Monday, March 1, 2010

The cafe that improved my impression of Ipoh

My impression of Ipoh all this while was “Full of old people”. I’m not looking down on Ipoh. Not at all. But it’s common to find old aunties and uncles walking along the streets. Ipoh is extremely crowded during the festive season as well and KL will be like a dead city. This means that a lot of Ipoh people (including my parents) came to KL to look for jobs with better future and pay last time. They will get married and will stay in Ipoh. I was born in KL but raised up by my grandparents till I was 5 years old. As I grew older, I hardly go back to Ipoh because I’m used the to KL lifestyle. It’s not like I don’t sayang my grandparents anymore. I do, very much indeed. But I got bored easily. I can’t travel around in Ipoh because of transport problem. If I do get to travel around, there is not much places to go.


But Ipoh is definitely a place for retirement. Everything is cheaper and food is good most of the time. Just lack of mamak. Haha. Pace of lifestyle is definitely slower. Everything are really simple at Ipoh.


During CNY this year, I drove my kau fu’s car and brought his children to Jaya Jusco. Initial plan was to watch movie. It’s also the Valentine’s day. Having little hope that there still might be seats available, the 3 of us went there only to find that even on the screen it’s stated sold out, but the queue is still very long. Movie plan cancelled in less than 5 minutes. Haha. So we walked around. I don’t know how but we managed to stay at Jusco from 3 something in the evening till 6 something. Most of the shops were closed but the mall is full of people. Malays were seen sitting on the bench. I do wonder if they really don’t have a place to hang out or they hide in Jusco to enjoy the air conditioner. Haha.


We went to Cafe Takahashi for dinner since none of us tried this place before. Kenny Rogers, Old Town, McD, KFC or Secret Recipe can be enjoyed in KL. At first glance of the banners outside, it looks like Japanese Restaurant.


Below are some photographs of part of the menu which impressed me a lot. Haha.


They only served 3 types of burger but then I have yet to encounter Unagi Burger in KL. Maybe they do have it in KL but I have never taste it before. Looks yummy though.



There are even 3 types of milk tea. I’m not a big fan of milk tea. I thought milk tea is just milk and tea. But this menu proved me wrong.



This page is filled with special sushi. Take note that the sushi are square in shape. Since they have raw ingredients, I did not order them :p



All of my favourite ingredients on the same plate. Mushroom, chicken and spaghetti. The portion of spaghetti vs mushroom and chicken was balanced well. Could taste better if it’s a bit creamy :)



I ordered the set menu which came with chawan mushi and mushroom soup. Chawan mushi was normal. Mushroom soup was quite good. Could be better if it’s a little bit saltier or something. Love the feeling of mushroom chunk on every spoonful of soup. Yummy :)



William’s Salmon steak spaghetti. According to him, he said it’s just normal. Salmon and spaghetti. Haha. But he did not complaint anything about the dish, so I think it should be okay :) But the salmon steak is really huge.



Shee Ee’s chicken set. I forgot the way chicken was prepared but it involved onion and egg. They gave peach as dessert. Yummy :) Love the salad. Haha.


Basically, that’s all about this restaurant. It did improved my perception of Ipoh just a little bit. Did not expect Ipoh to have such restaurant because Chinese restaurants are everywhere in Ipoh. Japanese restaurant which such creativity on dishes is very impressive (well, at least to me).


Ipoh, I declared you maju just a little bit. Haha. I’m yet to explore the food places in Ipoh. Makan girls with bf will have an activity really soon. Excited!!



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