Sunday, May 16, 2010

It’s coming… it’s coming :)

Hi people. Lack of update again, I know. It’s really hard to keep up with the resolution thingy. But I will try my best :)

Accompanied Calvin for one workshop last week. It was fun. Met a lot of friendly people and really a really cute little girl :)


It’s Tamron outing at the Orchid Park. Met a lot of people and their expensive cameras. There’s one guy with 2 cameras and even brought along a mat for his camera. Imagine how many bags that I can buy with those cameras :) Weeee…..



The outing was on conjunction for Mother’s Day. They hired 4 pairs of “mothers” and “daughters” as models for the photographers to take photos of them around the Orchid Park. Those who are using Tamron lense can join the photoshoot for free while those who are using other lense will have to pay a fee of RM 20 (if I’m not mistaken) to join the outing. They have other activities all around the year but this is the first time I joined them. They have this photo competition as well. The grand prize winner will win a Tamron lense (which is quite expensive).






The models :) The Indian and the last Chinese pairs are really mother and daughters. The rest just met for the first time on the set :)


The park is quite near to KLCC and KL Tower.



She’s really cute. Chubby and cute. Enough said :)



The group photo of all the mothers and daughters. I think the Malay daughter model is really pretty. I think she’s mixed. Really fair and tall :)





Arghhhh…. I really wanna cubit her face. So so so so so cute. When she runs, the fat on her face won’t stop bouncing. Really cute :)




While everybody else is busy shooting mother and daughter, we are busy taking touristy photos of ourself :) Must make good use of the pretty scenery okay :)


Later in the evening will be dinner to celebrate Mummy’s belated birthday, Kau Mou’s Birthday and also Mother’s Day with Family Day :) Since dad loves Jun Kee so mom booked a table for us and Kau Fu’s family for dinner.




Our menu in Chinese :) I know there’s shark fin, fish, prawns and etc. Taste wise was good but then they are really slow when serving the food. Our dinner started at 6.30pm and ended at 9 something. Really very slow.




Queens of the night with the prince and princesses :) Happy birthday mummy and kau mou. We Heart the both of you very much :)


Dinner is getting more and more simple nowadays. To diet. To save money. Sick of fast food. Enough said.


This is what me and Calvin’s dinner look like. Chicken, pork and vegetable. Simple yet filling. Me like :) Tasted like mum’s cooking but of course not as good as my mom’s :)


That’s all folk. I’m really excited about my upcoming events. AHHHhhh…. Can’t sleep at night. Excited excited :) But then will be really sad at the same time. I don’t know how to say goodbye to Calvin :(



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