Monday, October 3, 2011

Fukuya Restaurant–Late Birthday Celebration

This was supposed to be a surprise dinner for Calvin to celebrate his birthday even though the actual day was few weeks ago. Since we went back to Ipoh for my grandpa’s birthday on the actual day and the following week both of us were still very exhausted from the pre wedding photo shoot, his big day was only celebrated over the weekend. Both of us love Japanese food, so I Google-d for a Japanese restaurant that we have never been to with a beautiful environment  for a quiet dinner just for me and him. I am terrible in keeping surprise a surprise, especially from him. This time, I considered myself did a great job but something happened earlier in the evening at home that made him suspicious. Oh well, I will try harder next year. Hehe.

I choose Fukuya Restaurant after a few good reviews. The restaurant is located at Jalan Delima, near the Noble Banquet restaurant.





We reached the restaurant at 7pm and Calvin managed to take a few photographs of the interior and exterior of the restaurant. There are several private rooms for those who wanted more privacy for a small party. I love the small garden in the middle of the restaurant. There are several chairs near the garden for those who want to smoke or make a private call. I love the peaceful and quiet ambience throughout the whole dinner.



We ordered green tea whenever we dine in Japanese restaurant, without a miss. We don’t like alcohol drinks during dinner and the tea will not deviate the taste of our food.

Calvin ordered unagi set meal and I went for the tempura set meal. We were surprised by the portion of the meal, especially the appetizer and sashimi.



Our cold appetizer is consist of grilled scallap, lettuce wrapped with salmon, egg, some fish and prawn avocado salad. That was the first time me and Calvin tasted the fish. Instead of normal fish flesh, the fish was actually filled with egg-lookalike thingy all over the body. Acceptable for both of us as we ate the whole body. We were surprised that there’s no bone at all. The scallop with some special sauce was very nice. You can’t see it from the photo but underneath the shell is a small mountain of salt! Overall, I enjoyed the cold appetizer but a little bit salty for me.



Hot steaming chawan mushi!! The chawan mushi was very good as it was served still piping hot. The egg was very soft and melt inside our mouth. Yummy yummy!!



This is what impressed me the most for the set meal. 6 pieces of sashimi that consist of salmon and tuna. We did not share this as each set meal comes with one plate of sashimi. That means, Calvin can enjoy the 2 plates of sashimi all on his own!! That’s like 12 pieces of raw fish. BUT…. I decided to try a slice of each fish, just to be brave for once. Initially, it was very slimy and I kept on imagining that I was placing a worm in my mouth. Even though tasteless, but still a little bit yucky for me texture wise. I have to say that sashimi is acceptable at the moment. I have to get myself used to eating sashimi before my honeymoon. I can’t just look at Calvin when he enjoy the fresh sashimi while I have nothing to eat right??? Wish me luck and pray that my stomach can take it.



For my tempura set, I have an additional stew vegetables dish that consist of mushroom, carrot, lotus root and an unidentifiable crunchy thingy. I love the mushroom but overall, this dish was too salty for me. But, I finished the whole bowl of vegetable including the carrots. I am starting to accept bigger pieces of carrots from time to time for the sake of my eyes. Haha. Vain, I know….




Calvin’s much anticipated unagi arrived!! He commented that there’s a little stale taste to his fish but I think it’s okay. Although a little bit small but since we already had few types of appetizers earlier, our stomach was half tank when the main dish arrived.



My tempura set. I love the prawns as they were absolutely crunchy. There’s even a deep fried leaf which I push into my mouth without hesitation. Up to now, I still have no idea where did the leaf come from. There’s carrot as well, which I bravely chew and swallowed at a very fast speed. Haha.



The belated birthday boy with a big stomach that he hides with his arms. Hahaha. He still prefers Hajime’s food that we went for his birthday last year. Must be the stale taste from his unagi that turns him off a little. Hehe.

Our meal ended with super sweet rock melon. We stayed to chat for a little longer before head to Sg Wang as I wanted to get some belts. Unfortunately, the time spent stuck in the jam to and out from the parking area are more than shopping itself. Furthermore, the shops started to close for business at around 8pm!! Weird!!


RIMG0033 (2)

The entrance/walkway to the restaurant which I love. There are private rooms on the left and right along the pathway. I definitely would be happy for another visit to the restaurant and try out other set meal with more dishes plus the ice cream that is not available that night during my visit.


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