Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grandpa’s 80th birthday

The whole family went back to Ipoh for grandpa (mum’s dad) birthday celebration. Mum made reservations for 3 tables at Overseas Restaurant for dinner with close relatives only. Something happened that night and the guests left the restaurant with mixed feelings. I don’t feel like talking about it as it’s beyond my control. Me and Calvin just sat at our place and watched the whole “drama” as it happens. I can’t imagine that a small celebration like this could be so drama-ful. Hehe.




The dinner started off with Chinese Birthday Cake made by one of my aunty from Ipoh. She is very good in making bun and cookies. I love the bun as it was not too sweet and very soft. The restaurant charged us RM5 for each big bun that they help us to reheat. Very stupid right? The set meal that we ordered that night quite expensive for Ipoh standard, yet they still charge us for reheat of the bun. Cissss~~







Part of the dishes that night. If you ask me, I would say that the food was average. If you ask my dad, he will says that it’s terrible. Haha. I’m okay with the food as all of them were served still hot. Taste-wise, not too bad but then Ipoh is famous for really yummy and cheap food. It is hard to find yucky food in Ipoh, at least for me. Dad and 2 kong always bring me to the best food around Ipoh. From the best pork satay to the best taugeh chicken (and it’s not the famous Lou Wong). Oh yeah, the drama that we had that night was actually started by the chicken dish. Haha.







Sis and kau fu bought 2 cakes for kung kung because we’re not supposed to poke candles on the Chinese birthday bun. It would look very weird if we do. Haha. Even though Calvin’s birthday fell on the same day and William’s birthday was on the next day, only grandpa get the celebration as grandpa is higher in the family hierarchy compared to Calvin and William. But at least they get a big DRAMATIC birthday meal Smile

I was lucky that my Ipoh wedding will not be held at the same Chinese restaurant because the restaurant really has a lot of problems. Firstly, the staff kept sending in the dishes right beside my sister. That is like the stupidest and most dangerous thing to do as my sister is heavily pregnant and all of the dishes were served hot. What if they hurt my sister and her baby?? Kau fu informed them like twice not to bring the dishes from that side. TWICE!! Damn annoying right? Another thing was they refused to help us keep the cake in the fridge because the manager said, “Our fridge’s temperature is exactly the same as the temperature in this room. So you can leave your cake here”. Stupid right? I’m 100% positive that the room’s temperature is not exactly as cold as any fridge. If it’s exactly the same, why not bring all the vegetables and meat and put it in the room instead of the fridge? Better still, why do you still need a fridge? Haihh…. this is what I call terrible service. Don’t make me start on the waitress that serve food but did not put any deodorant on!! My sis nearly vomit when the waitress stretched out to the middle of the table to put down the plate and take the empty plate. Hahahahahahahaha!!! I pity my sister very much that night.


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