Sunday, January 31, 2010

The day we ate food sitting on toilet bowls :)

Hey people. How’s CNY shopping? As for me, it’s still not over yet. I still need one or two more tops to complete my CNY wardrobe :( Went to Sg Wang today with Calvin. Frankly speaking, Calvin has enough shirt for CNY till the 10th day. I only have for like… 2 days :( boohoooo. Went to Sg Wang to shop as it’s my place to find really cute clothing. Especially 6th floor. More on shopping the next post.

Visited T Bowl at Sg Wang 3rd Floor today. Passed by this restaurant with Pui See the other day and realised that the concept is same as the toilet restaurant in Taiwan that I visited last time. So when I suggested to shop at Sg Wang, this place was being suggested as the place to eat.




The seats are actually toilet bowls and tables are made of either sinks or bath tubs. The thing that is different from the Taiwan is the toilet bowls are actually movable. The ones at Taiwan are immobilized.



There’s even a fake hamsap lou in tights watching you eat over the  walls. Check out the way the guy in white shirt sitting position. Looks like doing big business right? Haha.




Our food. I ordered some fried rice with pork while Calvin ordered baked cheese rice with tuna. Mine is quite okay, could be better if everything was served hot. I’m not a fan of tuna, so I can’t give comments about Calvin’s. For me, frankly speaking, it tasted like vomit containing fish. Haha. Like I said, I’m not a fan of tuna. That is just my opinion.



Our drinks served on something like male urinal bowl. Haha. Both of us ordered honey lemon. Besides food needs to be served hot, another improvement may be add more variety of drinks. By drinks I meant something like in liquid form. They have a selection of ice blended and others but very few choices of drink is liquid form, if you get what I mean.


They do have ice cream where it’s shaped like poo. We did not order because we’re too full. I can’t even finish my rice.


Please pay visit to this place if you want to know how it feels like consuming food in the toilet. It’s smell-free and you can eat together-gether with your friends and loved ones :p


It’s really smell-free. Don’t be fool by Calvin’s look. He just can’t decide on what to eat…. or he’s staring at the girl sitting on the next table.



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