Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Forgotten Photos

Browsed through my phone’s album and realised there were some hidden photographs that I totally forgot about it :(

Visited Warong Penyet at The Curve with the girlz to spend some time with Mei Yee. That was my second visit for Balinese food. Way better than the first one though.





The fried and grilled chicken that me and Calvin had. I prefer the fried one but he loves the grilled one. Oh well :) Overall, I think it’s better than the one opposite Sunway Pyramid. One thing is for sure, I don’t like the fried tauhu from both place. Totally dry and very coarse/rough :(


Spent the weekend at Calvin’s place. Woke up really late on Monday morning and have this sudden crave for pork noodle nearby his house. The one at Taman Muda is still the best. But the one near his house isn’t bad either. But it’s a long wait because the boss cook the noodle bowl by bowl. It’s one one shot few bowls. It’s one bowl after another. Hence, the long waiting time. Will have to wait longer when the place is crowded during weekend/public holiday.


This is how my bowl of bihun pork noodle looked like. Soup was quite tasty but maybe a little bit too salty for me. The intestines were really soft, not my type of texture though.


I’m still waiting for photographs that I took during my Singapore trip. It’s a bit disappointment because the Universal Studio’s tickets were sold out and I can only stare at the entrance. They have limited numbers of visitors that are allowed to be at the park at one time. But we went to the Sentosa’s Underwater World and watched the Pink Dolphins and sea lions show. Really cute, especially the sea lions. Way more obedient than Baby. Haha. It is also the first day of Great Singapore Sale but did not get anything from Charles and Keith because there’s no sales there yet. But the amount of people at the shopping centre is really crazy. Visited the new hotel and shopping malls. More good food. Had a lot of fun. Will be back for Universal Studio and more good food :) Photos of the short trip coming soon.



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