Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I-Don’t-Know-The-Name Noodle Place, Subang Jaya

There is a new noodle place in Subang Jaya with a really huge banner of a bowl of noddle at the front of the shop. It is something like this…


So can’t blame me for not knowing the name of the restaurant. From the banner, it is very obvious that the restaurant’s specialty is noodle.



This is what me and Calvin ordered. His is some sort of prawn noodle. The soup tasted like water that you just wash the prawns with. Yucky and awful. Mine is the special noodle in the menu, which I forgot it’s name. Along with the noodle are a variety of fish balls and cakes and don’t get me started on the thick and yucky gravy. The gravy is totally tasteless. Hence, the vague memory of the restaurant and it’s food. I nearly forgot to blog about it. Since I have the extra time now (waiting for my mum), I might as well ramble about it hoping to remember the restaurant’s name (which failed).


The only tasty food from the restaurant is…


The tau foo fah. Not the yummy-licious tasty but way better the noodles kind of tasty.

So, I think the owner should change the banner of his/her restaurant to tau foo fah instead. Hahaha.

Me and Pooh have bought all the furniture of our new room and hopefully will be assembled by next week. The wardrobe area is fully in charge by me, which means I get to make the sole decision on how it should be and where to put what. But of course I discussed with Pooh on how to make things convenient for us. Since he’s the designer, he might have better taste than me in certain areas. But I do have to admit that I am the more creative one, in terms on weird combination. At least he accepts my idea (and did a lot of modification to it so that it will become more presentable). As for other furniture, I just have tiny say here and there cause they are fully in charge by Pooh. I can’t wait to see the final outcome out my NEARLY-dream room. There is only 1 thing left on the list which is the ceiling fan.

I am still not used to addressing Pooh as my husband. We are legally married and recognized internationally (serious!! We have a special stamp at the back of our certificate for it). But both of us agree that we don’t have the married feel yet. Maybe we have yet to officially move in together forever and ever. Nowadays, I spent most of my time at his place and less at home. My sister and her adorable baby is staying at my house for her confinement period and the house has to be really quiet in order for the baby to sleep (so that she won’t cry out loud) and also my sister to rest after the operation. So it would be better for me to stay at Calvin’s place cause I am the noisy one. I just realized that I make the most noise in the house. Not verbally but everything I do is very loud, like opening and closing the door, doing dishes and even placing (more like throwing) the house keys into the key basket. Oh well, at least I don’t blame my Baby for barking so loud anymore cause if she don’t, she might not be heard around the house. Hahaha.


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