their steamboat. But may seem a little bit pricey. But it’s food we’re talking about here. Will try it one day. The moral of the story is, do not research about any restaurant too much before visiting it. If you go with high expectation, most of the time the food will not turn out to be as good as what you think. Just research about the location will do. The rest, leave it to fate. HAHAHA.


Yesterday was Wai Leng’s birthday. We have a small gathering at Puchong for German food. I went with my phone left only 1 bar of battery. Which means I did not get to take photographs of the food. BOHOOOO!!! But then the food is not really good. Just normal. I prefer the one at Jaya One and at Uptown. Yum yum :p

After food, us girls waste no time on chatting and planning. We’re planning for a short trip just for the girls and bfs. Since it’s already late and we’re not familiar with Puchong area, we went to the coffee shop next door for drinks. Girls one table and bfs on another table.


It’s really a nice sight where all the bfs can mix around. Calvin, your place is there as well. We have already added you in to whatever plans we have. I’m made the decision on your behalf. Haha.



The receipt is not to brag about my new dress from Cats Whiskers but it’s about the amazing-ness of environment friendly power. I have this habit of carrying a foldable reusable bag with me around. So when I buy something, I will put it in the bag. This is the first shop that gave me discount for bringing my own bag. Good job Cats Whiskers. Will shop there more often since it’s near to Calvin’s office. Weeeeeee…..


That’s all people. Sis is here to give me angpow. Weeee…..



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