Thursday, June 17, 2010

I M Bek

Hi people. I’m back from my trip. Still waiting for photos from the first trip from Calvin before I can blog about my second trip. Haha. Bought a lot of stuff for myself. Am happy but poorer now. Hehe. Since I am unable to blog about my trips, will have to blog about food then.


I finally found out the name of the restaurant that I have my individual steamboat and bumped into Danny Wen on the way in. It’s Gilly’s Cafe. Haha. How did I find out? Easy peasy. Went there for another meal and took photo of the logo. Haha.


Cute right? Look like Chun Li. Haha.







As usual, I ordered my steamboat but went for chicken this time. Calvin ordered some chicken rice. Both also quite nice. Hehe.


Went back to Ipoh to visit grandpa after his surgery the other day. Went to Foh San for breakfast. I have never see a restaurant this grand at Ipoh okay.


This is the entrance of the restaurant. It’s really big and full of people everyday. People go there for their dim sum and tea. We waited for about 20 minutes for a table. It’s really hard to find a table. I am unable to take photos of the food because was really hungry and just swallow whatever that was on the table. Haha. Overall, the dim sum was quite nice. Me likey :)


Went to Leo’s Cafe again for dinner today. We need something nice and fast as I have to go pick up my car at Kota Kemuning.



Calvin’s bamboo chicken rice and my tom yum fried rice. Both came with ice lemon tea and watermelon. Really cheap and delicious but Calvin said their standard drop a little bit today because both rice are still quite wet. Should cook them longer until the gravy is dried up a little bit more. The hungry pig me just swallow the whole little wok of tom yum fried rice. A little to sour for me though but tom yum is one my favourite dish of all time :)


That’s all now. Still jet lagged a bit. Wanna go oi oi now.



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